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  1. Sometimes it is, however the aforementioned hub was pinpointed by guys way smarter then me (at least in those things anyway) and as far as I could read the evidence it is so (am not completely inept since I am engaged with computers since we typed the commands in basic) but I guess anything is possible if you have a pingplot showing the server is clogged by all means post it maybe a fire can be lit under sombodys a** and it gets fixed
  2. Yedwy

    Zieten is Garbage

    Just wait till next patch, IIRC the ops get T6-8 then and these things are pretty good in ops actually one will be able to grind the entire garbage out there and start at T9 with pvp
  3. Yedwy

    What is your, currently available, ship to play?

    Most Random battles I have in Missouri but all put together it might be Stalingrad since I have like 3.5mil elite xp on her and I played her a crapton in CB
  4. Well OFC Brest and Marseille are better and the heavy caliber (for a cruiser) mixed with mbrb and engine booster can make for some nice flanking blaps BUT yeah these long burning CCs are kinda meh esp T8 ones (goes for Haarlem and Congress as well) anyway I had Brest in EA and played her a bit, tried Marseille and after some though reset the line for RB and left it for now as it lies...
  5. Exactly Now we expect to see the list of players banned from game for at least 2 weeks or so for abusing it...
  6. As I said nobody is forcing you to agree with my choice of what I consider useless crap, any reason why you oppose the option to be there on principle?
  7. He didnt, in the first video that was posted it was clear guys in chat were explaining him how to do it
  8. What for? Its empty posturing nobody is getting banned for this, we are talking WG here, people were using f neon bars in KOTS and they didnt catch it until the guy bragged in open chat about it ffs
  9. Besides IDK how one can actually make use of this IRL as one cant aim properly like that and unless in "lab conditions" one prob wont hit sh*t
  10. Anyway WG should just make it like this - Interceptors are invulnerable to AA and should only ever engage the attack aircraft of the enemy CV and they should ALWAYS engage them and ALWAYS do damage no matter if in attack run, escaping or what not, a fixed amount of damage, and also skills/modules should boost that, easy fix There would still be speshul case (caugh FDR caugh) but f it
  11. No he is right, exploit means you are performing an action that due to bug or engine limitations grants you an ability or your character/weapons/whatever behaves outside normal game parameters, for instance the current "railgun effect" is an exploit, a quake "speedrun" is an exploit, this is NOT an exploit as such its just poor game design