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  1. Had @EdiJo yesterday on my team, alas we also had a 30% wr cv vs a 60% wr one in red team so it ended quite predictably, also soon afterwards met @22cm he was in zao i think and i took out my republic for a spin, it was a rather pitched battle but we managed to pull throuh, m8s
  2. Yedwy

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    Alternate bb line split for RN and KM trees starting from t3 to at least t8 should be no problem to fill, as colonelpete already said we already have them as bbs and they work fine
  3. Yedwy

    Some personal thoughts

    @OP you know those squishy moskvas that have the citadel running the entire length of the ship? Yes? Well you can in fact sail broadside in those straight through the caps and do 150k battles earnin 2k base xp and 1000000 credits in them and surviving battle to tell the tale! How? Situational awerness... Git better
  4. Yedwy

    What to spend my 10th British Destroyer point on

    Even on jutland and daring its only really important if you are lazy to swich ammo, sAP makes short work of anything stupid enough to show you broadside under 10km
  5. Yedwy

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Hipper better suits your playstyle?
  6. Yedwy

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Getting Hindenburg
  7. Yedwy

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    There isnt a single thing a wooster owner would need seattle for apart from farming a little bit of steel by "knocking off a snowflake" in the upcoming campaign...
  8. Yedwy

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    IDK I dont remember when I was last killed in smoke in any of my smoker cruisers (uncluding kutuzov amd huanghe) acctually the most derpshots i recieve is when i cant smoke up becouse i misplayed weather by staying somewhere too long ir just beeing pushed by advancing line
  9. @OP Use islands to block line of site to enemy ships as much as possible, you want to be at most 12-13 km from enemy when spotted first (oreferably even closer) that takes practice and if at all possible try not to be focused by more then 1-2 enemys at same time, its difficult sometimes as not all maps are good for this, for danage dealing seek out broadside targets, your AP shells (whitch you should be using most of the time) have good damage for caliber and decent penetration power but bad penetration angles whitch means target MUST be broadside for shells to have proper effect if you dont have any such targets (broadside bbs, cruisers or cvs) aim a bit higher for the superstructure hits and damage since all t8+ bbs and even some cruisers will autobounce your shells from their armour when angeled or use HE shells, secondaries can be fun but taking your ship into sec range and doing decent damage takes positioning skills you most likely lack atm and those only come with (bitter) experience, also you have torps, best forget you have them they are a gimmick, not exactly usless but using them safely (not torping an ally or causing them to die due to restriction of movement caused by your torps) and effectively takes even more skill then secondaries and yolo rushing the enemy to kamikaze torp them usually ends in your torps getting knoced out just before you can use them (since everybody and there mother will shoot you at 6km from them and it only takes 1 good shell at those exposed launchers). In short: 1) use cover to get into position 2) close distance to 10-ish km if possible fir sefondaries 3) seek broadside targets within your main gun range 4) stay angeled to close by bbs and even cas yorself as much as possible
  10. Yedwy

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    I take it out less and less yesterday mostly played groz with some gearing and shima mixed in, our cruisers usually bring 2 radars so its enough
  11. Yedwy

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Ok nice been waiting for those, got myself 20 big ones and thats all i intend spending on boxes as such this year will make a list and edit post, when steel campaign comes around to the shop I will see if I buy into it since I will most likely have enough steel for the ship i want from arsenal even without it Edit after opening 20 crates in this order they dropped: Red dragons x15 Coal 7500 Doubloons 1000 Ashitaka + 10pt commander Doubloons 1000 10x New Year Streamer Camo Doubloons 1000 10x New Year Streamer Camo Doubloons 1000 Krasny Krim + 10pt commander Red dragons x15 Doubloons 1000 Scylla x15 Basilisk x15 10x New Year Streamer Camo Doubloons 1000 Red dragons x15 Nueve De Julio + 10pt commander Scylla x15 SC with Marbelhead + 10pt commander in it
  12. Yedwy

    Neptune running costs

    Uuuhh, better dont hold your breath for that t9 ranked unless you want to suffocate, flooding the tier 9 with broken (not saying op) ships (even more so of late) wont help either and wg already stated something on similar lines before, they could bump up the service coat reduction on all permacamos from t6-t9 a bit though lets say 5-10% more reduction per tier, would make all ships with such camos much more viable in coop, would possibly enfringe on premiums 2 much perhaps
  13. Well we do have oil resource in the game no? Nothing stopping them from displaying and letting you use the individual oil, also make ships spend oil dependant on size, say one oil unit spent per battle for driving out a dd, 2 units for a cruiser and 3-4 units for bb/cv would cull bb levels soon (tm) as well
  14. Used to happen to me as well with some regularity (rarely play cvs so not cv specific) untill I read someone posting that it was this clan name patch that might be precipitating factor and since i swiched mine for normal one it stopped