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  1. Chiledip

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    Agreed. This stream and some older ones from SO always left me less positive about the future development of the game. At least part of this may as you said, be down to language and cultural differences. The difficulty is how to determine how much is down to these reasons and how much is it that the devs are in a world of their own without a clear vision of how they want the game to be. I think that there is some of both at play here. People knew beforehand what the CV rework would do to DD play and had a decent idea of how the meta would change to become somehow even more risk averse and passive. Surely the devs knew that too didn't they? As they design this game with their statistics, almost every change that they make compounds the basic problems of the game. Passive play, lack of objective play, too many jack of all trades selfish BB in the game and all of the rest. The devs needed to address the problems that the game has, with this rework they have made them much much worse. And it was pretty obvious that would happen. So when someone comes on with their limited language skills and their russian "I know best" demeanour, citing statistics only and brushing off legitimate concerns like they are mere dandruff, people will lose hope. Sure Crysantos, Conway are listening. Of course these guys get what is being said here. However the dev team appear to be in a bubble and are only listening to the extent that their "statistics" tell them to. For me the problem with this game is the methodology of the dev team. Creating something solely with metrics and mathematics results in this artless piece of work and these interviews make this all to apparent.
  2. Chiledip

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Not buying it, even if it was OP and/or super fun. The ship may have little resemblance to the ship it will be in 12 months time, It may not even be in the same tier. In the same way that I am not going to go back to a restaurant who swap your 16oz ribeye for a poached egg half way through eating it. WG took premiums off the table for me and I don't even own a GC.
  3. Chiledip

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    One thing after another with WG. No more premiums for me, really would be stupid if I ever buy another.
  4. Chiledip

    Sorry but i have to say it

    There have been less nerf hammers for the BBs and we have seen more tweeking here in general. Lets not get too tribal though, they too have received some pretty big changes such as Ap nerf vs DDs. IMO the bigger problem here is the size of the changes. Ask yourself this. If the CV rework is proving so problematic, a class that has been in the game now for a while, how on earth is the submarine introduction going to change things? I question how WG keep wanting to add things to the game without getting the game as is right. If you keep building an extra floor on a wobbly house, the house is getting bigger but not better. The future changes also get bigger and far more expensive. My big problem I have with the game is the playerbase. In particular, the fact that a majority of players are unaware of the role that they should be playing in the game. The lack of fundamental knowledge, the basics. This is not being helped by the constant huge changes to the game. Wg need to get some clarity in their vision of what this game should look like and play like. That vision to me seems like it is being driven by an aspergic design philosophy that is short termist and unable to read the clear warning signs.
  5. Chiledip

    Sorry but i have to say it

    For me the issue has always been the same. WG doesn't seem to do small changes. They don't just move the goalposts a few feet, they move them to a new country! I look at my premiums and the many ships I have that have perma camo, pretty much none of them are the ships that I invested in. It is almost impossible to plan for the future in this game which for me is problematic. The wasted money/time/effort leaves a pretty bad taste! Can we infer by these large changes that the game is so off the mark that we do not have a strong basis , are the foundations themselves the problem? If the basic game concept was strong then changes would come in the form of tweeks rather than the sweeping changes that we see wouldn't they?. Or are these radical changes driven by other factors, be they financial and/or others? I have always said it, it is my opinion that WG rely far too heavily on statistics. Statistics are only as good as the people who are interpreting them. They are only as good as the questions that you try to answer by analysing them! They always have limitations and should always be accompanied with caveats. I have seen no evidence that WG recognise these limitations, they seem to go in the direction where the numbers (alone) indicate is the best direction. IMO WG have always "painted by numbers" and when we end up with something that is functional but nothing close to a work of art, it shouldn't be a surprise. I would say though that WG are comminicating far better than they were. There is at least hope now that their flawed design philosophy one day may actually get the nuance that is so badly needed. One day they will use metrics to guide them rather than ruling them which is what we have now IMO.
  6. Chiledip


