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  1. Scottish_Total_War

    One on one

    Is anyone getting one on one random matches early in the morning? Talking around 4-5am. Never had one before in my 3 years of the game.
  2. Scottish_Total_War

    Doubloons Issue

    My game hasn't crashed and I'm not restricted on moving captains. Hence why I'm confused. Can use to transfer credits and use for flags just not free Xp which is weared. The only thing that could have caused this is me purchasing a teir 7 premium ship from the store. But even then it really shouldn't restrict me, should it?
  3. Scottish_Total_War

    Doubloons Issue

    Anyone else having issues of not being able to convert ship xp to free xp?
  4. Scottish_Total_War

    RNHF british only mature clan recrutment

    Love to join but what's you win ratio acceptance. Since I do loads of damage and am let down by my team.
  5. Scottish_Total_War

    New record for me

    Almsot as good as me XD