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  1. NoCoGX

    Bug Reports

    Already the 2nd time since patch 0.7.6 that randomly during a CV match game does no longer recognize left click. I can drag select box and still use number keys to select planes & right click but not left click on anything - even when back in port. I use full alternative controls & never had issues before. 1. Description I play almost only CV. Randomly during a game (usually the 3rd or 4th in a row) game stops recognizing left mouse click input. 2. Reproduction steps There is no trigger I can see. Both times were half way through the 3rd or 4th CV game in a row. Just out of the blue while playing I can no longer left click. 3. Result I can no longer well control my ship or my aircraft. Also I can no longer left click anything ESC menu, post battle screen or port. I have to cut the WOWS process from task manager to end the game and restart to get it to work again. 4. Expected result That game accepts left click as an input during game, in menus and port. 5. Technical details It starts approx 10min into this replay, I write it in in game chat that it happened seconds after it first occurs: https://replayswows.com/replay/26373#stats I play in full screen windowed mode as I always have.
  2. In case you are shy... we do not bite (very much)
  3. NoCoGX

    Midway vs. Hakuryu

    Midway and 3-3-2 Haku need to be played differently and, in my personal opinion, Haku is more flexible overall - able to support different strategies you want to go for. But I would not call either ship strictly better over the other.
  4. NoCoGX

    Midway vs. Hakuryu

    Who are you talking to Bainsmith_steel? If you are talking to me, I never said that you have to be better CV player to beat Haku. I said the better CV player, no matter the ship, will have the advantage. Midway is still more powerful in the fighter air game than the 3-3-2 Haku. Especially in longer games.
  5. NoCoGX

    Midway vs. Hakuryu

    Besides the 4-2-2 Haku.... the CV player with the better fighter control will always have the upper hand no matter if he plays Midway or 3-3-2 Haku. Midway just plays differently. But I agree that that Torp Bombers of the Midway should be changed somehow. It is not right, that T8 planes go into T10 MM... make them T9 but reduce the TB squad size.
  6. CV players are also welcome
  7. NoCoGX

    Midway vs. Hakuryu

    OOAndreasOO calls Midway useless in post number 3. Useless in randoms and useless in comp. Hence my statement. Please read my post again. I'm specifically talking about AS Haku. The one with 4 fighters. This you see rarely in randoms. So that is very much an argument. I agree that it is next to impossible to do any damage if you face AS Haku who knows how to use fighters. But today a Midway facing a 3-3-2 Haku in randoms is not outmatched at all, even if skill level of both CVs is equal. If you as a Midway player struggle against that, then it simply means that you have worse fighter control than the other CV player and/or less ability to judge the battle situation correctly, to win the mind game where and when to attack or defend. Or maybe that the enemy team has more AA in better positions in the map, putting you at a disadvantage. But this can happen in every CV. Haku us more flexible overall but you can still wreck hard in Midway if you play it right by being patient and selecting the right targets. If you just want to play randoms, you do not have ro grind IJN CVs at all. WG is not forcing you. Ok, fair enough that Ranger and Lex are a bit on the weak side. But yeah, for comp play you really should own IJN.
  8. NoCoGX

