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  1. Yea sure, lets do this. Write me a private message, we can discuss all day. Its offtopic here anyway. But that is not what you really are interested in isnt it? You just wanna show the world your awesomeness. Waiting on that pm
  2. Says the guy who reaches an astonishing 0,2 k/d and 33% WR when going solo in T8s Chapayev. @ghostbuster_ that is
  3. @Tyrendian89 I count 7 T8s in the opponent team... Why do ppl ust those threads to pretend how awesome they are....
  4. No, they just saw the oppotunity to tell everyone how awesome they are. Come on @ghostbuster_ tell us how you would pwn a tripple Yamato-divison with your Kirow if the matchmaking would only let you. We really wanna hear!
  5. *sigh* @Capra76 is right on this one. If you would have a look at the servernumbers instead of blindly rageing you would see, that on T10 f.e. the numbers of matches played are in heavy favor of BBs. Cruisers are vastly outnumbered. So to fill those spots in the hightier matches, cruisers from lower Tiers. mosly T8, as that tier has a high number of Cruiser-matches played compare to other classes. Again, look it up. Btw: you admit it in your own post, that BBs are hightier, or who else do you talk about here? DDs or CLs with +2 Tier to you overmatching your bow? which one is it...
  6. I maybe able to solve this, because I think I know the bug they are addressing. Had it once on Takao, I think it was turret no. 3. It kept cycling around in 360° which isnt possible anyway, while i didnt make a turn nor turned my other turrets to another side.
  7. If your initial post would have been as polite as you write now, ppl would have taken a different approach towards you. You know, it is a game, yes. But a teamgame. Those 11 other guys in your team invest their freetime, same as you. Nobody likes losing. Thats why most ppl rather have teammates, that try. Maybe Co-Op is for you. Even if you play without patiance, the bots usualy lose.
  8. We all (should) know by now, that if WG creates something new, they want it to be special or very strong in one way. They just dont want to create "just another CV". So obviously they have their minds set up, that the GZ-thing is the Stukas with their bombs. Now how are you going to balance a CV that lacks the Torpedos and only has Bombs? Ofc the bombs must make up for the lacking damage-output. And as a trade-off, that a GZ cant roam free, their fighters are weak. I see where WG is going with this. Dont get me wrong, im not defending this kind of "balancing", in fact, im against the creation of gimmicky-ships in general. A small thing I have to say I like about the GZ. Before, DDs could be deleted with one salvo, cruisers could be. Now a BB can be too. Maybe it will force down teamplay on some of those superstupid Hightier-BBs with their 38% WR.
  9. Thats what I read also @viceadmiral123 The AP bombs on GZ test 1 are rediculously strong. Ive seen them taking of 98% of FdG health in one strike. If the trade off is,that your Fighters stink, then so be it. It will still cause problems in the hands of an unicum CV player if he faces a potato-carrier.
  10. It goes both ways too. IVe had it a few, maybe 2 or 3 times, that I cant send send messages anymore (and before any one tries to be smart: no , i wasnt chatbanned ) The Chat seems still active but I cant type. I cant look at the Tab-stats either. This one i wasnt able to get rid of tho until the end of the round.
  11. Yep, it was crazy. I got the replay if u want to see it yourself I can get it up... Agree. I always try to go with the current meta. There are missions right now for CVs? go with DFAA. Loads of missions / weeklys for DDs or something with torpedos? Slap Hydro on. I dont see any reason either, that cruisers shouldbt have both. Especially with the current overpopulation of BBs, which put cruisers in a tight spot.
  12. Exactly. I agree, you dont need to pull magic or need rocketsciene to counter even a good CV - yet on public it doesnt happen. Another example shows that pretty good, happend to me also only a few days ago. Enemy had a 80%+ WR Hakuryu, we had a CV with something like 38% WR. So I knew crap was about to hit the fan. We had Missouri and Des Moines as best AA-Ships and I tried to tell them to stick together cuz of the CV thread. They didnt. Hakuryu first striked Missouri out of the game, next victim was Des Moines on the other side of the map. After that he could roam free.
  13. I think competitive is on a total different page. There is teamplay involved to the max and there is a skilled CV-Player on the other side both are the best counters against a good CV.
  14. Good point. Dont get me wrong - im not arguening against CVs. I think the problem is really the skill-gap that this class brings combined with the fact, there can only be 1 CV per game (we are talking hightier here anyway). Past 3 days ive had 5 rounds i think in t8+ with a huge skillgap obvious in the CV - sometimes for me, sometimes against me. Imagine there would only be 1 BB per side and one side gets a Border-hugger with HE only and the other the superunicum. We´d see equal threads to this one in the forums, im pretty sure. Sometimes it can be very frustrating, ill add my experiance from 2 days ago. I was in Mahan, enemy team had a superunicum div of 3 with Shokaku. While our CV was busy breathing through his mouth trying not to suffocate, their CV kept atleast 1 squad over me for all the time. There is little to nothing you can do, especially when your teammates are so afraid, that theyd wish for additional line 11 on the map. In that moment I came to think: What if planes wouldnt spot torpedos? My last action of the round was a desperate torpedorun on Belfast & Kutuzov in smoke not even 5 km ahead of me - ofc they dodged cuz they saw the torps even before they hit the water. Those are the games that are broken cuz of CV-skill from minute 1.
  15. Well I think the point was rather, that balancing shouldnt make each and every class equaly usefull, ending in a potato-mash, rather the opposite. To make them outperform the other classes in some specific scenario, while beeing outperformed in yet another. Something like rock-paper-scissors, which is so often used as an example. Now, I admit, in World in Conflict f.e. this could be accomplished much easier than here (cuz every class pretty much had their own terrain, only support and armor would share open areas. But I disagree that reaching something like this would make play everyone for themselves. Right now we have very very limited teamplay going on. There is only a handful of DDs that smoke the team, only a few CVs will spot DDs constantly f.e. eventho it is very benifical for the team and thus for themselves. Ive seen way more teamplay in World in Conflict (sorry, I have to refer to this game a lot to get my point across), public, cuz each roles were very different on one hand but could support each other on the other hand. Airplayer could f.e. use some of his points to get a transportchopper. Totaly useless for him, BUT he airlifted Infantry across to map to points, theyd never reach or couldnt reach that quick. That Infantry again hugly benefits the Air-player, eventho he appears weaker cuz he only has 4 instead of 5 combatunits. Or a supportplayer using repairtanks sticking to friendly tanks, constantly healing them - list goes on. We dont really have interaction between classes here. How about we take the Heal away from the BBs and give it to cruisers, so that they could heal the Team with a range. That should be fun. Oh Im going to be hated for saying this. Its not even a serious suggestion. But still funny if you think about it.