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  1. Radar working through land

    Dont say that. If he can take a couple more with him we could get a potatoe conga going. https://gph.is/2JEDDfI
  2. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    This gives me hope for humanity yet. I too would like to enter the raffle (and win ;) ) I would like, #1: the Enterprise #2: the De Grasse #3: doubloons #4: doubloons #7: doubloons please. Good luck to everyone
  3. Sub Par Player looking for a Clan

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for an English speaking Clan that has a "large" amount of Players. I would prefer if the Clan was semi-professional and organized/took part in some sort of internal Battles or Clan battles semi regularly. (This is not a must. However I would be willing to organize this kind of event for the clan, if enough people would be interested) I have been playing for about a year now, my stats aren't great but they are getting better. I have: over 4000 Battles WR 53.7% Avg. XP 996 (I have never had premium, so with premium would be around 1.400) Avg. Damage 40k I have two Tier X, three Tier IX and 9 Tier VIII. If you are interested WTR link I play 4-5 times a week and have Discord and TS. If anyone is interested just PM me. cheers.
  4. UK Battle Mission Week 1

    Why do I get the feeling someone is taking the mickey out of me :) I know its a Flag. I just don't understand how "allowing you to unlock" = "earn" = "rewarded with", are all the same thing. I'm just going to go with @T0byJug. We get 3 ships with 3 port slots and a flag. And when we don't get it (which we wont), then I'll complain about being lied to (even though WG didn't lie they just confused the hell out of me with varying information)
  5. UK Battle Mission Week 1

    Cool thanks. I read it as: When you get a new ship, these ships will always get a port slot. Not: When you get these free ships they will come with a port slot. So I guess my bad. But do you understand if we get only 1 (the highest) or all 3?
  6. UK Battle Mission Week 1

    @T0byJug >Wargaiming have handed all of us the tier 3 4 and 5 BB on a platter they have confirmed we also get 3 port slots worth 900 dubloons or 4 Euro also for almost nothing and still selfish Entitled idiots still complain could you link me that info, I cant find it. I asked Tuccy for clarification earlier and don't want to be that guy who asks a question we already have an answer to. PS: I agree with you on the mission being very doable this week. No rng needed and very enjoyable, hope wg can keep it that way.
  7. UK Battle Mission Week 1

    @Tuccy So does that mean we get all three ships (+port slot) or are they only unlocked? I think the problem people are having is with the wording: US: Each week, collect a blueprint to earn a British battleship and jump up the new British battleship tree when it’s released! Blueprint 1: Tier III HMS Bellerophon + Port Slot Blueprint 2: Tier IV HMS Orion + Port Slot Blueprint 3: Tier V HMS Iron Duke + Port Slot + Iron Duke Flag Asia: Not only can you use these blueprints as a Commemorative Flag for your warships, you can also be rewarded with Tier III - V British Battleships depending on the number of blueprints you have acquired! Read on to find out more! Collected Blueprints Rewards 1 British Tier III Battleship Bellerophon 2 British Tier IV Battleship Orion 3 British Tier V Battleship Iron Duke Commemorative Flag HMS Iron Duke EU: allowing you to unlock the ships and get them without spending any XP or Credits! The following blueprints will be available to earn in the missions: Earning one blueprint unlocks the Tier III Bellerophon Earning two blueprints unlocks the Tier IV Orion Earning all three blueprints unlocks the Tier V Iron Duke and its commemorative flag Now for me it sounds like according to the US post, if you have all three Blueprints we get: 3ships, 3port slot and 1 flag . According to Asia, we get: British Tier V Battleship a Flag And EU: unlocks Tier V BB and a Flag Now you may feel you answered this question already but all you said was if we get a free ship we get a free port slot as well, which is great I might add, however you didn't say what we are getting for the Blueprints. So we know all Servers are getting a Flag, cool.
  8. Dunkirk Mission Cheat Sheet

    It's not that he made a mistake but its that this keeps happening on EU. It is however nice to see someone actually comment on a mistake they made and actually apologise. And come on DUDE! A 30% is totally realistic! They have a sale on NA at the moment which is 30% and this ship has been on Sale twice in the past 6 months for a 50% sale. Once in-game and once in that that farce the called a SummerSale (excellent grand bundle wg) so why not believe a 38,5% sale? I can't (well actually wont) pay the asking price for a premium ship, but that's not a problem since there is a sale on a ship almost every 2 weeks and i thought this might be one, kind of. So I was about to buy the Dunkirk when I read this but luckily for me a good samaritan Tsume_Eiranis posted just as I was about to hit the buy button. But anyway apology accepted, lets move on and pray for a brighter future.
  9. Dunkirk Mission Cheat Sheet

