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  1. Chiog

    How do i see all captains?

    Is there a way to see all my captains in reserve of all nations at once? because I think I might have a commonwealth captain blocking space from when I had Perth for free for a limited time, and I can't find the option anywhere edit: I know it was possible before the interface rework
  2. Chiog

    What ships are in the Research Bureau?

    I know where the RB is, I wanted to know if there is a list of ships I can see BEFORE I unlock it
  3. I am on my way to unlock the Research bureau. Is there somewhere a list of what ships you can get there? Because I couldn't find one. I know of Siegfried, Vampire II, and Ohio, but what else is there?
  4. Chiog

    Is Warspite worth the buy?

    I like Warspite from a historical point and like to play Queen Elizabeth. I frequently hear people talk about what an awesome ship Warspite is, but isn't she worse in almost every way? When I compare the numbers, the Queen (top) has: - same caliber - same AP alpha - better HE alpha - better dispersion - same sigma - same reload - same speed - higher firing range - better AA - and, for some reason, 1% higher burn chance the only things Warpsite seems to have going for her are a faster turret traverse, slightly better turning, and 500 more HP. Doesn't really look like something worth spending money on to me, or did I miss something?