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  1. DFens_666

    Sunray Hard Mode - whats the difference exactly?

    I agree with this. We played several games, and only ramming seems to truely work. Even the last round constant ramming and 4 eclipses from me were barely enough to kill it Nope, it was doable back then. This time? I dont think so. I do feel, the BaseXP is a joke however this year? Today we had 2x5 star + 1x4 star run, and the best was like 2,4k XP. I mean, hardmode? More XP plz?
  2. DFens_666

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    Thought the same about the Tirpitz, but i figured might have been one of those rental ships which WG were gifting to inactive players not too long ago
  3. DFens_666

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    Sure Ye, i understand the problem of having captain on retrain and such. Was just a general guideline what you should be aiming for to enhance your ability to influence a match. Cleveland is ofc good at starting fires. But Cruisers dont suffer too much from them, its best to kill them quick. With your AP you can deal easily 6-7k damage even at a greater distance. If you are close enough, you can citadel Cruisers with your AP, dealing 10k+ damage in one salvo. Switching between HE and AP is a key to becoming a better Cruiser player. As long as you dont have IFHE, you can shoot AP even more often by just dealing raw alpha damage. Fires should mostly be against BBs. (or you must try to hit the superstructure more often) Im not sure if you are too cautious in general. But in that instance, you were^^ i looked at your overall survivabilty, and its not really high, so normaly i assumed you play too aggressive. Maybe this match was an exception?
  4. DFens_666

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    Watched the replay now, and i feel, that you missing out on a lot because you are playing suboptimal (which i meantioned in my first post). Cleveland has a lot of good stuff going for it, but you are missing out on it because you dont have: - Range module (you only have 14,2km range, which is very bad vs T10 ships) - Not using Concealment Expert (captainskill) nor the Concealment module! Your radar range is 9km, and when you are full concealment build then your detection is 9,1km (also you dont use a camo - you should atleast use the cheapest one which gives you -3% detection range, its crucial for DDs and Cruisers). So if you have 9,1km concealment, and your radar range is 9km, that basicly means, when you are spotted, you can pop Radar and you will spot the DD which is spotting you. Without it, it is kinda tricky, especially when the DD is running away from you. - You dont have IFHE on the Cleveland. It works best when you have atleast 14 cptn points. You see all the shatter when you are shooting the enemy Clevelands? If you use IFHE, those would be 99% penetrations, and you would deal damage. At the same time, when a Cruiser is broadside, you SHOULD use AP. Would have worked against Cleveland and Minotaur. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100000000001000010000119 This is how a 14 pt Cleveland captain should look like. CE and IFHE are essential for your game. In general you should use as much premium consumables as possible. Atleast Premium DCP. For Cleveland i would choose Premium Radar as 2nd most necessary. Now back to the actual game^^ The beginning looks pretty good, you are using the Islands to shoot over and be undetected. You could just sit there, but you move out. After the Shimakaze went by, you leave the island - this is always very risky! The Shimakaze could not have used its torps before, and even tho you were not detected, the ships behind you probably were. So you went directly into the path of the Torps, but you were lucky not to catch any. 2nd thing i noticed when the Minotaur smokes up at a later point of the game. Basicly you use Radar, and at the same time, your GK is already killing him inside the smoke. You should have used Radar right away to help your teammates (maybe you could have lobbed the shells over the island too). Im not sure if you realize that the MIno is dead, to me it seems that you dont. Before that scene, you were constantly spotted by the DD, and broadsiding to the enemy BBs. Which is very risky! This would be avoidable if you would be full stealth build. You could just move with your team towards the enemies. Look at the minimap, they are already cornered down there. But you move away, missing out on damage again. At this point, i was wondering why you are slowing down. Only 2 ships left on the enemy team. Questionable that you were moving away from the last enemies as i stated above. All in all i dont think you did many mistakes in that game. But if you look at your damage/contribution, your team was pretty much victorious even if you wouldnt have been their. So you could post another replay^^ But you could do a lot more if your ship/captain would be specced the right way.
  5. I think its more likely to watch Hockey on a national level rather than a league from your country. Atleast thats how it was for me, i usually watched the world cup or Olympics, but never was interested in any league (germany nor finland), until a couple of years ago when i got interested in the NHL. By watching those you normaly get to know the more famous players (to which Ovechkin definetely belongs). Alltho the Olympics usually feature more of the best players, since the NHL does take a break for those, but not for the World cup^^ And the majority of the best players are playing in the NHL. So basicly if you are atleast somewhat interested in watching Icehockey, you should know him.
  6. DFens_666

    Halloween Mission a "How To" guide.

