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  1. IJN Yamato Armour

    I got it. I thank you very much for re-writing the message. In the previous one (because of the translator) the opposite was clear. Thanks also for your comment.
  2. IJN Yamato Armour

    ehm sorry I'm ashamed to you, but could you write the comment in a simpler way? not because of malice, but because the comment you wrote before the translator I have translated very badly I have not been able to understand much and I would be sorry not to be able to understand what you write and therefore not to answer you
  3. IJN Yamato Armour

    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I see. I will not tell you my first battle with the yamato. Let's say that, thinking it was very strong, I was too bold and so .. I got a kurfust .. It has no close distance but to media .. total disaster .. I reduced his life to 1/4 but I soon fell to peak .. and from that moment I began to get suspicious. I started fighting long distances, but I had some problems too ... For the firepower nothing to say, no ship has a similar one. They can only overcome it in the number of cannons but in terms of damage .. eh eh the yamato does not forgive. Only the armor makes me sad.
  4. IJN Yamato Armour

    I got it. Yes, in the comments I say to change it a bit, but then I'm talking in general. If I go more specifically I would say that in any case, if a change has to be made, it is necessary to understand how to do it and then proceed. I do not want it to become a tank, but it's a little bit upgraded. This then is to those who develop the ships (which knows more than me for sure), and therefore must change the ship in a way that does not affect everything. Then the weak points like citadel or similar things MUST remain, but in the case of Yamato I would do something. If, for example, the citadel so exposed was put on kurfust or conqueror I would have seen it differently. But there on the yamato it makes me turn up my nose
  5. IJN Yamato Armour

    ok I understand. Yes, of course if one is good at playing he can be a constant threat, with all ships. Come on. I continue to be mine, not because I do not accept or I did not understand what you said, in fact you were very clear. And that in my opinion that of the citadel of the Yamato is a flaw ..
  6. IJN Yamato Armour

    A be them you should also look at the balance of the teams, and the ships I'll give you reason .. you can certainly not do a battle all BB or with most of the ships that are BB. But I ask you one thing: pass a moment from my point of view (I do not tell you to forget what you think, just put it aside for a moment). I ask you, if the teams were better balanced for ships, and you find yourself with less battleships per team, and if my idea of the Yamato were real, would not it work? or how do you think about the arrangement of the teams (number of ships) and with the yamato made in my own way. That is to say: take the yamato in my own way and put it in the best way for everyone in a battle. Would not it be good? I'm getting messed up, I hope I've spun pretty well.
  7. IJN Yamato Armour

    Good morning. can I ask what your opinion is on the subject? if you have the obvious time, I know that you are always engaged and that you do not have much time. But I would like to know the opinion of someone who works for wargaming. If you want to ask me for explanations or anything else, I am at your disposal too.
  8. IJN Yamato Armour

    I got it. I know little about steel, I mean other things. For the rest I gave an answer to Dfens 666 that responds to what you said, valla to see and then tell me. Anyway, I did not say that it must be impenetrable, if you show the side it is right to do a lot of damage, but not so many ... Otherwise the armored name does not give it to him .. Since they are the strongest part of a fleet, they should be those to be tackled with caution and tactics, not sinking but difficult to destroy. If one goes there by chance, but if you go with someone else then it's easier. To give an example: during the campaign of Halllowen, the ship Boss Rasputin was very powerful and, unlike the others, required a common commitment to destroy it. Here in my opinion the armored should be a bit like her. I do not say that they must have such an exaggerated life and such a tough armor, but they must make it difficult for those who oppose him. This of course without exaggeration. If one goes with other friends it becomes easy, but if one goes alone, at least if it is not a battleship of the same level, it will have a difficult battle.
  9. IJN Yamato Armour

