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  1. RANT ON: THE most stupid game EVER; because the game obviously decides who has to win, AND U CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! Call me Tinfoilhat, call me whatever, i dont care. this is the MOST BS IVE EVER SEEN IN THIS GAME. Im [edited]done with this BS. If someone thinks, that this is BS also, then this thread served its purpose. For everyone else: I dont care anymore. Done wasting time with a game that deliberately screws u over /RANT OFF Did i mention that all idiots were on our team anyway... WIth any less effort we would have lost SEVERAL MINUTES earlier. Byebye Edit: Oh yes: Flame on plz!
  2. Thats why Expert Loader would need to work for torps too, or it would need a seperate cptn skill.
  3. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    I could live with that. As i mentioned before, the worst part is that RNG will screw u even at close distances. Thats atleast something i have to have in mind always. What if i dont citadel that target? The part about concealment is imo one that WG should consider: Its a NECESSITY to use CE and most likely also Concealment module. So why does a cptn skill exist which is a must to take? Imo it doesnt make sense... Well, as i mentioned, they are already making one
  4. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    Ofc, Cruiser like dispersion is bad. Maybe the Horizontal spread could be decreased and the vertical one increased, so the eliptic area becomes longer in a sense, if u know what i mean Meaning, BBs would be punished more, because they are larger in size. There is also the question: Does WG want those Bow/stern hit citadels or not? I guess they want them. Imo whats more questionable is u hit the Bow of a Cruiser broadsiding at long range, and its a Citadel. I cant even understand how thats possible. The shell ricochets from the bottom of the ship into the citadel or what? I have less problems with getting citadelled from behind/front when im angling wrong. Rather the problem for some Cruisers is, that the side armor is so weak that it will get overmatched anyway, which can result in massive damage even without a citadel hit. Not if u see how some ppl aim Dispersion must work heavily for them, otherwise they wouldnt hit at all! For me its just the other way around: Fucked up RNG is whats keeping me from being more aggressive, since skill wont matter in that one. Only RNG does. Its simply not possible to play aggressively and "waste" multiple salvoes on broadsiding targets because they got lucky.
  5. Yep, so we did agree Kinda why i dislike PA-DDs, some ppl play only for their own sake, meaning no cap, no spot, but flank around and torp BBs in the back. Asashio would benefit from the ability to switch between Torps during the battle.
  6. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    2. Well, also depends on the implementation. It would ofc be harder to angle to the opposite side when u are fighting a DD on the other. But currently BBs are my least favorite target for secondaries anyway. 3. Maybe... feels like Bismarck secondaries can pack a punch. 4. Ok, misunderstood that one. But u said it yourself - its not a place u want to be in anyway. 6. The possible increase in damage by more accurate guns has to be taken into consideration aswell. When im able to achieve more damage with my mainguns per salvo (but less overall DPM), then the secondaries wont need to make up for 50% of damage, but maybe only 25-33%, or even less! Thats kinda the problem with DWTs - ppl will spot them even when they dont get hit by them. Im still not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. BBs without Hydro would severely get shafted by that. And where would be the cut by spotting them? PLanes yes, DDs no? But maybe you are right - Hightier Cruiser players are imo a bit better than DD/BB player (thats how i see it), so they would make better use of DWTs than DDs? I dont know where u think that i want to hugely buff PA-DDs? Lets clear thinks up a bit: I think several PA-DDs are OP currently (Gajdah Madah being the number 1). Id gladly nerf them in some points and give them the ability to Switch Torps. But its not so much about them afterall. I think WG will release more DDs with DWTs - and when they limit them more and more, then the possibility to switch Torps is needed imo. Maybe not for PA-DDs - but might be for others. Maybe im overreacting and got unlucky with PA-DDs playing like crap. And if Cruisers, like in my opening post, were to receive DWTs, i think they would benefit from the possibility to switch Torps during the battle - maybe i wasnt clear enough on that one.
