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  1. Captains, The in-game Premium Shop is currently down due to technical issues. Please note that we're working on a fix and that the shop will be back up as soon as we implement it. We'll keep you updated! Sorry for the inconvenience! Cheers, Kandly
  2. 0.6.11

    Hi! This is a bit counterintuitive for now, but you'll be able to find your clan members list when scrolling down while on the main clan base screen.
  3. Hi guys, we have a new modpack to share! It can be found here. Please note that if you're using multipack, you must download the new version and reinstall it. Otherwise, you may encounter errors when starting the game.
  4. Yuhu, I'm glad to hear that! :) Thank you for participating <3
  5. Hey! We just announced the winners here.
  6. nelson


    Hey guys, The portal article is here! Cheers, Kandly
  7. You said nothing, too... You enjoyed watching me potate. Bad @voulezvous!
  8. I was playing on @voulezvous's PC (I think it was the second week after I actually started playing the game) and couldn't figure out why my ship was always going in circles and why I kept beaching like a floating purposeless potato. Took me around 4 battles to realize that his "Hard to Port/Starboard" and "Port/Starboard" controls were switched.
  9. Hey there! Since the issue didn't affect all players, we're handling this on a case-by-case basis (I assume you're talking about the stuck in a division bug). Did you already send a ticket to support? They should be able to investigate your situation and give you more info on this.
  10. Captains, Please note that on September 6, 2017 (Wednesday) we will perform a server restart to fix some issues (especially players getting stuck in a division) related to Update 0.6.10. The restart will begin at 07:00 CEST - downtime is estimated to 40 minutes. Action Stations!
  11. Captains, The Q&A section is now open: Friday September 1st - Tuesday September 5th. Cheers, Kandly
  12. Yes, unfortunately I won't be able to assist you with this, it seems to be a Customer Support issue. Write them a ticket so that they can investigate and find out what happened. Sorry I can't help more!
  13. I asked for more info about this bug, I'll let you know what I find out.
  14. when will this problem be fixed???????

    Server error at login.GIF

  15. Check out our latest announcement with regard to compensation for today's issues! Cheers!