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  1. DFens_666


    Just to answer the question: No, WG decided against LoS radar (which is good).
  2. DFens_666

    Stalin, Stalin Stalin (CB discussion)

    You know what i hate 10 times more than Stalingrads in CB? Stinking 2-3 Zaos. Stalingrad is actually quite easy to work against imo. I can farm it like no business in Hindenburg. But put a Zao on the flank? Its like Butt*ex that never ends. - You push a tiny bit too far and have to turn around? GL being permaspotted (compared to Stalin which everyone can outspot) - At that moment you can push further, which will make you get punished by crossfire - doesnt have to be a Stalin tho. In the end it will only make life even harder if you dont turn immediately. - Either way you will receive probably like >10k HE damage. GL if its shooting AP, then can be probably be like 20k. - If you push, he will throw its nice 12km torps at you Summarize that: - Very good Concealment, only beaten by Mino and DDs. (ONLY ever can be punished if you can surprise the Zao) - Troll armor which makes above point invalid most of the time. - 12km torps - Railguns with super dispersion - Super hard hitting HE and AP forgot something? Maybe "Concealment dictates engagement" very true... thats why i hate Zao.
  3. DFens_666

    Old but still working bonuscode

    Yup, got the code in Discord, and expiration date is 30.08 so i was wondering what is up with that^^
  4. DFens_666

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    So the perfect logic for average WoWs joe
  5. DFens_666

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Wow... i can feel the fun playing a DD like that Did the DD get any XP? surely nothing warrents that. The tirpitz atleast has a chance to get damage in, alltho i dont think someone who plays like that will deal too much damage. Who knows, maybe he was playing both ships by himself... i can hardly understand someone is willingly playing smoke deployer for someone else doing nothing.
  6. DFens_666

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    1. you can work around that - if you are good that is. Or atleast minimize the risk. 2. Depends on the cap. In the end, if there is a Radar ship at that cap, concealment matters very little. 3. Already has good guns - and being able to throw 12 torps even at a lower rate is still a strong tool. Khaba doesnt have such a trait. 4. That was only changed recently, Harugumo wasnt more vulnerable upon release. I agree with what some people said in this thread: Its bad for the game in the form it is right now.
  7. DFens_666


    95% of BBabies would have died to the torpedo hit with permaflooding after DCPing the first fire Then go to forums: [edited]FIRE AND TORPS OP NERF111!!111
  8. DFens_666


    If i leave CVs out of it i have: - Highest avg dmg - Highest Survivability - Highest K/D - Highest avg kills on par with Cruisers - Highest avg plane kills (!) - Highest WR With BBs. In the meantime, avg cruiser tier is 7,3 while BB is only 6,5. Clearly needs buffs
  9. DFens_666

    Ships for T9 ranked

    Musashi sounds quite strong. Alltho, im not too keen on Arms Race... maybe its better in ranked mode who knows? (hated it back then because of idiot teammates screwing you over) But 6vs6 with musashi? Hell yeah, unless its a lot of DDs.
  10. DFens_666

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Today we play: Find the mistake Yes, played for 5 mins and still 2nd in XP My team basicly decided to let me die. I was only trying to save the regiments from destruction (which i did), so i got focussed by Myoko + all 4 DDs and while i was burning the Aobas from the side farmed me with AP, then bots performed perfect torpedo crossdrop on me, otherwise i would have survived. But basicly our "human waste" was maxrange sniping ~15-18km away.
  11. TL;DR : Stalingrad is good at bashing noobs Truthfully tho, Stalingrads can ofc be very nasty. But if you are in a nice spot with your Hindenburg you can eat them like a little snack
  12. DFens_666

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    Compared to my first FDG rant this was already as nice as it can get
  13. DFens_666

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    For me FDG was worse... just so sluggish. But maybe 2nd after that.
  14. DFens_666

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    Should i call a doctor for you? 253 games and still sane? I really didnt like it. Hated FDG more afterwards tho... which i skipped with FreeXP. GK is a breath of fresh air after those 2. But i do recommend shooting AP with it. Usually its still like miss...miss...miss.. couple of citas... 2 overpens.... miss