  7. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    As @Tungstonid said, u are basicly contradicting yourself in this one. Either they aim badly and get rewarded with a stray citadel, or they aim perfectly and blap a Cruiser - which one is it now? I feel when i play BB i shouldnt get rewarded when a target is dodging my salvo. Most recently i got almost 9k on a Shima which was turning at the right moment, but the dispersion was so "awful" that 2 shells penetrated his Bow. The inaccuracy of BBs is whats making them almost useless against BBs in longer range combat. U can hit 3 shells on a Cruiser at 20km and they can all be citadels because they plunge at the right spot. Same shells hitting a BB might result in 0k, 1k overpen or 5k Pen+Overpen. Extremely Rarely ive gotten 20-40k against enemy BBs at 20km. Mainly its because not enough shells will hit the target. Yes, your points are valid - but WG wont do it. we have to admit the facts. They wont nerf Premium ships (Radar on Missouri, Black) Hydro (Loyang) f.e. So the only thing i think is possible, to change other stuff. Adding more gimmicks to the game is imo the wrong way also. Actually id consider making BBs more accurate and having to use Secondaries against DDs a step into a more skillfull BB play - not making them easier. If u have more accurate BBs, BBs can punish each other better. Thats exactly the worst part of having so much RNG in the dispersion. Cruiser showing Broadside, probably even turning is easy to punish - BBs arent. Ofc there are turtleback and submerged citadels to blame for aswell, but its only half of it. U can kill a Cruiser with 2 Citadels + some extra hits. Hitting the Citadel of a BB is still harder, and they need more hits to die anyway. Yep, i know. Thats why i hate the French BBs when i see the range from them... What is doing well? The competent DD players who mostly are around currently? The noobs will catch up at some point, and they will play shitty because they think they should do it, since they "cant" cap/torp the enemy DD. Ive seen stupid PA-DDs who did nothing but to go around and torp the ships in spawn, while completely ignoring their own team. Granted, other DDs do that aswell, but it seems to happen less often. Imo its a bad thing because ppl will use that as an excuse to play selfishly. 1. Yes, been thinking about that aswell (lowtier BBs). But some of them have good secondaries currently (Nassau), so i dont think it would be impossible to be balanced. 2. Could aswell be to click a Button like switching between Ammo/Torps. I dont even think u need a different visual field for that. I feel BBs are pretty dull as they are, so for me personaly id like if i could to more in between. 3. Buff Secondary HP? But i feel Secondaries can handle much more than AA can, and the MOdule in first slot (forgot the name) does help the Secondaries to withstand more hits. 4. There are very few BBs which can shoot at both sides with their mainguns at the same time. (only lowtier germans i think?) And once u have Manual Secondaries, only one side will shoot anyway. Basicly with self-controled secoondaries, u can engage a target on the side where your mainguns are not facing, easier/better than right now. 5. Well, id call l2p on that one? 6. Isnt it like with f.e. NC, Iowa, Missouri, Yamato, where u have 66% of your firepower in the front. Use them, or risk using the backgun aswell in return to receive more damage. 50% Sounds reasonable. 7. Yes, i was thinking about that aswell, but wasnt sure about that. Not sure if AP/HE switching should be implemented, but it would ofc be the best choice balancing wise.
  8. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    Actually, the difference between 4km and even 6km torps is significant - I know because my mainline is German Cruisers, and i play with someone who has Russian Cruisers as mainline. Its almost certain death when u get to launch them against a BB. The longer the torprange, the less risky it is to launch them. Nah, i dont consider the cptn skill to be better than noob secondaries It only requires me to select a ship before they start shooting, and in return they get more accurate. Basicly its Takao, havent played Fiji that much anymore lately Havent played that much against GCs... ive played with one tho If they would have slower reload, the chances of getting punished is much lower afterall. F.e. the problem with BB accuracy, that even in close range it can be misses. Just recently i was Missouri, and had an oblivious Alabama (was a new guy like <200 battles), was showing consantly broadside to me getting closer all the time. And he was <10km all the time! First salvo... 6k damage.... 2nd salvo 9k. He turns, im perfectly angled nose in he deals 10k damage . If he would get punished, he would learn what to do. Since he didnt get punished, he doesnt need to learn anything. And me shooting his broadside was as effective as he shooting my angled nose. And then on the other hand, u get a Yamato broadside 5+ Citadels he is dead instantly. Without consistency, skill means nothing. Sure, u will always have those kinda players. Better rudder shift is imo the wrong way to go. That means punishing broadside is getting less likely since they can angle faster. If a BB is showing to much broadside he has to get punished too. Sadly, WG is going in the other direction with Turtleback, submerged Citadels... But afterall, the only way to hurt them is to hit more shells.
