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  1. Dream on bro, this didnt come to pass for Benham and it will not here either
  2. You dont have to be esp good to finish those directives, unlike the tasks in campaigns of old where there could be some really nasty things inside that required skill these - do not, only being persistent... OFC if you are good it will go faster but you will make it even if bone average a player...
  3. Yedwy

    Gorizia. Why?

    Well when gets the range buff then... As for German T10 BBs - isnt Gorizia T7?
  4. Yedwy

    Gorizia. Why?

    Also Sansonetti on it after you first blap a dd...
  5. Yedwy

    server interruptions, 19h

    Booted out again ^^
  6. Yedwy

    Gorizia. Why?

    Well with hydro and sap I guess the idea is that of a dd hunter...
  7. How was I blessed? I opened my free crates long before the server hiccup?
  8. Yedwy

    server interruptions, 19h

    Hmm, IDK what you do for living m8 but I am deputy department head of Anesthesia and ICU in a General hospital and we wouldnt fire nobody unless a gross negligence was in question, sh** happens...
  9. Yedwy

    server interruptions, 19h

    You are right, ping goes through fine
  10. M8 further gold wont be needed, I did the math for myself yesterday, I didnt even know then that token boosters give you fixed point chunks as well you need about 800-900 in boosters and just to make sure I will go for at least 4 token boosters, since I will grind Gorizia as well in the proces its a win win fo me...
  11. Never buy crates on the frist day of the patch m8, NEVER
  12. Yedwy

    server interruptions, 19h

    Well forums are laggy too so it looks like a connection issue?
  13. Yedwy

    server interruptions, 19h

    I would say prob a santa crate
  14. Thats why you grind more tokens? I didnt say I dont need to grind but its not a problem I will have the first token booster before the building up points even starts m8
  15. Well IDC for free option, got 3 gold boosters and she is more then half finished as she stands, should take me about 2 weeks to finish I guess tops soo I guess I ll have her flake off before New Years Eve