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  1. 000_LULU_000

    Server Problems

    get kicked from division, cant get in again. game frozen. logged in again. but couldnt be reinvited because i am not online?!
  2. 000_LULU_000

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    So just the gameplay is boring? Havent played it yet, just watched some videos.
  3. 000_LULU_000

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I wants to join the raffle. THANK YOU
  4. 000_LULU_000

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    you did get some advice. (in another post) could also be part of the problem. wrong position, not doing the right thing at the right time. its not ment as an offence but some player also think they do right if they hugh the border!
  5. 000_LULU_000

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    ForlornSailor said everthing i wanted but more helpful and polite!
  6. 000_LULU_000


    ok i give up i must think a bit more before answer posts. but then again to get the point for the average joe it might be good to be a litte more precise. and if it balances ships and for me consumables are "part"of the ship. there should be also some balance of their consumables inclueded.
  7. 000_LULU_000


    just pointed out there are still some features not taken into account.
  8. 000_LULU_000


    je balances like 4 radars vs 1. or 2 times atlanta + saipan against other cv and no AA.
  9. 000_LULU_000

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    after farming hughe amounts of salt in zao this morning i came back to her at the evening: sadly lost. one game later i could achieve a victory:
  10. 000_LULU_000

    How do you cope with player base?

    just get into an ops with @havaduck or any other so called scrub and try to relax.
  11. 000_LULU_000

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    In one of the games i did ask a BB player why they went there. "to make use of my secondaries, you will see at the end." he scored at the 2nd place from the bottom.
  12. 000_LULU_000

    Elite XP conversion rate (black friday)

    so fxp has more value than the elite cmdr xp.
  13. 000_LULU_000

    Elite XP conversion rate (black friday)

    how do you progress much faster if you start a new line? you only got the cpt but you still need the xp for the sheeps. (what do you mean with progress much faster?)
  14. 000_LULU_000

    USS New York, really?

    In my opinion New Mex/Colorado is a slow but awesome ship. It turns on a dime. You cant do borderhumping or take the long route with those -- choose your aproach to the battle wise. they have good armor but shotgun like dispersion.
  15. 000_LULU_000

    Game & Balance Improvements

    (Not sure if i am right here.) I personally think its not accurate to call this balanced MM. (cruiser and dd) I had 2 games like that.