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  1. just saw @wot_chikor on my team in Ranked. We won but Wot was surprisingly quiet. Normally quite a chirpy fellow?
  2. Up_The_Donald

    Ranked Commander Skills - Dubloons or Free

    Oh, that makes sense. So I've basically made an horrendous error for the future of my Yamato in random battles. Better buy some dubloons....
  3. At the start of this season's ranked battles, WG made it free to re-spec commanders as they've done before. Given the current meta for CVs etc, I re-specced my Yamato to go for more AA/secondary at the expense of stealth (a personal choice and not the subject of the post so please don't pile in on the merits of that choice). My understanding is that it usually remains free to change commander skills/specs throughout a ranked season but I note this morning the cost of changing a commander's skills is back to normal and costs dubloons. Has the policy changed or am I mistaken?
  4. Up_The_Donald

    Admiral Kuznetsov's Biography

    He still looks John Terry if you ask me
  5. Up_The_Donald

    EU Server Gone Down?

    is it down again? I can't launch the game right now - keeps terminating during the boot process.
  6. Up_The_Donald

    Ranked Hell

    Didn't take long for the first Ranked moan to start. Ironic that it's from a CV.
  7. Up_The_Donald


    I hear you buddy - see my thread about being in these games when driving a Yamato. Disgraceful.
  8. Up_The_Donald

    Yamato and Two CVs

    Actually a good mix and balance of responses here - nice to see. Especially the analysis from @Cambera_1. Also good to see that I didn't get too much grief from fellow clan member @Namuras. Maybe there is still some hope for the WG player base.
  9. Up_The_Donald

    Yamato and Two CVs

    True but with two CVs it doesn't take long to get wiped out, even when sticking close to other ships etc and it makes for a boring game for a Yamato driver (unless you follow the stunning logic offered earlier and just don't drive the thing).
  10. Up_The_Donald

    Yamato and Two CVs

    Incredible "logic". Winning.
  11. Up_The_Donald

    Yamato and Two CVs

    Being in a Yamato is enough to be a target for a CV. Two CVs seeing a Yamato results in an exponential focus on the Yamato. It isn't anything to do with making yourself an inviting target - that happens by pressing "Battle" when driving a Yamato.
  12. Up_The_Donald

    Yamato and Two CVs

    Really? What is the point of that? Bad enough when usually just one CV per team but with two there is just no escape. No matter what skill is deployed, wave after wave of aerial wig disrupting nonsense is the outcome. Taking account of RNG, potatoes, tomatoes, divisions, match-making and anything else on the list of usual gripes about gameplay - having two CVs to deal with when driving a Yamato is beyond funny. There is no skill based solution to that problem and it's just a matter of getting in some hits before the inevitable and boring outcome. I don't believe in conspiracy theories but this is encouraging me to change my mind about current gameplay meta and the devious plots of WG to bring in more and more casual wallet warriors into the game. Carry on. Donald.
  13. Up_The_Donald

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    A few thoughts of my own: 1. Overall/overwhelming feedback on Ranked Arms Race is negative. 2. Why choose Arms Race for Ranked? Is it anything to do with WG seeking wider/mass-appeal for new players looking for an arcade based experience? Any connection to the recent launch on Steam? 3. Any connection to driving players into burning through flags and camo in short/mindless games? 4. Any connection to encouraging players to buy premium ships? Basically, there is nothing in the history of the game and the careful/considered evolution of this game to explain the latest mind-fart which resulted in Ranked Arms Race and 1980's style arcade CVs being launched at the same time. What was once a tactical, challenging and rewarding experience (with the usual mix of randomness, RNG and pure luck) is now simply an arcade style turkey-shoot with the emphasis on churning games in a short a period of time as possible. I'm not the best player around but I'm not the worst either. I played approximately 50 battles on Ranked this season and got precisely nowhere (net loss of 3 stars against my original starting position). Utter waste of time, effort, flags and camo. If the intention of WG was to alienate old farts like me in pursuit of young, snowflake arcade shooters then it worked. Congratulations. Donald
  14. Up_The_Donald

    New Ranked Season

    It's just a swivel-eyed, *edited*, banzai bum rush. More like WOWS Blitz. *edited*