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  2. ForlornSailor

    100k draw, but we were ahead on points

  3. ForlornSailor

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    I need to add: I had to stop defending myself against the bots with 2:30 on the clock, since the airfields both had full health. Tried doding all incoming fire and shoot down the objectives. Made it with 0:04 on the clock - as you can see from the screen dfens posted - and with 2800 health left. Please, no more weekends! I cant....
  4. ForlornSailor

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Ive made the EXACT same observation lately. Usualy 3 out of 4 times, the bot does better then a human. Bot actually sends his fighters to protect you against enemy CV strikes, human players usualy dont.
  5. ForlornSailor

    Chinese Whispers

    Yes, indeed. The other doku worked. bummer. thx for the efford tho, @MrWastee
  6. ForlornSailor

    Chinese Whispers

    Ah, interesting. I do concider phoenix as a good and realiable source myself. ARTE is decent aswell. Would be interesting to find that - maybe its up on youtube?
  7. ForlornSailor

    Chinese Whispers

    BBC ? Some Naval cadets on board the Sedov actually play World of Tanks. But in their free time. Those that Ive asked never touched World of Warships tho.
  8. ForlornSailor

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    Can you stop this CV- & bad-player-whine in every thread? We get it, you are about to lose your toy. At the same time, you seem completly oblivious, that you are one of the players, that has profitied the most of those bad players.
  9. ForlornSailor

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    In the current meta and with the recent ship additions, german high tier DDs have lost their strenghts. Z52 needs a buff, which will, quite frankly, go at the expense of Gearing and Shima mostly. But thats the hole WG have dug themselfes. Let them figure it out (good joke, I know). Oh yea, and topic: Harugumo istn OP. Its broken. Its bad for the game and its stupid. And i dont see how you should balance it in its current form, since "tinker with the reload, tinker with he concealment", which works for almost all DDs, doesnt work here. Again - gl sorting this one out, WG.
  10. ForlornSailor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Always nice to introduce new people to the game. And you have a reason to play the low-tier ships again (and have a reason to get 6 kills, apparently )
  11. ForlornSailor

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    He cant help it. I actually got a headache once from his moaning, while we played division and he was FdG.
  12. ForlornSailor

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    This, I guess. Not all ships can work for everybody. You already have other high tier BBs, not worth it imo if it doesnt work. Edit: ah ok
  13. ForlornSailor

    Bad CV players and their increasing frequency

    I see where you are coming from, but there are several things, that are problematic about it. - How many divisions do you propose? Already right now, there arent that many CVs around in the queue. You´d probably wait forever for a match. - So once you start getting better and win a lot of games, you´d move up a division. Then you´d naturally start to lose a lot more. Which is bad, since randoms is all about XP/credits/economy and so on. Cant be justified. - When playing constantly against people of your skilllevel - especially when you are low-skill - you wont learn anything. You´d get away with not using manual attacks, bad gameplay etc, and would do well, in terms on WR. Because those 20%-guys would constantly meet each other, hardly ever move up in your skill-divisions (and if, they´d come down again very soon). At the same time, they´d get pretty much the same rewards, aka XP/credits, as the best players in their class, since they are constantly playing against the best players only.
  14. ForlornSailor

    World of HE Games

    If I´d drive around broadside in a comatose daze, Id come to the same conclusion.