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  1. Wuolfe81

    Walk of shame

    Ever stopped to consider that (and the following is the only condition for what follows) if You didn't shoot Your torps from second line, maybe (and I would say a BIG Maybe) is not entirely Your fault if a friendly crosses Your line of fire? I mean... If I have to consider everybody else position, looking at the minimap; can't my teammates do the same? If I'm in a DD I'll prefer to use my torps and not my guns to take down another ship. Maybe they got also greedy and forgot of their surroundings. I'm not saying they tried to snatch my prey, but still... If I shoot second line and hit friendly, my fault. Simple. But If I'm not second line and You cross me? Well... MAYBE is not entirely my fault... Just my 2 cents.
  2. Wuolfe81

    I need to make some kind of sense of this...

    No worries on that side Panocek. Never torped from second line, only when I'm in front, rammed only once because I was in binocular view and got lost of surroindings. (got rammed few time though...) and I don't shoot on friendlies... I avoid to shoot when team is in the line of fire or too close to enemy targeted vessel.
  3. Wuolfe81

    I need to make some kind of sense of this...

    OK. Good advice. I'm new, so is expected that I'm not good. From the game I want to have fun, possibly avoiding to be a hindrance to teammates, but helping them... Thanks for the tip!
  4. Wuolfe81

    Future New Ship Tech Tree Releases and MM

    ColonelPete, on 06 September 2016 - 02:03 PM, said: Yes, they were. Not so sure ColonelPete... I read tons of German BBs overplay out of the release, none for the Russian DDs... maybe advertising was different? Yeap... guess would be a good solution launching two branches at the same time, even if, as ColonelPete said, is a hype of work. Don't forget that we are talking about 3 to 7 months work for each ship... Can't wait until they release an Italian ship... (I'm Italian...)
  5. Wuolfe81

    I need to make some kind of sense of this...

    Basically saying I'm worst than middle? Thanks... It just means I have more to improve on my gameplay. Right? But to do so I rather expect You (an elder of the game) to advise on tactics or point out what I misswrote... I already know I have to improve. Thanks anyway for the input. Basic, but still of help.
  6. Wuolfe81

    How to get friendly destroyers to teamplay

    I guess that i because most of DDs players think that smoke screen is thier defensive help. Why smoke screen ships that has twice or trice their healtpool? They can take a few hits... WRONG! Smoke screens can be effectively used to help Your team CCs and BBs... Your "bottom" is behind the helm of a fast and manoevrable ship. You can easly evade; You don't hide in the smoke! Unless, ofcourse, You have to go for a coffee and leave Your teammates hanging.
  7. Wuolfe81

    I need to make some kind of sense of this...

    Here goes my 2 cents... I don't think I'm a really good player, just in the middle... I'm playing with T IV Karlsruhe, T IV Kaiser and T IV Clemson. Personally speaking, if I'm in a DD I'm faster and have a hype of maneuverability so if cap area is in the middle of islands... is like Christmas time. I get there before CLs and BBs, and I can set a smoke screen to cap without being shredded to pieces. The other DDs? I should be on par with them... They can be my hit/kill points. Besides... If I'm not Capping, I can defend the cap. I don't know why to circle without capping. All in All, I understand if You don't want to finish the game early or the "kill them all" mentality... notthing wrong with it. I like it too... but a grain of salt in the brain should suggest that if You don't want to lose, You have to counter enemies caps... there are Your "kills". Other than that? If You don't want to be on the receiving end of First Blood or any other accomplishment that involves sinking... and play safe by skirting the cap area or trying to snipe from far away to be undetected the whole game... It's a completely different game You are playing. "Si vis pacem parat bellum" latin says... Grow a pair and get into the fry! The more the merrier!
  8. You can go also IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) if You are looking for carriers... Main difference (I just read the stats) Japs focus on torpedo bombers, US on Fighter squadrons to defend Your dive bombers (but I guess depends on configuration as well... I checked on hull upgrades and US Carriers tend to erase the torpedo bombers in favor of fighters and dive bombers). As I read few times Carriers are more of a tactical playgame so if that suits Your fancy... and shurely helps with the lag... Just be aware that in the latter stage of the game enemies can sneak up on You... Carriers are still primary objectives; more points for Your team if battle is developing on that side. Check some tutorials on how to effectively hide Yourself (which means waypointing Your squadrons... takes more flight time, but helps in masquerading Your real position). BTW... don't stand still... A stationary ship is begging to be a target practice for somebody else...
  9. Wuolfe81

    Effective use of smoke?

    I personally agree with Ace. First and most important (I think)... Smoke screens should be layed out according to the Your whereabouts in the map; Islands close by united with a full layed out smoke screen are bad news for a lot of ships (and Yes... I would try to extened the smoke screen boundaries as much as possible). You can get hit for 3 main reasons... Lucky shots (there are always a few). Well aimed shots whilst You are laying out Your smoke screen. Enemies (expecially cruisers) that follow Your muzzle shots and correctly guess Your bearing. As Ace said if You lay out Your smoke screen tactically in advance it becomes hard to get You... don't reveal Your position by shooting with Your guns for notthing. DDs are the best for surprise attacks. So You have to surprise! Which means You have to stay undetected by patiently waiting for Your prey. Also smoke screens are good to let You cap an area without being shredded whilst doing so. Just observe Your proximities and react accordingly. And also, really important... Your smoke screen can be of big help to Your allies (if You can have a decent teamwork game). It is one of the worst apparition for Your enemies when they expect You to come out of the smoke screen and they face an angled Cruiser shooting 4 or 5 main guns instead... Hope it helped... Have fun sailing!
  10. Wuolfe81

    On the Balance: How do the German BBs compare?

