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    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    To put the grind into perspective, they expect you to grind enough Free XP to get Alaska & Nelson. Or for those of us who're older. Missouri and Musashi. The base XP requirements are somewhere between day job and 24-hour shift. Sure, you can spend doubloons. 59k in total and you have it for the cheap price of 199,98€ and you even get 2k doubloons you can spend elsewhere. Yay. Wasn't Benham equally pricey when buying her via boxes? I remember Benham being ludicrously expensive via boxes only. Having looked at the directives some more, I can just echo what other people who are better than me at the game have said. This isn't a free ship. This is driving players into sunk cost fallacy motivated by fear of missing out. This is WG showing us the big finger and what the marketing department thinks is appropriate time invested in the game. Namely all the time. Plus the bonus of "Actually, we still expect you to spend 200 bucks, because screw you, that's why!" The amount of XP and Free XP is enough to grind several lines from T1 to T10. And thanks to WG's infinite wisdom, synergy has been stripped from the event as much as possible. This isn't a free boat. Don't believe that lie for a moment, this is an enticing price designed to make people spend 200 bucks. Anyone who claims it's possible to do it for free? Prove it! I dare anyone to grind this madness and get it for "free". Quotes because you're going to need a lot of expensive camo and dragon flags to get the needed XP/Free XP/Money.
  2. SMS_Kyffhaeuser

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    I do have a lot of free time on my hands. I can deal with a Warships grind that requires a lot of activity. See the Benham in my port. I can deal with a hard grind dropping a piece of garbage. See the PEF in my port. This PR grind is a right punch in the kisser. Not only is it "Must Play Every Day!" to get the tokens to speed up building, if you for an unfathomable reason, like I don't know, a yearly visit to the family, can't play for a few days you are basically forced to buy doubloon booster packs. No one can tell me that this was not deliberate. It's basically misleading people, it's the attempt to see how far they can go with "It's free*!" Because as it stands, I don't see anyone but those people buried under Dragon flags and the three god tier XP camos get all those missions done. And even these people will struggle. *Free if you forego doing anything other than playing WoWS for 10+ hours each day the event is on. Grind more, durak! There would be choices to make the grind and anything involved more reasonable. The requirements for the missions are flat-out bonkers and designed to enforce spending on premium account time, expensive camo (Type 59 at least) and loads and loads of dragon flags. Quite bluntly, I don't think I would be able to complete this grind fest, even if I were to tell my mother and grandparents "Sorry, can't come and visit you, have to spend all my time grinding to maybe get a free ship." I mean, 85k base XP. Seriously? I've had wins where the best on the winning team barely cracked 1500 BaseXP in a T8 game. T10 games where the 1800 base XP meant top of the team.