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  1. @mrk421 Ive thought about what would happen if BBs would have better accuracy, but i think the good players would be too OP then. A yamato which can overmatch anything with even better dispersion would mean u could wipe out bow on targets even easier than now. Also its hard to say if those borderhuggers would get more or less dmg done with better accuracy. Sometimes u see aim way off but that one shell just has citadel written all over it. Happened to me too when playing BB, especially those midtier shotguns. Maybe those backline campers could be dealt with easier too but might be not the best idea to shoot them anyway. (Almost deleted a full HP Fuso with my nagato at 18km coz RNG said yes ). But i dont see those stupid BB players willing to win anyway. If u have 5 BBs in your team, 3 go to the opposite direction as the team, being completely useless for half the match, than get into panic mode rush in full broadside die in 1 minute... i just dont understand the logic behind that. Its like shooting from 20km "crap i cant do any dmg, well might aswell go full potato" Ive been observing those BB players from time to time, thats just how it goes. F.e. 1 of the Neptune matches i was referring to, it was loop. Basicly we agreed on A/B. I went B, 3 BBs went C, Edinburgh behind me went also C first then came back to me to B. Meanwhile both DDs on A died to a Khaba (SHima and i think BEnson). All Team from A retreated, B was capped by Enemy 2nd DD (i couldnt do anything as i was alone), C was capped by 3rd enemy DD. He wanted to attack our BBs, but after i did retreat from B to C (that we get any cap), i managed to blind torp him, and made him turn towards me so i could spot him (torps didnt hit but didnt matter), so i could kill him. What did our idiot BBs do after that? Fullspeed through C into Enemy Spawn and die. I mean WTF???
  2. Well, the question was, why midtier is more preferred than hightier. Im not saying that this might be the right way, but it could be one way. Look at the dispersions between T6 and T10 ships. Its not that much of a difference and then take f.e. Fusos 1,5 (?) Sigma vs Yamatos 2,1 Sigma AND compare the size of the ships from midtier to hightier. F.e. the hightier CAs are like midtier BBs (or even bigger, atleast longer Bayern seems to be shorter than Hipper from historical values) Getting lol-citadelled by RNG is called German BB Dispersion. Ofc its frustrating to have predicted the movement right and get crap RNG, happens already right now. Then my other option would be to lower the dmg of BBs. German BBs obviously didnt work as an incentive to push more alltho being almost impossible to citadel. Sure some ppl will never push, but they wont learn anyway. Hundreds of Tirpitz games with average 20k dmg, how often ive seen those numbers... If they would get 1k dmg from any salvo i think they would still camp in the back. Maybe citadel dmg shouldnt be shell depended but ship depended. Cruisers getting less dmg from BB shots while BBs do normal dmg to eachother. I think the changes WG makes dont have any impact on how the playerbase is playing hightier games. In the end Players decide anyway, how the game is played, but something is just wrong with hightier BBs. On a sidenote played 3 matches Neptune today with most idiotic BBs, and i couldnt take it anymore... I dont see why i should play hightier anymore, its 0 fun and 100% frustrating.
  3. Maybe the whole spotter plane needs a makeover. Also the special spotter plane modification is kinda useless i think (I dont see any use in it). BBs could use spotter plane for 1 shot with maybe 2 min cooldown. With 7 Spotterplanes it would equal about 14-15 minutes. Spotterplane should be active then for 30 secs in case u cant/wont shoot right away, but got enough room to actually take the shot. Not sure what the premium Spotter plane should do then, maybe 2 shots and 40 secs active? seems kinda powerful then. Or just a reduced cooldown of 1:30 + 1 extra plane. The special spotter plane mod should only be mounted on Cruisers then. Maybe Cruisers could get like 6 shots with Spotter plane (after that it just vanishes), and with the mod let it increase to 8 shots or so. That would seem more usefull to me then just the increase of the time the spotter is in the air like the way it is now. Ofc Cruisers get a lower cooldown too, maybe the Mod could reduce that a little bit also then. And Cruisers have less charges of the spotter plane anyway so they cant use it the whole match.
  4. BBs can delete DDs easier then Cruisers too. If Cruisers would be a bit harder to citadel i dont think DDs would suffer that much. U still couldnt rush a DD in a Cap which has BBs as backup. + as i said in the same post, buffing certain CLs is insane (Fiji f.e.) Some Cruisers could need some love tho.
