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  1. Odins_Skjold

    Divisions and there impact

    The gripe I have is the number of divisions in a team....3 two ship Divs,or 2 three shp Divs.The amount of times I have had 3 Divs in one team,we have mostly lost,each Div has thier own 'Leader'and they all go off in different directions and the whole team goes to rat-poop.(lemming trains ect ect). The same can happen with a 2 Div team,where you still have 6 ships(thats HALF YOUR TEAM) and thier 'Leaders' and thier own agendas.Some times I think these 'Leaders' must be about 10 yrs old and are just trying to impress thier mates, and hey-ho the team goes to rat-poop again. That said I have seen some very effective Divisions who also assists other players with smoke ect,but sadly I mainly see the first two scenarios more than the third.
  2. Odins_Skjold

    Anyone else having problems to log in?

    Logged in
  3. Odins_Skjold

    Anyone else having problems to log in?

    If you dont have an account (like me) with twitch,then dont open one.Use the normal login system.
  4. Odins_Skjold

    Anyone else having problems to log in?

    Website say server available,but only 53 players.
  5. Odins_Skjold

    Clan Bases

    Not quiet the same as 'Gold ammo' in WoT,but pretty much the same,a big cash generator for WoWs.....
  6. Odins_Skjold

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    Server crash 20:11 hrs........
  7. Odins_Skjold

    Connection instability last days

    So,yesterday on PTS, I had 6 disconnects in 6 battles,one after the other,all ended in defeats.Screen freezes,goes black,kill WoWs (if you can) and reconnect.Gave up . So today,PTS no D/C's,but all prem time,credits and gold has nice yellow triangle on then,when moused over says 'service unavailable'. Gave up. So today,Live server,loaded into battle in Lion,immediate D/C. Screen shot of PTS debacle:
  8. Odins_Skjold

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    Its not just the Mino,its all ships,prem account,gold and credits are 'service unavailable', superb situation for the testers,we cant service our ships,therefore no testing......
  9. Odins_Skjold

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    Now this.....Premium unavailable,credits unavailabe and gold unavailable.
  10. Odins_Skjold

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    Exact same this morning,started six battles and crashed out of all of them,reconnected a couple of times,once I was dead,second it just crashed again.....
  11. Odins_Skjold

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Clan Base

    If you set up a clan in round 1,why is it not here in round 2,at least let us keep the clan. Base missing as well,explain pls. Why not provide extra gold to set up clan again,as all spent... THIS MORNING I FOUGHT 6 BATTLES IN MINOTAUR,WAS D/C IN EVERY BATTLE TWICE IN 1 BATTLE,ALL BATTLES LOST,WTF IS WRONG WITH UR SERVERS,ALL OTHER ONLINE GAMES WORKING FINE.
  12. Odins_Skjold

    Please Identify this CV

    Thats a stern view of the Ark.Island is on the right,so not the Ark.
  13. Odins_Skjold

    Clan Extinction?

    Thx Tuccy.
  14. Odins_Skjold

    3rd day in a row: Clan functions ingame not avaliable

    I'v put a question in the Q@A secion,lets see the response.
  15. Odins_Skjold

    Clan Extinction?

    Where have they gone?