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  1. 000_LULU_000

    CVs this is not working!

    best advice for all ships. dont be in the first line of attack- stay in the second line. but wait if there is no first line... second is first
  2. 000_LULU_000

    IRL forced afk isue

    i think it would be problematic if someone gets into the game. first of all he needs time to load. then he is in a situation he is not aware of enemy and what to do... beside that, dont play if you are not sure if you can finish the battle. or play a coop. issue solved.
  3. 000_LULU_000

    Bug Report - since the bugs thread is locked

    Is this a joke? If you experience issues with the game (graphic artefacts, game crashes, spelling errors, game play errors) that directly started after an update - AND THIS ISSUE IS NOT LISTED IN THE KNOWN ISSUES LIST - please submit the report using the following format: ... You want us to search for the bug in the whole section, reading hundrets of bugs first and then report to you... port and chat bugs has 112 entries.... others have similar length. sorry for the bad english.
  4. 000_LULU_000

    Bug Reports

    sector reinforcment not working. since last hotfix. tried it several times but it did not focus any side. happend in random game with moskva. edit: found out i have to press crtl+leftclick. is it a bug or do i have to change any settings?
  5. 000_LULU_000

    F spam "fix"

    i am not sure how long it take to "print" a new plane. and if you are out of planes (full squads) at somepoint. snow was faster.
  6. 000_LULU_000

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    as far as i have experienced ingame, there is even more camping now. teams stay in blob because of beeing afraid of the plane waves.
  7. 000_LULU_000

    New CVs

    sure it does. and if you get viped out, just take another squad. but then again in the old system you needed brain aswell...
  8. 000_LULU_000

    General feedback

    can you please stop the window "your clan has access to the clan..." popping up anytime i get into the game? if it pops up once a day it is annoying enough. thanks
  9. 000_LULU_000

    Server Downtime - 24/01 05:00 UTC

    its early in the morning. hamsters might need some coffee...
  10. 000_LULU_000

    Where to look for sigma values?

    i "observed" (more a feeling than a real observation) that the bigger guns on FdG are a bit more accurate then the others, so i wanted to see the numbers. as i found the dispersion easily (in game or in wiki) i couldn't find the sigma value. yes, i used forum search for sigma and FdG but couldnt find any. is there any page i can look up? THANKS in advance
  11. 000_LULU_000

    Why does the chatserver in port work for some but for others not?

    first of all thanks for the answers. i was just curious about it! and yes it was that hamsters on strike day!
  12. it also counts for the divison maker. i was invited for division (while i was in battle, just saw the you have been invited) but for me server is not available. restarted the game. nothing changed. just curious about it.
  13. 000_LULU_000

    Where are my commanders?

    i think i read somewhere there was a server restart today or some kind of patch. maybe this caused your troubles.
  14. 000_LULU_000

    Cannot use secondaries in Operation Narai.

    I have been told if you change something like "dont show secondaries range anymore" (that small icon over minimap, change any there), you can select them again. but bug didnt accure since i have been told...
  15. 000_LULU_000

    Verdict on Nelson?

    Dont have conquerer but saw some nice AP volleys. not often on the receiving end but from division mates surpriseing broadsided sheeps.