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  1. ForlornSailor

    Are you as excited as I am about the new russian carriers

    You dont even understand, that there are players around, that dont need to SEE an enemy to start an attack and then score hits. This doesnt even go for CVs only. I know players, that shoot at non-spotted DDs at distances of 15 km, score hits and even kill them. Ive done it myself, eventhough im not as good, but I have a brain and I can calculate within a few seconds, by my own detection range, islands and the way im spotted, where the enemy is. btw: the cute graphics you spam recently everwhere - are pointing the wrong way. Im running a 89% WR in the year 2021 in randoms. Everything, that WG is changing, is making it easier for people, that know how to play this game. Hint: thats not you. People like you are obsessed with Winrate. Thats why you hide your own and keep spilling jealous hate for years towards anyone, that is better then you are. Especially towards the players, who are so good, that you cant cant even imagine how they do it. So you make up stories about them abusing some "OP ships" or "game mechanics" - neither of those you know how to use yourself, which is kinda hilarious, when trying to make a point while beeing incapable to prove it yourself. Aaand at the same time you ignore, that players like @El2aZeR outperfom you and the average wows-player in ANY ship in this game. Concidering, ive played about 3x more solo ranked this year than randoms... we can see you are just making up baseless, hatefilled excuses again to justify looking at your own stats. Does it hurt THAT much? and btw, when you poroud yourself of "going solo into tactical ranked" - why dont you show yourself in clanwars hm? Are you afraid, you might meet some names from the forums there, that will humble you? like the one encounter with... me in Ranked? after which, for some coincedence, im sure, I started getting notifications from your in the forums the next days, marking every post - new and old - "boring" or "bad"? How serious do you actually take this game and how hard do you still fail even trying so hard? If you would have used the time, that you invested in making hate-posts about better players into actually learning the game, you could be a solid 50% player by now. Yet you didnt. Ill throw you something: tell me, how I hit that DD, when beeing undetected makes unicums useless according to you: Or should I guess a few of your answers beforehand? cheats, division padding (eventhought that has nothing to do with hitting an unspotted ship but ok), abusing of *something*....
  2. ForlornSailor

    Another Hybrid but its much much worse

    This. People, dont get upset about all the stuff they are forcing down on us - just quit playing. Feels awesome actually. And its the only, tiny chance, that something might change - if they lose revenue. Because our "valued feedback" is nothing more than toilet paper.
  3. ForlornSailor

    Another form of trolling of teammates incoming?

    Why would I dodge friendly torps, that dont deal friendly damage anymore, when im in a knife fight? it takes my concentration and usually dodging puts you in worse position.
  4. ForlornSailor

    Euro 2020 Emblem looks a bit....iffy?

    Conincedently, also a finnish movie. Also, the flag of the finnish president: But our government has a message for all of you: Get over it!
  5. ForlornSailor

    another example of broken carriers

    Hey, 75~80% survivability (remember the playerbase we are talking about) is not enough - POOR CV VICTIMS !!111! And imagine there would be a mechanic, telling you, that there is a DD within ~10 km of you - let alone some kind of tool that allows you to spot that DD... such a poor class :(
  6. ForlornSailor

    another example of broken carriers

    Talking will not help. Quit playing or play CVs yourself, maybe the game will tip at some point, that mm is inable to create games any more, since nobody plays surface ships. Then WG will have to do something. Im waiting and watching right now.
  7. You missed: play BBs. A Thunderer is in the profit after 3 mins, just by making some HE go *poof* (given, that have enough living brain cells to hit) Given, that the CV was on him for a long time, I doubt he was overdoing the stealth. Also, you cant get 3 caps by "overdoing stealth". So I guess your conclusions is way way off the mark. Also, its not always up to you. I recall even 0 dmg games in DDs, where I had 3 cap, for example epicenter games. What is, accoring to you, the "right" thing to do? Go furter into the enemy spawn, give away the safe win just so "muh gunz go booommmm". Well, why do I ask. Thats the state of the game and the direction where we are going - why even argue about teamplay, winning and tactics... mea culpa.
  8. ForlornSailor

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    Claming he had an argument to begin with buahahahahahaha.
  9. ForlornSailor

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    Ah, literally using cold-war-time propaganda methods, pretending to "discuss".
  10. ForlornSailor

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    The thing is: controlling content is fully ok in my book. Content as a CC, imo, is: youtube videos related to the game, live streams related to the game, his behavoir in game and in the forums here towards other people. And thats pretty much it. His twitter is not content for the game. I know there are rules stating otherwise, depending on which game/developer we speak even much over this but they are, imo, all absolutly wrong. There is a breach of line towards private activities. Now you (or someone else) mentioned, that he used the same nick as in the world of warships-universe as a CC ans this its his own fault. And I diagree on that. We need to learn to seperate things. When I work for my employer, I do this under my real name (naturally). When I mug my neighbor with an ironbar, because his dog took a dump on my lawn, I do aswell. Yet im not representing my employer. And If anything I should fear legal reprecussions for punching out a tooth, but not getting fired because that neighbors son filmed it on his smartphone, knows where I work and conects the dots on twitter. Thats where we are getting of the trail as a society. (You could alter this example to something non-violent, which is not accepted by some companies these days - lets say I was burning a LGBQT-flag). If we continue down that road then good luck to our children. Because they grow up in a fully digitized world, where every word you say gets possibly recorded without you knowing, finds its way in the internet and never goes away. So especially the people defending cancel culture should take a hard look in the mirror and think back in their lifes - if there were a cellphone cam present at the wrong time, ya´ll would be in danger to lose your jobs, if this keeps going. Especially since things, that have been accepted by society 10 years ago are now no-nos. Nobody is free of not saying something inappropriate at some point of his life. Nobody.
  11. ForlornSailor

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    I mean thats a different side of the coin tbh. And when you check the lists of CCs... he is actually one of the people with a better understanding of the game at this point (for what that is worth). So obviously, WG doesnt recruite CCs by their knowledge, but instead... ah I dont know what tbh.
  12. ForlornSailor

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    And you stay safe, working in a hospital! I dont envy you in this situation, but big respect!
  13. ForlornSailor

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    He served in Iraq afaik. If he is active in any way right now - no idea.
  14. ForlornSailor

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    No offense taken. Its a spicy topic and its easy to become emotional when talking about it - happens to me aswell. I have excluded myself completly from public, since I dont trust anything about the virus any more. Last time ive been in a supermarket was august 2020 (and only because we had 0 offical cases in my area the entire summer). Im lucky I can remote work 100%, which makes this possible. The closest contact with other human beeings I have is my neighbors and we shout from afar at each other (insert finnish neighbor meme here). We had 11 deaths today of the indian variant in one hosptial area only - while there had been 79 cases overall in the past 14 days. 8 of those 11 were vaccinated. We have seen nothing yet. The point im trying to make is: masks are giving you a sense of false safety. We are possiibly dealing with a highly evolved biological weapon here. We dont know for sure where it comes from. If you want to trust a mask or the vaccine - both are making tons of profit btw, even for politicans that are making the mandates - be my guest. I advice you not to. There is only one way to be save, and that is "make yourself new zealand", essentially.
  15. ForlornSailor

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    I was talking to @Communist_Loli there. Im not. Where did I say that? The paranoia in people is so out of hand, that now you get stuffed words in your mouth left and right. I posted facts. Nothing more - nothing less.