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    'CRITICAL ERROR' - Message Issue

    Good day fellow captains! I am writing about an issue which I have had in the current update and in very few others. Sometimes randomly at anytime during an update when logging on I will go log into the game as usual but my login details are missing... I know now that when I see this that the game will not let me log in and will give me the critical error message when doing so. This requires me to close the game and go back into it but unfortunately everything has been RESET including Graphics Gameplay All ships map settings Sound Controls This is now extremely annoying as it takes a good 10 minutes to get everything back to my original liking. Something that is weird also is that my computer wanted to do an update the evening I was shutting my PC down, but instead I decided not to do it. I do not think this has any correlation though. Another point is that the game shuts down very quickly almost instantly when this will occur the next time I log in. Would be great to hear if anyone else is having this issue and how or if they have resolved it and if anyone could give me some help. Cheers JOLLY

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    Cheers bud