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  1. OttoTTV

    Commander Skills Update

    And this is why i stopped playing wows you fucked the game up when you changed the gameplay of the Cv's then started introducing the Black ships for you're greedy little fingers and now you want more revenue from commander skills, i hope you all choke on tonight's dinner! C%#Ts!
  2. OttoTTV

    Recruitment Poster Contest - Win Big Prizes!

    #WorldofWarships #JoinTheNavy OttoTTV WALLY W4LLY
  3. Want to Win 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium? Then Simply Follow or Subscribe on the following media via the link below. competition will end 30th May. >> Rules To enter in for a chance to WIN 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium Simply Follow / Subscribe to OttoTTV on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or TwitchTv, Discord must be a player on World of Warships on EU, NA, or Asia server. Click to Enter
  4. OttoTTV

    Bug Reports

    What a joke this update with crappy FPS drops from 60-55 to 35-20 after a few minutes in the game. SORT IT OUT!
  5. OttoTTV

    Does CV (Carrier) economic need a tweak?

    Yeah i was hoping that they would introduce more on the taking side of things along with spotting damage. But could the CV earn too much at that point?
  6. Does anyone else feel that CV (Carrier) economics need a little tweak in terms of XP and silver? would you say the free XP is enough for the game play?
  7. Does anyone else feel that CV (Carrier) economics need a little tweak in terms of XP and silver? 





  8. [WALLY] & [W4LLY] On EU & NA server are recruiting, We are a Bunch of Wally's who game on a daily basics. we are a nice mix of people from all over the world. we also stream live and enter events. Also in clan giveaways. We really just play for fun we also try to compete with others while doing our daily patrol of the [7SEAS] we will also open an event called the Seven Seas Tournament in the near future and will be looking for admins. Here are a few links listed below TwitchTv: https://www.twitch.tv/ottocarius21st Seven Seas: https://www.wows-sevenseas.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/World.Of.Warships.Pc.Console Twitter: https://twitter.com/WargamingOtto Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OttoCarius21stPanzerfaustclan Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wally1 Discord: https://discord.gg/kPSUaPK Our mission: To build a community who will band together and use teamwork and communication to play what we believe is a new and unique style of MMO. Please no: Trolling, spamming, harassment, political chat. Advertising unless been authorised to do so. Messaging the DEVs directly. Please do: Have fun. Ask questions. Invite your friends & spread the word about our Discord → https://discord.gg/kPSUaPK Please be respectful and considerate of all members of the community, remember nobody really likes an armchair general. Please follow our channels:
  9. Appreciate it, But how would you deal with 7 dd's? if you was up against them
  10. Well its not about that because they did not do too well but still won. the question you should be asking why no CV's and only 1 BB but yet 7 DD's are allowed
  11. well not mention was about the name it was the ships i'm sure others are doing the same too so please don't try and get a raise out of it Tungsonid
  12. Are you guys joking me 7 dd's in a clan battle are you trying to get teams to play the clan battles or just have idiots roaming around the maps with 7 dd's? Well done Wargaming (World of Warships). this game as fast become a joke. i'm ashamed i've put so much money into this game and so many prizes for viewers.
  13. OttoTTV

    New ship preview: Monarch

    This line is an insult, World class ship builders and the technology the British navy had and you give us crap like this????
  14. OttoTTV

