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  1. Tyskland169

    Camoflage bugs

    I got this new camo and I can only see the grey hull. When I equip it, I can only see the grey hull. I still get the bonus from the camouflage. I had this problem for 7 weeks. I hope WG can fix this issue. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/305748962315599876/314739288208179200/Camo_Bug.PNG
  2. Tyskland169

    What is it with the US cruisers hate?

    The "hate" what people are talking about is that US cruisers are garbage at higher tier, people swich always swich cruiser line, like the ijn cruisers. I think they did a mistake. I dissagree with the other players complaining on the shell arcs, learn to aim.
  3. Tyskland169

    What is it with the US cruisers hate?

    I like to brawl in the game, it brings more action in the game. I started to play usb bb line and got tired of the carriers, then i swiched to the US cruisers. They were better than i tought. It got a frustrating when i swiched to the pensacola, i tried and tried and learned the lesson about angeling. When i pretty much mastered the ship i found the cruisers to be more fun to play, specially brawling other cruisers. Im currently on Baltimore with 55k avg dmg. It is quite strong when it is used correctly. I always get underestimated while im in baltimore against tier 10 cruisers, ex DM. I cannot wait to get the Des Moines. I nother point worth mentioning is ther rudder shitft, aa defence and radar. Des Moines doesnt need torp since the insane ROF.
  4. Im only usin doubloons to not retrain the commander, im not using a premium ship or account. How many battles do i need i xp if i get 1k xp each battle?
  5. Can someone compare all these ships, stats, win rate and avg win rate?
  6. Tyskland169

    Bismarck or North Carolina?

    Can someone compare these ships?
  7. Tyskland169

    Screen record program?

    What`s the best or recomennded program to record the screen while im playing. I`ve gotten some decent games over 170k dmg i wanted to record.
  8. Tyskland169

    Same profile on EU and NA server?

    Im soon going to USA to meet my family. My cousin also play this game. Can i use the EU-server profile on the NA-server? Or do i need to create a new profile like the test server?
  9. The american cruisers fits my playstyle best. I used doubloons to test what works best, but havent gotten any improvements. I`ve reached the New Orleans, and want to continue the same build for the Baltimore and Des Moines. Please comment about your toughts and try to improve my current build, and probaly other players have the same problem as me can benefit from this. Liks below if someone wants to look closer at upgrades or commander skills. Currently Upgrades im using: Main arnaments modification 1 Damage control system modification 1 Aiming modification 1 (thinking of AA guns modification 2?) Steering gears modification 2 Concealment system modification 1 (the last slot is up to you guys what u recommend Tier 9+) Commander skills: Basic Firing Training Expert marksman Vigilance (thinking of superintendent?) Demolition Expert (adv firing training?) (On my way to get Concealment expert) http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Upgrades http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Crew_(WoWS)
  10. Tyskland169

    Having problems with installing mods

    yes, i can download modpacks, but how do i add them to the game?
  11. Tyskland169

    Having problems with installing mods

    So... when i try to download a mod pack, my computer cannot open the file. Is there an app or something you need to download mods on? and how do i add into the game?