    Hope I'm not getting this wrong... but this is my imput, playing with German BBs (Nassau and Kaiser): Woofbark, BBs are supposed to be a long range fighters, slow reloading time dictates so, and the secondary armament (powerful as can be, sometimes) is not top accurancy and kicks in below the 6 KM mark, which is range for destroyers and cruisers torpedoes (and You can not avoid a well placed torpedo salvo with these giants). Considering also the fire rate of cruisers, if they start to shower with HE they can temporarly disable some modules and start 2 or 3 fires which chew on Your healthpool. I guess the idea is to hit them hard from a safe distance (I would say around 11 KM) and close in only to finish them off. Personally I like to rush the enemy position but You need to have cover from Your allies (so far I was only in too few reasonable games where teamplay kicked in on my side); I got my behind kicked many times over rushing forward with lack of support (and I'm on a slow ship... team DDs and CL where camping behind me trying to snipe instead of being somehow helpful); Sure I got more than few hits before sinking... But when You are up against 2 or 3 enemies... rushing the enemy was the wrong decision and surely is not hard to be punished for it... Pajosaurus, Yes is true that German BBs have good speed; but only few nots over the other nations (except US, of course) but the armor is not that much of tanky... For starter the torpedo protection is not so great compared to other nations; They are quite big ships; even if they have good speed, a newby can get few hits on You because You are BIG. More than tanky I guess they have a good Healthpool; but as I mentioned before You can get easly punished for the wrong decision. I agree that with some fair good accurancy, and good speed they can dictate the terms of engagement, but only in teamwork. Which I guess applies to all kind of ships in the game... Is not the ship, but who is behind the helm (and I'm not referring to the Captain skills). But Even a good player can be cornered by few average player IF they play as a team. So I guess the key to victory is Teamwork above everything else.
  11. Wuolfe81

    Best Type/Ship/Line for Newcomer?

    Hi mate, and welcome to the game. Personally I started with the German Techtree and rushed to the first BB available (Tier III Nassau, on which I had good fun, and the best accomplishment yet)... because I want to get the Bismark... (Tier VIII BB) Got to Tier IV, the Kaiser, but not so fun... Why? sniping with her 14.6 KM range guns can be fun, but I got tracked away too much on binocular view and got torped so many times I forgot the count; both from DDs and Air Carriers. Now is a bit better since I'm learning to play better. But back on track... getting tired of torpedoes, I started to go on the U.S. tech tree... Now I'm Tier IV DD Clemson, and getting close to Tier IV Air Carrier Langley. Personally I can play better with Germans BBs than the U.S. counterparts. Nassau and Kaiser are (in my opinion) more fun to play than the U.S. S Carolina and Wyoming. More lasting, more speed and better firepower and (I think) longer range... but worst torpedo protection... so watch out for torp bombers and DD (expecially the IJN... when You see the DD is because You have been already torped to death...) I almost forgot... I'm having also decent fun with the Karlsruhe (Tier IV German Cruiser... upgraded hull and torps gives You double shots and 6 km range with 11600 damage... potentially You can sink any other cruisers with a well placed double shots... and don't forget that You start with a ranged fire of 11.6 KM with Your main guns, which put You at 1 KM advantage againt a basic US S. Carolina Tier III BB) Hope it helped... Have fun!
  12. Wuolfe81

    On the Balance: How do the German BBs compare?

    Good Day All, I'm a newby, and not a good player I might add. So feel free to skip my post if You want. I started the game concentrated on the German Tech Tree for a simple reason. I didn't read any specs, any comparison any "tip and hint". The simple reason have a name: "Bismark". I guess that all of the players of this game (and not only them, at least for Europeans) have heard that name. It's a mith ship that You believe (in contrast to what happend really) You can survive in and sink anything coming Your way. It's like the Japanese Battleship Yamato for the Asian / US players I guess... It was one of the most powerful ships of her time; unmatched by anything else of those years, a fearsome adversary. (On an historical note she was sank fighting a fleet of destroyers, carriers, battleships and one aircraft carrier. A single lucky torpedo hit from a torpedo bomber on the stern got the ship stering gear fu*** up rendering the ship unmanovrable; and since the propellers where too close You could not compensate the locked rudder angle; sitting duck got to be a shooting practice game for the English ships). History aside... is like asking a driver to choose between a bunch of 100.000 $ cars and a Ferrari... of course You want to ride that rampaging horse in red coat... even if You know all the other available cars are as good as that... is the idea of putting Your [edited]behind that wheel... I think is the same with the Bismark... You want to be behind that helm to feel that power... hence the rush on the German Battleships... more players, more damage, more XP... I had great time in the Tier III Nassau, got some nice accomplishments, now playing the Kaiser... got blown up by torps so many times I lost count... but I know I'm not really good so I'll endure it. And to avoid getting bored I'm "driving" destroyers from the American Tech Tree (so far the Tier III Wickes) and trying to get to the US Air Carriers.
  13. Wuolfe81


    It's an eat-all-you-want shell buffer? I guess You forgot freaking torpedos coming from destroyers and cruisers. I had an average of 12 to 18 torpedoes sent my way almost everytime during the latests Battles PvP. Is just like they are waiting for me to send me back to port licking at my wounds...
  14. Wuolfe81

    ARP missions

    Sorry for the ignorance... What is an ARP Ship?