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  1. Yep, theres the problem. Blame WG. Now that they made a BB line where shooting HE is atleast as productive as shooting AP, suddenly many other BBs shoot HE too, because they got killed by *insert mean RN BB shooting HE*
  2. U forgot to mention that also sometimes the neighbour, who stepped into your dogs crap, is also taking his dog out for a walk where some other person will step into his dogs crap. So its all fine
  3. Ye i get where u came from with that, so basicly we said the same thing. I just said they get nerfed less. ofc in a match how WG might see it, a german BB is supposed to be closer to the front, thus a PA-DD SHOULD target them more often. Unfurtunately we all know that this is not the reality. Maybe WG once again doesnt know anything about their own game. Maybe they think German BBs operate closer to the front (thats how they made them basicly), so how can we counter the overpopulation of them? Lets make Torps which are harder to detect, so they get punished more. THe problem all the time with WG is (thats how i see it) they make a game but dont understand the PLAYERS are making the terms about how they play the game. They cant really force anyone to play like how they think it should be played, so a lot of changes to the game see to have no effect or even opposite effects in the long run.
  4. But its not a Buff then. One can only argue that German BBs get nerfed less than other BBs, but its certainly not a buff for them. Where is the difference if a Shima or the T10 PA DD (dont know the name) is targeting a GK? GK has hydro up he most likely will dodge all torps. Hydro is not up he has more chance to be hit by the DW Torps because he has much less time to react.
  5. Srsly i dont follow the logic behind that sentence. Care to explain why this is a buff to German BBs? Only because they have Hydro? but its not up constantly. Also the DW Torps dont do less damage then i could understand that. I think we should look not seperately but as a whole at the arguements about who is getting the most nerf from these Torps: - Most BBs snipe at the back, they usually arent targeted by ANY torpboat. After some time into the battle this ofc changes when a DD can flank them. - More aggressive BBs can be targeted easier, if noone can spot the torps for them, they will get hit hard. All but German BBs are more effected because Hydro, but they arent and were never invulnerable to torps. - Cruisers sniping for further ranges ofc the same like BBs but with even lesser impact because maneuvrability. - Cruisers helping their DDs will ofc get targeted by DDs because a hit on them deals massive damage. In general Area denial torps can surprise any Cruiser. Cruisers cant have Hydro up all the time. Many ppl use Def AA anyway. A factor most ppl ignore: The overall stupidity of the playerbase in WoWs. While i think many ppl are unaware of DDs flanking throughout the match they still are aware when getting torped. So they can still evade. Certainly there are ppl who arent even aware of that, but does anything change for them? I dont think so. But the first group will definetely get hit harder when a PA-DD is targeting them. Will it change anything for the most idiotic BB players in the game who are maxrange camping? No, usually when they get targeted the game is lost anyway. Semi-intelligent BB player and more aggressive BB players? Definetely in my mind. Longrange sniping Cruisers? No i dont think so. Cruisers which are also going closer to caps and helping their DDs? Once again Yes. Probably more than same BBs who are aggressive because of the lower reaction time. Getting a torp hit AND putting yourself in a bad position will get u killed while before u might have dodged all torps and only got citadelled for half HP from an enemy BB.
  6. Ofc for decent players this is true because they are aware of that, yet it actually does happen very often... tunnelvision BBs eat torps all the time which are spotted for half a minute or so.
  7. I think everything which makes Cruiser life harder at this point is really bad for the game. The less Cruisers the worse this game will become imo.
  8. So u never get torped in a Cruiser? Individually ofc Cruisers dont get hit by so many torps, still they might eat 1 or are CLOSE to get hit by one, but with enough reaction time they can evade. I think he is right about that one, that Cruiser WILL get hit more often, even tho u personaly might not. Never happened to u that u eat torps that most likely werent meant for u? Constantly evading (becuase need to) sometimes put u in such a bad position that u turn right into torps. Lookind behind u might be a BB which was targeted.
  9. Not necessarily. Look for example at that 89,6% BIsmarck guy. He has 85% in Monarch but only 20 games. So the stats dont show him because he hasnt played enough games. Probably just FreeXPed to Lion. Might be that most good players do/did that to get to Conqueror coz they got enough FreeXP anyway. Also u gotta consider that these high WRs are ALWAYS with Divisions. And noone knows with which ships they divisioned with.
  10. Insider tip: Try to division with a T8 BB and u might get better MM atleast sometimes. Definetely worked for me. Usually 2 Cruisers its constantly T9/T10 MM, but 1 Cruiser/1BB (bismarck works best i think) seems like 50/50.
  11. Check the values. Some BBs even have superior concealment over some Cruisers Or the margin is so small that it can be dismissed. Well, not sure about that. Basicly then can all overmatch your armor if they hit in the right place. If they know how to angle aswell u have to pray to RNG aka Fire. Conqueror cant be killed like that imo. He just burns u to death. Scharnhorst is imo a bad example as its more like a Battlecruiser type. He is supposed to hunt Cruisers. I did kill a ~30k HP Nagato once 1v1 with my Marblehead (i was at 14k or so). Did i win because he was a bad player? Ofc otherwise i should have lost it. Cruisers can dish out consistent high damages if they manage to survive long enough. BBs can strugle because of RNG. Single Salvo ofc a BB always wins. Cruiser cant really function in a supportive role when Hydro and Def AA are in the same slot for basicly all cruisers. The problem is that u cant have 5 BBs on your radar (meaning your personal vision) all the time. THey disappear between shots, they can shoot all over the map. Angle against some BBs might show broadside to the one BB on the other side and he can just evaporate u. Its not necessary overextending which gets u killed vs 5 BBs. But when there would be like 7~ Cruisers per side and all play more aggressive u get more single engagements imo. U cant just be like "oh i focus the Cruiser at 16km to punish his broadside when u have several cruisers closer to u. BBs can do that.
  12. Most ppl seem to use DefAA as far as i can judge. They play very passively so they dont see the need for Hydro. But at some point in the game this changes ofc, and we all know how many CVs are on toptier. Only thing that this would be true if Cruisers could slot both, which i and some others have been saying for some time now. They are supposed to do both roles all the time, yet they are limited by choosing one of those 2 consumables, where one is also useless if a specific class aka CVs arent in the game. Ofc i cant know that before the match starts so its a gamble always... as i said, been argueing for that for some time now... They NEED it desperately imo.
  13. That would mean ppl would literally need to explode in reallife
  14. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/6544/ Yep they do enjoy this. I wonder it doesnt happen more often Yep, me saying that it makes perfect sense for WG. Either deal with it, or spend $$$.
  15. Actually i was agreeing with that, but u didnt understand it either I said the same thing, T8 is bottom tier no matter if there are 22 T8 ships and 2 T10. But what i said also was, that USUALLY its more than only a couple of T8 ships in that match. Cant make it any more clear... a) wont happen b) doesnt matter if its not happening... it wont change it. Not playing WoT so i dont know what tier is the most played one. Not disagreeing with the camo thing, but T8 is still the most played tier.