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  1. Max_Kammerer

    Lunar New Year loot

    poor reload in comparison with Akizuki (5.2 s vs. 3s), only 17 mm HE-pen on her 100 mm guns (Akizuki has 32 mm !!!), DW torps effective only against BBs and CVs. So she is a really bad sibling of Akizuki and meh-ship is only very mild name for this failed piece of shipware... PS: probably the worst (or one of...) T8 DD in the game PPS: I got her from random Asian container, tested one time and she will remain Queen of the port for the future... really BAD ship
  2. Max_Kammerer

    Official WG survey on 0.10.0

    https://checkbox.wargaming.net/update_0.10.0.survey So, some response to this awfull skippers skill rework is possible guys...
  3. Max_Kammerer

    Strasbourg Campaign Guide

    Strasbourg grind completed (check) Doubloon refund received (check) Siliwangi purchased with doubloons and 25% voucher (check) All good here! :D :D
  4. Max_Kammerer

    The most "accurate" DD ranked tier list ever made

    WR for camparison of ship quality - It is not statistic, but very bad game with completely noncomparable numbers. If you count which players have (had) Black and Neustra couple weeks ago (behind steel wall), the real quality of these ships is completely shifted. Now, Black is only good DD in comparison with Smalland, Halland, Kita or Daring. These WR-numbers are [edited] for comparing of quality of ships, because are heavily influenced by number of battles, number and quality of players (really good silver ships are massively accessible to all and played by horrible amount of bad players - viz Gearing or Halland which are great ships if properly sailed and equipped), common accessibility of ships (steel, free-exp, coal or RP wall), et cetera et cetera. The whole Mikey626 table is nonsense non plus ultra.
  5. Max_Kammerer

    400 ship club

    it's in a majority only collection of pixel botes, circa 30-40 ships played regularly...
  6. Max_Kammerer

    400 ship club

    ...still 47 is missing to the magic 400 :)
  7. Max_Kammerer

    snowflake event

    not so good, but also not so bad :D
  8. Max_Kammerer

    Help me with the choice of T7 destroyer

    Haida is great with her crawling smoke and great guns, Z-39 is interesting choice thanks her hydro and HP pool, Sims is the best ballerina of the High Seas - probably the most nimble >6 tier lollibote in the game with several gimmicks (slow long invisible torps, good AA)... Leninrad was very good in the past , but today she is only medium-good - abbysmal turret traverse, not very good torps and except high speed also bad maneuverability...
  9. 76450 coal 7050 steel 32 crates... looks good but the time :)
  10. Max_Kammerer

    New Ships Announced

    yep, nor attempt to eliminate troubles with CVs, but WG pushes into the game a lot of T-X ships with gimmicks... [edited] :(
  11. 342 in port (122 premiums or specials)
  12. Finished months ago without big problems, he is with 19pts a great skipper in my beloved Halland...
  13. Max_Kammerer

    Nerf Stalingrad and petro

    Carve it in stone... Remember Yueyang sad story - thanks to the whining of some players she was nerfed so much, that she is currently only the Queen of ports :(
  14. Max_Kammerer

    Nerf Stalingrad and petro

    After these two will be nerfed, another two ship will be in the top of the scoreboard, so they will be OP, so they have to be nerfed aslo... :) Neverending story, problem is not in some overperforming ships but with CVs after rework and MM-situations as: 1) in ranked one team has 4 radras, the second zero or one..., 2) one team has two Shimas, the scond one two Klebers... and et cetera.