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  1. Max_Kammerer

    Ships for T9 ranked

    Fletcher, Kitakaze, Jutland.... maybe Z-46
  2. Max_Kammerer

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    Sometimes it looks that lot of players want perfectly equal ships - in that case we need only one DD, CA, BB and CV for every tier. Result - any problems with "so called OP" ships.... I'm glad that some ships are stronger in some extent, but in 99% they are worse in other one. Have all DDs from tier V to X, most of them with 19p captains. Harugumo is strong but very very easily can be deleted - she is slow, has bad concealment, she is big and turns as pregnant walrus. Daring is extremely slow and big, so her high DPM has these drawbacks... For me, for example, is still the most preferred T10 DD Gearing as a compact allrounder with very strong stealth torps, great manouverability, great AA and good fast firing guns. Also Grozo is great, Shima after buff is more stronger. Z-52 has hydro and fast torp reload... And one TX DD was insanely nerfed - poor YY. So, please dont change attributes (...and nerf ) every strong ship, it is way to hell - playerbase has to learn how manage these ships (and we have reason to grind and use them). If all ships will be the same, game will be boring and ready for idiots only ....
  3. Takže tady je summary: 20× Santovy mega dárky: 7× 2000 dublonů Missouri + 10pt kapitán (!!!) Kii + 10pt kapitán 12 500 uhlí 30 Red Dragon vlajek 2× 30 Basilisk vlajek 30 Leviathan vlajek 3× 20 New Year camo 2× 30 Dragon vlajek 30 Hydra vlajek 20× Santovy velké dárky: 3× 1000 dublonů Ashitaka + 10pt kapitán Boise + 10pt kapitán Krasnyj Krym + 10pt kapitán 7500 uhlí 3× 6 typ 59 camo 15 Uroboros vlajek 15 Wywern vlajek 2× 15 Hydra vlajek 2× 15 Leviatan vlajek 4× 10 New Year camo Mne se tedy oplatilo :) - velká spokojenost, Boise a Missouri jsem moc chtěl :) bo dávam dohromady USN a RN flotily PS: Segra se švárou mi k Mikuláši koupili a poslali dalších 5 mega dárků - při rozbalování sedl na prdel a nevěřil - Musashi :) (zbytek byly vlajky a 12 500 uhlí)
  4. Max_Kammerer

    Newport scenario after changes

    Much more difficult for me than normal random now...
  5. Max_Kammerer

    Newport scenario after changes

    Couple minutes before, another lost in Newport with Leander - combination of poor players and really good bots is deadly. I finished with playing this scenario - it is much more diffcult than random battles now for me.
  6. Max_Kammerer

    Newport scenario after changes

    After last changes in tier and amount of approaching bots is Newport really hard... Before changes we mostly won (Leander or Perth) with 3-4-5 stars, despite the team composition (played maybe 100×). Now, with random teams you are happy if scenario is not lost... :( Very strong bots evading torps and shells with sixth sense to locate you and precisely shot and burn you... I don't unerstand the philosophy of WG in scenarios changes.
  7. Max_Kammerer

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I'm satisfied :) 20× Santa’s mega gifts: 7× 2000 doubloons Missouri + 10pt captain (!!! happy) Kii + 10pt captain 12 500 coal 30 Red Dragon flag 2× 30 Basilisk flag 30 Leviathan flag 3× 20 New Year camo 2× 30 Dragon flag 30 Hydra flag 20× Santa’s big gifts: 3× 1000 doubloons Ashitaka + 10pt captain Boise + 10pt captain Krasnyj Krym + 10pt captain 7500 coal 3× 6 type 59 camo 15 Ouroboros flag 15 Wywern flag 2× 15 Hydra flag 2× 15 Leviathan flag 4× 10 New Year camo
  8. Max_Kammerer

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Jutland or Fiji, hard to decide :)
  9. Max_Kammerer

    Suggestions for OP Hermes

    Yep, normally I'm playing operations in 95% with RN CLs - Leander, Fiji, Belfast, Perth, sometimes French De Grasse - all are extremely strong (especially Fiji/Leander thx strong combo heal + torps + smoke + hydro). But in Hermes french BBs, especially Richie are kings. Best team is combo of 3-4 Richies, 2 Fijis + 1-2 Algeries or Helenas. Atlanta is very fragile and Richie offers great AA (my record 95 planes down in Hermes). So bringing of Atlanta here is only for Atlanta superunicums...
  10. Max_Kammerer

    Suggestions for OP Hermes

    100% true - with Richie (secondary build) it is easy and funny (if team is not bunch of total noobs :) )
  11. Max_Kammerer

    Haida, eh?

    its a history :), now we have much better DDs here - Haida and Gadjah Mada
  12. Max_Kammerer

    Haida, eh?

    With 19p captain she is very good ship...
  13. Max_Kammerer

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    Almost 32M, but I will not convert them to the free exp points - it's crazy expensive :)
  14. Max_Kammerer

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    So, 6 containers purchased and result was: 2×1250 dublons, Massachusetts (glad for her... : ), and some camo (2×20 black, 5 of other). Finally not so bad deal :)
  15. Max_Kammerer

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    Yes, I'm not playing BBs - not interested in (to slow and not so dynamic play... :) ), and I'm very pleased if in green team are able BBs players... Every class has advantages and drawbacks - and my post was only about Harugumo, which IMHO is not so good ship - but it needs team cooperation, for you as BB captain some DD or CA with radar...