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  1. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Just stop this.

    Are you implying that GZ is p2w?
  2. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Pay to Play PVE mode?

    I call dibs on Kamchatka In all seriousness, this is more and more starting to sound like Atlantic Fleet, but with the WG engine and graphics (For which I will gladly pay money) @MrConway just tagging you to forward the idea :D
  3. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Pay to Play PVE mode?

    Just imagine a PvE version of the attack on Pearl Harbor CV players get some practice on juicy targets Less CVs in random WG makes a few bucks Or Prince of Wales & Repulse Vs the Japanese Bismarck's last stand Graf Spee in a 1v3 Battle off Samar Or any historical battle for that matter!
  4. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Stealth Radar

    My only hope is that they won't get 12km radar..
  5. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    A small part of a screenshot illustrates a big problem

    @T0L0S how is that name change coming along? On topic, sadly WG seem too stubborn to admit/realize that when a new player gets farmed by triple carrier their reaction is quite often to just stop playing
  6. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    In game curses

    My Missouri is cursed, 100% I've reached the point where I will literally play Iowa instead
  7. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Why no CVs in matches of tier 7 an above?

    OP, are you sure that they won't magically reappear if you try playing a destroyer? Btw the meme names in the forum are too damn high @Toss_a_coin_to_your_CV
  8. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Get rid of Epicenter on Ice Islands

    Every time I play on the Atlantic map I get flashbacks of Bastion :/ Seriously though, especially when epicenter is combined with a snowstorm games (win or loss) tend to be a roflstomps in my experience. It isn't fun for anyone IMO.. And yes, Islands of ice is getting worse with every iteration, to the point of being (in my eyes) mountain range but white..
  9. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    You think Savage Mode Shrinking Map would work in Randoms ?

    Yes, especially on Two Brothers Kappa
  10. Puerto_Rico_is_Free


    Mine is at ~670.. damn, I must be playing this game wrong..
  11. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Isoroku yamamoto

    Something i think that is worth mentioning though, regarding his special talents If you get a Kraken, you get a heal and a reload boost. Now, if you have him on a ship that has no heal whatsoever, you get the full effect/benefit. If you trigger this on a ship that has a heal, it basically only heals what you can heal Not sure if I made myself clear here..
  12. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.. When your division gets 9 kills and it's still not enough
  13. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Again PR

    Come on.. it's common knwoledge that Puerto Rico is free Seriously though, you need all 7 directives done and even that isn't a guarantee
  14. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @TobiAssho and friends Also @AirSupremacy in a battle where my team tried to throw but couldn't
  15. Puerto_Rico_is_Free

    Your Puerto Rico impressions

    It's.. mediocre. Don't get me wrong, it's not weak, however.. If I want to bring a radar cruiser I will get DM, Alaska, Moskva If I want to sling HE I will get my Zao or Yoshino If I just want to s**t on everything I will get my Stalingrad