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  1. Yedwy

    Does the Zao need a change?

    IMHO Zao as she is and as the T10 looks nowadays needs either 10k HP or a super heal instead of a normal one and 10-11s base reload
  2. Yedwy

    Brawl 3 vs 3 - Must fun I had in 2 years

    Exactly and that kills the mode for me, I dont mind getting up close and personal now and then BUT being forced into full throttling into the cap zone/s from getgo and picking few ships in each class that are fit for that over and over again loses my interest very quickly...
  3. Yedwy

    Why is Napoli still not released

    Yeah those secs will surely help her out when she needs to come to within 10km of a T10 BB that overmatches her everywhere... I mean cmon WG, not even the bloody BBs can get proper mileage from those things
  4. Yedwy

    Lack of T7 Premium CAs and DDs

    FTFY m8 the T7<>T9 is a nasty relation for all classes but esp bad for DDs as they miss out on both slot 5 that they gain at T8 and slot 6 the T9 DDs get to boot
  5. Yedwy

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    1. First you said there is no such damage, and now it seems there is, if you missed it I specifically have a wide variety of damage numbers to cover variety of tiers... I mean the damage can be even less then 5k per fish and thats your counter argument to my entire post? Ok fair enough, but since you so aptly put it 3k cit damage against a 50k ship is the same as 6k damage against a 100k ship and several of those per salvo each 40 or 50 seconds will add up quickly... 2. Torpedo belt doesnt mean sh*t agianst sub torps since they bypass it when locked on with a "dual ping" now does it? Unless they removed that part of the mechanic but looking at those vids it doesnt look like that to me... 3. Gearing torps aside from actually being reduced by the torpedo belt by a significant percentage unlike sub torps dont turn around islands and dont follow you in turns when you try to dodge them, WG has a long history of making their newest toy project OP for people to flock into buying in but this sub BS really takes the cake and then some... Feel free to believe in WG not effing this up but I for one predict total sh*tstorm when this hits the live server for real and after a small boost in numbers due to the "target audience" this game is going down the WOWP path or even worse, now we ll see who is right...
  6. Yedwy

    WG lied to me and I got punised

    Sure sure, WG is giving the 1 battle return policy out of kindness of their hearts...
  7. Yedwy

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    Really? Whats the damage on those Balao fish again?
  8. Yedwy

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    Riiight couse everone just shrugs off 5-7k citadel damage x 2,3 or 4 every 40-50s… Well we shall see soon enough i guess, I will try the sub play when its finished and see if I like it enough to stick around if not (which I deem the likely outcome) and they still have this trash mechanic WG and their target audience can enjoy it without me…
  9. Yedwy

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    I didnt even watch the Flamus vid, in this u posted IChase just repeats its like super weird for 10 minutes, what I see however is ships dying with every good salvo he lands, hardly something to call a tickle now is it... Oh and BTW the homing torps are in the sub mechanic for such a long time I think we can call them a permanent feature and not "something they are trying"
  10. Yedwy

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    It doesnt matter to them, the marketing dep already reported the projected revenue and the accounting already spent the money they are supposed to get from subs, thats the likely reason they are pushing out all the premium ships at such frantic rate of late and rewarm the old shelved projects such as VF CVs etc... WG know that after the subs hit randoms they will have s good run of selling sub premiums and after that the game will be the second WOWP filled with bots everywhere and few live people that will come in take a look and bug out...
  11. Yedwy

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    No they really are not, they are good for farming damage on hapless cruisers or from far away but as a DD they are trash
  12. Yedwy

    Why is Napoli still not released

    IIRC in the past RB ships never came out strictly on Fridays but had their own cycle and steel/coal ones mostly came with the relevant patches, only gold/prem shop ships actually tend to get released exactly Fridays for whatever reason...
  13. Yedwy

    Can someone give us a 0.10.5 client

    Did you install the game in this patch? Couse you should have the copy of the previous one in the bin folder