  9. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    Minotaur is OP with HE. The problem in general with PA-DDs is exactly that: The enemy DD doesnt have to fear Torps from them. Yes, giving them both Torps would probably be bad just like that- but i dont think they are quite balanced anyway. And then there is a difference between DWTs on PA-DDs and DWTs for Asashio. One can hit Cruisers, the others cant. Pretty significant difference. Overall thats why i think DWTs on DDs are plain bad. They promote bad play. I rather would see DWTs on CVs or as i mentioned Cruisers.
  10. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    Yes i know, its hard to say what WOULD have happened if it would have stayed the same. Currently i think most ppl will do it because they either see others do it, they dont get support, or they just feel safer doing it.
  11. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    Someone said, back before CBT as i recall, BBs actually were pretty accurate and played more aggressively. Then WG decided to nerf them, and they started to camp. I cant varify that, but it sounds logical. Imo thats a big problem, when u have to rely on RNG in close combat, otherwise u are dead. Ofc secondaries cant be like little Cruisers strapped to the Side - but i think it would work. And id rather have BBs strong in close combat than strong from 20kms... Shooting BBs at long ranges is far less rewarding than shooting Cruisers, because the guns are very inaccurate. Even when u aim good, u might end up with 5k damage. Budyonny? What about it? I mean 4km torps arent that usefull. - I would prefere to use secondaries manually rather than have "noob secondaries" which just shoot automatically. - Makes only sense when u would have "manual" secondaries, so to releave the DDs from some stress agaisnt BB AP. - As i said, i think its better than to make them even more inaccurate. - Can only be done with some compensation. Otherwise BB gameplay would be even more boring. So u say RU Cruisers have already useless torps (since they are only 4km). And then u have things like cyclone so they have to get closer. Even 6km KM Torps are much better than russians. And with the current meta u cant just go in even as a German Cruiser. In the end, yes, but so could a RU Cruiser with potential to be more a threat to BBs rather than spamming HE. Overall, im not sure if Cruisers with 15-20km Torps would be a good thing, thats why i didnt consider other nations for DWTs. 10km DWTs on IJN Cruisers could maybe work out i guess.
  12. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    Basicly KOTS was only about Cap control, and not about kills really. There were matches where only 1 ship was sunk. So u cant really compare that with Random games. Add to this: The Bismarck was full HP! He didnt really need to do much besides sitting behind me and shoot the BBs while i was tanking all the Time. Would have been nice to switch in between, but Bismarck went retard and Lion was constantly camping behind me (broadside ofc) putting his awesome heal to work... not.
  13. HMS Fiji research cost

    I also like the: - U are a noob, im pro and know everything - said by persons with red PR/WR/avg dmg - Why should i do what u are saying, u are a noob - Just because u said it, I WILL DO THE OPPOSITE. The last one can only be discovered by reactions. Often enough i try to tell my teammates what to do, and suddenly they do the complete opposite. Cant be a coincidence. Like telling everyone to stay together and dont overextend at the beginning when theres a CV in game. Its like "i show u" and BBs rushing in alone to a cap to die in the next 2 minutes.
  14. HMS Fiji research cost

    There is no leader in RANDOMS. Thats why they are random... No, Ranked are just Randoms with rewards in 7vs7 format.
