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  1. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    BB AP changes on DD

    Honnestly I didn't notice a huge change in terms of damage done to dd in the public test, heavy cruiser like des moines or zao are still hitting like a truck dd even with the 10% pen damage reduction, BB's can still punish hard DD, especialy with Montana, Yamato and Republique. I found this change quite good and balanced
  2. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I agree, but I found torp very easy to aim the problem is that you got very slow torps and with the first person view it is very hard to analyse and to send torp at the right timming so most torps are missed.
  3. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I play several game of cv and they are pros and cons for the new system. My thought are very close to most people down here there is a lot to improve to make this rework better than the actual one. At the moment I found the actual one is still better. I agree with this a lot. The new mecanics of aa is very difficult to understand because it seem you can dodge the aa but it don't seem very consistent, found it very random. Besides, the time to have the most accurate drop for bomber is far too long compare to the two other.
  4. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Bug Reports

    . Description It is a bug report for the halloween operation Sunray in the Darkness. The bug was already reported in the Public Test. The bug is on the Svatozar when firing. The shell begin to go in random direction and not on the actual target 2. Reproduction steps Play Svatozar on Sunray in the Darkness, however it happpens only if a huge amount of enemy is grouped in one place. 3. Result 4. Expected result The shell should go in the direction of the target and not in total randomness 5. Technical details Bug on EU server around 18:30 (UTC+1) 20181018_182242_PXSC003-Pr-68-Chapaev-H2017_e02_Halloween_2017.wowsreplay
  5. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Bug Reports

    Thanks doesn't aware of that aspect of the early-access. So their is no problem then.
  6. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Bug Reports

    1. Description First log after the update, and i discover a problem with my captain on the jervis. Never have this kind of problem any of the new branch like french BB. 2. Reproduction steps Don't know if you can reproduce this, but just login and check the captain of your british destroyer 3. Result 4. Expected result No need to retrain your captain of your british dd. 5. Technical details This happen on EU server at 13 : 46 UTC
  7. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Ranked Sprint

    Damn, Yes forgot about those ^^. GC and Texas will be very strong bb in ranked sprint. Kamikaze wil be almost a must pick very strong dd.
  8. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Supply - Login Daily Bonus

    Found that Daily bonus is a nice addition to the game, the reward is little every time but in the long term bring a lot of credits and for people that doesn't have all the ship they want it is a very good addition.
  9. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Ranked Sprint

    Ranked sprint is quite good, it is far more enjoyable than the actual tier X ranked. Tier V make it far more balanced match and matchmaking. The reward for each ranked is a little weak, just earning a few flag and little coal don't make worth the grind for a lot of player.
  10. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Issue withe filth on the sun ray in the darkness operation 2. Reproduction steps Launch the mission 'Sun ray in the darkness and either magnus or svyatozar and place you at the limit of the filth circle 3. Result As you see on the picture you take damage from the filth before reaching the zone. I 4. Expected result No damage outside the filth zone .
  11. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Halloween 2018

    The sub mission is very fun and challenging. However the sub gameplay could get some slight improvement the time underwater is slightly too low may be increase it by 10 secondes will be a good compromise, what is more a timer for oxygen isn't very noticeable, a little bit bigger will be better. The diving mecanics and surfacing mecanics seems a bit slow and tricky, it might need some improvement. For divisions I totally agree very annoying especialy in Public test where they are a reduce amount of player. As a consequence we cannot test it fully because of that. It is very difficult to find a full divisions for the halloween missions.
  12. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Flooding effects & ship spotting technology

    The flooding effects are a good improvements and a good addition to the game. Regarding, the spotting mechanics is now much better need still a little improvement here and there. But a great step in the right direction.
  13. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Update Operation Dynamo

    The new dynamo is good but now with tier VII I found it less challenging. I make it far more easier with shooting down plane.
  14. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    Map Updates (North, Islands of Ice)

    The new versions of the two map, is very good. I found the map way more balanced and fun to play. It allow much more flanking sneaky dd play. More over now you are never far from actions in any cap. It is a very good life imrovement for those two map expecialy for Islands of Ice.
  15. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn_67

    New Arms Race Mode

    This mode is a lot of fun, it can change completely how you play your ship. The game mode is fast past and favourite aggressive gameplay and it change a lot from ramdom camping style. The only down side I see is than cv is useless because they have no too little ugprade they can earn. What is more the missions can't be accomplished in this mode that sad, it will be a nice upgrade for this mode.