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  1. Very simple - they add guided torps and it gets into the normal game modes - I for one am quitting
  2. Yedwy

    Submarines with acoustic torpedoes. Bad idea or good?

    Brilliant, this makes it to main game modes and I stop playing
  3. Yedwy

    Submarines with acoustic torpedoes. Bad idea or good?

    @OP let me ask you this m8 How do you fell about implementing guided anti submarine missiles while we are at it?
  4. Yedwy

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    Belt is not very important ONLY if you have underwater citadel, if you do have normal citadel it becomes VERY important factor and latest trend is citadels returning on bbs especially on RN
  5. Yedwy

    2 BBs in Clan Wars?

  6. Yedwy

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    If she meets "american piercing" with that belt she is screwed so T4 max (not meeting pepsi or higher) ergo she would have to have an abysmall reload to be balanced there, we have ships with as little as 6 guns down there for comparison and IMHO what is NOT needed in low tiers on this game is another "shotgun cruiser blapper" there are scarce few decent cruisers (both ships and players) in the game esp at those tiers as it stands and pushing even more new players to other classes early on is not a good thing
  7. I am reasonably happy with it, there is stuff I dont really like OFC but its still more of the good then the bad, due to work i am somewhat limited in the burning out potential anyway, I do however play less and less ships as such, just ignoring those I find dull or unrewarding and mothballing them for long periods
  8. Just met @_Teob_ in his Ibuki on Tears Of The Cruisers Standard, alas he got a potato team that I managed to flank so they got Balanced by komrade Stalin, greetings m8
  9. Yedwy

    Submarines: the next step.

    It is a bad idea It will be a custer and another unneccesary dumpster fire They will still do it
  10. Yedwy

    advises and tactics about amagi

    Kite, you have only 4 barrels front so bow on is sort of daft, I d say - angle in, turn when safe and kite away, turn again when safe and getting 2 far, rinse and repeat
  11. Yedwy

    2 BBs in Clan Wars?

    Its a good question, given the size of maps i vould say try it - 8 vs 8 at T10 2BB cap and rest as you want (no CVs), could be interesting
  12. Yedwy


    No can do, premium ships out there (both cash/gold and coal/freexp/steel) basically prevent this WG will NEVER shell out full refund on those ships and they cant change them without that, at least not that much as to change their class...
  13. Yedwy

    Teaser Pics of new Submarines from Global models

    Looks like a Graf Spee for t5
  14. Yedwy

    Teaser Pics of new Submarines from Global models

    Not gonna happen mate, you need to set the depth and remove safety before dumping them, otherwise no boom