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  1. Hi Kandly!
    So I won the New Year card with bonus code in my mailbox...
    Only to find Crysantos and two others signatures... No Santa or Kandly signature.:Smile_amazed:
    Was hoping for a universal greetings card with everyones signature and your drawing.. 

  2. The specific error message is "Error Connecting Server.  Failed to connect to the server. Please try again later." but any numbers of attempts later or on subsequent days results in exactly the same message until after the next update.  Hope you can help.

  3. Hi Kandly,  I have been participating in the current public test and as each update is introduced I get access to the server then after only three days I can no longer connect (message suggests contacting customer service).  It seems to allow me access from Friday to Monday then nothing until the next Friday - is this intentional?  It is very difficult to do any testing on this basis as I have just got the three ships I want to trail at tier 10 but now cannot test them .......

  4. hello,

    i send a freind a premium acount for 30 days but id dit not work. can you help me?

  5. Kandly

    Full Nelson - Gamescom in-game competition


    Hey guys, The portal article is here! Cheers, Kandly
  6. when will this problem be fixed???????

    Server error at login.GIF

  7. Kandly

    Full Nelson - Gamescom in-game competition


    Hi guys! We'll be announcing and crediting the winners on Friday, September 8th.
  8. Is there news on the full Nelson contest?


    it ended on the 26th so any news on the winners or better still is it me?

  9. Please read my post carefully.

    Talk to your supervisor/boss and act upon this situation to fix it immediately.


  10. until
    Captains, If you want to get the chance to win a premium ship during Gamescom, sign up for our in-game competition! You can also find the portal article here. Good luck! Cheers, Kandly
  11. dear war gamin staff,
    two days back i generated a ticket and sent a message to Ph3lan regarding rules voilations against a player. I am still waiting for response from a war gaming staff.
    Due to these kind of people being left uncheck and un punished the number of people using bad language and doing insults is increasing very fast, and today i got abused for torping and enemy ship.
    I would like to report these two persons.
    I have the screen shots and replays of whole game.

    Kindly reply and guide me where to file a complaint.