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  1. Max_Kammerer

    Make the Map Border behave the same way as an Island.

    A storm in a teacup... It is one of the most marginal problems in the game, here is a dazillion of more important problems :)
  2. Well written ! No need for another sentences. If NTC will be really applied, my wallet (over 1500 € spent during last 3 years) will be closed permanently... PS: so gigantic portion of ingnorance of your customers is absolutely insane and unbelievable :( #cancelNTC
  3. Max_Kammerer

    Vývojářský blog

    To myslíte vážně a ještě to s radostí oznamuješ? To se mi jenom zdá mistře Yabbo :(. Milion palců dolů za takový idiotský nápad který už úplně rozorá zmršené MM a jen nasype prachy WG (free exp). Ale vám to asi nevadí, proč také, že ? :( :( jestli tohle uvedete do praxe kašlu na 250 lodí v přístavu a více než 45 000 Kč nalitejch do hry a odinstalovávám a konečně jdu dělat něco užitečného... Vzpamatujte se tam nahoře konečně a neničte hru, s CV reworkem se vám to téměř podařilo.
  4. Max_Kammerer

    What is your most played ship?

    RANDOM Fletcher: 1558 battles Gearing: 1307 battles Fiji: 1042 battles Minotaur: 762 battles Belfast: 774 battles Belfast1 041 04221 042
  5. Max_Kammerer

    Reaching my usual goal of Ranked #10 in current 12th season...

    Rank 10 reached with Gearing in 3 won battles, the last one was against Midway, which was a little bit annoying... But rented ships are bigger problem :)
  6. Max_Kammerer

    New collection

    THX, if it is true we have a lot of time to collect all...
  7. Max_Kammerer

    New collection

    Its crazy and shitty, but you can not collect both series together - of one of them is enabled, the second one is automatically disabled... unbelievable :(, I'm really loving WG's bussiness decisions and solutions...
  8. Max_Kammerer

    DDs are now so un-fun

    I can post replays of many good battles with DD in CV games, but it is not changing reality of this meta - primary functions and roles of DDs as a class (capping, spotting, ambush attacks in high tier T8-T10) were practically wiped out in presence of 2 CVs per team. It is not only my opinion, but opinion of many contributors and elite DD players on all three WOWs servers... Sorry, but we are probably playing different game :)
  9. Max_Kammerer

    DDs are now so un-fun

    Only for really good DD players, only with good teammates or in strong division, only against dumb CVs players and only with certain DDs...(Gearing, Fletcher, Kidd, Sims, Grozovoi - all with DFAA). Problem is synergy of more CVs in game + radar cruisers oversaturation (they are mostly best AA cruisers). One CV in game is not so problematic, 2 or 3 are problem for DDs. PS: I have lot of good CV-present battles with DDs after rework - but only with limited number of above mentioned DDs... And batlles were extremely nervous, frustrating and boring... No strategy, no real DD-work...
  10. Max_Kammerer

    Here we go again. How to Grozovoi in the upcoming Ranked

    My build is focused on AA and guns... But in comparison with pre-CV rework is resulting planes damage and kill much lower :(
  11. Max_Kammerer

    My Swan Song to World of Warships

    Great post! THX for well written opinions which are in 99% same as mine...
  12. Max_Kammerer

    USS Boise......

    Fiji is the one of the best ships for Narai - HEAL+SMOKE+TORPS+FAST RELOAD+HYDRO
  13. Max_Kammerer

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Friesland is province of the Netherlands :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friesland
  14. Max_Kammerer


    Loving pre-nerf YY (not in clan wars but in random), but now she is wery weak... Her predecessor, Chung Mu, has unfortunately really bad AA - so after CV rework again shines universal Swiss knife of DDs - Fletcher with AA/torpedo build. Chung Mu is good ship, but lack of AA and anti-DD torpedoes significantly lowered impact of this bote. Anyway, lot of people think that Daring is overpowered - but this ship is icredibly slow, has poor AA and very short smoke. Easy CV target ans also target for radar cruisers... Generally speaking, any nerf of hight tier DD can change good ship into weak shade of her.
  15. Max_Kammerer

    Fastest way to Make Credits?

    Any from your beloved T10 ships with perma camos + premium account and you will have problems with millions of silver... (more than 600 000 000 with 240 ships in port)