    I really hope that is aimed at the OP for trolling and not me? To say that women didn't fight in WW2 is pretty insulting for families like ours and there was no way on earth that I wasn't going to correct that fallacy!
  7. Chiledip


    That is not correct. My grandmother was a staff sergeant in a unit called the ATS. She commanded an anti aircraft post and endured worse conditions and did more for the war effort than her husband,my grandad who was a regular in the Warwickshire regiment. She also had more stripes. She was a very special person indeed who commanded respect wherever she went! A true warrior, a great leader and a great human being! RIP Nan, these people will never know!
  8. Chiledip

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    Looks like more server problems. I'm logged in but "purchase dubloons" and "account" have warning signal on them for me with the message "service not available". If we complain enough maybe WG will give us 1 signal each as compensation.
  9. Chiledip


    I guess its horses for courses. We both see the limitations and probably agree on most but are affected in different ways. For me, playing with and against my peers on a level playing field is the fundamentals to me enjoying a game. It isn't helped by the fact that random battles feel like what I do as a day job with the extra kick that some of these players are actually team mates. Difference is I get paid to play poker, I pay to play wows. I think if you have been competitive in your life, it is difficult to accept random mm. I can't play any game without trying to win. My pal and I played alternative games on his account maybe 3 years ago when he was getting me into the game. Each Friday night we would meet up to drink some beer and play some ships. The 3rd time I played I told him that I thought I knew who would win each game before a shot is fired. We bet £1 per game and I would guess if our team or the opposition would win. We played 18 games and I was £14 up by the end of the night. 1 of the 2 that I got wrong was when his team all lemming trained east on 2 brothers in a standard battle, literally every player except my pal. I predicted a loss but was wrong because the opposition all lemming trained the same way! Players going backwards from the start,some racing to the map border, others spawning c and going to a. When a team actually played the objectives and weren't copping out from the first second was a rarity, but was almost always rewarded with a win. Those teams filled with scared players trying to hide behind their teammates and not be shot always lost. You know if you are in trouble in the first 20 seconds,before a shot has even been fired. That's how bad the player base was even then. now its a farce. in a way I agree that WG doesn't educate and with the random mm model,that is a disaster. However I am still puzzled how wows has managed to attract such a selfish, non team playing playerbase. If you have ever played any team game, ever, you would know that you need to support your teammates at the very least. I guess that a majority of f2p "gamers" are selfish little basement-dwelling outcasts who have no thoughts for anything other than doing what they want. As you say, the economy needs to be used as a tool to stop players playing like winning doesnt matter. I propose that the losing team earn 0 XP and 0 credits, the winners maybe 40-50% more than currently. Problem is that even the worst players win 2 games in 5, even an afk player does. So therefore he will still be earning 66% as often as a 60% WR player would. Not playing the objectives and being a selfish, risk averse idiot needs to be punished much harder by the xp system Maybe each team needs to have a "commander" or 2 with voice comms to instruct the team. However the snowflakes might not cope with that.
  10. Chiledip


    I can't disagree with much of that and you have given me food for thought. My experience (as well as most others who have done anything at a high level competitively) tells me that I can only be judged when I am playing against my equals, my peers. Taking on all comers ends up in a clusterf£££ of a game with no structure and with varying will to win. Random mm is not competitive at all IMO,its faux competitive. It pretends to be but it clearly isn't. And it isn't fun or rewarding (for me anyway). Its like the park football analogy, you are playing with 1 guy on the phone, 1 guy playing with no shoes on, 1 is chatting up your girlfriend on the sidelines and of the other 7 teammates, 6 play on the right wing. It may be ok though, the opponent has 1 robot, 1 90 year old blind guy, his dog who is the star player, his cat who hates football and 7 people who like to hold hands and sing while doing laps of the pitch. Now, as a young man into football many years ago, I would have been put oiff a game like that, like I have been here. The least that you need is that people are at least doing the fundamentals else its a horrible,unrewarding mess. This game was random MM when I got here so I can't even ask for a change. I gotta take it or leave it. I certainly wouldn't want to change from random mm to skill based as this would kill the part of the player base that this game needs to hold onto.From a personal sense though it will stop me from ever getting into the game as quite honestly, random mm stresses me out! Takes a bit to get me mad but random mm here does it to me fast. I guess that is the main selling point and driver to make people spend the money. I would like a permanemt ranked mode with no irrevocable levels to run alongside random mm if/when the population could support this. I play poker professionally,have done now for well over a decade. I can't play the game for fun for the most part because most of the 80,000 tournaments I have ever played, almost all have been against randoms. In the last 10 years I can think of only 9 or 10 tournaments which have been memorable or fun and they were smaller events against only solid pros. Only 9 or 10 times in 10 years my game has been tested and I learned more in those touraments than all of the others combined. Its a wholly different skillset to beat people on your level than it is to shoot all of the fish in the barrel. Random mm might be ok for some, but for most truely competitive people its a huge turn off.
  11. Chiledip