    Beta - Seven Seas Tournament

    The Seven Seas Tournament Beta Hello guys and welcome to the launch of a new event called The Seven Seas Tournament. This event has been created by members from the World of Warships Community, And The Bunch of Wally's team from your very own EU server. The Seven Seas Tournament is a friendly way other World of Warships players can battle an opposing team, showing the world what they're made of by sinking tons of enemy shipping to be the victors. The set up has been designed to encourage Players to engage and strategically, Manoeuvre around the theatre of war and send them souls down to Davy Jones locker. Prizes yet to be announced. Scroll down for the main rules and visit the Seven Seas Tournament website for full information. The Seven Seas Tournament is officially upon us. Registration opens 01/08/2017 with the first round starting on the 18th of August, And continuing every weekend until the final. Teams registering before this date will not be accepted. All times will be set by UTC. Between 17:00 to 00.00 Friday to Sunday,Also you can check yours time zone <here> Also feel free to sign up for our mailing list via the website. This way you will have signposting announcements, emailed to you. Such as registration opening dates. <Subscribe> Quick Look At The Rules Registration Opening Soon 01/08/2017 ⦁ Registration ⦁ One player is chosen as Team Captain and is to register their team. <Register> ⦁ Each game consists of 7 players per team. ⦁ Team Captains can register up to 10 players. (3 reserve players). ⦁ Captains may change a team’s roster; however, it must be done prior to the changes deadline. 48 hours before tournament starts. ⦁ Each clan can only enter 1 team. (Please read FAQ Question #9). ⦁ All team players must be members of the same clan. (Please read FAQ Question #9. ⦁ Registrations and changes received after the deadline will not be accepted. ⦁ Discord will be used to coordinate the start of each match. Using Discord is mandatory (It’s free to use - see below). ⦁ The registration confirmation email will contain a link to the Discord channel; Team Captains will need to distribute this link to their team. ⦁ All times will be set by UTC. Between 17:00 to 00.00 Friday to Sunday,Also you can check yours time zone <here> Teams ⦁ Players ⦁ Players Must have 7 players and can have up to 3 more as reserves. ⦁ Seven players must be present ten minutes before the battle start time in discord. ⦁ The team who is a player short, will still play as normal. ⦁ A team that does not show will be taken off any future Tournaments. ⦁ A player abusing any member of Staff or other player will be given a Strike, Receive 3 and you are gone. ⦁ Once a battle has finished players may switch around with reserves. ⦁ Each Team/clan can only enter one team. ⦁ Teams/clans can have a second team entering only if it's a totally different name. ie WALLY - W4LLY will be accepted. Ships ⦁ Rules Around Ships ⦁ Ships ⦁ All ships must be Tier 6. ⦁ Team members must ALL be using a different ship (IE: Your team cannot take 2x Leander’s into the same battle). ⦁ Teams will consist of 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Destroyer, 2 Cruisers and 2 Battleships. ⦁ The 7th ship may be either a Cruiser or a Battleship Discord ⦁ Discord ⦁ All players must be connected to the Discord server (and in their assigned channel) at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their match. ⦁ Groups and channels will be designated for each team, allowing you free voice communication during each match. ⦁ You may use other systems for in-game communication (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc); however, every team member must still be connected to their Discord channel. ⦁ Players are not allowed in Mod chat rooms; access levels have been set to reduce confusion. ⦁ Only team members (and Moderators) will have access to a team’s individual voice channel. ⦁ Players will not be able to join other team’s voice channel. Keep Connected Anyone wishing to ask any questions feel free to join some of our many social media channels. Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube TwitchTv FAQ's Your FAQ's ⦁ #1 What if the number of teams registering is not divisible by 4, for the preliminary stage of the tournament? We will use some groups of 3 or 5 and re-balance how many teams progress from each group. Seeding is based on team registration times; the first registered team will be slightly more favoured, but minimally. ⦁ #2 I use Mods in World of Warships, can I use these Mods in the tournament? Wargaming’s terms of use policy is still in effect. Currently all modifications offered in the ‘Aslain’s Mod Pack’ are fine as Wargaming permits their use. Using any banned mods, such as “War Pack”, is considered cheating and will result in the player being permanently banned from this and future tournaments, a report given to Wargaming and that player’s team will be immediately dismissed from the tournament. ⦁ #3 What if there aren’t very many teams who register? Will there still be a ‘preliminary