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  1. Barnaclephil

    Warspite AI

  2. Barnaclephil

    Warspite AI

    Sorry excellent I meant, should have gone to Specsavers I believe.
  3. Barnaclephil

    Warspite AI

    That is an excelent idea
  4. Barnaclephil

    Unfair balancing

    I fully understand where you are coming from in one battle I was blasted out of the water with one shot from distance just as I was lining a shot at him, however I was able to laugh it off as a one off it has never happened since, and I think it is a very challenging game at times which I like.
  5. Barnaclephil

    Warspite AI

    Thankyou for your intelligent answer, I know certain people think it's a load of bull but I clearly saw a plane leave the enemy Warspite with a bomb underneath the icon and having seen conversations in game one person was talking about cheating in the game and this made me wonder, I have jpeg snapshots of the conversations and the player he was chatting with warns him that this is cheating, I am new to this game and find it brilliantly addictive and asked the question in good faith, however some of the idiots who abuse on forums such as these should take note that there is a law against such things now but I thank you for your kind words they make a lot of sense and I am truly grateful, regards. PS I have enabled replays now so I will be able to check this now for future reference
  6. Barnaclephil

    Disappearing Ships During Battle

    I have had the same happen to me but I was only about secondary gun distance away port side and it seemed like an age before it reappeared on the the starboard side then blasted me but luckily I survived, it may be a bug or something wrong with our graphics settings, what I do know is saying in effect that it did not happen is wrong all can't be right can it most games have bugs from time to time, as for the replay there is no facility without changing the game through mods I am told and I'm not prepared to do that incase it ruins the whole game and I have to start again, so I've learned how to live with it has it's no good submitting a ticket as they'll refer you back to the forum.
  7. Barnaclephil

    Warspite AI

    Thanks for your surreptitious funny answer, it was an Aircraft carrier? shall not bother asking anything on here again.
  8. Barnaclephil

    Warspite AI

    What do you mean by that, I am not lying, its a waste of time posting anything here all you get is abuse
  9. Barnaclephil

    Warspite AI

    Can someone tell me how this is possible, whilst in a battle I came upon an enemy Warspite who launched a plane from his ship with bombs and attacked me, my Warspite only has a spotter plane and I cant see any upgrade for this, how can this be?
  10. Barnaclephil

    Saddly WG doesn't take the PvE battles seriously...

    A load of rubbish some bots are impossible to sink, I have played humans and hit them with less and sunk them but bots damage seems to go down to the last then shoot back up again, I personally do not want to play against them if it meant waiting longer for a game then I would prefer to do so, also their is now way of cancelling a game when you see the greens and the reds as it is to late then, if you have to use them then make it just a training battle, I have yet to play a battle where there is only me against bots and win, they are programmed to seek you out gang up on you and sink you they rarely miss even from miles out, what you are saying costs people money don't forget certain items are lost and have to be rebought, this I believe is planned that way and it is WRONG!
  11. Barnaclephil

    Remove US BB line from game

    Very funny post
  12. Barnaclephil

    Remove US BB line from game

    it gave a list of all the ships that had been tweaked for better accuracy e tc, except the RN wasn't mentioned, if you do it for one you must do it for all, that is my honest opinion.
  13. Barnaclephil

    Remove US BB line from game

    The Royal Navy where close up brawlers until Bismarck sank the Hood, then tactics had to change, look how they stalked it, they knew it had more powerful guns than ours, I'm a Brit and proud of these guys but German technology was far more advanced at that time, and in the end it was an old Swordfish that damaged it with a torpedo, bad luck for Bismarck steering was jammed and it sailed round and round in a circle, it must have been like a duck hunt for the RN, the guy who found the Titanic wreck found the Bismarck, some very interesting vids on YouTube about it.
  14. Barnaclephil

    Remove US BB line from game

    Brilliant, very funny.
  15. Barnaclephil

    Remove US BB line from game

    I am sorry I thought you meant consumables, you can't really remove all Battleships they are the mainstay of any Navy, I do not wish to be insulting but are you tactically playing the game, I mean playing to the strengths of your ship, what you want to do is when you get sunk watch what the more experienced plays do and try and follow their lead, that's what I did, you are bound to get sunk now and again, in the beginning I was nothing but shark food but I took note and am more confident now, sometimes stealth is the best option, but if you are in a team which has good players then stalk them and watch what they do, I rarely go out on my own as it is always better to have someone watching your back but sometimes a good red team can lure you into a trap, that's what makes this game so good you never know what's going to happen, so don't get despondent, get better, that's my advice for what it's worth, if you get beat by a worthier opponent then take it on the chin and say well done to that player, he may be on your team next time, just one more thing I've remembered in this long winded quote, you are not going into too high a rated game are you? I only play co-op battles at the moment so I can learn as I go along, don't set your standards too high some of these guys are really good and will eat you alive, regards anyway.