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  1. Commander_Ericson

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    It is, or at least was, available for purchase in the store
  2. Commander_Ericson


    I'm on the Lion right now. It's actually ok once you get used to it. Definitely not the most fun, but it can work. You basically have to just sit nose in and never use the rear turret, because as soon as you do it takes massive citadel damage and your game is either over or over very shortly afterwards. Playstyle is all about managing your health and only taking on one or 2 targets at any time. Not the most thrilling, but can be kind of fun at times. Especially when another bb thinks you're another dumb HE spammer, moves in for the kill, shows their broadside and you get to hit them with the AP, heal and repeat. Iowa I struggled with. It was my first t9 bb, but even now I struggle to make it work.
  3. Commander_Ericson

    Finally!! The truth about this broken BB

    As an HE only BB the conq is a stronger ship and yet we don't see people complaining about that here or see it that much in game. Personally I find the AP to be the standard ammo choice on this one over HE, but will switch for a light armoured target or dug in enemy bb
  4. Commander_Ericson

    5 epochs campaing misleading description - please fix

    I was going through the missions last night deciding on which ones to do and thought it odd that there were 2 missions for cruisers and both were potential damage, but one requires 540k and the other 8m. I guess this answers that one.
  5. I guess they could stop the bots from firing guns and torps. But that still leaves 6 enemies that will fire and torp you, so the win rate would only go up a little.
  6. Commander_Ericson

    200% Coupon - what do?

    Just watch their wording. I've see form complaints before on the percentage offers, where 200% actually means you get double, not triple your purchase i.e. you were purchasing 100% and the promotion gives you 100%, therefore 200%. Not you get an additional 200%
  7. Commander_Ericson

    How to make RADAR a LITTLE more fair for DDs

    I suppose this isn't the place to mention that I like playing the Orkan
  8. Commander_Ericson

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    I've been using the line for the same grind and did put a previous free permanent camo on the kita. But I never use it because the XP bonus is the same as any t9 permanent camo, which isn't as high as a lot of the single use camos and when you're grinding, XP is all that matters.
  9. Commander_Ericson

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    Except it has the same torps and out DPM's the Kita as it has 1 more turret....sure it has down sides, but armament wise the Harugumo is stronger
  10. Commander_Ericson

    Radar - no skill

    This again. So if it doesn't go through islands are you just planing to stay behind the island for the whole game just in case the radar is on when finally decide to leave the cover of the island? Surely a bigger hack is the indicator tell you you've been spotted and how, I mean how should you know that an enemy has spotted you? Personally, I prefer to bait them into using, waste a charge for little to no damage from the spotting and then use the indicator to know when the consumable is down so I can pop back out and take the cap, spot or whatever.
  11. Commander_Ericson

    Anchorage Dockyard

    You can buy the last 2 stages at the end, just as it was possible with the Odin. Cost is 1750 each, so the starter pack for 3000 is a cheaper way to get the 2 you have to buy.....unless you never finish the grind. But you can also buy more than 2 stages. Personally I'm going for the grind, but half-hearted, so have avoided the initial bundles, just in case I never get all the directives.
  12. At least this time the game mode counts towards directives, etc. Sub mode didn't which added to the lack of interest. Personally whilst not amazing gameplay, it is nice to take out some lower tier ships. Same as the new Campaign with tiers 2-4, which has been good to revisit some old ships that seemed painful to play back when I was learning the basics, but now which feel a lot more comfortable to play. Kind of sad really that there is such a push for only high tier gameplay, as low tier has been fun and there's a lot of work put into modelling all those ships which just aren't the focus of the developer anymore.
  13. Commander_Ericson

    Narai's back - Thank you WG!

    Nelson works great for Narai. AP and HE, forward facing guns. The only downside is its kind of slow, but go with the transports and its not unusual to find yourself pushing into the bay first and killing the dd with a single salvo of HE. The zombie heal works well. Really the only danger is a broadside from the Miss and eating lots of torps. It's not hard to rack up 2-250k in her, unless you're got a very good random team and you're all fighting for the kills
  14. Commander_Ericson

    New commander skill tree incomming!

    Cost dispersion on the secondary though. No more 60%
  15. Commander_Ericson

    Another Noob Question - Second Flag

    I should of thought of this earlier. Seems there's a only few special ones. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flags