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  1. Max_Kammerer

    A little halloween event salt

    I'm frustrated, disappointed and bored from situation, when our glorious WG invests and wastes enormous human potential (programmers, designers etc)., time and money for creating of these "filth" events and pseudooperations instead work on new interesting scenarios with normal ships situated in WWI-WWII era oceans... Majority of old PvE operations is still missing, new are only wet dream. Pity, sad... :(
  2. Max_Kammerer

    Error in Kleber permanent camo texture

    Guys, do you have anybody permacamo for Kléber? It looks that it has some texture problems on bridge top :)
  3. West Virginia is in port :)
  4. ...the same situation, only WV is missing :)
  5. Max_Kammerer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    As a DD main, my experience with BBs is poor and I'm not big enthusiasist in BB play. With one exception - I love one small black USN gunship - with her I'm able to cap and wipe enemy DDs from caps (and sometimes also push team to victory :) )
  6. Max_Kammerer

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Technically till 1918, but Kingdom of Bohemia was real Europen state from 1085, which from 17th century was part of Habsburg Empire... (but existing under name Kingdom of Bohemia + Margraviate of Moravia, which both were Lands of Czech Crown with part of Silesia). And Viribus Unitis guns were by Škoda, electric-equipment by Kolben Daněk Prague and armor from Vítkovice (Ostrava)...
  7. Max_Kammerer

    Latest Ranked Sprint..

    3× exception - Belfast, Indianapolis and Atlanta :), which are in practically every battle, often two of them... :D
  8. Max_Kammerer

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Thanks RAHJAILARI, it was great battle!
  9. Max_Kammerer

    What will you do with your "French Tokens" temporary currency?

    Auboyneau , for sure - he is only interesting item :)
  10. Max_Kammerer

    2750 base xp.

    ...hmmm, not so big problem.
  11. Max_Kammerer

    up to date smolensk review?

    Too small guns... AP will be really innefective - maybe Smolensk has to be equipped by HE shells only...
  12. Max_Kammerer

    13th Ranked Season: is the game "pay to win"

    Sure, T8-T10 RN DDs are great ships, especially Jutland is fine (Daring is very slow...)
  13. Max_Kammerer

    Recommended Captain builds for higher tier UK DD's?

    Daring, Jutland - I'm using the same configuration of skipper's perks and also ship's modules (preferring IFHE and SI for more heal :) )
  14. If Fiji is my most beloved cruiser, old good Flecher is my most played ship ever (1577 random battles, over 6 400 000 elite points). Despite Kitakaze, Gearing, Jutland, Daring, Shima, Yugumo, Udaloi, Black, Benham, Z-46 and 52 in my port (all with 19p skippers and permacamos), I still feel that my Fletch with AA & torp build is Swiss knife in almost all random battles. Manouverability, great trops, great smoke and good AA guns....