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  1. Keep going Hanse, no point having all of those ships if you don't torture yourself with them once or twice per year! I will be playing all of the rest of mine except 1 ship (a cv). i am willing to endure the weeb ships but that cv is just too much. In my 7 SCs, I got 15k coal x1, 1x 50camos, 100m normal flags x3, 1 x 25 special flags and a crap but very welcome Duke of York, the first premium from a SC I have ever had.
  2. Chiledip

    KII - 9900 doublons - worth?

    Nope. Not what I would buy
  3. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    I think that you are right. When I read OP I was going to give quite a different response. I was going to explain that good and bad runs are common,even in provably fair systems. Part of it is rng and part is self inflicted by a player's emotions in a game where skill plays a part. It is very much a thing. Tossing a coin many times can unearth some weird runs of many heads or tails. It is also pretty surprising how many times you have to toss that coin in order for your findings to be statistically significant. Sample sizes need to be large. However it is quite a different thing throwing the tinfoil hat and conspiracy theory tags around. Players should question things because they would be naive if they didn't. I agree that OP was brave and was waiting for the braindead replies from those who are pretty good at learning "what" to think and will never realise that they never learned "how" to think. The groupthink was palpable and the lemming train was on it's way. A tech company uses data and studies behaviour, they then use the info that they have to maximise profits. All of them do. They all tailor their products and services to retain most customers and maximise profit. this is standard business practice and is quite legal. I think that most people know that. So knowing that, what kind of mental gymnastics would you have to perform to take the position that so many do. They belittle those who don't accept a company's word, a company who's main objective is to make profit, There isn't enough transparency for any rational person to make that leap of faith. AA has been balanced. Not on the basis that it was OP. It was nerfed on the basis that there isn't enough CV players. i have seen video of this from the CC meeting and presentation as I am sure many have. This is a prime example of where retention and profit are far more important than balance and fairness.This should not surprise anyone but some might dare to call me a conspiracy theorist for saying it.
  4. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    Its you that started blabbering about faith wasn't it? Pot, kettle? Back to the point. At no point in this discussion have I said that WG are doing this or that or the other in particular. I have no idea what they are doing. I have pointed out that they are a non regualed company who will be using the extensive data that they have to their financial advantage and it will have a huge input into the game design. I have explained why that is likely as every other company does it. they can stay well within any law and do it so why wouldn't they? I think that you would need to be quite a conspiracy theorist to argue with that!
  5. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    Good faith has nothing to do with faith It is honesty and integrity which is the foundation of any discussion that any of us have that is worthwhile. Discussing things in bad faith is not something anyone should be willing to do. With that in mind, please reassess what you just wrote and feel the embarassment that is indeed due Were you playing a word association game there?
  6. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    No its called only being willing to discuss things in "good faith". Quite a difference.
  7. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    It always has been easy for you Colonel,or should i say simple. There is no thought in what you do. You enter a discussion on the side of WG every time and muddy the water. Engaging in conversation with you is pointless, maybe you are AI or something. You will just derail everything that you don't like because thats what you are programmed to do. No more replies from me to you as you genuinely give me the creeps and remain blocked.
  8. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    Are you saying that technology companies are not known to use data almost entirely influence product design to maximise profit? Are you saying that they don't notoriously use data to offer a tailored personalised experience to users to maximise profit. The numbers lead design and the number one number is profit. Player retention and everything else will be closely analysed, you know it will. Fairness will not even be a metric. Maybe "perception of unfairness" may well be. Wg probably know our in-game habits individually better than we do. That's their job. Customer insight is always a strength in the sector that they work in. So you are saying that they don't leverage that info? C'mon please, of course they do. Their overt design methodology is wholly data driven, do you think they get all moral or something when it comes to the profitability metrics? First post that I have read of yours for years as you are 1 of 2 people on my block list. Genuinely never seen you say anything that is not in defence of WG, I guess that didn't change.
  9. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    the problem here is we are in the realm of "what ifs". Its conjecture. Which is fine if it's discussed as such. For example Wg may have data that suggests that certain players play more/spend more if they experience a certain thing. For example, 1 group of users may spend more if they experience good and bad streaky runs. They may see and act upon any user's trends and tendencies to maximise profits. Not saying that they do, just a for example. People's behaviour can be strange and is often unknown to themselves. I was mentoring a poker player a few years ago/ He was a very good player in a lot of ways but only achieved a 15% win rate. When i looked at his numbers in more depth I saw the problem. He played 30 tournaments a day when everything was going badly and was playing on tilt. On the days where he was in control and playing well, he averaged playing 10 per day. He played much more because of his bad run and spent more. When he was successful he became satisfied and switched off. Frustration fuelled him, success took away his energy. Once he played a fixed number of tournaments he ran at 40% profit for many years We do not have the data but be assured WG do. Very unlikely that they are not acting upon it, in fact it would be negligent to their owners/shareholders if they didn't.
  10. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    I am not here to speculate about things that could happen. I am not suggesting that WG is rigging the game in this way or that way. I do not have the data that they have and don't know how they are interpretting that to make the game as profitable as it can be. All I know is that they are a company and like all companies profit and sustainability is likely to be king. Having blind trust in companies to be fair is probably not a good idea. Even companies who are regulated are found to be manipulating things and unregulated industry is often the wild west (like the csgo gambling). I am talking in a general way. WG is not regulated and as far as I know the algorithms used cannot be verified as provably fair. If i am to use Occam's Razor I would come to a different conclusion to what you have. I would find it very hard to believe that WG wouldn't use every legal means at their disposal to maximise profits like every other large company does. They would have to be an exception to the rule if they didn't.
  11. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    Oh the "conspiracy theory" card being played. There are 2 conspiracy theories at play here. The first is the conspiracy that everything is totally random. Everything is above board. you are using your gut feelings to be on this side. The second is that everything is rigged,lots of emotion in that 1 too. Both conspiracy theories not based on any evidence. The true answer that any thinking person has is this. We don't know. Because we don't. Saying we do is not what I would expect from a "!scientist". I do evidence based facts only, not your conspiracy theory.
  12. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    WG system is not a "provably fair" system as far as I am aware. Therefore rational people can see that it is a trust system, you have to trust that its fair. It is up to the individual to have whatever level of trust in WG that they see fit. It would be WG that would need to prove otherwise, as operators in my industry have to. Until they do that it is unproven. And politely, stop with the my dear stuff. Stick to the point.
  13. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    The RNG has not been verified by any independent body as being random has it? Therefore any rational human being would say that whether it is random or not is unknown. We have no proof either way. What a company claim should not be the starting hypothesis as there is no evidence of this.
  14. Chiledip

