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  1. shinegrog

    What to do...

    Yeah i wouldnt expect Alaska that soon.
  2. shinegrog

    What to do...

    Save it until we know what they are doing i guess, keep grinding freexp, not like it wont be useful. Theres nothing ive seen, happy to be corrected, to say that Alaska will be a freexp ship/coal/cw reward/ or something new like a campaign reward (which would be fantastic as a high tier campaign ;) )
  3. shinegrog

    Großer Kurfürst - Legendary Upgrade, Keep or Sell?

    As you say they may change it in the future, so i wouldnt sell it, but then thats me. Is the cash value really worth it?
  4. shinegrog

    New ranked season T10

    Official source? or just speculation?
  5. They said 2 battleships occupying the same tier for free xp, so they remove the missouri, unless they are making the roma t9 free xp which i doubt or turning the new SoDak fat Mo into t9 then it has to be Musashi
  6. Already got her, but hoping for those that havent, that there will be a conversion bonus soon, at least that might convince people to part with money. Or wouldnt hurt the wallets as much.
  7. shinegrog

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello, love to join the raffle if possible. as far as choices, 1. Tirpitz or Roma if available 2. Dunkirque or Gallant (if ingame shop is allowed) 3-5. doubloons please 6.doubloons please 16.doubloons please were i to win 17-19 or prize 34, would it be possible to nominate someone to receive them please, as i already have both. Excellent idea, and thanks to all those who have donated prizes.
  8. shinegrog

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Any chance of getting the modpack updated for the latest patch please?
  9. shinegrog

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @xXx_Blogis_xXx now now, i just needed 4 more planes was all, just wanted you to hover a bit, you know > friendly like.the daka daka failed me.
  10. shinegrog

    IJN Musashi on the way?

    ^^^^^now that idea i like very much. Can i just ask i had thought WG had said no t10 premiums > and only yammy would ever have those guns in game, so how do they balance that statement vs this news we are getting her sister down the road. correct me if im wrong but im sure they said this.
  11. shinegrog

    Clans not working, Anybody had an official WG update?

    @Tuccy good news, thanks, can you pass on up that oil isnt adding up for whats been done, could be the nasty bugs etc and id understand 1st day and all, ill send a ticket but as you have direct line, i thought id ask. 3 boxes collected (1 was super container) > 30oil 2 supers from campaign > 20oil (im guessing) daily oil mission is done > 10 oil and 1st section of collect oil mission is done > 15 oil total earned should be 75 ( assuming supers register for oil ) yet clan tab says ive collected 20 only thanks
  12. shinegrog

    I´m on fire....

    Good cover thanks, but i am sorry there is only 1 boss > "but Elvis is the king" is not an accepted rebuttal
  13. shinegrog

    Can't connect to server

    i think it sounds tasty
  14. shinegrog

    Can't connect to server

    ok works the clan stuff works now at least, strange thing though, all my progress for operation halberd mission has been reset, i got the rewards for section 4 and then when i checked for what section 5 was it had reset all stages to show no progress. anybody else?? also little disapointed that super containers only give 10 oil, you would think one might get a "super amount" > just a thought.
  15. shinegrog

    Can't connect to server

    already did that yesterday