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  1. I don't know what as been broken but playing atm is impossible the lag spike and the drop of FPS is getting worst by the day, also what the hell you people have done to matchmaking ? or you get in a team of uni or of people that have done few battles in high tier fix the game since most of us have spend good money to support WG and buy overprice ships .
  2. _Relik

    Lag again after the patch ?

    I will try that thanks !
  3. _Relik

    Lag again after the patch ?

    Even if wasn't in the patch note they should have fixed, a multiplayer game the first most important thing is server stability ( i.e.no lag or stuttering) .
  4. _Relik

    Lag again after the patch ?

    They had an update today that suppose to be a priority but I guess I am wrong then !
  5. _Relik

    Lag again after the patch ?

    I played few games no problem then all sudden I get the lag back that the game freeze so while you fighting the ship you aimed is 5 km away from where you saw it, didn't this suppose to be fixed ???
  6. _Relik

    Roma projectile dispersion

    I get your point but is almost impossible to hit a target properly when come towards you head on the dispersion is to great that 1 hit 9 miss I understood the Roma how should be played but if you take away the secondary and the AA and give me this kind of dispersion I wont reach the brawling point. Other T8 are more balanced ( IMHO) but if WG give another look at it wont hurt either !
  7. _Relik

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Fix the Roma is such a great ship if wasn't for the awful dispersion, already lack of secondary AA and everything else at least give us less dispersion if not is useless because there are better T8 ship to play with .
  8. _Relik

    Roma T8 Italian Premium Battleship (DONT BUY)

    Also don't forget that if a ship is sailing on a straight line from you and you try to hit it 9 out 10 time it misses the dispersion is awful.
  9. _Relik

    Roma projectile dispersion

    I hope that this something that can be look at more seriously, the dispersion on the projectile while the enemy ship go straight is unreal 9 out 10 time you don't get a single hit, I love the ship but I do think still to be optimize . I hope was not design like this and WG can have another look at it and patch it.
  10. _Relik

    [-MOS-] Mors Omnia Solvit - Arruola!

  11. Don't know if still recruiting or not but I am very interested if still : I am Italian living in UK I play most days but only the last 6 months or so I took the game more seriously, I have join a clan and even tho they are a nice bunch I want to progress and improve I got over 1.4k battles and even tho my WR should be higher I didn't pay too much emphasis in the past ( mostly play alone and got bored ) but I can improve that is not a problem I got ships from T3 to 10. Thanks for reading e Ciao a tutti.
  12. Sound like a nice bunch of people if there is place left I would love an invite I play most days and nights between work shift I play rank from VI to IX usually on random. Thanks
  13. Guys don't mis-understand please I am NOT flaming DDs or anything else I just point out that if you draw in a Battle 4 DDs and the rest BBs and you want NOT stay back and snipe but actually get in the thick of it and brawl to help the team , become almost impossible to stick around and help because you will have a spam of torps coming towards you and since the detection is low when you see them coming it become impossible to avoid them all. My point was only to make sure WG look in to it and BALANCE the criteria that selection are made. I don't mind have 4 DDs but put some cruisers in there and less BBs.
  14. No but probably is worth getting one we seems to move that direction