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  1. FireflyActual

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    Thanks for chiming in. I'll try to rethink the lower tiers, though trying to balance any new ships against Japanese DDs at tier IV and below will be rather difficult as I haven't played the latter in months. I'm not entirely sure if the As and the Gs should be moved up - they carried as many guns as the Admiralty Ws (albeit they were the much-improved Mk IXs which should by all means perform better than the Mk Is), only two more torpedo launchers and a top speed higher by two knots, give or take. IMHO the Acasta would fit well at tier V, though it should be possible to balance her at tier VI with reasonable success. The Icarus seems like a more natural fit at tier VI with its 10 torpedo tubes. On another note, I made a simplified version of the tree above. I don't expect Wargaming will bother with making two full lines of ships anyway, I expect them to do the same thing they did with the Japanese destroyers. In any case this is purely a thought experiment on my part, I doubt if any of the changes I implement would impact the eventual introduction of British DDs into the game. :-) Once again, thank you for your input!
  2. FireflyActual

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    Transpite, I've had an idea on how to arrange the RN DDs without having to resort to designs that never left the drawing board (the Ypres being the only ship that didn't make it past being ordered). What do you think? EDIT: Uploaded a newer version of the tree.
  3. FireflyActual

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #12 (19-04-2019)

    Thank you, downloading the new version now.
  4. FireflyActual

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #12 (19-04-2019)

    What happened to the ship name romanisation mod? Either I'm blind and I can't find it or it's not there...
  5. FireflyActual

    Bastion Poll 2.0

    Mixing in a PvE element in a PvP match is utterly ridiculous. This mode needs to die, failing that we should get the mode selector that WoT has had for a while.
  6. FireflyActual

    Nowe rosyjskie DD i potencjalny plaskacz

    Pażyjom uwidzim. Patrząc po nadchodzących deskach Kriegsmarine sonar nie byłby jakimś przełomem, acz bardziej prawdopodobne wydaje mi się właśnie wprowadzenie radaru. Ciekaw jestem jak w tym wszystkim będą prezentowały się niszczyciele brytyjskie (na które po cichu liczę najbardziej ze wszystkich potencjalnych nowych linii), można przypuszczać że podobnie jak niemieckie otrzymają one sonar. Nie tylko z wyglądu. Typ Smiełyj to niszczyciele projektu 30bis, a zatem rozwinięcie Ogniewoja. Nieustraszimyj (projekt 40) i Spokojnyj (projekt 56) były zupełnie nowymi konstrukcjami, acz czerpały pełnymi garściami z poprzednich konstrukcji - patrz armaty B-2LM kalibru 130 mm i dwa pięciorurowe aparaty torpedowe które już w latach '50 stanowiły anachronizm.
  7. FireflyActual

    Nowe rosyjskie DD i potencjalny plaskacz

    Bez przesadyzmu, jakoś w WoT nie wprowadzili takich wynalazków jak IT-1. IMHO nie ma co robić za dużego szumu - nowe radzieckie deski będą (imho) działały tak samo jak każde inne. No, chyba że dostaną radar, ale to wydaje mi się mało prawdopodobne.
  8. FireflyActual

    Nowe rosyjskie DD i potencjalny plaskacz

    Jak to mówią na paradach na Dien Pabiedy - 'biez analoga we wsiem mirie'. Tak się trzymają tej tradycji Wojenno-Morskoj Fłoty że na Kuzniecowie palą węglem jak w przeddrednotach Rożestwienskiego pod Cuszimą. Wracając do tematu - nie obraziłbym się na Wichra II w charakterze premki na wysokim tierze. Z przyzwoitymi torpedami (coś w rodzaju tych z Taszkienta, ale szybszymi) i z wysoką szybkostrzelnością uzbrojenia głównego mógłaby to być fajna łajba. Znając życie pewnie miałby zdecydowanie gorszą wykrywalność niż deski japońskie i amerykańskie, ale ludziska przyzwyczaili się już do sowieckich kanonierek, nie powinno to stanowić kłopotu.
  9. FireflyActual

    Bastion poll! Remove it yes or no?

    This is like comparing cholera with typhoid fever.
  10. FireflyActual

    German and Japanese ports?

    While it's true that both the Philippines and Zipangu could be considered to be Japanese bases, what I meant was that it'd be nice to have a proper Japanese naval arsenal, hence my suggestion of Kure or Sasebo. Truk would be nice too. There's only one problem with this though - Truk lies further away from the Philippines than Saipan or Guam. That's quite a long trip, visual similarities notwithstanding.
  11. FireflyActual

    German and Japanese ports?

    Quick question to WG devs: Russia has two ports (the Black Sea and St. Petersburg), as does the US (Hawaii and New York). According to leaked 5.16 patch notes the Brits will get theirs too. Neither the Germans nor the Japanese have their own. Is there any chance for Wilhemshaven, Bremerhaven, Sasebo or Kure? One of the reason's why I'd love to have Kure in game... [large picture]
  12. FireflyActual

    Please return the phased-out Japanese destroyers to the API

    Just checked, wows-numbers has the old ships back in API.
  13. FireflyActual

    standard battles aka the camping team always wins

    As an IJN DD and CA player my list of favourite game modes goes like this: Domination > Epicentre > Standard battles > Bastion. Domination forces entire teams to actually move and do things as opposed just spam HE and torps from long distance (which makes DD and CA gameplay more challenging, but that's what I need for a satisfying game - overcoming the odds is always more fun than sitting back). Epicentre would've been nice if it wasn't on Tears of the Desert where your only options are to either spam from long range (try doing that in the Atago or the Mogami in a tier 10 game, gg) to prevent enemy DDs from capping the middle bit or flanking around (which takes ages and often achieves nothing other than your own fiery death after you've been focused down by half of the enemy team, especially if you're bottom tier). Standard battles are just like OP described, it's a campfest that feeds whichever team decides to stay back and protect their cap circle from all sides - if the baddies decide to throw in ships piecemeal then that's even better. Bastion is just a plain old turd that needs to be removed from the game, with surveillance stations ruining most chances of surprising the enemy with your concealment (which is the obvious forte of most IJN ships), not to mention the stupid forts. I just wish that every game was Domination, it'd be significantly more fun and bigger challenges for everyone involved. EDIT: Forgot to mention that Domination forces teams to at least try working together to get the desired result. No other game mode does that, with the possible exception of retarded Bastion.
  14. I have an idea - why not make a special MM for German BBs where they can only fight other German BBs? Think about it WG, you'd have battles with 12 German battleships per side. I'm sure those guys would be overjoyed to see the fireworks from all the secondaries!
  15. FireflyActual

    [Aircraft Suggestion] Royal Navy

    Given the historical significance of British carriers I'd say their addition is a foregone conclusion.