    Midway vs. Hakuryu

    I will just leave my comment here. Note that I have not played in Beta. I am CV main & play comp. === In Randoms === AS Midway was cancer, just as AS Haku. A good CV player with fighter control skills in AS Haku or old AS Midway will lock out and deny any opponent if he goes full team support, focusing on air. There is very little the other CV in strike Haku or Midway can do. Will be very boring game for both players. Fortunately few people play AS Haku because you sacrifice way too much damage potential & now Midway only has a balanced 2-2-2 loadout - a good thing in my opinion. Playing strike Haku vs. this 2-2-2 Midway could be very frustrating because you could either protect your team or your strike. You basically can only try to outdamage the Midway. There was no way you could get air. The new 3-3-2 Haku is great, because it gives you more options. Whoever still plays AS Haku in randoms is pretty stupid in my personal opinion. There is no need for that if you have good fighter control. Still Haku fighter reserves where not increased. If you lose that 3rd squad, you cannot refill it. That is totally fair and rewards skilled play. Before the hangar nerf, it was practically impossible to deplane a Midway. Hell, he could even intentionally waste all planes of his first strike wave, so they would be up again faster due to not having to fly back to the CV. That is how stupid the reserves where. It was totally viable to go faster plane servicing upgrade vs. fighter buff, because you just had that many planes to spare and usually ran out of battle time before running out of reserves. Please, do try to justify this, I would enjoy hearing arguments for keeping the original reserves. If you really need all of them, then you are simply a bad CV player, period! The Midway in its current state is by no means weak. But you have to play it right. Your 2 fighters can still get air easy from a strike Haku, even with T9 planes. The one thing that tilts me a bit, is how fast the T8 TBs die and how slow they are. I would almost say, reduce the TB squad size by 1-2 planes and make them T9. But lets see, what the new upgrades will do. Still, today Midway can get king of the air in almost every game, cross drop DDs & get a lot of damage + it is easier to play than Haku, due to fewer squads. The worse concealment matters very little. To summarize: AS Haku is very hard to beat except for another AS Haku. This is a problem, I agree. But still Midway in randoms does not face that very often, so here the CV is very strong. If you cannot get air with the 2 fighters, the massive reserves and that OP frontal strafe that eats the small T10 IJN plane squads up easy, then you need to improve your skill, simple as that. Calling Midway useless is just dumb. === In Competitive === The meta is and has always been AS IJN CV. That was true for T8 and is still very true for T10. Now you can argue for 3-3-2 Haku in comp, but unless you are a God with fighters and the enemy CV is rather average, I'd advise against it. So saying that this is something new, is false. If one had plans to play CV in comp, one was aware of this for a long time and had all the time in the world to grind up the IJN CV line. More squads are better to be present across the map to cover and to spot. These are the main duties of a comp CV. The Midway simply has too few squads to effectively do that. It can project a lot of power on one point of the map, but only once or twice due to long rearm times. Also that power runs head on into a wall of full speq AA builds on all ships on the map. The planes just melt & in the meantime the Haku is spotting everything for its team, while the Midway team is blind. So yeah, in comp the Midway is very inferior to AS Haku. OOAndreasOO really no offense but the way you played your Midway against me last Sunday was not going to get you any good results. On opening your 2 fighters prevented one of my TB to spot one flank. That is an achievement, to prevent spotting is important. But then you did nothing against my other TB on the other side, that just flew behind your team and spotted said flank anyway. Next you engaged my fighters without need and without a plan what you want to achieve with that action. At least none that I could see. By moving them away from your teams AA cover, you allowed me to gang up on them and trade very favorably for me in plane kills. Only after your fighters were dead you sent in your strike planes. If anything, you should have sent them at the same time, trying to get past my fighters while I was busy. Now they came in single file one at the time & you made no evasive maneuvers or tried to mind game me into a missed strafe. They kept flying in a straight line so I could strafe them full from behind. Also that was way too early to sent them in. In front of your planes was a 3 ship overlapping AA blob of death. At least try to bait def AA or wait until a DD is isolated or a BB was HE spammed and lost AA mounts. There is no way you can get a strike in that early. Better would have been to empty your DBs and spot with them best you can. Play punctual cover and spotting until you can strike something with TBs, like crossdropping a DD. For killing such a target it is worth losing all planes. Midway can afford it to a degree because of the reserves. This way it would have been possible to get something done while the way you tried to play, you achieved next to nothing unfortunately. Best of luck in your games. Us CV players have to stick together. Happy hunting!
  9. You and me both I cannot be the only one
  10. NoCoGX

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Did not win but it was still a great action - such a big raffle is nice to see. Enjoy your prizes, those who won!
  11. NoCoGX

