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  1. Friendly bump for fellow ukrainians п.с. Успіхів :)
  2. bbowWow

    well WG either you do something with MM or face the future od WOWP again

    You had some competitive gents in your team
  3. bbowWow

    What is the Average Damage of a Cruiser?

    Thats the answer to your question =) Increase this number and you will be surprised how avg dmg will go sky high P.S. Good avg dmg for ibuki starts at least at 55-60k i think
  4. We are going to the top of the Mountain and there we will be only half way UP!!!!!!!!!! LETSS GOOO !!!
  5. Just don't move guys, they react on any movement, keep it quiet.... they will loose interest and leave
  6. bbowWow

    fix this turd of a ship ( Des moins )

    LOL, just LOL.... eh... I've reed this and i'm feeling better. Looks like im not that stupid
  7. Jeesus what we are doing here lets go UP