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  1. Charles Martel is the first really awesome ship imo. Although some disagree - like @evergroy_lows - who produces results with the Algerie that I thought impossible :D Its kinda like this (to put it easy) first part of the game, you focus on long range HE spamming, if possible target one BB after the next and never let them escape. Let game Henri becomes a monster. Thats why I try to preserve as much health as possible, because you can even yolo BBs 1x1 or just go ham on any cruiser thats left. Henri doesnt have to fear much besides Venezia or a well played Des Moines.
  2. ForlornSailor


    Indeed I doubt he isnt ready, since he is shocked by a T10 cruiser having a heal...
  3. - IFHE rework doesnt matter for Henri in randoms - Accelartion neither. It was most useful in clan battles, when you put a Henri on the kiting flank, stern towards the enemys, dodging incoming fire with redicolous back and forth manouvers. Henri is still my favourite T10 cruiser. Played her a lot during last clan war season, played her in this ranked season (as in the ones before) and she delivers. You need to show us a replay of what you are doing, if you want some help to improve. It looks like you never use AP. Huge mistake.
  4. ForlornSailor

    What to convince me to play again

    Remember back in the day when we used to make fun of subs coming to the game?
  5. ForlornSailor

    What to convince me to play again

    Are you actually asking which is the strongest wows clan... so you... could join them?
  6. ForlornSailor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    DD-Day cuz apperently thats all I can play these days. And the game before that was the same level of crazy just... different. 4vs4 DDs and for some reason, all 4 enemy DDs decided: lets gang up on the Gearing in the B-cap. Insanity So yea, thats all I did, fighting all 4 of them. Took B, defended it, while my team took A+C with no opposition so enemys lost on points. Questionable?
  7. ForlornSailor

    Thank you WG

    Absolutly true True aswell. One of the reasons I recently have a horrible time playing BBs - because I cant for the love of god get my head around this sort of gameplay. Ive had games where I saw my other 4 BBs turn around in the spawn, floating around on the B-line back and forth while im trying to do something. Then the enemys excerise the same kind of "strategy" running away from me - which is sort of intelligent since my team has given up 66 % of the map and when you are a T8 BB in a T10 game, are behind on points, the enemys as kiting you and you are the only target.... what am I suppose to do? Oh yea and to continue the story of that specific game: after like 12 or 13 mins those 4 BBs have finally gathered up in one spot (ofc right behind me) then pushed ahead of me (which I first appreciated since it was technically winable) but by the 15 min mark all 4 BBs were down with me beeing alone - again. When playing a DD I can atleast send those _ _ _ _ _ back to _ _ _ _.
  8. ForlornSailor

    Suggestion to make 7vs7 arms race a permanent mode

    You two are (sadly) right about the state of our playerbase. However Id still support @AshGear´s proposal even im not a huge fan of the gamemode myself. As long as its seperated from Randoms battles (like it used to be) and WG doesnt force it down my throat (with stupid directives where Id have to play that game mode) I say: let em have it. If there is a dedicated group of players, that enjoy arms race, they should have it.
  9. ForlornSailor

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    wait. what?
  10. ForlornSailor

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    from your recent games: *edit* Honest question: do you think, you carried your own weight in those games?
  11. ForlornSailor

    EU server is $hitting the bed

    Yea same here. gee gee I guess.
  12. ForlornSailor

    Remove ship health status bars,

    Yea when I installed the game - WOOP ! 9621 games played. All ships in port. only 19 point captains. Born2pwn baby. No. you are dead. literally.
  13. ForlornSailor

    Remove ship health status bars,

    Because its always OP, how is focused down, since he doenst know how to play the ships he has. Which is normal after 247 random games. But instead of trying to learn how to play, he tries to sledgehammer the game into a direction, which he thinks, suits him. Which ofc would change nothing, since riding around broadside in your cruisers still gets you deleted & focussed even without a health bar. But you really expect him to understand?
  14. ForlornSailor

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    If Stalingrad would be labeled as a BB, nobody would play her and she´d be concidered apesite.
  15. ForlornSailor

    Remove ship health status bars,

    w/e you are refering to: if its SO good - why are you here and trying to change this game? Go there and play your "damn good game" without health bars. Problem solved. Thank me later.