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    Spanish Ships line

    I can"t understand why so many peolpe are saying (or even yelling) "put this to pan EU". Seriously WTF! The spanish armada is worth a full tech tree in WOWS. The variety of ships offers some interesting playstyles. There are currently some tech trees in the game with more paperships than this suggestion has. The fact that the RU BBs has only one ship build and a ton of paperships including the premiums opens the path for even implementig a BB line for spain. This is more than enough proof for introducing spain as a nation in WOWS and giving them the tech trees.
  2. Tbh there is not much left for high tier CAs. There are some Ansaldo Designs. I hope to see the First Design of the Zara with 14'000 t standard displacement.
  3. Yes, the Taranto is indeed the german Magdeburg-class Cruiser Strassburg. Sad WG used a reparation-ship for the line and not an italian built one.