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  1. DFens_666

    Musashi with frustrating dispersion

    Sometimes i wonder too... its like "did you really tell me i hit 3 times the citadel armor on that angled DM?" And sometimes you get them broadside and all shells "conveniently" overpen because they dont hit the Citadel Minos citadel armor is quite large tho, so you might ricochet off it if he is properly angled.
  2. DFens_666


    http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20190817/eu_week/average_ship.html Imo it doesnt look that bad. Yes, it has the lowest avg damage on T5, but it doesnt have HE, unlike the others. So its likely, that the others have more useless fire damage which can be repaired 100%. Emerald also has slightly more avg kills which does indicate, that Emerald's damage is more valuable. It does fall behind in WR together with Omaha tho... (but they are all fairly together within a 1% range) I think thats because it got buffed since the topic was started. Or maybe it was before that... dont know. Emerald change was in ST in july 2018.
  3. DFens_666


    Dont agree with that one. Id rather say, if you dont have much experience in wows, the RN CL line is not for you - period. Its not like you have to play it for a long time tho.
  4. DFens_666

    Thank you wargaming

    This. Disabling the chat in a teamgame... If someone annoys you: Blacklist him. The problem was, pinging couldnt be blocked. But apparantely you cant ping-spam anymore so that would have solved everything imo. 99% of the time im not bothered with people blowing a little bit steam off. I report them for misbehaviour in chat, hope they get chatbanned, maybe they learn something. For people that cross the line, blacklist and send screens to support. But snowflakes these days probably feel offended 99% of the time by everything
  5. DFens_666

    up to date smolensk review?

    Well depends a bit. Its still usefull vs most Cruisers, you will only get shatters on US/German CAs on T8+9, because you lose the ability to pen 27mm, but it will still pen 25mm. Cruisers which have 30mm armor already shatter IFHE HE anyway. I had PT / AR / SI / DE / IFHE / CE. Imo worked well. First game was right away 175k Didnt miss the range at all, alltho the map favored me as it was hotspot. And AP is surprisingly lethal on BBs aswell
  6. DFens_666

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Is of stronk boat I think Balti didnt like me He kinda melted. And Montana burned like crispy chicken. Then some AP to finish him
  7. DFens_666

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    I agree, because having 3x Toptier BB / DD division is almost guaranteed a game you cant win. They will just go somewhere - all together - and be as useless as possible. Idc if they would be usefull, but 99% they are not.
  8. DFens_666

    up to date smolensk review?

    Does help against all Cruisers except the 30mm covered TX ones. So i think its worth it. Imo alpha > fire damage
  9. Hmm sounds reasonable. I have 50k left after buying Smolensk just now. In general, im not interested in Georgia or Yoshino anyway (Yoshinos only incentive would be the extra SC for Wows anniversary, but thats right around the corner anyway and i cant get 200k Coal in that time )
  10. I rather wonder how much coal. Like 100k? For sure cant be same as the others... that would take the piss out of everyone who invested time to grind them
  11. Yeah, thats why i wasnt going for Kuznetzov in the first place. They said, it will be available later, so im fine with it.
  12. Compared to what? Stalingrad and Bourgogne?
  13. Did you have a look at this patch event? Challenge for 150 games played with ships from T6-9 (signals) Directives for each class which require BaseXP / FreeXP and more Still more to play, since you need Tokens from the Hall of fame for the french cptn I guess ill pass I didnt get the Russian cptn either, and wont make a fuss about the french one now.
  14. DFens_666

    up to date smolensk review?

    Since we already have a Smolensk topic, ill just jump in see what you guys are thinking: - Last Stand: Flamu said, Smolensk loses rudder and engine to HE all the time. I was thinking about LS aswell. Which kinda negates the need to take Rudder/Engine mod in slot 2. I will use Hydro, because you sit in smoke and DDs like to torp smoke, so that should be better than having DefAA. Added to that, you dont have a CV in every battle anymore. But Hydro mod desyncs the smoke/Hydro combo - 3rd slot? Better dispersion - seems like, Smolensk already has DD dispersion (is it supposed to have it?). Not sure if thats really necessary, it would go from 130m at 16 km to 121m. OPtion is AA module... Feels like, both are kinda useless, so i still might take the Dispersion mod. Ill use my Kutu Captain (atleast for now) with PT - AR (LS?) - SI+DE - IFHE+CE What are you guys thinking/doing?
  15. DFens_666

    NEW AA

    Just do it yourself, thats where i have it