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  1. Chiledip

    french ships, with premature guns.

    Who cares what "she" says? I think the faster you fire the faster you reload, maybe enabling the double strike!
  2. Chiledip

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    tyvm, they look great now!
  3. Chiledip

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    Just bought them, no containers. If I had bought containers I would have got more I am sure, but probably not the ships I wanted.
  4. Chiledip

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    I got atago and derpitz b. Must be too early for me though,can't find the black camos in "exterior" and they both look naked. Must be a bug somewhere,either in my eyes/brain or in the game.
  5. Chiledip

    New EULA is incredibly unethical.

    The things I bought previously are not covered by that eula. They cannot claim retrospectively that this is the case, It would be like buying a car from a dealership and 12 months later the dealership telling you that you are only leasing the car. Now that the EULA is in place, I will not buy anything else. Simples.
  6. The thing is with lemming trains, you rarely see them lemminging to a B (central) cap. If there was a Z cap,that would be where they would head for. It is usually made up of a bunch of players who have the mentality of "safety in numbers" and "I don't want to be focussed" and other such mindsets, generally very risk averse. These type of players are unlikely to lemming aggressively are they? Hard to set up crossfires when the team lemmings down the 1 line, with some "covering" fire from risk averse battleships sitting back at marathon distance. You see the lemming forming at the start of the game. Some going backwards, some backwards and sideways, some just about forward but far more sideways and the rest don't start moving until at least 90 seconds into the battle. They have a race to see who won't get spotted and when the gunfire starts they stall. Well, they have been stalling from the first moves of the game. Lemming trains are not filled with aggression, they are filled with weakness and fear. "Sailing in formation"? What formation? The one they spawned in? The ones you see on the news? Lets put it this way. If Manchester united decided that they were going to play 6 left wingers and 5 left backs, would they win? If the England rugby team played with 15 forwards (all in a big group in a lovely formation) and no backs, would they win? In sport you need a presence in most areas of the pitch or you will be beaten easily. In this game you need a presence at other cap(s) if for no other reason than you don't want the enemy to push through the other caps (as they obviously will) and surround you. Their job is not to take the other caps necessarily but to prevent the enemy from taking the cap for as long as possible. Lemmings could work if those who are doing it were super aggressive. But they aren't and never will be.
  7. Chiledip

    Supercontainer Incidence

    Had 4 SC in 589 containers which is about 0.66%. Generally go for signals and camos though. Maybe I should try my luck a little more although as Rodney Trotter said, "if there's such a thing as reincarnation, knowing my luck, I'll come back as me". So maybe I will stick with the signals.
  8. Chiledip

    Can't connet to server

    Another hour. They had to shoot the hamsters because they protested against the new Stupid Mugs Licensing Agreement. New, more compliant hamsters are being sought.
  9. Chiledip

    0.7.5 and new EULA

    I believe it means that premiums are at risk at being directly changed. Also sounds like they are expecting dissent..... and want to stop it, Kremlin style. So what happens if you decline to agree with the EULA? I dare say that you will not be able to play at all. Sounds like you have a choice between getting your game taken away or your rights. What a shame ,thought WG was improving, but it seems not. There will be the usual 2 or 3 WG apologists that will enter the thread imminently and start to belittle people but the fact remains, this is as crooked as a 9 euro bank note.
  10. Chiledip

    what i hate right now

    Which ship exactly? A French premium T4 or T5? And what ship were you in? The fact that it was a premium ship may not be the reason you got owned. Maybe you were in the wrong place or at the wrong angle? Maybe he was an experienced player.
  11. Definitely need to do something. Duplicate names shouldn't be a thing. Got 2 captains called Oleg Vyazemskiy with the same picture and have been close to making a mistake more than once.
  12. Chiledip

    All it took was just one battle

    If he calls the 2016 edition, he is a man hater as well as an entitled whiner!
  13. Chiledip

    Call that FAIR Match making?

    OP. Most people in this game are playing checkers, some are playing chess. No disrespect, you seem to be playing hopscotch. Have you ever used radar?
  14. Chiledip

    New US Cruiser line :)

    I agree and don't agree. I agree Cleveland is the bigger problem for all the reasons that you have listed. I would add that the popularity of the Cleveland vs the Ognevoi adds a little more expectation. I also agree that balancing Gnevny and Ognevoi ought to have been easier. However, the Gnevny is by far the worst gnevny in the game. Nobody could suggest that this is balanced. The ognevoi was given a bit more health,better torps and was uptiered twice. Clearly the weakest T8 DD IMO and always will be. Basically because it's an average T6 ship that was half buffed to be a T8 ship, i.e a T7 ship at best. I hope I am wrong but the Cleveland does look like a repeat of Ognevoi.
  15. Chiledip

    New US Cruiser line :)

    Cleveland is ognevoi mkII. Uptier to tier 8 and give the tier 6 ship its new modules and all will be fine apparantly. Looks to me like the cleveland is a situational ship that will heavily prefer division play. Also looks like I lost a good tier 6 ship and gained 2 poor ships that I don't want to play again. Same happened in RU DD split, ognevoi at T8 and a nerfed fushun/anshan at tier 6, worst 2 ships of that line by far. That is what we received for the decent T6 Ognevoi. New US CL line looks meh to me, but after the RU DD split,that is exactly what I expected.