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    I question RNG randomness in general. As a poker player I have to. This game has alot of RNG in it and could be the easiest way of achieving balance, A little tweak here and there could achieve things without being provable. I have to trust the site I am playing on. Some sites have proven to not be trustworthy and many are trustworthy. The question is, do you trust WG? Have they given you enough evidence that you can see that it is trustworthy. You are right to question and to have suspicion. Sadly these days people have been trained not to question things and to belittle those who do. People are taught "what" to think these days and never learn "how" to think. From what I know of the MM system, which could be wrong,you need blind faith in WG to believe that it is fair. It isn't an open system which can be looked at, it hasn't been given the thumbs up by an independent trustworthy body for being truly random. We only have the word of WG. You are stupid if you don't question it. Not saying it is unfair, I am saying none of us know! Whatever it is or isn't is difficult to prove either way. There is a distribution in WR which suggests that if there is an "equaliser" in the MM system, it might tighten up the distribution but it isn't strong, if it is there at all. The point is that we don't know. We don't know if the citadels that we do, don't get aand receive are 100% random or the gaps in our torps. That all comes down to our trust in WG. So why you get the "tinfoil hat" comments,it is a sign of the times that we live where people can't think for themselves. From my point of view, WG haven't provided me with enough evidence that I wouldn't be suspicious. From what I have seen of the company over the years I am right not to trust them 100% and would be more surprised if they weren't playing with RNG in some ways than if they were. Either way it is insane to blindly trust them, as it is with most companies.
  15. Chiledip

    A lot of Super Containers lately

    Had about 6, in thousands of containers. Had one the other day, first one in nearly a year. Never had anything but flags or camos when I have had them. About 12 months ago I decided to cut out all spending on crates, t6 to 9 perma camos and all premium ships until my rng improved. Didn't work but saved me a fortune so far. I get about 2 per year whatever i spend, however much i play. #runsbadman