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  1. DFens_666

    They really don't care any more.

    München and Kronshtadt are worse than Stalingrad. Stalingrad was 70% finished. Kronshtadt 10% as ive read on wiki. München not sure, but wasnt that far either. Ibuki was also only finished to 80% and also never sailed anywhere.
  2. DFens_666

    Quick q: What's a good MvR build these days?

    Probably enough to milk most of the players who wanted to get it. So OP first, people (hopefully - in WGs mind ofc) spend money to get it = profit Then nerf it when most people have it. People who dont have it probably dont play CVs and thus no need for more monetization. Instead, make new OP crap to get people to spend money again.
  3. DFens_666


    If you know who can do it, then you can prevent it? From the 5 you listed, only 2 can do it btw. And thats Yamato and Shiki (musashi would be the 3rd). Slava, Ohio and Thunderer cant overmatch 32mm of armor. In return tho, Slava has 25mm plating on the bow which a repu can overmatch (infact, almost all BBs can do that which Slava can encounter). Just go to the training room and test it yourself if your claim is true. Take Yamato/Shiki/Musashi if you have one of those, put a Bot repu in it and shoot its bow. Then do the same process with any other BB, and you will see you cant overmatch it.
  4. DFens_666

    Did WG support have a policy change?

    It only works if they have a large amount of teamkills, then you can see it on their player profile -780... maybe he even has some more, because destroyed by other means should be ramming/fire/flood, and they will ofc change the number. Other way is to go to wows.numbers and see, if they have a negative killratio. But you generally only see that happening in recent stats, so 7-21 days, because his overall avg kills are still 0,1 despite all the teamkilling.
  5. DFens_666

    Did WG support have a policy change?

    Pretty much. There was a thead about a guy having more than 780!! teamkills (in like 4100 matches or so), and the WG guys in this forum basicly ignored it. After quoting them, they simply stopped responding. So GL getting someone punished for teamkilling someone, when there are guys running wild who have "perfected" their system by not getting send to coop or perma banned...
  6. Are you playing Deadeye Monty? Ive played a few Deadeye Missouri games, and the dispersion is just unholy. Before, you had bad and good salvos, but with deadeye you have good and really good salvos all the time Even tho ive had over 220 Missouri games, i broke my damage record with it in like 3 games using deadeye, and that was even a T7-9 game For some reason it felt to me, that US BBs got the most out of deadeye. Ive played IJN/French BBs and hoped, id see much better dispersion, which didnt seem to be the case. But with US BBs, it was just awesome.
  7. DFens_666

    Yes, another commander skill rework rant

    Sad truth is, that most people dont want to do this or simply dont understand the mechanics. Ive had people argue with me, how Amagi has crap armor because every BB can overmatch its armor - which is ofc not true. Only Yamato and Musashi (at that time) could do it. But he was resilient to learn anything, and he believed, that atleast Amagi cant tank other BBs regardless of angle. And seeing how most people play, they are probably the same. Not to mention, WG doesnt really tell the playerbase about shell ricochet angles, atleast not ingame. And then ive also encountered players more than once, who said they dont want to angle because showing broadside "looks cool" and they probably can use all their guns. So it really boils down to this: - Learn the game, play properly so you can play more aggressive - Dont learn the game and sit in the back, for whatever reason (sitting broadside, not getting shot at, not dying too early...) I can understand, that you are frustrated with how passive hightier gameplay is. So was i for a long time. Also why i didnt enjoy playing T10 too much, because its just not fun. And over the years, it just got worse by the decisions WG made. But at some point, i (and many others who have been around for a long time) just came to terms that it wont change. WG doesnt change anything, and the playerbase simply does not want to learn anything. Many invested players quit the game in the past 2 years, and you can feel it. Game/hightiers is filled with players, that have no real interest in this game, they just play it because they heard about it/a friend made them try it out/they got baited by WG somehow.
  8. DFens_666

    Yes, another commander skill rework rant

    Because everything is more deadly. Low-midtiers, you can get away with a mistake. Hightiers, you probably wont. Low and midtier BBs are generally less likely to get citadelled and ontop of that, dispersion (sigma), gets better the higher you go. Which in itself wouldnt mean much, but the ships also grow in size.. BY A LOT. Also - Ships are less nimble - Everything has more range - Better reload thanks to 6th slot module - Ships are faster (especially BBs) On hightiers, a BB can just die in 2-3 minutes if it moves up "too far" and does a full turn 2:40 - Thunderer is dead. He pushed in, made a full turn, got slapped by the BBs left from me, he had like 12k left, i was Stalingrad and even got a citadel and he died.
  9. DFens_666

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    They could just remove faildivs up to T8, because T8-10 is ok to faildiv, as it cant get screwed. But if the option is, remove all faildivs or dont remove them, then id vote for remove them.
  10. Atleast you can get the win with a DD, with a Cruiser you can go home empty handed when BBs/DDs decided to scratch their behind somewhere in the corner of the map Wont take long and they will take the absolute majortiy by being 7 out of 12 in every game We are already approaching a steady 6 out of 12
  11. DFens_666

    I don't get the dev blog (CC) outrage

    Also in the forum YT Reddit sometimes i see pics from wows discord aswell No, you didnt say that, but i dont get how one can be annoyed about people complaining about BBs, but not BBabies whining about basicly everything. Ive been active in the forum for what, 3,5-4 years or something, and the vast majority has been BB player complain about everything - why else would BBaby Bingo meme exist? Occasionally you have other classes complain about something, like DDs especially after CV rework.
  12. DFens_666

    I don't get the dev blog (CC) outrage

    And everywhere else you look its BBs crying about everything, so how is that any better??
  13. Just hope that enough BBabies* will whine about DDs being OP, so that WG will nerf DDs again - problem solved komrade, now have some vodka *
  14. DFens_666

    Yes, another commander skill rework rant

    Most BB players will never push/brawl, because they are cowards and want to be safe sitting in the back. On another plusside, they get to enjoy the game longer, contrary to pushing and dying way earlier. They sit in the back because they can - not because they necessarily have to do that. Pushing in works, just it requires some brain to do. And people rather sit in the back so they dont have to use their brains. Which is even more funny, because some BBs are so passive, it means that BBs, which play more aggressively, will have a harder time for the simple reason, that they get focused. And one of the biggest issues with pushing in, is CVs. Even if he attacks on the other flank, he just has to realize that a BB is making a move somewhere, after which he can attack it within 1 minute, and within 1 minute a BB cant really move far. BB gets spotted, cant hide, gets farmed by ships and the CV and dies. I have no problem with a Cruiser spamming HE at me from 20km. Much worse is a Thunderer doing the same, because he is literally unkillable (his armor is good enough to bounce all BB shells except the big IJN guns), his concealment is so insanely good that almost nothing can spot him unless he keeps shooting its guns. His rudder shift is unrivaled amongst BBs, which makes dodging much easier. Ontop of that, it has the best HE shells AND the best dispersion, so you have no way to outfarm him (unless you are a conqueror maybe, but conq has much worse dispersion). Getting 2-3 fires will kill you pretty fast if you are currently pushing in, and even if you get into safety, then you just need the CV to come for you and you are done. Its often not one single thing which makes pushing impossible. It still can be done, but it gets harder and harder because WGs incapability of balancing stuff and the need to have a carrot dangling infront of the playerbase's face.