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  1. Yedwy

    Continous chat bans

    I am sure @MrConway will send you the details on PM if you want him to...
  2. Yedwy


    You buying stuff? No coupons for you! Coupons only go to those that dont spend regularly, why give the discount to the addicts?
  3. Yedwy

    WG Please Buff the sigma of Pommern

    Well if ship is too accurate you actually have to aim and if you miss its your own fault... Better have a shotgun and blame RNG I guess...
  4. Yedwy

    What would be the next FXP Tier X ship?

    Thats why I no longer buy the permacamos, at least not directly...
  5. Yedwy

    are you serious WG

    Did you read the OP m8?
  6. Yedwy

    What would be the next FXP Tier X ship?

    FDR smells of coal TBH
  7. Yedwy

    are you serious WG

    Well neither will staying full broadside to an oncoming squadron, BB half a map away might or might not pop him, the planes will for sure
  8. Yedwy

    WOW! Kriegsmarine's might

    At least its the free boxes... I got 3x of something and then 1 day of premium so far...
  9. Yedwy

    are you serious WG

    Sounds like a DDs life? And cruisers for that matter...
  10. Yedwy

    Messed up matchmaking

    Incidentally we also have a flood of T9 premiums and basically none have enough FreeXP/Coal/RP to keep up with actually getting them for free... What a coincidence...
  11. Yedwy

    are you serious WG

    You can maneuver all you want if a RN cruiser is in full turn do thwart your attack she WILL out turn you no matter what...
  12. Yedwy

    Whats the best buy?

    Haida and Shiratsuyu have decent enough concealment, Z-39 has the slot 5 module Why do you care about a single tier?
  13. Yedwy

    Whats the best buy?

    Heal only makes you less gimped against a T9 cruiser since ALL of them have heals, but anyway the OP queation was about CARRYING in a T9 match and NO T7 cruiser is much good at that TBH, BBs either, DD is only choice for +2 carry in any kind of reliable fasgion and only if you know your DDs inside and out... I am not saying one cant top the board and even carry occasionally in a Myoko or Sharn or whatnot but reliably? Cmon...