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  1. I wonder. Maybe we should use oil as actual fuel for the ships. Ofc, for a round you´d need like 50 oil - with the current economics in place. Then, WG sells oil in the shop. 50.000 Oil for 49,99€. You can still play without but you cant move. But WG provide you with a means to counter them. All part of the depth and complexity of the game. You can use that argument on any stuff you make up, you see?
  2. Maybe I did and you totaly missed the point smartboy. But since you still didnt read... you are annoying∞ (cant beat that anymore)
  3. You not reading what has been said is annoying².
  4. Oh yea, those nasty Cruisers, impossible to hit on long medium range 13 km. I wonder - why the hell are making those BBs their life hard on themself by... camping at 20+km? If the obviously need to be <10km to be able to have a chance of hitting anything? weird. Also, if a BB then would move into the range where he starts to have a chance, as you say, so like <10km, then he is fükked, cuz uber awesome torps. So conclusion: No BB ever has a chance against a cruiser, my god. WORLD OF CRUISERS ! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Ill setup a crowdfunding "protect the BBs in wows - soon to be extinct by ruthless cruisers hunting them". Im expecting you to donate bigtime dude. Not sure if you are trolling him with this comment or just... you know the rest. When 5 BBs are shooting you - THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE REPYLING TO - you can stick your IFA where the sun doesnt shine, cuz your ship is about to follow to that place. Are you sure you know about positiong with cruisers? I have hugh doubts.
  5. You are right about that. Sadly. Bit isnt it funny & ironic that we are having this discussion on the "black friday", a worldwide shopping event literally invented to praise capitalism & stupid money spending? Oh Id love to see the exact numbers for this, but guess we will never know for sure. I tend to think also, that premiumships are the moneymakers, but having watched newbs playing on twitch & burning through money, im not so sure anymore.
  6. Maybe you dont. Enough ppl are. Exactly. You cant buy them alone, because this way, they make more money. In the bundle, the effective price per game is 1€. laughable. Still, there are ppl doing it. If nobody would buy it - those bundles wouldnt exist anymore. And If I tell you, there are ppl that spend 10e for dublons to exchange into credits to buy the B-Hull for Izumo - would you belieave? If I tell you, that there are ppl, that click five time per day on the XP to freexp-conversion and use dubloons, so that they can get faster up the silverlines - would you belieave? Still, these exact things ive seen in the last week only. Go to twitch and watch newbs play. You will lose your mind, im telling you.
  7. Clan Battles have nothing to do with beeing "professional". Its just another gamemode, period. You are suppose to invest money to play. Thats the entire drive behind WG making this gamemode - so that players spend money. Why do you think ranked battels exist? To make ppl buy premiums. Why do you think the Tier of ranked changes? To make you buy more Premiumships. WG noticed, that ppl with throw money in to get up in silverlines. Thats why T10 CB. Again --> Players must spend money. It always comes down to this. Whenever you start wondering anything about the game, check first = can it be fastened / avoided by spending money? And you have your answer.
  8. I was exactly having this thought in mind yesterday! But makes ofc sense, combines with the other things you listed.
  9. Oh I know. I didnt claim to invent them. My point however is - the missions, that ive listed and those that kind of, that @Belustigungspanda listed, are bad of the game. They encourage stupid gameplay, anti-teamplay and things of that sort. Especially with those "Kill XXX Ship" missions around you see people holding their shot, just so they are not on reload, when the enemy is weak - gotta "secure" aka steal that kill. Ive litterally done suicide runs with Takao, just so that the round is over for me after 2 mins but I got 5+ torp hits. More effectiv then to play 20 mins carefully and get a 0-4 torp hits (on you own screen, you have 12:34 played and 4 torphits - Ive managed 8 or so in <3 min with Takao). But man I got that mission done in 20 mins of gameplay, isnt that amazing? No, shows how stupid the missions are.
  10. important

    Can all this reality-nonsense-talk just stop? It has nothing to do with the game, whether you try argueing for or against it....
  11. Yep. All missions that are designed this way, are absolutly stupid. I fully realized it last year when we had "kill 20 russian ships". Me having ONLY played russian ships and wanting to have that mission myself - I can tell you, most aweful weeks of wows. I was literally 22km away from the front cuz I got spammed from everything, hiding somwhere on A10, while my own team was 15 km ahead of me, nearly bumping into those ships, which were shooting me. Ofc they didnt care to shoot each other - my team was busying shooting the other russian cruiser on H1 . Everything that goes like "kill 10 *shiptype goes here* - deal 500k dmg to *put nation here*" etc are the most stupid missions EVER!- Why dont we have missions, that make you play for the objectiv or teamplay? Cant have that no can we? "Get 100k spotting dmg - As a DD capture 10x - Spot 50 Torpedos" w/e. There are so many things you can think about. Why use brain when come up with genious stuff like "KILL 20 XX SHIPS".
  12. important

    Good joke(s)! I was nearly laughing.
  13. I was going through the replys, looking whos gonna beat me to write exactly that :D @TrewSx You said it yourself a few times now - you lack the knowledge about what ship brings what to the table. Thats why you lose encounters with them. And then u think, someones gonna take this topic serious? I could also say "Man screw this Yamato, it hunted me down in my khabarovsk, cuz he is faster then me" someone would call me out, pointing my a$$ to the FACT, that the khaba is infact way faster then the Yamato. So im suppose to say "Oooh look its like WoT Forum, nitpicker". Aye....
  14. Yea. but you know, IJN line is old. Its obsolute. Everyone has it, nobody will spend money on that to buy themselfs up as fast as possible. PADD is new. Is OP. Loads of $$$ to be made. Just to be clear - this is not opinionen on how it should be, this is my conclusion on the "balancing" im seeing.
  15. I do understand it exactly like you. With Juliet Charlie you cant detonate ever, no matter what other stuff u flag.