  15. [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    So, been thinking about some stuff, which seems to cause headache for certain ppl, atleast those who are active in Forums. Ill be seperating those 2 issues mentioned in the Title Deepwatertorpedoes So, WG is somehow forcing DDs to use DWTs, but for me it feels like, it is shafting DD play too much. With PA-DDs around, i was fearing that ppl will play for their own sake and not for the team/game aka capping and spotting. Im not saying that it happens often, but ive seen PA-DDs do that. Hugging the mapbroder trying to flank so they can torp the ships in the back. Now they want to give Asashio DWTs with 20kms. Imo its totaly wrong. Some ppl will throw those Torps (potentially hitting they own teammates) from who knows where, just because they CAN. Same reason BB player sit at maxrange -because they can. Do we need everyone to camp in the spawn nowadays? So in general: I feel DWTs on DDs arent bad in general, but the current implementation isnt optimal. One issue which would solve this, if DDs could switch Torps during the course of the match, like HE and AP shells. Why they dont do that? Im confused. They could easily implement a cptn skill for faster Torpedo reload, or just change the Expert loader that its working with Torps also. Another thing that came to mind was, why not give certain Cruisers DWTs? The best line for that would be Russian Cruisers imo. They have shortrange Torps which are very situational, and using them against BBs seems to be even more rare. So why not give russian Cruisers DWTs with ~8km range? The ones against BBs/CVs. Once again, this can be combined with the ability to switch torpedoes during the match. Potentially for Kirov - Chapayev, because Svietlana has 5km torps which seems fine on T4 (lowtiers shouldnt have DWTs anyway), and Donskoi has 8km torps, which is fine also. I could see them as usefull on other Cruisers aswell, maybe Yorck/Hipper, which could give them a little buff to performance. TL;DR - Being able to Switch during the game between Torps and DWTs. - DWTs for some Cruisers which have currently lowrange Torps. BB gameplay Not sure how this will sound to some ppl, but i would like some other thoughts on that one also. I think most ppl know how BBs are effecting the game. Boring to play at times, BB teammates who camp/snipe at maxrange, RNG is always a factor even in close combat... There has been a lot of commenting on whether BBs should be more accurate, or even less accurate. Imo the less accurate they become, the more boring and frustrating they become to play. Even playing aggresive in a BB can be fatal when RNG is not favoring u. Or when it is, u blast a Cruiser to port from 20km. Inaccuracy doesnt solve anything imo. So id rather make them MORE accurate, which punishes bad aiming, but rewards good aiming on the other hand, and its also rewarding the target when he is evading the shot. This would especially be helpful in BB vs BB combat, because it would punish misplays more (BB showing broadside constantly because not getting punished enough) At the same time, increase the reload. What? Make them even more boring to play u will ask? No, thats where the fun really starts: BB Secondaries MUST be used by the player, and wont act as autoshooting guns at everything they can reach. So that means, if a BB player chooses to stay at maxrange, he can sit there and make a shot per minute (f.e.). But for BB player which play more aggressively, they can actively use secondaries against targets in their range, which makes them much more useful than they currently are. Secondary fire against other BBs is pretty useless, and is relying heavily on RNG for fires. Which is imo bad. Ofc this would need a lot of balancing. Most BBs would need a substential buff to Secondaries, being Range/Reload/Accuracy. But they cant be as accurate as Cruiser guns, because they would potentially be OP then. Somewhere between current Manual AA dispersion and Cruiser dispersion. This would give the potential to make main battery shells useless against DDs, which is currently being looked at by WG anyway as it seems to me (BB AP devastating DDs). Or make BB AP only overpen DDs for 5% of the max damage. So in order to fight of DDs, u need to become more active and use your secondaries yourself. Would increase the skill level needed for BBs, when u just can blap everything with Main battery guns, also if u want to be more active, get closer. Im not entirely sure, how Cruisers would be effected by this, when a BB can actively engage them with main battery and Secondaries, also the potential of citadelling Cruisers with Secondaries is relevant (which sometimes does happen right now). On the other Hand, Cruisers are more safe by getting instablapped because of the longer reload. Removing the Citadel from Cruisers is out of the question because Cruiser vs Cruiser engagement would result in HE slinging, heavily nerfing RN CLs. This would certainly require a mandatory tutorial for every player, probably the point where WG wouldnt consider it, because to me it seems, that they are hesitant to provide decent tutorials. TL;DR - BB Secondaries wont function automatically anymore - Potentially make DDs invulnerable to high caliber shells / cut AP damage in half (currently 1/10) - Make BBs more accurate - Increase the reload for BB main battery guns.