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  1. Krakenheim

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Major fail, someone had a very bad idea with the new carrier system but I am supposing is someone with the money so on with it regardless if consequences. The old CV system was sufferble but this one is simply from beyond the pale, nothing was done right. So it seems now ill be playing tiers I to III mostly and I will quit any battle with CVs on it, great job WG ! I am also missing my old Zuiho already, another smart move, really well done guys !!!
  2. Krakenheim

    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    Well this has been hilarious. Graf Zepplin a carrier that never was... made by a power that never fielded anything like it goes to the premium store at TIER VIII. Now to be perfectly honest it might have been on a very good day (clear skies, no waves) a TIER VI. TIER VIII are Shokaku (best IJN carrier), Lexington (very good US carrier) and Enterprise (nuff said). Compared with this (same tier) we have a completed untested carrier with conversion me109, stukas and the German version of the Swordfish,,, Make a fast buck, throw history out of the window - nothing new on wow. But the ship seems to be trash (hence maybe they made a mistake and was intended to be tier VI...) The reviews and the immediate response were hilarious. And now this "sorry guys we thought you would just give us money and rolled over" with a candy to make people quiet. Its just too awful.
  3. Krakenheim

    Historical La Galissonierè

    ​Err... thats exactly the problem Bismark and Tripitz same class 2 different ships in the game.
  4. Krakenheim

    Historical La Galissonierè

    I believe that WG messed things up with the La Galissoniere in the historical sense. If the leaked stats are to be believed the light AA armament is of “US” origin 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons, it is true that 3 ships of the class were refitted on the US, but not the La Galissoniere. The La Galissoniere was scuttled at Toulon and later the italians tried to raise it without success. So the light AA should be 4x2 M1933 37mm/50 and 6x2 Hotchkiss 13,2mm, and this would be a lot weaker, on the other had the 152mm were supposed to be long range AA, although they seemed to be a bit of a failure on that role. As for the other stats: - Speed of 31 knots is too slow, 34 knots is the most commonly used and on trials the ships were over that. - The torpedoes 23DT are far too good the 23DT was a below average torpedo. - The turret traverse seems too high as it did have problems tracking airplanes.
  5. Krakenheim

    Tier VI - La Galissonnière

    Désolé pour le mauvais français. Je crois que WG a gâché la chose avec la Galissonière dans le sens historique. Si les statistiques divulguées sont à croire le DCA léger est d'origine "US" 40mm Bofors et 20mm Oerlikons, et il est vrai que 3 navires de la classe ont été révisés sur les États-Unis, mais pas la Galissoniere. Le La Galisoniere a été sabordè à Toulon et plus tard les italiens ont essayé de l'élever sans succès. Donc, la DCA léger devrait être 4x2 M1933 37mm/50 et 6x2 Hotchkiss 13,2mm, et ce serait beaucoup plus faible, de l'autre si les 152mm étaient Dual Porpose, mais ils semblaient être un échec comme DCA. Comme pour les autres stats: La vitesse de 31 noeuds est trop lente, 34 nœuds est le plus couramment utilisé et sur les essais les navires étaient au-dessus de cela. Les statistiques des torpilles 23DT sont bien trop bonnes la 23DT était une torpille inférieure à la moyenne. La traversée de tourelle semble trop haute car elle avait des problèmes de suivi des avions.
  6. Krakenheim

    Got ARP Kongo, Cant find Youkosuka

    Hi Got the ARP Kongo, but cant find Yokosuka... Pjilipines, Zipangu, Black Sea, Hawaii, New York, St Peter and London only, Is this only available to Premium or something ? Thanks
  7. Krakenheim


    Hi Just got to the Wakatake jap DD and it has a couple of strange features: - On the Starboard side just after the bridge there are 3 racks of red "bombs". Because of the color I am assuming they are buoys of some sort or minesweeping gear, they do not look like weapons nor they position seems to indicate that, any ideas ? - Aft of the 40mm gun there is a "gun" between the DC rails again it does not look like a normal gun, perhaps starshell ? Again any ideas ? The in-game ship is the pre-1941 refit and both of this features are gone by then. Thanks
  8. Krakenheim

    Carriers and Matchmaker

    Hi I love my Yubari but the truth is that in almost every game i play with it there are zero carriers and honestly the Yubari is not as good as a conventional cruiser for surface action. I have being playing with my Hosho and in every game I play there are 2 carriers in each side. Yubari is at its Tier a very good AA ship and in my opinion Hosho works better alone due to the weakness of its fighter squadron (4 planes). With everybody complaining about the lack of carrier players matching 4 at a time seems wasteful, I personally would like to have my Hosho playing as sole carrier and would like that my Yubari could have some planes to shoot at. Just a though. Thanks
  9. Krakenheim

    Am I the only one looking forward to the RN cruisers?

    I was looking for RN cruisers but after seen this video: I am seriously considering not playing the game anymore. Yes it is a GAME yes it is not a simulation and yes it has every possible scale wrong but still if gave you some felling of naval combat. But this radical ideas on RN cruisers of not having HE ,non-existing citadels and gazillion torpedo tubes are bad and honestly for that wargaming net should have stayed only with Fog Fleets/Space BB Yamato type of stuff. It is not only the RN that vexes me there are other Historical aberrations and its a trend that only gets larger with each passing patch, Too much sacrificed in name of "balance" for my taste.
  10. Krakenheim

    Armor Penetration Curves

    Hi ​Could you make a curve for the Kawachi and the South Carolina pleasr ? Thank you
  11. Krakenheim

    Just saw a Katori

    Hi. Just saw a Katori in a tier III game, searched arround the premium shop (even NA and Asia) did not found it. Any ideas when (if) it will be available again ? Another question if I bought a ship in NA for instance could I use it on the Europe server ? Thanks
  12. Krakenheim

    Skip ships in tech tree

    Hi ​Well I originally made this post for 2 reasons: ​- frist to know how much free (money wise this game can be) and I am very pleased that one could go all the way to tier 10 without spending a cent. ​- second because I never liked the "could have been" ships I play naval wargames (tabletop and computer) since the 80s and always runned from that kind of ship. ​I am playing IJN and got to the tier IV BB and I really dont want to play it. Its good to know that I can, I only have the intention of junping the ships that never existed. ​A bit off topic just saw a video of the upcomming patch with the armor of the ships in 3d after seeing many ship plans this new feature alone gave me a completly new understanding of how armor was applied, really fantastic work, thank you WoWs.
  13. Krakenheim

    Skip ships in tech tree

    Hi can you skip ships in the tech trees ? ​For instance can you get a tier 10 ship with free xp without buying the ships in the lower tiers , I know you would have to research all to get to tier 10 just wandering I if have to buy all the ships and slots to get there. Another thing can you "sell" a ship and get the slot back ? ​Thanks
  14. Krakenheim

    Aiming aids

    ​Yes that was it thanks brija. The video by Notser also helped thanks makhot. Thank you all
  15. Krakenheim

    Aiming aids

    Hi I saw several videos of people playing and when in zoom mode there were numbers at the botton of the crosshsirs (like time to shell strike and lead I think). ​As I cant see the numbers in game so I am assuming its a mod. ​I searched arround for mods and all I found was mention of a "Aiming Bot" and how it gets you banned. ​I dont want to use anything illegal, so are there any aiming helps that are legal ? ​Thanks