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  1. Yedwy

    Game is seriously flawed, XP and free XP booster

    Well id say a T10 grind (for a "reroll" ofc, meaning guy/gal knows their way around) doing those campains that give flags and stuff and cashing in an all the goodies some 250 decent battles in random should do the trick with most battles spent for t8-t10 bracket
  2. Yedwy

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    Sigma can be changed u know Not saying it will be good but not jumping the conclusion either
  3. Yedwy

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    It will have access to US -11% dispersion module though
  4. Yedwy

    Some BB Tier10 tips against CV`s

    If a competent CV wants you dead and you are alone you will die, there is no way for a 30kn ship to outmanouveor 200kt planes so they cant have a pass at it, what you can do in said ship is mitigate damage, prolong the process and cost him so much that he finds someone else to pester - by specing in to AA suffietiently to do so...
  5. Yedwy

    Has the server just gone down

    An hour ago I was finishing my Hinden LU grind nothing out of orginary happend
  6. Just noticed no celebratory green this year?
  7. You lack one option - I use it sometimes when benefit is clear since doing that when you are uncertain of the final approach side or planes will inevitabbly pass to the other side its better to leave it symeteical
  8. Yedwy

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    T5 - gremyashy (and yes i do have kamikaze) T6 - t61 T7 - Haida T8 - Kidd T9 - Jutland T10 - Grozovoi And yes i dont play below t5 much these days
  9. Yedwy

    Public Test: Furios Nerf / Buff + Azuma

    Good change on furious that single db was not adeqate
  10. Yedwy

    Does current CV gameplay lack skill aspect?

    You have to manage plane reserves just as you had to do before, only the mechanic is different in the sence that there is no finite number of planes with instant squad refill but instead you are now limited by the respawn time and deck spaces, finite number of planes you have at your disposal during a single match is probabbly not that different from before (cant be bothered to calcualte tbh) only thing is that when you potato and lose all planes you will respawn few birds so you have somwthing to so instead just yolo or run to the corner... As for HP oh yes you do, fir once plane is gone you wait a while for a new one and you do crap for your team waiting around so you better dich the run when needed abd usw repair when you can and try to get them back, also hitting manouvering targwts wffectively isnt easy
  11. Yedwy

    Do we keep Early Access XP?

    Why wouldnt you keep it? It stays where you earned it
  12. Yedwy

    Yubari build?

    I d go more aa on her tbh and si for extra spunk something like PT-LS-SI-CE-AFT-BFT-JOAT
  13. Yedwy

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    Aaand cossack?
  14. Yedwy

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Well simple truth is - you can learn general game mechanics, you can learn ship class, you can even learn the ship line you play but you still have to play some battles in a new ship to get the feel for it, same as for a car for instance so to really learn any t10 ship you have to play that t10 ship hovewer annoying the fact you dont perform at super unicum level from moment one is to the try harders