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  1. HipHipHipper

    World of Warships is cheating too?

    Oh god what ever are we supposed to do! First WASD hacks, and now this
  2. HipHipHipper

    Preview: New Ships Galore!

    Ahh... more Italian ships I have only a few words for WG “shut up and take my money!”
  3. HipHipHipper

    What happend to Ashitaka?

    I’m a massive fan of the stock a hull configurations for the IJN battleships “the looks only they where an atrocity to play”, but WG being who they are have other things in mind such as stronk STALINIUM battleships.
  4. HipHipHipper

    October Revolution Battleship Premium Camo

    Most likely not, knowing WG they probably charge you to remove it. So I guess they get the last laugh
  5. HipHipHipper

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    Izumo was the sole reason why I decided against grinding the IJN’s BB line. I don’t regret the decision, and plus I got to grind ze Germans instead.
  6. HipHipHipper

    October Revolution - Skills and upgrades

    Opinions do differ, and I agree that it’s better than the “murica” Stars and Stripes camo. I tried to unlock the Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya for free but utterly failed when I couldn’t achieve the 1600 base xp requiement so I decided to spare my self the embarrassment and buy it. This is the first time I have been quoted so I guess it’s a personal achievement
  7. HipHipHipper

    stop repair a single fire when you are playing BB!!!!

    It’s tradition for us BB captains along with sailing in straight lines with destroyers lurking around, and cruise straight in to a smoke screen that’s attacking you
  8. HipHipHipper

    Best performing tier V BB in tier VII matchmaking

    The Glorious STALINIUM, Great ap shells, tanky against cruisers, and responsive rudder shift time. Need I say more
  9. HipHipHipper

    October Revolution - Skills and upgrades

    Honestly I can’t fault the ship “besides for the 8 year turrent rotation” decent armour, great ap, tanks shots from cruisers with ease, and has the brightest camo know to man. For anyone judging the looks I think it looks gorgeous.
  10. HipHipHipper

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    They might do the same thing as the Warspite, release the premium ship wait a couple of years, and then bring the full Italian battleship line. By that time thought they’ll probably release soviet carriers “god that’s a scary thought”
  11. HipHipHipper

    Musashi, How much free xp?

    I’d say 750k-900k at most, or else it gets to expensive to convert all that free xp. Maybe it’s a reward ship for a special event who knows?
  12. HipHipHipper

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Honestly I like the ship, it’s nothing special just takes a bit of time to get used to that’s all.