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  1. ForlornSailor

    General CV related discussions.

    3? They need 5, bare minimum. I wont even discuss anything below that. You got it wrong. This is how it needs to go: Buff CVs first. Then finetune them by buffing a little bit more. Then buff subs. Then adjust CVs to this new environment with a massive buff. After that, maybe buff some of the CVs that are left too weak by the CV buffs.
  2. ForlornSailor

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    The prove was in the post. But enjoy eating billiard balls then I guess...
  3. ForlornSailor

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    On a serious note: you are wrong here. And you can hardly argue against it. After a few games of wows or in a specific class, you do not understand the game and the class. You are free to give your opinion, but chances are, its wrong in many ways. And a more experianced player will have a better view on things, already due to said experiance. Meassurement of experiance is performance and thus, in this environment, statistics like winrate, damage etc. If you think, you can ignore the parameters at hand - experiance, statistics, things, that the majority of the experianced community agrees upon - you are beeing ignorant. Dont expect anyone to take you serious, if you walk in, with little to no experiance, talk down on everyone and think your exclusive opinion is the only truth. If I stick to your analogy with billiard: I have played a few games. I know what im supposed to do. Yet I would not dare to correct a much more experianced player, when he is explaining things to me. Wows is much more complex. Which is shown day by day, because people dont understand the basic concepts like time and points. Let alone talking about all the other basic thing. Sticking to your analogy again: this would be me eating a billiard ball and when someone else tells me "you arent suppose to eat them you know?" and me mumbling with my mouth full "mmpf fut up! Iff knoff thiff game long timff!"
  4. ForlornSailor

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    Strawberries. Hate ´em. My hive hates them with a passion too.
  5. ForlornSailor

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    Lets try this...
  6. ForlornSailor

    Remove Submarines

    In the core, its almost the same with CVs. Even the spotting can be provided "by accident" by both. IF the majority of players in subs (and CVs) would be halfway capable of playing those classes, the game would be a mess and people up the barricades. The reality is different but it still doesnt make for a good argument, if one wants to claim, that those classes are balanced (or have a place in the game for that matter).
  7. ForlornSailor

    Remove Submarines

    Confirmed by UN in the recent vote: But maybe he is from Eritrea?
  8. ForlornSailor

    Remove Submarines

    Upon many request, I shall now post .... THE RULES!
  9. ForlornSailor

    Remove Submarines

    Sure. I stopped playing the game because Subs were added. No need to discuss anything, the game ended for me that day.
  10. ForlornSailor

    Remove Submarines

    Man, I was trying to do you a favor. Let me give you a small hint: if you check, I havent been posting in >this< forum for almost a year. With one expection, making fun of a redicolous post. Do you see a pattern? Try to solve another mystery: since im obviously not active in this forum anymore, how come, I got here? now think about it... Again, I was trying to do you a favor, since it looked to me, that you got triggered and couldnt stop posting. You are going to a place, where you dont want to go, again, trust me. There is a handful of people, that have earned themselfs such a status of "legends" that there was no way for them back into the forum community. You dont want to add your name to this special list. But hey, be my guest, go on. I suggest to open a few topics of your own and show a few more people your superior logic.
  11. ForlornSailor

    Remove Submarines

    Friend. Let me give you an honest advice. Turn of your PC for the day. Take a walk outside. Enjoy the nice weather. Get something nice to eat, grab a coffee, icecream, anything you like. Trust me.
  12. ForlornSailor

    Alsace, BB always on fire

    I just want to say: I fully support OP on this one. Also, bring down Bourgogne to Tier VIII at the same time. because same reason. Honestly, Bourgogne in a T6 game. come on. we need this. I need this.
  13. ForlornSailor

    Big Brake

  14. ForlornSailor

    Yuro might have killed the CC program, with love

    But is it worth it?