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  1. Commander_Ericson

    IFHE Rework - Armor

    Well the 203 Mogami should get the 27mm central section which might give it some changes of bouncing the odd shell. But its still going to struggle. The ibuki is better because it has more range, so can dodge incoming fire better. But when it does get caught, it still takes massive damage from plunging bb's shells. 25, 27 or 32mm deck plate won't stop that.
  2. Commander_Ericson

    IFHE Rework - Armor

    Have you considered 203's with DE, flags and just watching the world burn? Sure your DPM goes down, but you can pen 32mm plating without the need for IFHE and you a base fire chance of 17% compared to 5% with 155's with IFHE skill. Alternatively, the new 1/5 pen of 155 with IFHE will let you pen 38mm plating. Not sure what WG will do about the armour of the ship given it crosses over their threshold. Not sure the additional armour will really help it too much anyway, since you're normally working at range and plunging fire of even 380mm will go straight through. It can't not help it though.
  3. Commander_Ericson

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    So a t6 or t7 light crusier without IFHE meets a T8 or T9 heavy cruiser with 27mm bow & stern and the 30mm central part and does what? Sounds a lot like WOT where lower tiers can pen anything on higher tiers. Sure those high tier heavies with with a 25mm nose can be hurt, but the central section is fine. But I wasn't aware that mid tier light cruisers were really the issue here. Especially given all the bb's they meet can overmatch any part of them and dev. strike them out of existence (One of the fun things about playing mid tier bb's by the way), the low health pools they have and short firing ranges. IFHE will still be the required skill on a lot light cruisers if they hope to down anything, especially mid tiers with their slower reloads, fewers guns and short ranges. The change is just going to turn a lot of things on their head with a lot of ships either performing worse or better, with a few that were clearly already performing above average only getting even more advantage over counterparts and others getting even more draw backs. 27mm plating and 360mm guns anyone.....30mm plating and 457mm guns. Cant think which bb's are going to struggle more and which aren't. Why do Japanese gunboat dd's need 1/4 pen, why not 1/5 pen. That still allows 19mm pen on their HE. I have these dd's and its dead easy to rock up somewhere, get within range of enemy bb's and just melt them from my smoke. Must be great fun for them. I know it is when I'm the one in a bb being melted by a dd I couldn't spot and now can't see in smoke.
  4. Commander_Ericson

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

    They'll probably do their standard WG rebalance after this and bring in a new line of OP ships which everyone can then start moaning about them, whilst the IFHE and armour changes get left as they are and T6 & 7 dies.....
  5. Commander_Ericson

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    Couldn't just go with the fire nerf to IFHE and adjust some ships armour (Smolensk, DM, etc). Had to make a massive changes which similarly nerfs a lot of ships and makes a lot more powerful. IFHE will still be pretty much mandatory on a lot of ships, especially t6 & 7, so they can actually damage up tier cruisers, let alone bb's. Things like the 1/4 pen on Japanese 100mm dakka dakka high tier dd's that can melt bb's is the issue, not a mid tier light cruiser. But which one has been hit hard with the nerf bat here. Smolnesk, you don't need IHFE to melt down BB's from 16km range, so how is this going to nerf this ship? Armour reduced.....so even more ships over pen through the cit. Changing the pen calculation for HE shells between lower tiers and higher teirs for the same guns seems daft and only makes the game harder for you valued Noob players sailing around in a t10 cruiser with 2-300 battles under their belt. To be clear I play all classes, except CV's at the moment and have the Japanese dd's and the Smolensk. I don't have any preference in class or any specific ship, i generally enjoy playing them all. These changes could have slowly implemented these changes one by one and monitored the results. Instead You're chucking a whole load in at once and hoping it will all be fine and the players will be happy with this and subsequent rebalance changes for what the next 6 months plus, before we even get into minor tweaks to certain ships because they now either too strong or too weak?
  6. Commander_Ericson

    Returning after about 2 years

    Welcome back. WG response - Get Gud and just dodge. It's meant to be fun, loosing 1/3 of your health from 2 attacks in the first 2-3 minutes of the game when you're still 5km from the cap. Luckily there are some potato CV players out there, so not all games are like that, but the good CV player WILL kill you, it just if they can be bothered to kill you in the first 5 minutes or let you have a bit of fun before coming back to finish you off.
  7. Commander_Ericson


    Surely every 380mm AP shell should have found the enemy's citadel
  8. Commander_Ericson

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    By the way for Massa, with heal flag you're looking at an additional 1114 hits points per heal.
  9. Commander_Ericson

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    The conq reference was to give an idea of the maximum amount of heal you could possibly get with the upgrade. Sure you could use it on Massa, but the amount healed is going to be a lot less than the super heal on the conq. You can loose more than that trying to get to where you want to brawl, thanks to 15-6km concealment. Same kind of goes for the speedboost, you're talking what 10 extra seconds. How useful is that when you can be spotted from say +15km? Best thing to do is purchase one and stick it on and test for yourself. Its free to demount and change at the moment, but that ends sometime next week. If it works for you, great and enjoy. There's no hard and fast rules for any of this. I Spec my german bb's for secondary range, but haven't gone full secondary captain skills, leaving Manual secondaries and bft off for now. A waste some would say, whilst others would say any secondary build is sub-optimal. Concealment is a big part of the game's design, hence why a lot consider it so important for most ships, whatever the class.
  10. Commander_Ericson

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    Even with say the Conqueror's super heal you're looking at around 1600-2000 hit points per heal. But how much is that worth if you can go dark and recover anyway?
  11. Commander_Ericson

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    None, benefit doesn't seem strong enough when compared to concealment. But that's my own opinion.
  12. Commander_Ericson

    No Regs

    Yep happened to me a few times, it been around for a while. Assumed it was a new RNG thing, kind like like an anti-detonation thing
  13. Commander_Ericson

    Pay to Play PVE mode?

    I mainly play random battles, but I also play scenarios and co-op at times, especially when I need some relief from Randoms or just want an easy game. Scenarios can be good and always hoped they would bring back the others and even expand it with more based loosely on historical naval battles. Possibly even setting both sides to be made up with players in specific nations ships. Would I pay for being able to play against bots. No. But only having 1 main game mode will eventually cause me to loose interest and any future money I might put into the game will also go on buying someone else's game. Does having more game modes keep me interested and entice me to by premium account and/or premium ships? Yes. I have purchased T6 and T7 premiums specifically for playing scenarios
  14. Commander_Ericson

    New upgrades, where are you using them?

    Em gets you down to 14.40s for 180 degrees, MBM2 alone, 15.65 and combined, 12.86. https://wowsft.com/ship if you want to look at ship builds, captain skills and flags
  15. Commander_Ericson

    New upgrades, where are you using them?

    Main battery mod 2 for all American (except secondary ones) bb's seeing as they don't get the aim system mod in that slot. The AA one seems a bit useless to be honest. Low to mid tier cruisers and dd's with little AA, but long range, the old mod actually had some use against potato CV's, now its 'just dodge'. Can't decide on the torpedo lookout or ship consumable options. Only ships I would consider it on are brawlers. Not sure I could give up so much concealment for being able to spot something sooner that will probably hit me anyway because I've been a potato. German BB's possibly, but they get hydro. Couple to try out on a few games and see. Need a load of radar and hydro upgrades now!