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  1. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Super close battle I'm in my Yueyang, fighting a Fletcher, both of us being on very low HP. I get the upper hand and he smokes up. I go undetected while he is continuing to shoot from the smoke at other targets Obviously I can't torp the guy, so I head towards the smoke to proxy spot him Instead, I get spotted. At 3km. Spent the next few seconds frantically trying to figure out wtf happened.. It was after I died that I realized that the Fletcher was running the goddamn target acquisition module. Outplayed, clearly
  2. 2600 base xp on DEFEAT

    I vote for the addition of a crying reaction for posts. Not sure if I should thumbs up for the result, laugh for the hilarious situation or be angry for the teammates
  3. stupid proships ru

    Because you have to manually opt to participate every weekend?
  4. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    Reading what all of you got really makes me anxious to see what I'll get, but I'll have to wait a few more days -_-
  5. Anniversary Event

    @Hades_warrior Last year it was even possible in a training battle
  6. Le Terrible and Jean Bart – French Duo

    Well, I don't think that OP will mind if I share what I saw. TBH I'm more interested in solving the problem than receiving a crate. Hint - citadel ribbon
  7. Le Terrible and Jean Bart – French Duo

    Though I'm interested in cryptography and like solving puzzles, escape rooms, etc. after 2 hours of staring at this post I think I'll call it quits for now.. Good luck everyone
  8. Pink Bots

    Naming and shaming is not allowed You'll hurt the poor bot's feelings!
  9. Emden like gameplay at higher tiers

    Of all the suggestions I would support the US light cruisers since they are the closest to OP's requirements (rapid fire - check; island hugging - check; rainbow arcs - double check) Chester is a bit meh, but you get through it quickly. St. Louis is so much fun at T3 Phoenix is a beast in the right hands at T4 Omaha can be frustrating at times partly because of power creep and also because you start meeting T7s Though I haven't played Dallas or Helena yet (finished the grind before the split) they generally continue the playstyle of US CLs, and I actually quite enjoy the Boise Cleveland is imo a solid T8 with great concealment, firepower and utility (def. AA, hydro, radar) Seattle is well.. questionable and for a lot of people an unpleasant grind, but Worcester at T10 is worth it :) BTW, though Atlanta is a fun little premium, it does require a relatively high skill point captain. You kind of need AFT for the range, but also IFHE. Concealment is also good to have. Sooo that's 18 points, or 14 at the very least. Boise on the other hand is doable with just 10pt and actually has a heal, that could mitigate some misplays
  10. How to Udaloi?

    Having the time to chill I think this was my problem overall. I legit tried capping early, even though I knew at the back of my head that it wouldn't work all that well. Guess I'll need to adapt and leave the initial capping to the stealthy boats and hope I don't get one of those "flanking" Shimas/Kageros. Also, I should probably prepare mentally for the "omg noob DD y u no cap"
  11. How to Udaloi?

    So.. not a particularly proud moment for me, but I just free xp'd most of the Udaloi grind to Grozovoi. Did I act out of rage/impulse? Oh yes Could I have saved the free xp? Definitely Am I really sorry? Not sure.. The thing is, it just feels© like an awkward boat to me. Compared to ships from its own line: Ognevoi had at least passable torpedoes. Sure, they were slow, but 10km at tier 8 is actually good. Guns were a bit meh, but I found that most DDs avoid picking a fight with you (unless they know what they're doing) and they were sufficient for starting fires on BBs Grozovoi also gets 10km torps. And a heal. And speedboost. And more HP. And dakka. Compared to other T9 DDs I played Fletcher feels© more versatile with good smoke, great torps and totally adequate DPM Z46 has hydro going for it Chung Mu has the ultra stealthy torps You're left with a DD that isn't really a cap contester (lol 7.2km detection), can get outgunned by the dedicated gunboats and is not a particularly good torpedo boat either (8km) Just feel the need to mention - this is just my personal opinion, based on a low number of battles. I am not crying for buffs/nerfs. In fact, I kept the Udaloi in the hopes of getting gud. Any advice, suggestions, tips and tricks are more than welcome Cheers!
  12. Battle Chat

    You do realize you can mute every player you wish?
  13. A lot actually.. I probably have something like 120 ships in Port. Which ones I play is a different matter though. From the ones I do: US BBs - kept the NC. Would have kept New Mexico as well if I didn't have Arizona already US CA/CL - Cleveland, Pensacola US DDs - Fletcher (duh!), as well as a C hull Farragut for the lolz JPN BBs - Amagi (awesome even when uptiered), Nagato, Fuso, Kongo JPN CL - Mogami and Kuma RU CL - Chapayev, Shchors, Budyonny (favorite T6 cruiser BTW), I even re-bought the Kirov in an attempt to improve my stats in it FR BBs - Alsace and Normandie, with the Alsace having an 18pt commander who's waiting to see if he'll know a normal tank build or a lolz IFHE secondary one FR CA - Saint Louis, Algerie and most importantly - Charles Martel <3 UK BBs - KGV (despite having Nelson and DoY) UK CL - Neptune and Edinburgh. One of these days I'll print a commander for the Fiji as well DE BBs - Ze Bismarck of course! Probably the best choice for the #BlitzkriegChallenge. Still trying not to suck in FdG too, and I kept Gneisenau for ships and giggles. DE CA - Roon is great. I would be playing Hipper a lot more too if I hadn't gotten the Eugen.
  14. Best looking ship in the game - which is it?

    If I had to pick one, it would be this