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  1. DFens_666

    Yamato secondary build actually not bad as I think

    I remember when i played the FDG back in 2017... was so horrible. Alltho i suppose, if i wouldnt have played it as a secondary build back then, it would have worked better (i just FreeXPed it after some games). Then played sec GK, didnt like it. Then half sec/half tank GK, which was already better. But in the end, full tank GK was the best anyway. I was thinking of playing FDG in ranked now, but i dont have a good captain on it and would need to spend freeXP for the modules... sounds like a lot of work Then i rather just pick Georgia (or even Pommern, but i only played a couple of games this season because i didnt want to because subs, but apparently, noone is playing subs in ranked anyway so its ok). I think Rupprecht is a bit overrated compared to the others too. You can clearly feel the worse armor and lower HP.
  2. It depends on a lot of things. The more you know, the better you can do it. Sometimes you need to be more aggressive, sometimes more passive. But eventually, you have to learn to play aggressive to become a better player. Just taking my last ranked game from few days ago here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/844889577709240350/1116074288995377182/render_65345682.mp4 (hope that works) So i have a Brindisi coming with me, which is good against DDs. Enemy DDs can all outspot me. Z44 isnt scary, Z46 has hydro, Lightning has Hydro and smokes which is annoying. Z44 is spotted early, i knew 1 DD going center because RPF. Then RPF switched towards B going outwards (same direction im going). And a DD is in A, so there can only be 1 DD my way (with hydro). I want to spot and fight him, but not get hydro trapped. By going towards the islands, i can be safe even if im spotted by hydro. Ok so Brindisi yolos, i use him to farm the Izumo a bit, but i want to get away, because im 1vs3. Naturally, the DD wants to get B. Thats why i wait at the island. Idea is, he might get cocky and come around, and even hydro wont help him then. But he just goes in the cap and smokes/Hydroes. So i run away. Drop torps at the corner so he cant come and shoot me. Out of hydro, smoke again, farm Azuma. But dont sit there, keep running and shooting. In the end, just going guns blazing to get them done.
  3. DFens_666

    CA Lines

    That really doesnt exist anymore these days. It only works for russian CAs, like Riga, Petro, Moskva and Stalin (last one suffers from fires tho). Every other line will just get overmatched because of all the large caliber BBs running around. Sure you can tank something like Monty with angling properly, but you will face more than enough BBs that can overmatch you anyway. And that isnt even exclusive to german CAs anymore. For ranked you want Radar to have battle impact.
  4. I remember 2 such incidents. Once in ranked, same clan different teams. Was a close game, but they avoided each other. Then in the end, my full HP BB rammed their almost dead BB. They even made fun of it in Chat. When i told them, i will report them, they started acting scared. Other was randoms. Same clan div different teams. After a few mins (when our team was winning), the div on our team stopped playing. It was very obvious, they even told their div the positions of our ships. Our BB even let him get killed by his clanmates close range, while he had his secondaries turned off. Didnt work, we still won that one. Thats the worst riggings ive seen over the time.
  5. DFens_666

    British CL line?

    Looking at your stats, you should stay around T5-6(7). You still manage somewhat to contribute on those tiers, but after that you are completely out of your league. So just try different lines/ships on those tiers, see what works for you. Then work on getting better results. Then you can advance further.
  6. DFens_666

    How much?

    I think next weeks brawl is T7, so no CVs and Subs (might play that one)
  7. DFens_666

    How much?

    Yeah i wish...
  8. Its 45-60° like standard AP. The problem with them is, that AP deals less damage on a pen than SAP. So only if you are sure to get cits, is it worth to use AP instead of SAP.
  9. And if he wouldnt say anything, how would you know? If he gets a temporary ban, at best he learns to stfu about it. Then he can just yolo in peace and noone will ever notice again. Maybe we can get WG to ban yoloers so they leave the game
  10. DFens_666

    ASW disabled?!

    makes sense if he couldnt use it
  11. There is a lot of stuff going on here. In general, yes, fast shells might produce less citadels at close range, because they exit the ship before they detonate inside the ship (citadel overpen). You can test that with f.e. shooting at a broadside Omaha at close range. Stalingrad in particular doesnt actually have that problem, since the fuse time on its AP shells is lower than for other ships. The usual fuse time is 0,033 secs for most ships (Stalingrad has 0,022 secs). Some ships go as low as 0,005 secs (RN CLs like Mino). On the other hand, flat shellarcs at longer ranges have a better impact angle ofc, so the armor is less thick compared to slow shells. But I think you can forget about that. More important is the the difference in penetration. A DM has 218mm pen at 12km, while Stalingrad has 545mm at that range. Its not even the same league (Stalin has basically BB level on pen). Ships that have a below waterline citadel are generally so hard to hit that it doesnt even matter with what you shoot them, you most likely will never get a citadel. But something with turtle back (german BBs) there it could make a difference. A shell with a high arc might actually hit the turtle back at an angle where it can penetrate and not bounce of from it. You can see that also with german Cruisers, where they get citadelled at longer ranges more easily (german BBs are always hard to cit), because the impact angle is big enough to leave the auto-bounce territory. Then you also have to remember ships like DM and Stalin have improved AP angles, which means they can score citadels while others cant.
  12. DFens_666

    ASW disabled?!

    Because AR. It shows how long it would take to reload. Same for the guns. his guns are loaded, but it says 8,6 sec, then 8,5 sec and 8,1 sec. 3rd screenshot you can see both, when he shot AP. Gun reload is 8,1 sec (HE) and AP is still reloading for 3,1 secs.
  13. DFens_666

    ASW disabled?!

    I just now realised, that the 29-28-27 sec just means the time it takes to reload the ASW. So it didnt pass at all, it just got lower because of AR. (Gun reload 8,6 - 8,5 - 8,1 sec). The only indicator, that the ASW didnt work, is the orange reticle really, because the ASWs clearly are fully loaded.
  14. DFens_666

    ASW disabled?!

    The moment you realise, that he is right....