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  1. DFens_666

    Isoroku yamamoto

    BBs dont really need the PM, but its good for DDs. On the other hand, Yamato desperately needs turret traverse, so EM is really nice there.
  2. DFens_666

    Isoroku yamamoto

    Basicly every ship works for Yamamoto. Just put it on the class which you play/enjoy the most.
  3. DFens_666

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    DDs that i encounter while playing CV? Yeah 90-95%... that have their AA OFF! and 50% of those use sector after i pass over them to spot, then press P again to go dark when i turn around (unless i popped a fighter). For DDs on my team? Yeah, 90-95% seems correct
  4. DFens_666

    Royal Navy Directive Stage 2

    Well, maybe those ships get released tomorrow - who knows. Not that you need to that mission anyway (and the reward is nothing to speak of either)
  5. DFens_666

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Thats a horrible way of arguementing. 2 CVs might be more balanced, if its not Unicum vs Potato CV (leaving out, that it might aswell be 2 unicums vs 2 potatoes). Sure, might be. But the issue with CVs, especially if they grow in numbers is, that its getting less fun for surface ships to play. So while 4 CVs might make it more balanced in terms of game impact, it makes it also less fun to play overall, since there are more planes spotting and harrassing you. Even if a bad CV player might not be able to attack you, he is still spotting you for his teammates, adding other problems to it.
  6. DFens_666

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I totaly dont deny that. I can see how horrible it must be for new players in lowtiers, getting clubbed by experienced players who do nothing all day long but play T4 CVs (or Hosho to be precise). You could even say, its intended by WG to force people into hightiers (atleast those that dont quit the game right away). Which is a source of income for WG... somehow. Its basicly destroying the game
  7. DFens_666

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Thats basicly the mentality of every 40% player in the game: Play TX all day long. And thats, what makes it an absolute horrible experience. You think, they play differently in their Yamato than they would in their Tirpitz? hell no, they play even WORSE. Yamato 30km range? Yep, they WILL use it, sitting at the mapborder because they can. TX is even less enjoyable than playing midtiers with constant CV harassment. Atleast most players are somewhat playing the game down there, and not camping simulator on at an island...
  8. DFens_666

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    this when? Everyone likes it
  9. DFens_666

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Benham: 16 torps Kleber: Reload booster Mino: 3,2 sec reload Wooster: 4,6 sec reload Smolensk: 4,5 sec reload Colbert: 3,5 sec reload Harugumo: 3 sec reload Kitakaze: 3 sec reload Mogador: Reload booster Hindenburg: 9,8 sec reload So Hindenburg always was a spammer ship (before the nerf), because thats its old reload +0,2 sec.... Hindenburg now has barely more HE dpm than Zao btw. With worse dispersion and lower fire chance, but more pen ofc. On steamrolls, i agree with you
  10. DFens_666

    Again PR

    There was a base shipbuilding rate of 125 (?) per minute, thats why he got to stage 2 doing nothing. And you still got more rewards than he got...
  11. DFens_666

    Will Legendary De Moines be nerfed

    Balti and Buffalo have the same traverse speed? Well, unless you use reload mod, then Buffalo is 3,5 sec slower per 180 degrees.
  12. DFens_666

    Royal Navy Directive Stage 2

    Imo 5 days between Directives has been the usual interval. Only for the PR directives was it 4 days.
  13. DFens_666

    Narai Op. come in 2020 bugged

    Sadly not, as SAP has fixed pen of 54mm afaik on T6. Thats why it either works at any range, or it doesnt work at all. There is no middle ground for SAP (same as HE, but for HE they had to make it so it can deal damage)
  14. DFens_666

    If Kremlin is so OP

    Which is funny, since Monty has one of the worst pens of TX BBs. It beats Bourgogne and 406 GK, basicly all others have better pen. Even Conqueror has better pen past 8km.
  15. DFens_666

    Narai Op. come in 2020 bugged

    Does it really matter? AP has basicly the same damage as SAP. And it basicly can deal damage at any range too. If for some reason, the 203mm would be so bad that it either couldnt deal damage, or would deal much less damage than SAP, i could understand the outcry. But the way it is now, it shouldnt be a problem. OPs are always the same. Forts are always at the same place. Especially in KW, you have to shoot forts right from the start, just load AP...?