    Thank God I read that, was just about to spend some of my Doubloons to buy a Dunkirk and grind that mission. Nice try @Tuccy, but that is not how you treat your customers.
  10. Summersale... "the grand finale"

    Interesting strawpoll you've got going there OP (I most likely find it more interesting than WG will, but still very informitive) So I didnt buy anything in the sale and here is why; I was waiting for the Perth, very simple. I was hoping that the Ship I have been waiting for for 7months for would be on sale again. But sadly it didnt :( But the thing you have to realise about me, I'm a cheap bastard. No way am I spending full price on a digital ship (even the perth) so I patiently wait for something to be on sale, and let's be honest that happens ever month. I am sitting on 16k doubloons and just waiting. I refuse to give them more money until I have spent the monney I have already given them. (Oh I have had that for a month, has nothing to do with this sale) So for me the biggest problem with this sale was the fact that the ships weren't halfprice ingame and could only be bought in the online store. However now I've seen how many people have been buying effectivly half price doubloons it kind of makes me chuckle. Especially when we know that this is the reason why the "grand bundle" was cancelled and we got the tirpitz istead. So to recap, I'm sad i didnt get my ship, I'm dissapointed we didnt get something special and feel kind of guilty that I still cant spend monney on a game I have been enjoying for a year now. However I'm extremely chuffed with the community for using that loophol. Good on ya lads! I'll just wait 2-4weeks when the next ships go on sale :) please be the perth, please be the perth, please be the perth, please be the perth
  11. RN Smoke Bug

    Have we still not got news of when this Bug is going to be fixed? Or is it even a Bug? Starting to think it's intentional to make RN Cruisers unreliable. It happens to me every 5 games or so, I smoke and only one bubble appears. It's also always the first one cause I die straight away without smoke. If WG needs replays of the event I have around 200 of them saved. It absolutely wrecks the gameplay. Can we please have an ETA on the fix?
  12. RN CLs Torps not repairing

    Ok, thanks fr the info guys. Had never happened to me until I played the RN Cruisers (700+ games) and then it happened twice in a row, so I was confused. I will apologize to my R key
  13. RN CLs Torps not repairing

    Hi, I've had a couple of games now in the Danae and the Emerald where my Torptubes were hit and I couldn't repair them with the consumable for the rest of the match and there was no countdown. Is this a normal thing? It's only happened to me in the RN Cruisers. Or is this combined with the smoke bug WG way of giving the RN ships british unreliability?
  14. The dire state of CVs - will something be done?

    Ok guys and girls, i feel like I have to chime in here. This is my first post in the WOWS Forum so please go easy on me. I think a cv captain should be punished for flying over a bunch of enemies, but a BB or actually any class sailing of by himself should be punished too. If the enemy team bunch up a cv has to be patient and wait, no more to it. you keep your fighters alive and play defense, spotting DDs and keeping enemy planes at bay. The problem is the UI is absolutely dreadful at helping you achieve this, and if you make one mistake with a cv it just snowballs on you and you have to be very lucky or extremely skilled to turn it around. In my opinion WG has to do something about the CVs UI & Game play. 1. When you choose an Aircraft I want to see the distance from the Plane to the Ships (not the distance from ships to my CV) and also if my Plane is spotted. If they can implemet this Gameplay will become more skill based, you will have to know how far enemy AA can shoot and manually fly around dangerous AA without getting spotted. 2. Some kind of Feedback if a plane is being shot at. If i play any other Class the whole screen shakes and there is an audible "Bang". In CV your planes are shot at and when 2/6 have been shot down you get a "Team blah under fire" message. 3. Dive Bombers need a complete overhaul, they are just not fun. Boring point and click and manual aim useless with input lag so I never use it. 4. I think CVs shouldnt be MMed with BB 2 Tiers higher. When this happens you are absolutely useless to your team, and if opposing cv has AA Load-out you will die quickly and he will spot your team and you cant do a thing. If you told me, you can have all of this but your torps do half damage i would take it in a heartbeat. Playing CV can be really fun, but sometimes its just frustratingly agonizing. And unlike in other classes if you have a bad game and sometimes one bad click because of lag you don't die, you just watch your team crumble and are stuck for 20 mins with no planes running and hiding.(sometimes I try to cap if I see a chance, but thats it). I dont want to get in to the whole are "enter class you hate here" OP discussion and it seems most people here respect that. But maybe if we get a decent UI to help us not die with a bit of skill and not luck then maybe the CV torps could be nerfed. I await the hate.