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  1. ForlornSailor

    Looking for a good T7 CL/CA and DD

    Shchors is a nice long-range HE-spammer, thats true. But it lacks the capabilites to carry games, if it has to. It also comes down to what kind of playstyle one prefer. There, Helena, Shchors and Fiji are as different as it could be. But I´d suggest Fiji or Helena to play as T7 cruisers anyway.
  2. ForlornSailor

    Can't finish Ovechkin mission?

    Yup. I did the same thing. People get triggered by that, funny. Blame WG for making such a mission tbh.
  3. ForlornSailor

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Mate, I hate to do it, but I beg to differ... 1 win / 1 loss from evening session is missing. My wows-numbers isnt updating, but avg damage is beyong 80k. And before someone says, I have no idea what im doing with my Cesare or a BB in general, I suggest to check my randoms stats.
  4. ForlornSailor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Buahahah. you cant write this stuff. I assume he thinks, since he didnt saw you (undetected), you cant see him either. I think, this logic is learnd right about the age of 2 for normal human beeings? Then again - the avarage wows-players doesnt qualify as normal human beeing (had to learn today again) so...
  5. ForlornSailor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Something is wrong. something is VERY wrong. WG - you hate me? I literally have to kill all enemys to win ranked. I got an avg dmg of ~80k today and 5W 7L. Its INSANITY! This one tops it. Im 1 vs 3 and beeing insulted by my carrier for about 10 mins (well he insulted others too but since I told him so play Co-Op, he was on my butt all the time). He flew all his planes along the border to snipe. I told him to move, since I saw the cruiser is headding for him - he insulted me - then he died - insulted me more.
  6. ForlornSailor

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    I hear that. I have so far not a single game without High Calibre, all played in Divi and im at 50% WR. The throws ive seen... I actually once wrote "gg" in chat, just to witness 4 of our ships getting oneshotted in the minute after that - turning a 5vs3 into a 1vs2 (I managed to kill one of them during that "performanceshow").
  7. ForlornSailor

    RPF at it's best

    Put it on a RN CL and see the magic it can do. But yea, I agree with you: it would be better for the game if that "skill" wouldnt exists. There are a couple of those. I personally am against Incoming fire alert...
  8. ForlornSailor

    CV Rework Discussion

    I hope you know, that this argument of your can be turned complely around on you? And it even makes more sense that way. A BB/CL/DD can litereally have 1 HP left and deal as much or even more damage then a BB/CL/DD withfull HP? In no way are they restricted in their damage capability by taking damage. Unlike the CV. He can literally have full HP but be absolutly useless, when he lost all his planes. He has lost his offensive capabilities. Other ships dont lose them - unless they permanently get a module destoryed. You talk as if any ship other then a CV, that gets hit ONCE is send to port right away. Thats not the reality.
  9. ForlornSailor

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    As someone, who was argueing in favor of matching radars 1-to-1, I have to say: this is a very good point that I havent thought of.
  10. ForlornSailor

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    a) it was said by many other people then me b) what is that, what you write then? godgiven facts? tz The cruiser is your direct counter.Stop whining when he does what he is supposed to do - killing you aha. yea.
  11. ForlornSailor

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    Nope. Didnt quote like that, liar. Didnt use any bold to put an emphasis, which you obviously needed to do to distract from your defensiv reaction. But yea I get it "uuh its a thread against DDs! Must defend, whine & flame, cuz its MUH DDs!" If you´d even understand that his has nothing to do with DDs in the first place, that would be great, k?
  12. A) Im from Finland B) The Washington Capitals are my favourite team from the NHL That should answer the question already on Top of that, Ovechkin is my favourite hockey player so
  13. ForlornSailor

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    No... if you´d read, what I quoted, you´d see, it was an argument against "restricting people's choice of how and what they can play." And FYI @Captain_KriegWurst in low/mid tiers, there are 2 CVs per side allowed. Yet still you cant division up with another CV.
  14. ForlornSailor

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    Ive seen you play DD. All I gotta say is: The way you played, its no wonder you think "small mistake" means death. Smoking up in the cap, waiting and just eating torps... Is that your huge experiance? Maybe get the basics right before you call others inexperianced.
  15. ForlornSailor

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    Can I play a CV with my buddy picking a CV aswell?