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  1. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    I am sooooo tempted to get it, but it's not one of my planned T8 (Eugen and Kidd) I lack a T8 DD and wanted the Kidd, but this is also very good, isn't it?
  2. 419mm and 457mm

    Pretty much this for me. WG had the opportunity to make a different T10, instead we got another 12 barreled BB. At the moment there is simply no reason to pick the 457mm. Yes, 2.0 sigma, but also 50% less guns. And when you are slinging HE, it does not matter all that much where you hit, as long as you hit
  3. server down?

    So about 1/2 of the server was affected. Did Thanos snap his fingers again?
  4. The more you know.. @Riselotte could you share your source(s) please? I'd love to read up on stuff like that
  5. WOWS and insomnia: a bad combination.

    Well, it does say 04:50 at the bottom iirc
  6. Is that a joke!?

    Right.. You do realize that it's nothing to do with hardware and all you have to do is follow a few steps (someone can post a link). The end result is a file a couple of mbs that is opened via the client
  7. Is that a joke!?

    Please upload the replay, I'd watch that
  8. Well, better start grinding free xp faster I guess. The ship does look interesting. Range is plenty, shells are slow in typical US fashion. What would be cool IMO would be to have the option to mount the artillery plotting room module, the one that gives - 11% dispersion. So you basically choose either accuracy or DPM, just like high tier US BBs
  9. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    One from yesterday Sailing my Cleveland, spamming HE. Hmm, that's a lot of shatters.. Wait, why is nobody targeting me? Why is my concealment 10.4? Obviously, finished the Cleveland mission from a container and my 19pt captain is replaced. I played 4 battles with basically a 0 point commander before I realized..
  10. How's Khaba these days?

    Just out of curiosity, is it viable to use the concealment module instead of double rudder?
  11. I put Halsey on the DM, while retraining Seag khum John Doe for Montana. This left me with a free 19pt captain, who will probably end up on the Worcester, once I get the courage (or free xp) to grind the Seattle.
  12. A bit of off topic, but Ctrl + X and Shift + X lock your guns which comes in handy sometimes
  13. auto-blow-up

    Let's try this... OP, I have a serious proposal. I'm not the best player out there, but I consider myself quite decent. Let's division up, play a few battles and see what happens, eh? I'll observe and try to help to the best of my abilities
  14. auto-blow-up

    Now I am no longer sure that OP is serious.. In all honesty I'm sad that this topic will be locked and fade away. Imo it should be pinned for a while..