  5. Lower BBs accuracy on hightiers. They are way too punishing against everything. BB vs BB fight in midtier usually takes sometime. The dispersion doesnt allow multiple citadels even at shorter ranges, atleast i could never pull it of with midtier BBs. Sure 10-20k hits can be done, but not like 60-70k or instadelete on hightiers... BB vs BB on hightier might aswell be over within 1 salvo. I dont have a hightier BB (ok Bismarck, which feels like a shotgun at any range), but what i see them do in game or on YT seems just crazy sometimes. Ive never understood why everything must be buffed the higher the tier. More guns, better Sigma... I have to say, the same goes for DDs tho... Why the hell do they need that much torps? But then a high reload time... I think the approach like lower tiers with shorter reload and less torps seems better, ofc dmg should be tweaked accordingly. Would increase the fun too i think. Throwing torps once every 2 mins and then might get one hit? that stinks. And i said it before, the hightier maps just stink mostly. BBs need some kind of blockage in between that they cant fire from one side to the other... Like Two brothers u see what is on your side and can deal with that. The BB from the other cap cant shoot u. Then again like tears of the cruisers they can shoot from anywhere if u are not behind the islands...
  6. Srsly Fiji? While i agree, that RN Cruisers are hard to play, but for experienced players they are very powerful. If u would buff them, the good players would pull even more crazy results in it. (and they will get a nerf anyway when the smoke changes come live). I dont think there can be a Cruiser overpopulation. Id have no problem with 12 vs 12 Cruisers. The more Cruisers, the better the game usually. Not so much camping, no fear of insta deletion. Dont think u can really contribute from that range... Unless u have other BBs on your team, than i got on mine. Maybe i could shoot those overconfident DDs then at 15km, and if im lucky can make 1k dmg... While the BB could make 10k on him... Ive no problem being in front of the BBs, coz spotting Torpedoes for them can also be a Cruisers job. But then the BB needs to push also.
  7. But usually its easier to get reported... and i think its getting worse. Sometimes i rage in chat and dont get reported. Then again i get reported when i said nothing. Sometimes it feels like, if there is the same ship as yourself and he rages in chat, u get reported for that.
  8. CVs also have a easy time to help the teammates. Like there is a DD close to you and the CV just flies past him, spots him briefly and continues. Just hold the fkkin plane for a lil time there that the others can deal with that bugger. Only because a plane is empty, doesnt mean it cant spot anymore. I try to do that too playing CV. Unfurtunately if your other players are total potatoes they dont shoot that DD, had that too once in a while... Or a CV torping a BB with couple of k HP while getting focused by multiple teammates, i mean cmon... Its ok if the other targets are superior in AA or if the game is decided anyway, but ive seen close games which could have turned by prioritizing a bit. Also CVs can have the most impact on the game, so if u have a total moron playing CV it gets really frustrating... Feeding their squads 1by1 to a hightier US Cruiser right at the start of the game? sure thats very smart... One should think by T9/10 everyone knows what classes u should or shouldnt attack. I dont necessarily report them tho. My most reports go to idiot BBabies whom i try to tell something when they do something stupid and then reply like "stfu" or similar.
  9. Ofc i report afk ppl, also when they are on the enemy team. But i dont think itll have any impact for them. The only reliable way i think to get compliments is by complimenting DD or CV for a good job and telling them that. Then they most likely compliment u too. Atleast thats what i found out. Sometimes i compliment even the enemy if he just played really well.
  10. Guess that would mean killing less and winning less, since i get reported for that too. Especially RN Cruisers get reported for killing someone from smoke. If i play RN CLs my karma drops constantly. Play other Cruisers usually it rises. If u can report someone just for the fun of it, it definetely should have no impact. Only thing which should matter is being afk. Just had a match with AFK CV who was a Teamkiller. DIdnt do anything, just wants to get rid of his status... awesome, thx WG for the loss btw.
  11. Happened to me in my Roon couple of days ago, twice in one salvo even, range ~14km. Dont know how that was possible
  12. T9 can always division with T10 coz they face each other almost all the time anyway. That would be 1 reason for me not to remove it.
  13. Seems to be the Gaede Both Bayerns did never play in 3-man Divisions. But Gaede, Omaha and Königsberg all have 1 match in 3-Division and all got a loss in it
  14. Doesnt matter if u can get it by only playing. If u would buy it with normal money, its expensive enough compared to the other Premium ships. Lets say someone would wants to buy a premium ship and he could buy a Tirpitz or get the Missouri. And the missouri would be twice as expensive than the Tirpitz. Doesnt make any sense? And 50k freexp containers arent rare ?! wtf are u smoking? I havent had one so far, alltho i think im fairly lucky with Supercontainers. Sure i agree with the special flags and stuff and +200% first winxp u can get easily thousands of freexp in one battle. But without flags u do like what, 50-100 freexp i think? Im not familiar with the shop, but u can buy those special flags? If not, than there is no way to get a steady amount of them. (Then again why would u buy them if u could convest Freexp with money directly )I was lucky enough to get 2x100 Hydras from SCs, but they aint Ouroboros (?).
  15. Those ppl going there (or other stupid places on other maps) dont and will never understand the stupidity of them going there. There is always a time for doing other tactics than what normaly "should" be done on certain maps. But BBs going alone to the wrong places is always stupid. Either they die there, or they are useless. If the enemy team has ppl going to D on north, its ofc favorable since they are useless then