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  1. T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    Ye, that makes sense. I only wanted to reinforce that statement basicly, by giving the reason why
  2. T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    Because everybody has it? since it is the oldest one. And it was better back then. Ppl would need to fail-die their way up in the other lines aswell to get there. Also they have a perfect excuse to sit at 20km because 20 km torps If i have more Shimas in my team, i usually feel that we have a disadvatange, because the player itself is usually worse than the others.
  3. T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    - Add Stalingrad to that which can feast on Cruisers aswell. Not sure if amount of BBs will drop, i rather feel its the other way round, since they are atleast tankier than CAs. Not everyone likes DD gameplay, so instead of Cruisers i see them rather switching to BBs. Or lowtiers. Or quit the game when it really gets too bad. On another note: *waiting for the flamers because of Radar <-> DD remark*
  4. Must be this. But sometimes i think does dic*h**** get flamed in the very first match they play every day, so they might throw their reports out of the window at that moment So when i flame them later, maybe they dont have any reports left. Otherwise wouldnt make sense when they respond to me flaming them
  5. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    I dunno why you got so focused on that anyway. You made this whole thing bigger than it ever was. You said "never bother with HE in Bismarck" and i just made an anectode where it was usesfull for me. Never said anyone should use HE in it. But at the same time, i wanted to show that never using it might be stupid aswell. Nothing more - nothing less. Basicly what you did was lecture me on how i should have used AP in the first place. And i dont get it. Why? If i would have said " I use HE in Bismarck frequently" i would understand it. But like this? Nope, makes no sense. Trying to prove something (basicly you called me stupid aswell, lets dont forget that!), where nothing was to prove, since i only brought it up because it worked, and it helped me to kill the Conq in time before he got his Zombie heal up again. Both statements are stupid (only use HE / never use HE) because you never know the situations. Knowing the situations and understand when it is beneficiary to use which ammo is one way to get better. Thats what i was going for.
  6. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    Like can we stop this now? I already said, i didnt want to prove that, yet you keep showing it down my throat And to remind what you said So i see, your point was, that Bismarck can never load HE because it would make it automatically HE-focused... like really? Start looking at your own wrong arguements before putting words into other ppls mouth -_-
  7. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    Never claimed that its anything but a rare case. But your first arguement was like "never shoot HE with KM BBs". And i wouldnt agree with that. Maybe 1 every 100 games it is actually smart to do that. That makes the difference to becoming a good player And thats why "if its stupid and it works, its still stupid" is totaly stupid in itself. 99 times its stupid, then dont do it. 1 time its smart, you do it, you win, its not stupid anymore = way to become better in this game. Yes, they are that. Thats why they are harder to play to begin with. All boils down to what their guns can do. So then removing HE from it doesnt matter anyway? In that case, might aswell do it! See, funny thing about anecdotes is, sometimes they can disprove a point (KM BBs should never shoot HE), while on other instance (i killed a Fiji with 203mm AP overmatching his nose) doesnt actually mean that much. Im not saying that it never happened to me. But its so rare, i dont bother with it. I had one time when i faced an indianapolis in my Leander, where he would just wreck me and i couldnt do anything against it. Still 500 games Fiji - dont care and never will. Ppl wont learn, so i dont have to be aware of it. Thats why i said Omaha (or better Marblehead), im much more afraid of that. I dont know if its by accident, but i tend to get shot by AP at my bow quite often (well not really every game, but you know, sometimes) and i dont know if its more by accident or if there are just sealclubbers/more experienced players playing at that tier
  8. Does count carrying this **** to a victory as an achievement? Never capped - never spotted. The enemy hat a KHABAROVSK capcapping A on Two Brothers, because that **** didnt bother moving his [edited]inside the cap and spot the Khaba for us. Every time he was ~12km to a target, he started smoking up and going dakka-dakka If not, i go with one of those Not really that special overall, but i couldnt do much that game. Camping meta you know ~~? So since noone really cared, capped B first, then A, and hello CV, there you are hiding. Was pretty close afterall shipwise, alltho we were leading on points mostly. That game was really nuts. We were behind 3 seconds before ending, and we won by 6 Points.
  9. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    Exactly the point why its not always good to have it. If you are at longrange, you struggle to hit anything but the superstructure, and still you will bounce/shatter mostly at 15km range. Did you ever play Neptune/Mino? Atleast you dont on that account. If i could force overpens with them on BB superstructure it would be far easier sometimes. Leander might have better autobounce angles, that doesnt mean he can penetrate it everytime, he might still shatter while having the angle to penetrate, but not the force. Oh i heavily disagree with that one. Would make life hell of a lot easier for neptune and Minotaur in this meta. Sure, but you will face them like 1 out of 4 games. Ppl might not angle properly, but they might be nose in, which is even worse than the other, since you have less superstructure to hit. Or turn and run away. I almost never have problems with a CA shooting AP at my Fiji bow. Despite it wasnt stupid in that instance, since i couldnt deal 20k+ damage in one salvo
  10. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    Doesnt matter what AP it really is, since the fuse time is usually 0,033 secs. With other AP, you can force Overpens by shooting high enough in the superstructure - with sAP you cant. The only thing i ever overpen with RN CL AP is DD superstructure. Or shoot Bow/aft close enough you will get overpens. Dunno, dont have Perth. But lately i dont feel having an easy time with RN CLs.... Fiji is the only exception because of good MM and really strong ship. Again, i dont need more range on Fiji. I have over 500 battles in Fiji, it doesnt need it. Leander with 13,4 is a bit underwhelming yes. So it might be shorter than the others, but its perfectly fine with it. Since T6-T7 mostly get T5 -T7 anyway, i think its more fair to compare them rather to look at all T8+ Cruisers. And still... many ppl dont know that and spam HE in your face anyway. The fact that i killed him proves me right, doesnt it? I shot 1 salvo HE because of perma fires (ofc was lucky). He was angled sometimes, sometimes not. Since he was a retard, i didnt feel like shooting his turrets, either way he was running away from me . The Amagi game: They tried to shoot me, i never showed really much broadside. They couldnt hit me anyway and ignored me after some time. Still, if they would have continued shooting me, there would have been no way of surviving that amount of HE, since they triggered my DCP quite fast in the beginning. When you have HE spamming ships, you should consider switching to HE aswell. AS i said, more HE spam = HE gets stronger.