    If you have 2 - 3 Blades, who permasmoke the Trans you are mostly fine. Ontop of that, you can easily permaflood Rasputin. First try this year was instantly 5 stars with 2 Blade Division. I never really played anything else besides Blade, its best bet to get 5 Stars.
  7. DFens_666

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

  8. DFens_666

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    Yes, i understood the part about modules. But the others definetely are helping your performance aswell. If you dont have enough credits, then it usually means you are rushing too far ahead in the tiers. There is nothing wrong with playing lowertiers. If you play good there, you can also earn enough credits. Probably as much as playing badly on hightiers. Personaly, i dont like Jingles. I think he isnt really a good player. But sure you can learn something from him. See, here i just have to bluntly say that you arent. Bismarck doesnt work as a Sniper, it has inheritly bad Dispersion. If you get a good salvo at longrange, then you were being lucky. Bismarck works best when you can get ~12-14kms. The Concealment module (which you probably dont use) would help you, since you can get closer and flee more easily because enemies wont detect you as easy. If you are low on credits, the best way would be to get better overall. Then you will earn more credits. While it is true, that hightier Premium ships can earn more credits, you will still earn more credits when you are playing good in every game You might want to enable replays (if you havent already) and post a couple of them here. Then ppl can actively give you advice on what you should do and where you probably did a mistake.
  9. DFens_666

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    Atleast they couldnt use 3 out of 3 DD spots then. If a Division can have only 2 DDs, then there is atleast a pretty good chance that you get a 3rd DD, which wont go to the same cap just because its in a Division. 3x BB division would probably be as worse if there wouldnt be 5 BBs anyway per side.
  10. DFens_666

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    Im torn between what i actually should write here... A bit of being Angry/Mad/Sad, because im just baffled by some things you say. Like this. You do know you are playing with 11 other HUMANS in your team, which rely on your performance aswell? You are basicly sabotaging their free time by deliberately choosing to play suboptimal. I just think this isnt right. You could ask for help, here are a lot of ppl who are willing to help if you seek advice. Overall you should have more fun playing the game, when you are getting better results (dealing more damage, being better than your enemies, winning more often). There is not really a thing which can define being a "better" ship. It depends on what you like to play. Imo i wouldnt go for T8 ships, as Saiyko said they get uptiered very often. Maybe you should go for a couple of low/midtier Premiums. Hightiers DEFINETELY arent good to start with, thats why you usually have to progress through the tiers first Scharnhorst definetely has better MM and is more retard proof compared to Alabama.
  11. DFens_666

    CV Rework Discussion

    Wow, how retarded is that? First they give midtier BBs planes not too long ago (like texas f.e.) and now remove them again. What does spotter planes have to do with anything? They sole purpose is to extend your shooting range, and occasionaly you can spot torps/ships with it. Its not like they last forever... As for Fighter planes: Well, only help against Torps for some Ships. But who cares, obviously in WGs mind they are only there to fend off enemy planes... shows once more how little they know of their own game. Also RN BBs definetely getting stronger compared to other BBs: They dont have fighter planes to begin with, so they lose anything against Torps, compared to other BBs who did have planes. Ontop of that, HE being the go to ammo against DDs then, they are better of than all other BBs.
  12. DFens_666

    CV Rework Discussion

    Personaly, i dont feel that way (and i dont think thats the reason for most players, because what ghostbuster_ stated about the poll). I actually would play CVs occasionally, but its WGs stupidity which makes me not want to play them. I take them mostly out for having fun in Coop and Operations, and often i get complimented. The problem is, WG literally took away all means to learn CVs properly, and by the time you CAN learn it, you are being forcefed to Saipan/Kaga/Hiryu Superunicums with 90% WR. Its like throwing a lamb infront of a wolfpack. You have to learn everything at once, Strafe; manual drops; working against DefAA; Faster ships; better players; more AA in general and so on... Before they took away manual attack from lowtier CVs, you could atleast learn that. Ships are slower, you can learn how to take lead with the manual drop. Now you start with T6 (against T8 ships when you are unlucky) which are basicly all moving 30+ kts, even the BBs! And lets not forget about French BBs which are fast even at midtiers... At the same time you have to try fight off the more experienced sealclubber CV players, which means you would need to put yourself through many games of miserable gaming experience. I tried it with Independence - figured it wasnt worth it. If you arent playing CVs atleast somewhat frequently, ofc you will get rusty when you have little experience to begin with. And thats imo the point about it: Currently we have the CV players that were allowed to learn CVs years ago and they are very good at it. Then we have the rotten tomatoes that fail their way upwards because they just dont give a crap about it. Ppl who WOULD get good in CVs (if they were allowed to learn properly) are mostly scared off because you need to learn the hard way, which is just not fun (thus many ppl saying in the poll "afraid to fail")
  13. DFens_666

    Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    Lets try this again @MrConway@Crysantos Did you forward this already? Would be a good time to fix it now before it becomes OP of the week again...
  14. DFens_666

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    No, that rule would make the game more fun for 9 ppl in your team. Only because 1% of the time a 3x same class division is actually decent doesnt justify 99% of them being garbage and make you lose the game. Ye right.. like talking to those imbecils is actually doing anything. You could talk 2 days straight about how they should play and it still wouldnt change their behaviour. Who knows if they havent turned their chat off because they get insulted anyway
  15. DFens_666

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    The problem is, when there are only 3 DDs in the game, like in the screenshot shown, and they all sit in one spot, then you will eventually lose mapcontrol because you are blind on the other 2/3 of the map. There is really no benefit of having 3 DDs in the same spot, while there are none on the entire rest of the map. 3x BB division is also bad, but atleast they have the range to be doing something even when they are grouping up together. While DDs dont have influence, since you cant spot on other parts of the map. Usually 3x DD division played badly is like guaranteed loss. Should maybe only allow 2 DDs per division max. (could do that for all classes tho, lowtiers can be excempt till like T4 maybe)