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  1. Hi Kandly!
    So I won the New Year card with bonus code in my mailbox...
    Only to find Crysantos and two others signatures... No Santa or Kandly signature.:Smile_amazed:
    Was hoping for a universal greetings card with everyones signature and your drawing.. 

  2. The specific error message is "Error Connecting Server.  Failed to connect to the server. Please try again later." but any numbers of attempts later or on subsequent days results in exactly the same message until after the next update.  Hope you can help.

  3. Hi Kandly,  I have been participating in the current public test and as each update is introduced I get access to the server then after only three days I can no longer connect (message suggests contacting customer service).  It seems to allow me access from Friday to Monday then nothing until the next Friday - is this intentional?  It is very difficult to do any testing on this basis as I have just got the three ships I want to trail at tier 10 but now cannot test them .......

  4. hello,

    i send a freind a premium acount for 30 days but id dit not work. can you help me?

  5. Kandly

    Full Nelson - Gamescom in-game competition


    Hey guys, The portal article is here! Cheers, Kandly
  6. when will this problem be fixed???????

    Server error at login.GIF

  7. Kandly

    Full Nelson - Gamescom in-game competition


    Hi guys! We'll be announcing and crediting the winners on Friday, September 8th.
  8. Is there news on the full Nelson contest?


    it ended on the 26th so any news on the winners or better still is it me?

  9. Please read my post carefully.

    Talk to your supervisor/boss and act upon this situation to fix it immediately.


  10. until
    Captains, If you want to get the chance to win a premium ship during Gamescom, sign up for our in-game competition! You can also find the portal article here. Good luck! Cheers, Kandly
  11. dear war gamin staff,
    two days back i generated a ticket and sent a message to Ph3lan regarding rules voilations against a player. I am still waiting for response from a war gaming staff.
    Due to these kind of people being left uncheck and un punished the number of people using bad language and doing insults is increasing very fast, and today i got abused for torping and enemy ship.
    I would like to report these two persons.
    I have the screen shots and replays of whole game.

    Kindly reply and guide me where to file a complaint.