    With all due respect, random MM is the issue. How long can you play football at the local park with random people without getting bored/frustrated/injured? That is ok for people who are not really into football, who just want to kick a ball and some people. It is not ok if you actually want to play a decent game. Same for any sport I have ever played in my life, random mm would have meant I wouldn't have played it because its crap. Just think if counter strike only had random mm (casual)? That would be a great game I don't think! Literally can't think of 1 game/sport that is better with random mm. not 1! But some people think that this game is better with random mm and random only. What makes this game different from every other game or sport that I have ever been involved with? Pretty simple,there isn't any. Who knows if skill based mm would have no impact? Again nobody does because it hasn't been done. I don't have a crystal ball, you may do. One thing for sure is,if you moan about the random players,don't defend the random mm!
  12. Chiledip


    I can't advocate a change in random MM because of just that. However what you are left with is a really unpleasant,unrewarding game mode which is here to stay and getting worse. To be honest, I stick around in the hope that a second permanent game mode is introduced, a skill based one. I doubt that the population will ever be big enough to accomodate this however. Replacing random with skill based would be very detrimental,adding a second mode (if population allowed) would be a great alternative All I am saying is that if you are a fan of random MM, don't complain about the results of your preferences. Most of those who complain, love random mm and defend it with great verve. That's not really joined-up thinking is it?
  13. Chiledip


    Just accidentally played a random battle. That will cure me from doing so again for a while. Had 4 dds, 2 divs of 2dds each. 2 to a, 2 to c, gave up b and a pretty obvious loss. Not my definition of fun or engaging any more than having teeth pulled. I question why I still play, surely I am not dumb enough to think its going to get any better. Just to think many of you endure that many times per day, you must all be sadistic or something. There is still an unwillingness of the majority to move forward at the start of the battle and after that its a race to the map border. The main mode of play will always be random battle and therefore I will never enjoy pvp and pve is pretty boring. I think about every sport or game which I have ever played for fun and I concluded that if any of them were "random" in terms of its team makeup, I would not have enjoyed or played any of them. Seems many of those who moan most about other players are often those who defend random mm the most vehemently. The situation we have right now is an inevitable effect of random mm. As random mm is going nowhere, prepare yourselves for things to get a lot worse without much hope that it will ever then get better.
  14. Chiledip

    Last Prinz directive

    You are making more of this than it is. With premium ship and premium time I average over 100k credits per game. If I only used premiums then I would have had to have played maybe 180 games. In 6 days thats 30 per day. 30 co op games takes maybe 3 hours or so per day. For 14 days thats 13 games per day. Which is 1hour 30 minutes or so per day. Not too much too ask of WG, it has to be a little bit of a challenge. Without premium it should take little more than 2 hours per day for 14 days with no flags or camo. All you have to do is TURNOVER 24 million credits in 14 days, thats not much in any game mode.
  15. Chiledip

    Last Prinz directive

    As it happens, it is very easily doable in co-op. I didn't use any signals or camos but with premium I did the mission in co-op already and there is over a week left. Seen quite a few others doing the same. Compared to the old days this mission is much more achievable for co-op players and new players IMO.