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  1. Up_The_Donald

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    Definitely a Mexican't not a Mexican.
  2. Up_The_Donald

    what the problem is today?

  3. Up_The_Donald

    Yamato Legendary Upgrade and other Module Choice

    correct but my question was -7 + - 7 with the answer being -14. Carry on.
  4. Up_The_Donald

    Yamato Legendary Upgrade and other Module Choice

    Thanks. On the maths point, it is actually -7 plus -7 = -14. If it was -7 minus -7 the answer would be zero. On being cancelled out, the point I was asking was that with an existing -7 does that feature of the legendary upgrade not apply because of it already applying on the existing module. Anyway - happy to see that the effects are stacked. As always, the helpful responses are appreciated and the rest are just chaff.
  5. Quick question. With the YLU selected, I receive -7% dispersion improvement. I already have AMS selected in module slot 2 which also gives -7% dispersion improvement. Does this mean I get a total of -14% dispersion improvement or is on cancelled out by the other? I'm asking because I'm considering going for the secondary battery modification in slot 2 instead now that I have the YLU. Any thoughts?
  6. Up_The_Donald

    Why perfect shell hits by the Henri cause no damage

    Who is this clown? Imposter. Nice post though.
  7. Up_The_Donald

    More content for tier 2-4

    Maybe restrict the timing of the missions to weekends and school holidays so that the kids have got something to do. Keeps them off the streets and from crossing the border.
  8. Up_The_Donald

    Remember X marks the spot?

    A minimap? Really? Mine is huge. The biggest. Ever.
  9. Up_The_Donald


    He's chumming the water and you are all taking the bait.
  10. Up_The_Donald

    Whales in the game??

    Could have been my wig?
  11. Up_The_Donald

    Another post about Divisions

    Fair point! You should let the CIA and FBI know of your incredible mind-reading skills and your ability to travel in time to see what actually happened in a match and what was going through the mind of the players. Your skills should not be kept hidden from the world. We need you.
  12. Up_The_Donald

    Another post about Divisions

  13. Up_The_Donald

    Another post about Divisions

    Oh dear - this has nothing to do with losing or winning. It's about how the MM imbalance leads to more walkovers and a less interesting match. So much anger.
  14. Up_The_Donald

    Another post about Divisions

    You're right. The scales have fallen from my eyes and I repent my erroneous ways. Of course this was a self-inflicted loss caused by passive play. I can't believe I didn't realise this sooner. Thanks for the insight.
  15. Up_The_Donald

    Another post about Divisions

    I put that through google translate but still failed to understand it. I'm guessing the post is not supportive of my point however.