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  1. Still ready to take on active players - we play clan battles, randoms in div - anything that floats your boat really!
  2. PANEU is recruiting! Who are we? We are an English speaking clan of people from all over Europe whose main objective is to maintain an active community of players who play divisions in Random battles and are fairly competitive in Clan Battles and tournaments alike. We are currently in the top 50 of the EU ranking. Who are we looking for? We are looking for players able to use and communicate in English over Discord with a minimum of 56% winrate and 1500 pr. Other stats matter as well and will be assessed, although we aren't overly strict about it. What can we offer? Ours is a very active and lively community (we have a second clan as well, focused on learning and approaching the competitive environment) so players have plenty of opportunities to interact with each other and spend time playing together. It also offers a chance for people to improve by training and playing Clan Battles at high levels. How can I join your clan? Just send a message to Rangermongio either on discord or in the game client and ask for an invite, or just apply directly from the Clan Search section in your port.
  3. MatZam

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    One does wonder what it is they actually do in their alleged internal testing before these ships are released to super testers. Guess WG want Petro unbanned for next KOTS.
  4. MatZam

    Which T10 ships are underpowered?

    Kurfurst, Zao, Z-52, Yueyang and Gearing are the poster-childs of powercreep. In terms of ships that can still do a job but are shadows of what they used to be, you have Smolensk and Stalingrad.
  5. MatZam

    British DD captains beyond 10pts?

    This is the optimal build, particularly for Jutland and Daring which have a heal. Cunningham synergises extremely well with Daring, you can activate two out of the three skills on a very regular basis and even the third if you have a good game. Bearing in mind that the high tier British DDs are gunboats first and very much torpedo boats second, with particular excellence at cap contesting and slaughtering other DDs. Your smokes allow you to picks fights at will and you will easily outgun the majority of your competitors. Right now, Daring is the strongest tech tree TX DD.
  6. MatZam

    the "carry harder!" thread

    My first-ever game in FDR... what more does a team want?
  7. MatZam

    0 communication in ranked

    Your mistake is expecting anything from your team mates in the first place, apart from being meat shields. Luck will sometimes place a competent player or two on your side, but most of the time you need to be able to hard carry if you want consistent wins.
  8. MatZam

    Return of dockyard ships?

    You haven't really missed anything. Anchorage is inferior to both Baltimore and Wichita, as is Odin to Bismarck and Tirpitz. I have both; only ever played Odin twice in randoms (for a mission) and Anchorage never. Why do you want Odin? If you fancy torpedoes on a BB, Tirpitz is a better choice at that tier. If it's the torpedo and hydro combination, just get Pommern at T9 - a far superior ship tier for tier. Otherwise I see zero reason to obtain Odin over something like Massachusetts or Lenin. If one hundred or so battles are needed to make a proper assessment of a ship, why are you assessing Odin as 'great' after less than thirty battles in her in randoms and ranked combined? Your W/R in Odin is good, but the sample size is quite frankly too small to judge. Two losses in your twenty random games instead of two wins (well within the scope of random chance) and you'd be looking at a 50% W/R.
  9. MatZam

    Devastating Strike Broken?

    The Devastating Strike achievement is currently bugged, and has been for some weeks now. Sometimes you get it, and sometimes you don't. I myself got the achievement yesterday for deleting a Gneisenau with my Kitakaze torpedoes, but failed to get it in the battle just before for blowing a Brindisi out of the water. Other multiple instances of not getting the achievement have occurred these past few weeks.
  10. MatZam

    Ranked bug? From quali to rank7

    No. You only receive steel from the league you are currently in. If you compete in silver, you are only eligible for silver rewards.
  11. MatZam

    Steel choices...

    Yes exactly. It would have been interesting to see if the meta in the recent CB season would have changed at all had Petropavlovsk's deck remained the same thickness as Riga's, rather than increasing to 50mm.
  12. MatZam

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    1. That was true once upon a time. Went out of the window with Sinop. 2. Fair does. Forgot the shell buff it received after its release. 3. Not in game so cannot check. Ultimately, however, there is a reason why a premium ship with few games played (twin factors that are generally a signifier of good stats) rests at practically the bottom of the pile.
  13. MatZam

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    Amagi is a good BB. Ashitaka pays for its down-tiering by being coated in 25mm plate, having poor shell performance and a vulnerable citadel. The trade is not worth it, as evidenced by the fact that despite being a premium with comparatively few games played, it has the third worst win rate of any tier VII battleship.
  14. MatZam

    Steel choices...

    I'd hold off any purchases for now until the captain rework hits. Stalingrad in particular - which has already been made almost obsolete in clan battles due to the presence of CVs and Petro - will be hit hard by the loss of survivability skills such as Fire Prevention. Shikishima is generally acknowledged to be a slightly worse version of Yamato, losing three barrels and access to the legendary module in exchange for 35mm overmatch and faster reload. The problem with that trade is that very few ships in the game have armour that falls within the 33-35mm bracket, and some of them aren't even within your match-making spread (e.g. Fuso). What Shikishima overmatches, Yamato also does 99% of the time.
  15. MatZam

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    Yes. Several in fact. Poltava, California and Ashitaka to name but three.