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    Dear Wargaming (An Open Letter to Wargaming)

    Dear Mr Ph3lan and Warships Team, Hi! I know you guys are busy doing whatever it is you do in your studio to improve the game which we all appreciate. You made a great game! I mean, where else could you take command of a destroyer and make a few Battleship captain regret their life choices by sailing in straight lines, or by taking command of a Cruiser and making a few Destroyers regret their life choices for trying to smoke within 10 k of you when you have both Hydro and Radar? I mean its just a lot of fun most of the time. Of course there are AFK'ers, griefers and enough salt to fill the Dead Sea many times over but overall great. My only issue with the game is the Carriers, Please allow me to explain. I used to play CV's very often. In fact if you take a look at my Service Record you will see I grinded my way all the way upto the Ryujo and was grinding up to the Hiryu. Then all of a sudden for some inexplicable reason, the CV's were impossible to play anymore. So i just ignored it thinking it was a bug which would be fixed very soon and played other ships. After a while I tried again and the issue still persisted and that has been the case till now. So far this is the third post I have made regarding the issue with no input from anyone at WarGaming apart from Alpha and Beta testers who were sympathetic to my situation and the only conclusion I can come up with is that one of your patches has broken the CV game play. Links to my two previous posts regarding this issue: Carrier Lag Spiking Carriers Are Broken Instead of getting a steady 50-60 fps and 80-100 ms as I used to before, I now am confronted by lag spikes which exceed 10,000 ms and tank at -35 ms after which I get immediately disconnected. This happens every single time for the entirety of the game from the match start until I die. Only after die does the ping and frame rate go back to normal. While I am alive, I frequently have these ping spikes and bottom outs about 10-20 times in a game resulting in me disconnecting and reconnecting for the entire duration of the game, during which time I am unable to make any significant contribution to my team. I have tried numerous times to troubleshoot this issue to no avail. I have already tried to uninstall the game, remove any trace of the game on my system, reinstall the game absolutely fresh as well as thoroughly check and recheck my antivirus (Norton) and firewall and my internet (20MBps). Unfortunately this has all been for nought as I am unable to play the one ship I actually enjoy trying to master. I kindly request your assistance as I have run out of ideas about how to tackle this problem and I would really like to get back into playing CV's I also include my Laptop specifications for you. Acer Aspire E5-574G Processor: Intel Core i7 6500 2.5Ghz RAM: 12GB (11.9 usable) System Type: Windows 10 64-bit OS, x64 based processor. Display Adapters: 1. Intel HD Graphics 520 2. NVIDIA GeForce 940M. Thanking You, Yours Very Sincerely, Ramkumar (Freelance Capt)
  2. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    I havent tried a cable connection, I might try this but i dont know if that will change anything considering how perfectly it used to run before with CV"s and now with other ships. I suspect that something has been changed in the recent patches which has fucked up the optimisation.
  3. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    Intel i7 6500 GPU 12 GB RAM GeForce 940M Windows 10 64 bit
  4. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    Hi, Thank you for your extensive indepth post. In reply. 1. No ticket was submitted as I thought I would consult the forums first. 2. My system is a Acer Laptop running i7 6500, 12GB RAM, GeForce 940M with driver ver 382.05. 3. My ISP is Etisalat (lol) 20MBps down speed on a WiFi setup. 4. Since I play on EU and live in Dubai, I get about 80-90ms which I think is great. My average FPS is 50-60 frames. Also to answer your final question, I usually play when others aren't using the internet in my home. Quiet times where I can get the best possible connection. Hopes this helps to solve the mystery.
  5. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    I dont know whats going on but in the process of nerfing the Carriers I think they have now become genuinely broken now. No other class of ship has this bug and it doesnt matter if this is a IJN or USN CV. Congrats to everyone who wanted the CV's nerfed lol it worked. /sarcasm
  6. FreelanceCaptain

    Questions of the Community

    Will you address the imbalance of the Atago? Compared to the Prinz Eugen it feels like I am driving a large destroyer more than anything else. The health pool and citadels are a absolute joke. This has been an issue since release of the ship. Come WG, please fix this awesome ship. Thanks. FC
  7. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    Now changed to Low setting and full screen, Still having this issue.
  8. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    What would you suggest? I have already attempted a full reinstall and that didnt work.. Im open to any ideas.
  9. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    They are on Medium at the moment.
  10. FreelanceCaptain

    Carriers Are Broken

    Hi all, So as a follow up to my previous post Lag Spiking. I just completely removed and reinstalled WoWs and made sure that my firewall settings were all correct and I am still having an issue with playing CV's. On any ship I can play with a constant and steady ping and FPS. However with CV's my connection lags horrendously, drops connection to the game rinse and repeat for the entire game till I die, after which the ping goes back to normal again and everything is fine. Basically it cant work while I am alive. I am now begging for help as I have no idea what to do to fix this problem. Thank you. Freelance.
  11. FreelanceCaptain

    Carrier Lag Spiking

    Hello everyone! I am facing an issue which is kind of weird and I am not sure if this is happening only to me. Whenever i play any ship except CV's I get a very good ping of around 80-100ms (which is great considering my distance from the EU Server) and a solid 50-60 fps (also great). This is not true with CV's however. Whenever i load up my Ryujo, I have continous lag spiking of upto 3000 or more ms and then back down to -35 along with multiple disconnections from the game and frame rate drops. I have no clue as to why this is happening to me. Could any of the Wargaming Dev's offer any assistance? Thank you all kindly.
  12. FreelanceCaptain

    Dragon Kings now Recruiting [EU 18+]

    Ironically, I met all your criteria and still got rejected.. and I play CV... go figure..
  13. FreelanceCaptain

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Just had this game in the Perth. Yeah this just hurt my soul. Dont mind the TK status, that was a error on my part a few games ago... lol
  14. FreelanceCaptain

    Which RN ships would you like to see ingame?

  15. FreelanceCaptain

    Which RN ships would you like to see ingame?

    Indeed I would feel the same way, but WG has done this before with the Warspite and some may say the Dunkquerque. I think if WG makes Hood, it will need to be refined and perfected before release as a premium considering there are other great ships like the Atago and the Tirpitz, two ships which I absolutely love to use on a regular basis. I am on the fence with the Perth tbh. Just my $0.02