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  1. HEPL!!! Ernst Gaede, playing tips anyone?

    Oh, one more addition, that I run on all my Gunboat-DDs: Im playing it with 9,9 km firerange, im not runing the gunrange-upgrade. The reason is easy: Lets say I knife-fight a DD and kill him. If there is any enemy ship within 9,9 to 10,9 km, I will stay detected for 20 sec. No enemy ship in that area: Im stealth right away. You would be surprised how often that is the case! Also, in mid-game, I can position myself next to an island with an Enemy in the open at 9,9 km+ and shoot an other enemy over the island = not detected. It gives you a lot of freedom and safety and the only thing you lose, is beeing able to shoot at BBs from your smoke over the range of 9,9 km. Not that big of a deal.
  2. HEPL!!! Ernst Gaede, playing tips anyone?

    Im playing my Gaede with Engine mod 1 & 2 and Aiming system mod. I find it more usefull to be able to accelerate fast. About the guns: Im really undecided. The smaller ones are nice to hunt down DD, thus useful in early game. The 150mm are super firestarters. I can stack DoT mid-game and end-game very easy this way. So yea, I share observation no1 and no6 are true. If fighting against DDs is a huge problem for you, maybe you should try the 128mm guns. My trick with german DDs is this: Push the cap aggressive, if you have back-up. If you find enemy DD, rush him. If he shoots his guns or smokes up: perfect. He just made himself visible for your team (they should be in spotting range for that to work).Go so close, that he is in your hydro range. you can even smoke up yourself and kill him from your own smoke. If he bails: push him right away. If you can keep his smoke screen between him and you, your hydro will spot him and you are still undetected. This works better on higher-tier-german-DDs tho with increasing hydrorange. With Gaede its tricky but it often give you enough advantage to win the fight while taking only limited damage. Once the enemy DDs are gone, I usualy switch my role to a hybrid. At this, Gaede (with 150mm guns) is better then the US counterpart. Nice range torps for that tier make BBs pretty easy targets. I usualy only smoke up after I pulled the DCP of a BB and then dakka-dakka him for permafire. I try to stay in the open in the begining, exactly for the reason, to provide spot for my team. If they scare the enemy Cruisers away, I have more chances to win the upcoming fight with a DD.
  3. T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    Russian BBs. Because they will get the Oktobirskaya-DCP.
  4. Moin! Bei uns wird entspannt Randoms in Division gezockt - ohne Verpflichtungen. Dazu spielen wir öfters mal Operations - auch hier gilt, keiner wird gezwungen. Wir spielen faktisch alle Tiers, Fokus ist 5-10. Wir haben TS und nutzen kein Discord - also passt auch perfekt zu dir. Wir legen Wert auf Teamplay, helfen uns gegenseitig und kommen auch so alle gut miteinander aus. Schreib mich oder @DFens_666 hier im Forum oder direkt ingame an, wenn du Lust hast mal ein paar Runden Divi mitzufahren, ganz unverbindlich. Der Rest findet sich dann.
  5. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    How cute. You know whats stupid? Not understanding the situation and accting accordingly. Plus you wasnt there. I was. Him using HE with Bismarck won the game. I recently switched to HE in my Cesare, which won the game with 00:01 on the clock. Using AP = loss. In general - maybe you should check, how experianced / sucessful your discussion partners in a certain line/ship are, before you try to tell them, everything they say about those ships is basically wrong. Just a hint.
  6. Radar Discussion Megathread

    Yea, I said this earlier in this thread (not that anyone cared nor that it made it into the discussion, cuz other things are more important *rolls eyes*) - Radar affects RN CLs more then it does DDs. And another thing to concider about the radar-distribution (I noticed this myself with the recent introduction of US CLs) : everytime you bring a Mino to the game, you raise the chances for the enemys to get a radar cruiser. Becuase mm matches T10 ships, so chances are high, especially atm with all the Worcesters around, one of them will be matched against you. And that ship is just so much versatile. Easy solution - im staying away from high tiers for the time beeing. You are supposed to stop playing those old ships and grind the new ones ;) but yea, back to topic.
  7. Super Noob

    Well, this thread has certainly backfired.
  8. Super Noob

    But he is playing co-op. And he won all games. I mean come on. We all had to start somewhere? Did you start with 5000 games on your account? If he would be playing randoms... thats a different thing. I once got green-on-green fired by a Scharnhorst right on spawn with my Fiji. When i naturally raged wtf he is doing he said "sorry its my first game". checked stats - confirmed. Now THATS something to complain.
  9. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    Right. I must have missed, that you were in the game. Enlighten us, what happened in that situation?
  10. (speculation) what will ruski battleships be like?

    Im pretty sure they will have DCP like Oktobrskaya. That will help them to deal with the HE-Spam-Meta, which was lately and is currently pushed. Makes sense, doesnt it?
  11. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    What are you talking about? Its not world of warships, that im sure. A DD can shut you down, that you basically deal 0 dmg to him. A bow on Yamato can literally take hundreds of hits from Mino / Neptune / Edin and hardly gets a scratch. Thats me in Minotaur against a DD that knows what he is doing. If I´d had Worcester, he´d be dead twice. You think the Yamato would have survived 12 Zaos? 12 Worcesters?
  12. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    @Ulvesnutepostei just wondering - you always resupply your consumables with dubloons?
  13. Noob concentration in high tiers?

    No. its you putting something into my sentence, that simply isnt there. My post is analyzing the current situation. And in this was a direct answer to the question in the OP. Looking that the OP marked that very post as helpful, i think, my answer was spot on.
  14. Noob concentration in high tiers?

    I didnt read anyone in this thread asking for that, you are the first to mention it. If what we see on a daily basis is "doing their best"... What me and many others simply observe is, that there is a huge part of the playerbase, that is so bad in this game, yet have invested so much time, that I can not understand, even if I try the hardest, how this is possible. Ive played tons of Multiplayergames online. And I can in all honesty say, ive never seen players with so many hours in a game still doing so bad. And thats pretty much the point of the topic.