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter to raffle EU server IGN: NoCoGX Thank you all for the initiative and effort put into this!
  12. Strafing is a skill you can and should learn. That is part of the fun and challenge of fighter play. It is something that makes it rewarding when you get better at the game. Without it there would be no skill in fighter play left. It would just be left click and super boring. Also CV who does not use fighter loadout may only have 1 fighter depending on nation and tier level. Without strafe you could not protect ships from enemy strike craft. It would be far too easy dropping ships. Lastly IJN fighters would have no chance against USN fighters without using strafes. Fighters strafing ships... not sure that this is needed. It could damage AA (as it was historically done for this reason). But I fear it would lead to more CVs trying to snipe early game so they can use their fighters to strafe.. That is exactly the reason why I wrote in post #30 that all 3 & 4 point captain skills should be deactivated (as in having no effect) for T4 CV - maybe even T5 although questionable as long as they can still face T6 CV. This would end sealclubbing fast. I agree with the need to do something against low tier CV sealclubbing. In all other ships seasoned players can be OP but still CV has more impact.
  13. Now that I finally had the time to watch SUB_Octavian being interviewed by Flamu, I would like to comment on what he said. WG justifies manual attack removal as following: 1. Protecting low tier non-CV ships with low AA from getting farmed. 2. Protecting novice CV players from facing sealclubbers allowing them to learn the basics of CV gameplay mechanics (meaning auto-attack, scouting etc.) in a "save" space so to say. I am sorry to say it again but whoever decided that forcing auto drop on T4-5 CV was the best solution to these 2 things must have had a very very! bad outage of their thinking capabilities in that moment. Her is my 2 bits: 1. Make T4-5 torps slower and/or do less damage & bombs do less damage in low tier CV. Decrease fire and flooding chance if you want to as well. That way low tier CV can practice manual drop without insta deleting low tier ships. At the same time these get to practice how to dodge. Maybe think about upping the XP & money gain from damage for low tier CV as to not hurt their gains. Bam! Problem solved to the mutual satisfaction and benefit of all. I fail to understand how something so obvious didn't come to the minds of the so called experts with decision making power. 2. So let me get this straight: WG wants to allow new CV players time to learn a mechanic (auto attack) that is 100% obsolete in T5 already - latest at T6. What is the point?! Auto attacking CV at T6 will be bottom of the score board and a burden for their team. I agree that facing seal clubbers low tier is not fun but at least newcomers see what the enemy is doing in terms of fighter control and can improve to get there as well. Delaying this learning experience until T6 will make people get even more frustrated once they get there. T4 & 5 CV random battles should not be turned into a tutorial. Instead make a proper tutorial for CV fighter play so that novice players get to their first match with the basic knowledge required. And if you really want to prevent low tier CV seal clubbing, just limit the captain skill for T4 & T5 CV to a max of 4 or 7 usable points. That way one cannot have Torp Acceleration (limit 4) or Air Superiority (limit 7). Captains could still get points above it but you could not spend them as long as the captain is on a T4 or T5 CV. Then sealclubbing would die quickly. To prevent 19 point captains to be placed back on low tier, just deactivate 3 and 4 points skills in the skill tree or something like that. I really hope that WG changes their way before making a new CV line, such as for the British. I would love to enjoy every single CV of that line, but I am not playing if I am forced to auto attack.
  14. Ok - that goal is achieved. But new players aiming to start from 0 and level a carrier will not learn anything until T6 where they will not only face much stronger AA ships (T8 Match Matking anyone?) but also CV players who ALT strafe them to death. Even worse: The non-CV players in their BB, CA/CL and DD will see CV as a minor threat at best at T4 and T5. They will not learn to dodge torpedoes and bombs until they get murdered hard at T6. THIS is the main issue. WG - make a set of tutorial missions so people can learn to play CV and against CV & reduce damage and/or speed of T4 and T5 torpedoes so it is more fair against ships without AA. But let them do manual drops & strafes again. And while you are at it.... remove auto attack from CV completely (except left click fighter). That would solve a great many problems.
  15. Forcing auto attack on T4 and T5 carriers is the absolute worst idea anyone ever had. Double fighter Bouge is unbeatable by other T5 or T4 now. Generally Japanese carriers have no chance to win a fighter duel with US carrier. You can only torpedo drop battleships since destroyers and cruisers can evade easy & bombs are maximum randomness. Carriers are helpless when destroyers rush them (happens every 2nd game in low tier). It is super boring to play too, since all you do is left click, zero skill. As someone said - Moorhuhn is more fun than this. I just managed to level to T6 with US and Japanese CV before the patch , thank God... I will now go and give a fun and engaging experience to any poor T5 CV slob that had the misfortune of spawning in my game. After I have farmed his planes, since I can ALT strafe & and even escape from fighter lock, but he cannot, I will remind him that it was WG that did this. Instead of reducing damage of low tier torpedos and bombs to reduce unfairness towards ships without AA or making a decent tutorial mission on how to play CV, the game is far worse for everyone now. I also just filled out the WG survey I received. Perfect timing guys