    But you see, just because it's a BB 10, it seems strange and wrong. The weak point is there, but losing life so easily does not make sense. That is to say maybe 5 or 6 in my opinion there would be more, but rank 10 that are the strongest and most modern and advanced .... Cruisers die much faster but they can count on other advantages such as torpedoes and high speed and agility (apart from the Americans for torpedoes) and anyway thanks to their rapid fire they can practically bomb any other ship with a rain of bullets HE or AP. Then, however, if one goes to see the definitions of these classes, he immediately understands what they are characterized by. I know that from the player's point of view it's better because otherwise it would be difficult to sink these ships, but now I ask you a question. Is not this perhaps to characterize the latter more? The fact of the citadel so exposed does not make sense because it is a particularity too much. Let's say you want to destroy a BB 10: 1) If I'm another battleship, I keep my distance and hit her with the piercing. So you have a classic battle from a distance, where the captain's ability and the ship make the difference. It loses who exposes more the side or who makes wrong moves regarding the route and navigation 2) If you are a cruiser, I can continuously cannon it with the HE and, if the ship owns them, use the torpedoes. Also, since you have to play cunning, use the neighboring islands (if any) or the smokescreen give an excellent advantage. Here the cruiser loses if he exposes himself too much or if he does not play with cunning. Making a direct attack is madness. 3) If you are a destroyer you can count only on torpedoes, on HE and on the fact that you have a very low detection range. So always playing with cunning and using smoke screens and islands, you have to approach the enemy ship and unhook them on a huge amount of torpedoes .. of course if you show yourself you're dead. Then put in the middle of the aircraft carriers and a good tactic and it's done. Since then the games have 12 players per team, most likely they help each other and here, with a good tactics and awareness, you can succeed. Of course it is easier said than done, but following this reasoning (which I do not think is wrong or illogical) the fact that the Yamato has a citadel so exposed and fragile, gives this ship a weakness that makes no sense. I repeat it must not be unbeatable, the bullets must damage it, but it is too much .. I hope I have explained myself well since it is a long and thorny speech.
  10. IJN Yamato Armour

    Ok, but sorry (always underlining the fact that it is a game) but if they had a weak point so accentuated we could not even call them armored ... I do not say that they should not have a weak point, but it is mandatory, but not that can cause such a devastating amount of damage ... If, let's make an example, the Yamato was changed and the citadel became less exposed, I do not say to remove the latter as a weak point (otherwise it would become unbeatable and it's not good) but at least to reduce the amount of damage that the ship undergoes .. I do not say that if you center the citadel the damage must be 1 hp, but not 40,000 as happened to me sometimes while maneuvering .. I say ok that is not a game that takes the reality, but in my opinion you can not even do so .. I proposed an adequate and very well-designed middle ground. PS even the Japanese as far as I know they used the excellent steel in their ships. above all the Yamato was made with first choice materials
  11. IJN Yamato Armour

    Thanks for the reply. I sincerely have always focused on hitting the bridge and the hull rather than the superstructure, so as to hit the citadel and cause extensive damage. I know that thanks to the "all or nothing" design character of the Yamato it does not matter much of the bow and stern that have a shell of 90mm and are divided into more than 1000 watertight compartments. The fact that it bothers me most and that, following that criterion, the citadel and the center of the ship should be very well protected, and instead here the citadel is well exposed and seems to be there with a sign "hit me" I do not understand why to install a citadel so exposed on a ship like that .. that is if they had done it on another tierX ship maybe I would not have said anything, but here it makes no sense. I know that you can not set it as the original, otherwise you should go point blank to destroy it, but do not do that. A middle ground (which is not this) in my opinion would be better, since being also a Tier X should be very powerful ..
  12. IJN Yamato Armour

    Thank you so much for the excellent response. I'm sorry you lost interest because you have excellent knowledge and so it's very interesting to talk with you. I am a moment lost in the explanation (also because the translator does not help much) but in summary I understand. I used the example of the tirpitz because it was the most recent but there are many others (even more acceptable) that led me to support this discussion. Now I know very well that the one with the Tirpitz was a unique case that is rare and I do not want to be lost on that speech. In all the speech you did, which by the way is very well structured and contains a lot of information, I did not understand very well but what do you think of the armor Yamato speech. Maybe you've already written it and the translator made me wrong, but would you mind laughing? I ask you why you seem to me a very knowledgeable person and an opinion like yours (in both cases) I consider it very useful
  13. IJN Yamato Armour

    ok. I'm sorry I did not get it right away.
  14. IJN Yamato Armour

    Yes, for agility I have nothing to say. For a monster of 72810 tons it is surprising. Due to the fact that distance is also true, in fact, the more you fart and away the shots lose power, I always try to keep almost at the edge of the map and to target the enemy, this thanks to 460mm. And that annoys me a lot I can not get close (in the sense of not always being on the edge of the map) to other ships and then be able to inflict even more devastating blows, just because in that case I become a target too weak and easy. And that's why I started the discussion. I do not say he has to resist cannon fire from 10km, but I can not get to the 17km, which has already devastated me, always standing forward and not showing the side
  15. IJN Yamato Armour

    For the first two sentences sorry, the translator did a bit of mess and the sentence came out wrong. I wanted to say that the other ships of lv X are able to hurt the yamato, not just another of its class. For the third I understood. so it happened there ... I can not do anything about it