  12. Captains, As we all know, the British cruisers are here, and, in order for you to fully enjoy sailing these beauties to victory, we have prepared a special guide! Find out everything you need to know about the newest cruiser branch below: Overall These ships have a unique and quite challenging gameplay style. Overall, it doesn’t require you to learn a specific playstyle that’s radically different from other lightly armored cruisers, but puts a greater emphasis on the main challenges that cruisers face. While you can still be effective against ANY target you meet in the heat of battle, these ships will highlight the rock-paper-scissors principle more than others. Engaging your nemesis can still end in victory, but this will require you to make sure that the battlefield conditions are right and that you give it your best. Anything less than that will quickly teach you about the painful downsides of these light cruisers. Overall, these ships are forces to be reckoned with when played to their full potential. We chose to build this line because we wanted to challenge users to try out new gameplay mechanics and approaches. After all, the nature of our game is to constantly evolve and we are sure to continue this way in the future as well. The Peculiarities of British Cruisers On the whole, the ships in the new branch are excellent for hunting destroyers. Their low detectability and rapid-firing guns with unique AP shells make them efficient in encounters with destroyers, the “natural” opponents of cruisers. However, their firepower and protection makes these ships inefficient in direct confrontations with enemy heavy cruisers, let alone encounters with battleships. Their excellent torpedo armament and the ability to set smoke screens will help these ships cause damage to heavily protected targets and aid in your escape.The Tier X ship, Minotaur, was the epitome of light cruiser design at the beginning of the post-war period. In addition to her compact dimensions, maneuverability and low detectability (especially with smoke screens), this cruiser boasts an amazing fire rate, great torpedoes and her dual-purpose guns provide a superior AA engagement area radius. However, she is vulnerable in direct encounters with heavy cruisers and battleships due to her weak armor. What is the most unique aspect of this line, in one or two sentences? I would say specific smoke screens, good heal consumable from Tier III and above, unique rapid-fire AP and powerful torpedoes, but extremely fragile. These ships require skill and awareness, and with that, they will be rewarding. See extra details below: • Starting from Tier II, the gun calibre is 152 mm for all ships in this branch. On the one hand, this means that these guns have a high firing rate; on the other, their ballistic properties and penetration are not top notch and the maximum AP/HE shell damage is low• All ships in this branch only AP shells. However, these shells will boast excellent ricochet angles and low fuse arming delay time, which will significantly decrease the number of ricochets and over-penetrating hits• Really great maneuverability is one of the main traits of this branch• The cruisers have average or relatively low speed, but their engines have great dynamic properties in terms of acceleration and deceleration• Starting from Tier III, all ships in this branch feature torpedo tubes with decent characteristics: The torpedo range and speed as well as damage from torpedoes make these torpedo tubes not just an auxiliary armament but a weapon that performs equally to the ship's main battery• Moreover, torpedoes can be launched one by one, which provides new tactical opportunities because players will be able to choose the direction for every individual torpedo when launching• Their hulls lack heavy armour protection and have a relatively high beam. In contrast to their counterparts of the same type, this results in fewer over-penetrating hits (with minimum damage) received from large calibre shells at close range• The ships have relatively compact dimensions and low detectability• The Defensive AA Fire consumable is not available on the ships in this branch. The basic efficiency of the ships' AA defenses is low (with the exception of Tier IX–X ships equipped with powerful dual-purpose guns that have a long range)• Starting from Tier V, the Smoke Generator consumable is available on the ships in this branch. It has high area of effect, but low activation time• Starting from Tier VIII, the Radar consumable is available, and it can be used instead of Smoke Generator consumable• Repair party (heal) consumable is available from Tier III. Moreover, from Tier VIII it has increased efficiency, compared to the standard cruiser heal Can we have a comprehensive list of all the pros and cons of every British cruiser in the line? The branch is quite unified in terms of its pros and cons. There may be some differences in torpedo armament (progression) and IX and X AA is actually quite decent - as Neptune and Minotaur have dual-purpose main turrets, which serve as AA. But, as a whole, pros and cons can be found above. Which ship would be considered the “prize” of the line? Example: Bismarck for German Battleships, Minekaze or Shimekaze for IJN Destroyers or Iowa for US Navy Battleships We would say Fiji (Tier VII) and Minotaur (Tier X). Fiji is a deadly combination of 4x3 fast reloading caliber and smoke screens. Minotaur is a minigun with great torpedoes, smoke screen and concealment. With the lack of HE, what are the best tactics for taking counter-battery attacking BBs? These guys should avoid battleships or take them on undetected. They are indeed very fragile. Obviously, you can deploy smoke screens, fire torpedoes and retreat. However, if you MUST face a battleship, shoot its superstructure, bow and aft – the parts with the least armor. Unique AP shells will most likely deal some decent damage, but, if you expose yourself, you will be punished. Additional stuff: • Fragility is the main disadvantage of this branch• Don’t fear torpedoes whilst in your cruiser, they can get out of this tricky situation with their excellent maneuverability• Don’t fear HE shells either - it's easy to escape into smoke or out of visible range, and heal a decent amount• And carriers will have a hard time hitting them, once again thanks to maneuverability• BUT they should fear the threat of APs very much… Very. Much. • This is why it is extremely important to be aware of every enemy that can shoot you with APs at any given time.• It's hard enough as it requires very good understanding of strategy and prediction of enemy actions. How 2 smoke British cruiser smoke generators are very specific. The time for smoke screens to deploy is very, very short (7 seconds) and it is very important to slow down to 12-14 knots before activating this consumable, otherwise it will be wasted.On the other hand, the smoke cloud is larger than others, and you can carefully maneuver inside this zone, due to their extremely good handling. UKCAs vs other classes (Tier VI+) Against Carriers:Maybe you will wreck airplanes. Maybe they will wreck you. Nothing specific. It’s like flipping a coin. Against Battleships:Battleships are the worst target for the British cruisers. You should avoid direct confrontation with them. Smoke is your best friend, use torpedoes spam to scare off battleships. You'll be able to do a good amount of damage if hitting superstructures. Against Cruisers:Your concealment and gun traverse time gives you enough initiative to decide when to engage with others. British cruisers rarely start the fight, they join the fight. You should try to attack targets that are already engaged with other targets, and keep an eye if they decide to switch to you. You should be less concerned with HE shells (you can heal that) but APs can sometimes mean an instant ticket to port. Against Destroyers:Fun. No destroyer is a foe for British cruisers, with great turret traverse time and rate of fire wrecking destroyers is very easy, especially when you are close enough. You are very well protected against torpedoes as you will almost always have hydro consumable available and with British cruisers maneuverability combined, they are almost invincible to torpedoes. Good luck in your future battles and see you on the high seas, Captains! Best, Kandly