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  1. Extended Weekend ™ . When you are trying to defend the early points lead and the only cap your team has, and someone literally tells you, that Plants have an IQ of 5. But numbers havent been his strenght anyway. Before telling me I have an IQ of 10, he claimed, my WR is 0%. All he did was cruising around J10. Not that any of the other BBs have been any more usefull... cruising in our spawn. Meanwhile, the enemy team went on to perfect teamplay. (the exeption would be the 3 BBs in D). Obviously even communicating for the Missouri in C to get closer to the island, so he can radar me in B.... Can I haz some of those teamplayers plz? I hear good things...
  2. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    Who says you have to exit? I died many ties yoloing an enemy BB with RU CAs, just cuz I didnt manage to get into Torprange by the time they killed me. Atleast Id have the chance to trade 1-for-1 this way. I think his favorite is Hindenburg nowadays ^^
  3. HMS Fiji research cost

    What? Get outta here. Those are not people - they are bots to entertain me!
  4. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    Still cant answer. Guess you just have problems admitting im right. Sad.
  5. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    What? That... didnt made any sense. I guess you just had no way to bring anything up against how the reality is and just want to keep drawing your picture of wows, where the CV is to blame for everything? You certainly do this well.. How about try again and say something about what I threw in the ring? Again - blaming CVs for everything. Matter of fact, I told you in my post - that you chickened out to answer - the full picture, why CBs look like this. Did you play CB-Season? Oh I guess you havent.... Gameplay was completly different without CVs. no wait. It wasnt. What a surprise? For you maybe. Not for me.
  6. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    Nah. Couple of things wrong here. First, Clanbattles arent randoms. You simply can not compare the two. Many things make the difference. Just to name a few: - They know they have to support each other. All the time. - They all have 19 points captains. (missing on randoms often) - They know there is a CV around and play accordingly (this is missing on randoms, thus allowing CVs to strike the players, that dont pay attention). - They have their Ships & Captains set up to AA (Missing on Randoms. Many ppl dont skill for AA and prefer Hydro over Def AA) Second, its not only the CV that is forcing this play on the DDs. Infact, and DD player rushing in CBs, playing like on publics, would have no place in a CB, let alone KotS. Because they all know, that there is a radar cruiser behind the next island. Don tell me you havent noticed that? Check positions of Des Moines, Moskvas and Minotaurs again and you will understand.
  7. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    Infact, they are implemented team-oriented right now. Imo, I can hardly think of any other class / ship, that hasnt this level of team-oriented gameplay. I can elaborate, with examples. A CV can strike a lone target, but when ships group up, the CV will have a hard time. Depening on how the entire red team plays and how the red CV synergize with them - a CV can be shut down to a degree of 99% (awesome CV players can overcome this to a degree, will get some dmg and counterplay against the enemy CV, but are likely to still lose the match). Only way to break this, is for the rest of the green fleet to focus the right ship - f.e. take down the Des Moines, Minotaur, Missouri and so on. Conclusion: A CV is depended on teamperformance. Problem: Huge portion of the playermass dont care. They do play the exact same way, no matter, if there is a CV in the game or not. Example 1: I once faced a Superunicum CV, our was a 40% guy - checking stats during loading in. So Im trying to prepare my team for whats going to happen. Some care - some dont. We even had decent DDs, that didnt straight rush alone, beeing spotted by the CV - instead, a Mogami went full speed, way ahead of the fleet. I pinged him, told him in chat "you will be dead in the next min" - I even said this before the first planes showed up. I was right tho. Example 2: Only yesterday we had a hard match on Okinawa, both CVs were above avarage and pretty much even. So it was definatly down to the fleets performance, who can take the win. Im telling the CV to force fights near me and im telling the fleet to stick with me and my division, so that we can help with AA - we were Missouri and Neptune. What happens? First wave, out fleet is still pretty much clustered up, we take a lot of planes down, he panic drops in the end. Hardly any effect. I take A after that (both teams have only 1 DD and they are B/C), then im telling in chat, that I will be pushing B (cuz we lost B and C and its not going in out favour). Missouri is moving B, im moving B - Bismarck, that we covered during the first CV wave, moves behind the islands on A. I notice his turn, I point at him, even tell him "you will die, CV will go for you, follow us". - He didnt. One minute later, he is dead. So. Is the CV "broken" in these examples - or is it rather people, that make stupid decisions? They have all the information needed. They both knew, their AA isnt going to cut it. They had strong AA-ships near, werent threatened by anthing really - all they had to do, was to stick to the fleet. They didnt and rightfully got punished. I dont see any reasonable argument, that would justify to nerf CVs in a way, that they couldnt punish those 2 ships in my example.
  8. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    As is f.e. a game with range T6-T8 would only be able to have a T6 CV? That would cause atleast 3 huge problems from my point of view. - Anytime you would division with a CV, you would be low tier. Hardly anyone would do this, thus thinning down CVs even more. - The exeption would be T9/T10. This would also mean, that CVs would be seen more on higher tears. As T10 games would have to host T8, T9 and T10 CVs exclusivly. - And a huge part of the CV population cant work around beeing low tier. Needless to stay, Its no fun either - which would lower the CV player population again.
  9. when will you stop this treasure?

    Again this guy... Every 2nd week the same stuff. And he never bothers to read & reply to his own thread. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/profile/534184694-annibale19ita/content/ Mods. close this non-sense plz.
  10. The point is: Potatoes WILL use those torpedos on max range. It doesnt matter how they should be used or what the devs thought when implementing them - the reality is the only thing that matters. Why do you see German BBs sniping from the mapborder? Cuz their secondaries are so awesome? No, cuz they CAN. thats the point.
  11. So the Russian bias is real

    On top of that - isnt it awesome, how the topic of the discussion changes? How did we get to japanese Katanas & european Swords.
  12. uber lag on EU server

    I was. Nuff said. Be objective for a change.
  13. uber lag on EU server

    My initial thought of you was manifested, when you answered to my completly helpfull post. Yea... that would be you, precisely here inventing your certificates. You did already, when you answered again. But dont worry, I wont help you the next time, when you need help plugging in your USB-Keyboard. Oh yea, and I take the 14-year-old back. You went down to 12-years-old level now. Actual teens might be offended by my original judgement. And just for the record: Your "uber speedtest" still dont help at all and shows, you know nothing about networking - while claming to be a professional. Its embarrassing. Now rage :)
  14. HMS Fiji research cost

    He peaks at T II-TIII. Thats hard to do, concidering, how low HP the ships have there. Ofc. Must go fast through all the crap ships. Dreaming of the T X - thats finaly an awesome ride! When one can finaly show the real awesomeness of ones skillz. @Jaguarxjs89 while we sound a little harsh, granted, Id like you to take our advise seriously - stay at T3 max. for the moment and learn how to aim, learn the game mechanics, learn how to angle and so on. A "better" ship on a highter tier will help you nothing. You know why? Everyone else in the red team has better ships aswell. All that will happen, is, that they delete you even faster. Take my word for it. If you want more help, feel free to ask. Im sure ppl will help you out. Also, the British Cruisers are overall pretty hard to play. You might be better of for the start with an other line. French or Russian f.e.