stage’ to the tournament? Yes. The preliminary stage will still be used to determine the seeding into the tournament with more teams per group progressing. A key principle of the tournament is to play, have fun, and encourage more players to take part. In all circumstances, every team registering will have the opportunity to play more than just 1 or 2 battles. ⦁ #4 What if some of my team cannot make it and I don’t have 7 players? You can play shorthanded, but will still have the same limits on ship type selection. IE: Only 1 destroyer. ⦁ #5 If I know one or more of my team have a good reason for being unable to be at the game, can I nominate someone else to fill the space? No. There is a ‘reserve player’ system in place and why captains can name up to 10 players when registering. If the reason is more serious, please contact one of the moderators as soon as possible. ⦁ #6 What if there is a technical problem, causing significant interruption to the game? One player experiencing lag or connection issues is unfortunate, but the game will continue. If the server itself, for example, is the problem, then the game will be aborted and rescheduled. Any decision will be at the sole discretion of Tournament Staff. ⦁ #7 I have a Tier 5 destroyer that I would rather use, can I? No. All ships must be tier 6. ⦁ #8 A member of my team accidentally had a Tier 7 ship selected when battle started, what happens? If anyone takes an incorrect ship into a game (such as 2x Destroyers, or a different Tier ship), the game will be aborted and restarted. Strikes may be given to the person and/or the team as a whole if it happens again. Accidents can happen, but please try to avoid them. ⦁ #9 Can my team consist of players from different clans? No. Each clan is only allowed to register one team. We consider [WALLY] and [W4LLY] to be different clans. For example: One full team of [WALLY] and one full team of [W4LLY] – Yes. One team with both [WALLY] and [W4LLY] members – No. Two full teams of [WALLY] – No. Half the team with [WALLY] and half the team with [OTHER] – No. ⦁ #10 I am not a member of a clan, can I still take part in the tournament? All teams need to be associated with a clan. If your team does not have a clan, you can always start one yourself, or there are plenty of clans looking for more members. ⦁ #11 Have a question about discord – good to explain that although discord is mandatory, you don’t need to pay anything or install any software on your computer, if you don’t want to. This is important to help remove reasons why someone might not want to take part. And also something about there’s a general chat channel in Discord to talk to everyone and anyone before and after battles – meet some new friends ⦁ #12 My clan normally uses Teamspeak, do we have to use Discord to talk? No. You can use other systems for your in-game communication (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc); however, every team member must still be connected to their Discord channel as described in the tournament details. Please keep in mind that The Seven Seas Tournament is still a Beta, And we are testing the water to see what response we receive by the community. Our main aim is to help people connect with new players from around the world, Making the World of Warships community Stronger. We also designed this event for new and experienced players to engage in a sporting manner. If you do not have a team of 7 to 10 players and want to join a team, Then feel free to join the WALLY clan <Discord.> And also join the Seven Seas <forum> and make it known you are searching for a team. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, Hope to see you all out on the high seas. Good luck fellow captains
  15. The Big MightyMo Giveaway (Missouri) (30,500 - Doubloons) LAST CHANCE TO EARN YOURSELF RATIONS BEFORE THE GIVEAWAY. 26/04/2017 21:00 pm BST Well that time has come around again, When i will be giving away (30,500) Doubloons to 1 lucky winner. The winner can convert their XP to free XP for the MightyMo or you can choose to do what you want with it. To be in with a chance to win the big doubloons package Simply pop along to the stream on TwitchTV press that follow button. Every new follower will be given 200 rations to help start them off, The more rations you have, means more tickets you can get on the Giveaway day. if you Would also like to earn more rations each week you can also follow on YouTube and Twitter via Revlo each week you will be given 500 rations without being in the channel Earn yourself Rations for each minute you view, One minute equals 1 ration. Your rations can be used to perches Tickets for giveaways, Or Unlock rewards from Revlo. You must also be a follower or Subscriber, to enter any giveaways on this channel. All Subscribers receive three times the chance to win on giveaways. Good luck and fair sea's Terms and conditions Must be a player on EU & NA, must also be a follower, And must also be active at the time of the giveaway. If the player does not respond after 5 minutes the giveaway will be re-drawn. Otto TwitchTv