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  1. Freyr_90

    Future Clan Battles [idea]

    So.. a few days ago we were talking about clan battles on Discord when I thought I had come up with a decent idea for a future season. To put it simply, each team gets a a number of points and has to distribute these among different tiers, e.g. a T10 ship could be 10 points, a T6 would be 6 points, etc. I was promptly advised that there was already something similar in WoT, so the idea isn't mine, or new at all (sad) What do you think, can it be applied to WoWs as well? Would it bring more diversity and give us a chance to once again be torpedoing Yamatos in Umikazes? Or would it be dull with a few preferred compositions?
  2. Freyr_90

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    Can I just remind everyone that's whining that it's just a 15 second increase and that's before counting in stuff like flags, BoS etc. It's not the end of the world IMO.. Plus, now there might be a an actual reason to pick Moskva for CB..
  3. Freyr_90

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    When the shells land just right I gave the enemy Fiji the shock of his life when I got a dev strike on him in the smoke. Next - a Mogami happily sailing full broadside. Baltimore after that and finally - a Musashi that just showed a bit too much skirt during a cyclone brawl Also yes, that's 2/3 of the enemy team taken out by our division
  4. Not sure if I should laugh.. or cry..
  5. Freyr_90

    the "carry harder!" thread

    When your T6 Perth can't carry all the T8 potatoes... #feelsbadman Seriously, what am I expected to do..
  6. Freyr_90


    Depends on your distance, targets of choice, status of your secondaries etc In short, nothing has been changed
  7. @Wings_of_RNGesus and friends. Man, there were some questionable decisions from our own CV that game WP gentlemen
  8. Freyr_90

    Please fix Thunderstorm.

    Literally unplayable..
  9. But.. If you buff dispersion how will all the potatoes get lucky random hits? -_-
  10. Freyr_90

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    I may be mistaken, but I read somewhere that they will buff AA survivability when the rework hits. Or was that on PTS? Can't remember..
  11. Had @deadly_if_swallowed on the enemy team. Also, a very clanless @VeryHonarbrah later on Cheers!
  12. Nah, though we have a couple of new members, most of us simply don't have a social life outside WoWs Nice seeing you mate!
  13. Freyr_90

    Strange player stats

    Lots and lots of coop?
  14. Freyr_90

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Must.. carry.. harder..