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    1. Description The Music from the Halloween-Port changes after a battle from the Halloween-Medley to the normal one(with the guitar, i don't know which theme). 2. Reproduction steps Select the "Halloween 2018" Port and play a battle. 3. Result After you leave the battle, or finished it, the music changed from creepy to the one with the guitar. 4. Expected result The music shoudn't have changed, playing the creepy melodie. 5. Technical details Bug time: 20:00-21:00 (UTC+2) EU-server
  2. 43°25'22.4"N 2°43'22.4"W 51°09'29.8"N 0°10'06.1"W 43°36'54.1"N 116°12'08.3"W I found 3 Coordinates: 1. Bermeo, Spain 2. Gatwick Airport, UK 3. Boise, USA