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  1. ForlornSailor

    Goodbye Fellow Forumites

    Always loved your avatar!
  2. ForlornSailor

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    Since we are getting closer to the last call, I add a few words. Thanks to everyone contributing to this topic. The storys shared brought up some good memories. Like the posts of @HMS_Kilinowski, @Saltface and then @black_falcon120 who just opened up another topic in a smiliar style here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/170877-thank-you-and-goodbye/ It shows one thing: the forum is a good place. Yes, sometimes we jumped down each others throats and we might have been too harsh sometimes... but that happens when you care about something. its called passion. Looking at the storys shared here and in other topics the past days, we can conclude: many players experiance and journey in world of warships would have been very different, if it wasnt for the forum. Same goes for me. The clan I joined about 5 years ago I only did, because I had a very good connection with a couple of those guys through the forums, Negativvv in the first place. So yes, the forums influenced my journey through the game aswell, and a lot. Read those storys @YabbaCoe @Crysantos and all the other WG guys. And how about for once say "ok, the community is right this time. lets keep this forum around for a while longer." its not about buffing or nerfing a ship this time.
  3. ForlornSailor

    General Submarines related discussions

    May I also suggest playing more Subs yourself? Because then you will understand the class and really know how to counter it.
  4. ForlornSailor

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    Since the forum will be gone soon, I thought it might be a fun thing to vote a "Forum VIP" Which person will you miss the most? Who do you think contributed a lot, to make this a better place? Who helped you with information, tipps or in any other way? This is supposed to be a little pat on the back to those people, who invested time and other things into the forum. I cant put all people in here, who might deserve the "title" for obvious reasons. but I went by the most actives guys + the ones that stuck personally to my mind. So little bit bias but feel free to @ tag anyone you like to mention in specific. o7 to all forumites from me, this is also a farewell from my side.
  5. ForlornSailor

    General Submarines related discussions

    Almost the entire game is balanced around this. And everyone, thats beeing honest, knows this and can admit it. But then you have those people, that found the loophole of finally not beeing trash at the game, abusing a broken class, slightly managing above 50% WR, feeling like a god now and defending that class blood, sweat & tears in the forums. The most pathetic point about this is, when you think how much time those persons invest not into playing their little stupid, broken class they found, but to write stupid stuff over and over in the forum. really, think about the hours they put in every day. I bet it will put a smile on your face, once you realize it ;)
  6. ForlornSailor

    General Submarines related discussions

    LOL freakin hell. I told you so! I only missed his post by 2 seconds buahahha
  7. ForlornSailor

    General Submarines related discussions

    Oh no you didnt ask him for an explanation now did you? No doubt, you will get a wall of text, that will twist and turn so long, that the conclusion will be: "Infact. Subs Are The Weakest Class Of The Game".
  8. ForlornSailor

    Clearly at a disadvantage.

    I put 89 Cents combined in all my years of wows - and I litterally turned that into millions of free XP unlocking all those ships. My concious is clean. Tbh, I should have saved those aswell. Tell me how you feel now. I want to make some request about your nickname and the OP. But im sure, these days, this is concidered hate speech.
  9. This exactly. I did not have time (and lost interest in the game thx to subs) but kept managing the clan via the browser. @Phoenix511 If you still have contact with the guy, send him this link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/profile if he still declines, then its obvious, he just doesnt want to sign the clan over. But yea, he could also assign new roles, if you let him know who needs to be deputy commander etc. I did this too.
  10. ForlornSailor

    Weekend Monsters are the reason to quit the game

    That makes it better how exactly...
  11. On a serious note: everything is possible. The Discord should act as gathering place, from where you can start whatever you like. If you find enough people that way, nobody is stopping you.
  12. Then stay away. To me, it would be the only way I would still play this game.
  13. ForlornSailor

    LMAO...muh muh WR muh muh...

    @Andrewbassg You woke me from hibernation. Actually it was @Saltface with his on point analysis. If anyone is interested in improving his game, I suggest reading his post in this topic while watching the replay. It might just improve your gameplay. Which brings me to why I actually post here and now... You can complain about a teammate losing the last round each and every time you lose a game. You will always find a reason to blame someone else. 2 reasons for that: first, this game has so many bad players. 2nd, each game consists of thousands of decisions and nobdody ever plays a perfect game. So if you keep looking, you will always find a reason, you dont even have to look hard. How about this: look at your own game. Because the 2 reasons I named do apply for you and each of us. Lets start with this: going with a Mainz in the position you did is a horrible mistake. The ship does not belong there, especially with that enemy team. 2 things you shoud have done - I would have done: Stick with the DD. Every DD needs a cruiser to suppport him and he had none. So you once again could either point the finger at the other cruiser and lose the game or you do it yourself and win the game. Which option do you prefer - up to you. Then you could have gone from there into kiting position on the 8/9 line, farming the 3 red ships and nobody could have touched you. Might have been an easy 150k+ game. Then you could have come to the forums with bragging rights, posting your results. This is me giving one of my most honest advice in this forum ever. Check my stats, I dont even play the game anymore, I dont post here. Just trying to help you out, changing your perspective. Choice is yours. Im going back to hibernation. Good luck and enjoy the game.
  14. ForlornSailor

    General CV related discussions.

    That took a moment for me to see. Whats a CV again?