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  1. Max_Kammerer

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    yes, it is watchable again and again except the final animation of shooting "star'n'strips" dressed PR :)
  2. Max_Kammerer

    Your top 3 ships that you look forward to play with

    Fletcher, Fiji and Massachusetts :) - but in the reality plus minimaly another 10 ships :)
  3. Max_Kammerer

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    THANKSFORFOLLOWINGONFB rather poor behavior :(
  4. Max_Kammerer

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year 2020 guys and lot of great battles in your beloved pixelbotes :) Cheers from Prague, Max
  5. Max_Kammerer

    What "rare" ships do you have ? And how did you get them ?

    Kamikaze, Albert, Belfast, Giulio Cesare, HSF Harekaze - bought Benham, Vampire - missions Kronshtadt - Free XP Musashi, Missouri. Kutuzov, Nikolai - Santa Crates 2018+2019 ARP ships - mission (majority of them sold, only examples in collection) PS: only one ship is missing to me in collection - Gremy :)
  6. 375 steel missing to Somers - hopefully 2000 steel I will obtain during PR campaign :). Flint and Black in port, but the second one is not so big star thanks to DD-power creep of last two years... But for me as DD main it was a needful addition to my DD collection (only one DD, except Somers and Neustrashimy, is missing in port - Gremy)
  7. Max_Kammerer

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    With 3 doubloons bosters and finished first 3 directives building status looks promising :)
  8. Max_Kammerer

    New year camo

    Drahé WG, ptám se PROČ? Proč jsou skoro všechny VAŠE těžce vygrinděné premiové cama takovej strašnej ale fakt strašnej hnus :(, tohle prostě na loď nechci. Vaše designéry bych VŠECHNY pověsil za moudí do průvanu...
  9. Max_Kammerer

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    sad, no pan-European DD-tree but pan-Swedish one :D
  10. Max_Kammerer

    AA build dds vs planes?

    really? My Kidd has a different opinion :) PS: full AA builds on Sims, Kidd, Fletcher and Gearing saved me many times...
  11. Max_Kammerer

    HSF Harekaze vs Asashio

    Incomparable ships, Asashio is extremely specialized BB-CV countership and Harekaze is one of the most universal DDs with great guns (only 100 mm variant is good from three possible builds), great torps and superior concealment.
  12. Max_Kammerer

    Tier7 is the new Tier8

    From 11 battles with my lovely Fiji was 10 in T9 during weekend :(. Pure horror...
  13. Max_Kammerer

    CV OP

    Have similar great battles with my lovely Cossack, but it is absolutely no proof about non-existence of the "bad situation of no-AA equipped DD" on sea after CV rework - these "great" battles are exceptions - combination of luck, RNG, bad enemy CV captain and plethora of another small influencies.... Cossack has abbyssmal AA - with Kidd, Sims and Fletcher (all of mine have 19p-AA-specialised captains and modules) is situation better, but againts good CV player can be still really bad. Especially thanks to synergy of CVs with omnipresence (often team unequall) of radars and strong gunboats in enemy team. CVs after rework completely destroyed very fragile interaction balance among all ship classes and thanks to continuous plane respawn andh their fast over-map movement they are also practically unpunishable.