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  1. Ixanor

    Raptor Rescue Bug

    Just lost a Raptor Rescue Scenario game where we achieved all the objectives but Raptor was permanently beached and a transport ship was...lost. Not sure where to report this or if anyone else encountered the same problem as well. It would be nice if this will never happen again, losing games despite all the effort. I also demand a refund for all the credits, flags and all lost earnings.
  2. Two questions on requests to revert back to old servers (within the 30-day period, of course): 1. Would all such requests be accepted, or do we need more immediate, serious or otherwise uncontrollable circumstances to justify a reversion? For example, suppose that I transferred to a new server but discovered that I simply prefer playing on the old server. Would that be considered a legitimate reason for reverting back? 2. Should one contact Customer Service for the server region they have transferred to or the one they transferred from in order to request a reversion? Thanks