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  1. Freyr_90

    Most beautyfull ship? and yours?

    I know, I know, I'm weird
  2. Freyr_90

    Some interesting info around the world

    Ways of distribution - Smolensk, Somers, Friesland Dear players! We are aware of your interest in the way that ships announced in the Development Blog will be distributed. Today, we are ready to inform you of the ways of distribution of the following ships: • Soviet tier X cruiser Smolensk will be available for coal; • American tier X destroyer Somers will be available for steel; • European tier IX destroyer Friesland will be available for free XP. The release dates for these ships will be published later, in the respective news channels on the game website. Information about the ways of distribution of other ships announced in the Devblog will be published later. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  3. @OttoZander sadly on the enemy side. His team was.. special..
  4. Freyr_90

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Top. Friggin. Kek.
  5. Had the pleasure of meeting @Beastofwar on the enemy team. He was a in his Tirpitz I think, while we were running a Kremlin - Stalin - Shima division. Despite our best efforts to carry our team just saw the Beast on the enemy side and surrendered He didn't respond to my greetings sadly, but I did get reported a few times in return
  6. Freyr_90

    Savage Battle - How do you like them?

    I've been playing this game for a while now and for some reason this is the mode I dislike the most. If I wanted Mad Max Battle Royale with boats (or Water world for those who remember it) I would have picked a different game In fact I would literally prefer the old Bastion mode to this.. Kudos to whoever finds enjoyment in this mode though :)
  7. Freyr_90

    Old Islands of Ice

    I've been wanting this version of the map for a long time Make it happen WG pls
  8. Freyr_90

    Stop camping

    OP: OMG STOP CAMPING!?! ME: On a more serious note, knowing when to push, flank, use island cover etc is critical. Not everything can be solved with a Zerg rush OP just had a frustrating streak. Don't worry, it won't be always like that :)
  9. Freyr_90

    If I bought alaska for cash then again with freexp...

    Is buying it in game even possible? Shouldn't it be just greyed out if you already have it?
  10. Freyr_90

    reason to take dcff over other t1 skill?

    I can't really see why one would pick the extra fighter over, say, Priority target Still, I have it on my Katori just for the Lolz. Two fighters vs T4 CVs can occasionally help
  11. Freyr_90

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    .. This thread is living proof that being rank 1 and being a good player can be two completely different things
  12. Freyr_90


    Perhaps you missed last year's April fool's event?
  13. Freyr_90

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Forgot to take a screenshot, but in essence: 3x Harugumo scrub division No CVs No radar in sight Many BBabies on the enemy team He he Boi EZ 250K Reported
  14. Freyr_90

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Send it to Jingles ffs! @El2aZeROP pls nerf