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  1. DFens_666

    people just cruising around not fighting...

    srsly, why do people keep playing then? Must be the pressure when you spend hundreds of € / hours into the game and dont want to move away from it.
  2. DFens_666

    people just cruising around not fighting...

    Totaly agree. Feels like pacifist wows lately... like in coop, you see half the people do nothing at best. at worst, they actively avoid engagements. Also why does it matter if its T10 or T6? People are actively NOT playing this game. But i guess they still pump in money into WG so its success for them
  3. When people will realise that, especially BBs, they will just perma angle against you. Like playing Stalingrad these days. Everyone angles against you, and they all focus you - not fun at all.
  4. So which of the 3 types gets an extra fighter? Rockets, DBs or TBs? I think its very much complicated. Someone might want an extra one for rockets, others for DBs, others might want it on a different squad each game.
  5. TBF, i dont see it. The russian BB stats seemed to be mostly inflated, because noobs didnt play them yet. last 2 months 46% WR, in an OP ship (yes, Pyotr is OP in my book actually). Its 3rd lowest by techtreeships, Bretagne is last, then New York and then Pyotr. Kongo and König are ahead. EU server WR. Pyotr is still from the techtrees overall However, if we look at russian server Why are good players having better stats with it? Well, mostly because, they have become better than when they played the older lines back then. My first line of Cruisers is also worse than the latter ones ive played. And adding to that is ofc constant russian bashing by certain CC, who says everything good is OP when its russian, but if its not russian then its fun to play.
  6. DFens_666


    The problem with that is ofc the introduction of those collections/way to get the collection items: Yamamoto collection is started through the campaign. Back then, WG was going that campaign way, but some time later, they didnt like it anymore so they went with directives. Ofc they could just remove the collection from the campaign, but i guess they dont feel like doing it. I think its normal, that in a game like this, stuff just changes over time, especially when we are talking years now. Makes it hard to have some consistency.
  7. Exactly that ofc, but i try to show others, that powercreep is not only for russian ships. Or not only russian ships are OP... or not every russian ship is OP... At best those strong russian ships can be called newbfriendly, especially those BBs.
  8. And because Venezia is not russian, people think its fine SAP is one of the most broken things in the game right now, hf when italian BBs are released with SAP ammo. you wish you would get HE farmed then btw, not defending petro, but that whining about russian powercreep is annoying, when you forget the other powercreep, because its not russian.
  9. DFens_666


    So why cant we have both like right now? You get IJN alt camo + 2 flags for yamamoto collection and USN alt camo + 2 flags for American Cruiser collection. Both by daily containers. For RN you have Naval Aviation and RN Destroyer collections, again both can be completed with daily containers. For French you have Legion of Honor collection. (currently not available i think?) And for russians we have Service of the motherland collection. The only major nation missing is germany right now. The other nations only have 1 line in the techtree right now, so i assume we will get those when they have more lines available? Also you could get Yamato perma camo from HSF collection also 4 free, which was last year, and then there was the bad advice captain collection too. And then you have collections where you have to use resources (coal) to get the items, which include getting - Bismarck perma Camos - Special captain Jack Dunkirk - 5 T8 permacamos - Special captain Jean-Jacques Honore - Special camo for DoY - SC + 40 special flags - Unique captain Luigi Sansonetti Even more limited access collection is KOTS, which is only available when KOTS tournament is live. And Shipbuilding collection, which might come back maybe? So i think its fair: You get the easy stuff by basicly doing nothing, and if you want better stuff, you can choose to spend coal to get them. I mean, spending like 30k Coal for most of those except sansonetti seems reasonable to me.
  10. DFens_666


    So they arent all easily accessable once you get the first item? Like KOTS collection, they want to spread it out for 2 KOTS seasons, and you have to put some effort in to get all containers, which makes sense because the final reward is a T7 premium ship. If all collections would be easy to obtain, i guess the rewards would be mostly garbage.
  11. There are useless skills for other classes aswell? I mean, look at the amount of BBs running SE... They basicly gain nothing but still use it. Maybe it doesnt count for squadrons, because you dont get +1 consumable, but +3 - for every type 1 (+1 fighter for Rockets, DBs and TBs).
  12. DFens_666


    Wouldnt make much sense, as we have collections that can drop items from daily containers, while others cant.
  13. DFens_666

    M.I.A. HMS Goliath

    Just wait, when people ignore it, they will give it some ridiculous gimmick like reloadbooster for french CAs so that people grind it / use freeXP (money)
  14. DFens_666

    I like Mikoyan

    The further you are away the worst it works ofc, because impact angle gets steeper aswell. And you said yourself, angling doesnt work... its same as Smolensk.