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  1. DFens_666

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    Ill literally sell you anything you want - 2+2 but ill only give you 3 pieces in the end. Deal? Should be fine for you, because 2+2=3 according to you. Just tell me what you want, ill make it happen.
  2. DFens_666

    Black captain shortage

    Id guess, that people, who demand stuff like that, are not really into WWII naval battle games.
  3. Attacking something which is not detected? Well, if you have use everything available to you, its totaly possible... Not to mention, a ship shooting an unspotted ship over a longer distance even takes more time than a CV starting an attack a few seconds after the target became unspotted: ~18 km unspotted DD ~9-10km unspotted DD
  4. DFens_666

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    Well if we are there, he is even one place beyond that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whataboutism Not to mention, his claim for whataboutism doesnt even make any sense But atleast he used a mighty evil word to show me what i am
  5. DFens_666

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    The problem with that is, that different countries took different measures to combat covid. Are you living where he is living? I dunno, just asking. Maybe we should ask some australians, who were in india within the last month and are facing up to 5 years of prison when they go back to australia. Even more funny is, that his comparision isnt even true. its not like, Hitler was doing things slowly when grabbing power.
  6. DFens_666

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    Well i meant, if the OP wouldnt have made this thread, none of us would be here and talk about it... i think, this shouldnt be here in the first place, and certainly some random person should demand to be answered to when he has no involvement in all of this. Yes ofc, thats what i said. There is an option between Yes/No. And often, many people simply dont care so they remain silent. Doesnt make the part, who is yelling the lowdest the majority nor are they right. Thats what i mean. I even disagree about the whole premise, that he compares it to Nazi-Germany or the Holocaust. The Pic was not real. The quote was not from the person he claimed it to be. The quote in itself, doesnt really mean anything, there is no violence or hatespeech in that sentence. If you would remove the name from below the quote, then people would look at it entirely different. Certain people have always tried to keep the freedom of the common folk as small as possible. Only that our ancestors fought for those freedoms, let us live the life we have nowadays. That doesnt mean, that some people would never attempt to take those freedoms away again. Its a simple fact, that certain freedoms have been restricted after this pandemic started, there is no argueing about it. Anyone can think of that whatever he wants. So who decides what is acceptable to say and what not? There are certain things, you arent allowed to say, which are prohibited by law. That makes sense. But more and more these days, some people simply decide to be offended by ANYTHING, so they go on witch-hunts to hurt other people. And thats simply wrong. Lets say, a few years from now, a group of people decides, that everyone who played a german ship in wows is a nazi, and they go around gathering data, who was playing those ships. And they come after everyone of us who did, to ruin our lifes.
  7. DFens_666

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    If that would be the case, we wouldnt be here. Then the OP would have said something to him on twitter, and not go to the forums, to create some sort of drama (as have others, more succesfully btw) So there are only 2 sides - for and against. Thats exactly the dividing crap we see all the time now. If you dont agree, you will be pushed into the last corner so your life gets ruined. Thats that, and people in favour of something might actually not say anything, but people who dont care certainly wont say anything - why would they. People disagreeing with something, are often the lowdest, so they think, they are the majority. And they wont stop till their demands are fulfilled.
  8. Ah, so WG ruined brawls aswell... Not even talking about, brawls like this seem to be... pretty stupid? Its like Randoms/ranked, only the teamsize is 8 instead of 7 or 12 Brawls should always be in division, and only up to 5v5. Everything beyond that is too much, and its not a "brawl" anymore.
  9. Last CB season: Lets ban Georgia and Musashi I wonder if WG has the balls to ban a CV... we all know the answer to that anyway (not that it really matters anyway..., so they could just easily do it)
  10. DFens_666

    So MM is capable of doing this afterall.....

    In previous brawls, CB rating was used. So if you were in a high ranking clan, you played against other high ranking clans. After they allowed mercs, only the person creating the division mattered for that. So you could put all but one hurricaneclan in the div, and let someone open the div, whos clan didnt play CBs. Then you had weaker opponents. How it works now... who knows, maybe same principle. Maybe it doesnt do anything if you play alone
  11. DFens_666

    US heavy battleships

    Vermont: 5.670.000 Which is f.e. more than Ohio with 5.418.000
  12. DFens_666

    How would you repair WoWS?

    If id start now, i could probably write for 2h strait if i can remember all the crap in the first place So its easier to just delete everything and start from scratch. Then leave obvious crap out and you are good to go
  13. DFens_666

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    Imagine, if Zoup would have printed the tweet out, and went to the corner of his house and sat there for 24h, showing that sign to all people who are passing by. By same logic, WG should ban him for showing that. And thats where all this online stuff gets really insane, if you think about it. He could do all kinds of crap in reallife, and WG would have no clue about it. Ofc he was, i didnt like him at all. But the problem with the current time we live in, that eventually they will come for other people, because having a different view is not allowed anymore.
  14. DFens_666

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    As i said in the other thread (or was it this thread - cant tell ^^), sure, if WG thinks, his behaviour on twitter is bad, then they can kick him for that. I guess they can kick anyone without any reason anyway... its their choice. The problem with doing that stuff openly, is that a group of people will keep going at it, till their will is pushed through (mob rule, only its a very small mob). Im absolutely against stuff like that, and thats also why i dont use Twitter and others. And Flamu is the 3rd guy laughing his [edited]off as we speak.
  15. DFens_666

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    Would be great if people would stay at home when they are sick, regardless of what it is... but guess we cant have that in our world, because then you are being labeled as lazy. Ofc problem with corona is, if you arent sick, you can still have it. Next problem is, the longer this goes on, more people are inclined to slip up from the measures, because they grow tired of it. In case of "stupid mask wearing" id say, look at the Bundestag. They have to wear a mask, when they go towards the lectern. Once there, they remove it... also, when they sit on their chair, they dont have it on... Thats what i mean with stupid. You gonna say, if that person is sick, he will only infect others when he is walking around,but not when he is sitting or speaking?