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  1. Legend1466

    How to not suck at aiming

    Because you know it. You know mathematics
  2. Legend1466

    What to do in this situation

    Just hide close to island and make a commando attack like a pro. The whole team sacrificies like a noob. Remember when you musn't be first to be spotted? Let others be spotted and problem solved.
  3. Legend1466

    How to not suck at aiming

    Recently i realized there is white line with numbers on aiming sight. So what does it mean and what does actually do? So i searched for answers and then i found: They are actually helpful. The numbers means distance between ships and aiming reticle. The another vertical line means height. So it makes sense. Let's say a scenario: You're a cruiser and a another cruiser appears. You and he goes the same speed. You are 14 kilometers close. You quickly grab the aiming and with the help of white line and numbers, you shot and hit him with 6 shells. The enemy hits you with 2 shells without the help of knowledge. You won. But how? Tell me what does these lines actually means and why is it helpful? Also, please reply
  4. Legend1466

    Top 1's problem

    No. I was top 1 with experiences and sunken ships. The others had 1 sunk ships and cared for nothing
  5. Legend1466

    Top 1's problem

  6. Legend1466

    Top 1's problem

  7. Legend1466

    Top 1's problem

    One of the biggest problems in the World of Warships is: Noobs or newbies simply. I recently played and won a battle with 3 sank cruisers and destroyers but one thing i noticed: cowards. They camped at base and one player was afk. there were more lost ally ships camping in a base than battling with pros. god why
  8. Legend1466

    British ships - All about

    Recently we had a new british tech tree. They are ok but there is problem: Why one cruiser line? Where are other ships, such as destroyers and battleships and carriers? What about Prince of Wales and Repulse? Don't worry, this is the topic where you can discuss about british ships not brexit, ok? 4sub for wargaming.net GL HF
  9. Legend1466

    Are american ships better than others?

    really? A Yamato battleship would be targeted by everyone. They said it. Don't forget: Strongest battleship like Yamato will be targeted by everyone. So player must keep away from enemy. Even Iowa is not targeted by everyone. Then, i saw players badly aiming at enemies. To better aim, u must train ur aiming by battling with bots in Co-op battle. The better you aim, you will get more kills in game. But the one problem is: noob players
  10. I started playing WoWS more than 6 months. I play the american navy(british also). I have many IV tier ships, but then i got a V tier cruiser Omaha. Can american ships get better at higher tiers? Is the Iowa best Tier 9 battleship? DDD I have also last question: Are american ships better than others? Let me hear your opinions of american ships!