  11. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    You do know AP overpens can be healed 100% aswell? So its not that easy to compare. Ive had games with Hindenburg where i had 100 HE hits with 1 fire - because AP was totaly useless vs fully angled targets, and didnt have luck with fires. Still those 100 hits mostly dealt damage. Perth can spam HE and get decent results too? Depending on matchup/situation even more so than leander. On angled DDs, perth will deal much more consistent damage than leander can. Compare to other Ships? Fiji is enough. Edin/Neptune/Mino are fine, because more range is more useless than the 18km Worcester. The only thing you can hit would be stationary/straight lining BBs. Same for Worcester, but he can deal, again, more consistent damage. Not so many 203+mm CAs around on those tiers. All IJN T5+ and US T6+ and Yorck. When you get uptiered ofc there are more. But they again, i dont see that many IJN/US Cruisers (becaues they suck) and if you see them, they shoot mostly HE. Look at Omaha/clones, they get overmatched by 152mm guns. Thats far worse Sure there are lines which suck at HE spamming, but the problem is, when everyone else is spamming HE around you aswell, suddenly its not that bad anymore. Had a game in Amagi lately, where i had 7 Ships behind me, 4 Cruiser and 3 BBs (Fuso Monarch forgot the last one) and ALL were spamming HE at me. Thats horrible. You cant deal with that. Also, i used HE sometimes in my Bismarck, against idiot Conq who repaired one fire from my Secondaries and pulled his zombie heal way too early. I insta switched to HE because i just shot, and he got 2 fires after that Was way better than to shoot AP only. Ofc i got lucky that i got fires, but in the end, he died to it.
  12. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    I just call that wrong. Potentially you can get pens on bow/aft BBs on high ranges... but good luck hitting that. Also, angling matters here too. So you are forced to shoot at his superstructure, which usually runs out of health pretty fast. Its pretty normal to get up to 10k on a full HP BB with RN CLs. 2nd/3rd salvo usually already drops to half, and after that you are down to <1k and soon 0. Trust me on that one. 152mm IFHE HE auto pens a lot of places on BB, and lots of Cruisers aswell. Actually, there is no difference in healing AP or HE alpha damage. Both is 50%. Thats why its actually not that stupid to shoot HE at a Conqueror, when you can deal more reliable damage with it. AP does not deal more reliable damage - its HE. AP deals more damage in certain situations, thats why many Cruiser players are so focused on HE, despite making AP a much better choice even against BBs. Lets take Perth as an example: 693 HE pen damage vs 1023 AP pen damage. Sure its 1/3 less, but when you hit the right place (which are far more on angled targets than with AP), it will deal that damage. Shoot with AP you will still get bounces and shatters. Didnt mean its usefull, was only going to point it out. Thats all nice and right, but you forget the factor which is making you play like that. And ultimatively, thats having only AP. Or you think Kutuzov can spam from 16 km because they dont like being closer? No, its because they dont lose much when shooting from that range. But then there is something i disagree with: - I only feel LEander is very limited in his range. Fiji and above are fine. If it would be too limited, you might aswell go with range module. But guess why many ppl take the reload module? Because having more range pretty much sucks. - little armour: Id only say Neptune and Mino are really glasscannons. - little Hp: definetely not, unless you get devastated. The heal makes up for it on all of them, because on lower tiers other Cruiser dont have heal, and Edinburgh upwards have zombie heal. - taking right place to smoke: Again comes down to having only AP. It i wouldnt need to think about that, i could just take any place where i can hit any target. With more HE spam around, HE gets exponentially stronger So in some cases, its smart for BBs to use HE. And dont forget about destroying AA when you have a CV.
  13. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    So when you are alone, then its tough luck and you should lose? Should i cry that RN CL should get HE when all enemies are running away from me? AP only is precisely the reason why they are harder to play. The further away you are, the less damage AP can deal. HE doesnt care for range. Which leaves us with: Proper positioning, mostly aggressive. You have to play more aggressive in order to deal damage. Give me HE minotaur i slot the range module on it. Easy as that. How can farming damage with HE be harder than with AP? Angling removes damage potential from AP, not from HE. Perth has 7,5 sec reload. If you cant decide in that time span, if you should shoot HE or AP, i think you are doing it wrong. If you take EL then it can be as low as 4 seconds. With the ability to stay further back, you also can escape faster and wont get targeted that much. And dont forget: RN AP is short fuse. So if the superstructure is empty, you will most likely deal 0 damage because every shell penetrates. With slower fuse AP, you can still overpen the superstructure and deal damage all the time.
  14. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    How about hope that one of your 11 teammates is able to capitalize by angling against you? Also, every hightier player knows how to angle perfectly I like those imaginary worlds where everyone is playing perfectly all the time. Can you let me in please, i dont like those random potatoes anymore...
  15. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    You do know that the line with only AP is considered to be the hardest to play well Which is mostly to the fact that it only has AP....