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  1. pion72

    WARNING- dont buy LONDON

    I'm confused, about 20hrs ago you said they were no skill, retarded gameplay,12k salvo, multiple fires, Reeeeeeee etc?
  2. They don't listen to the player base on forums, they listen to the stuff people write in those surveys they send us!
  3. Might some of this downturn be something to do with the increasing requirements of the game? My old potato laptop cannot really play the game anymore since the the diectx change and I can't be bothered to upgrade for one game (especially the way it's going). Maybe the Russian server had a few more older PC's?
  4. pion72

    And I Sigh

    Can you post the screenies of your recent DD and CV games tho
  5. Many thanks mate, I would like to enter the lottery please.
  6. pion72

    Another rental guys

    Gallant for me this time Always with the message "you're great in (insert ship class) why not try (insert ship name)". WG, If you want me to have them that badly you lie to me about being good just give them to me OK
  7. pion72

    One of that rare games

    Yeah, the moments you realize you are just playing a computer game and not trying to do some complicated piece of work on a PC while the rest of your company constantly email you with "You're sh!t, get another job you loser".
  8. pion72

    Another rental guys

    Can't be that random, just got DoY on rental a couple of hours ago.
  9. pion72

    Another rental guys

    I get them all the time. I think it's to do with the fact I haven't spent any money on the game. The less you play/spend the better your offers will get :D
  10. pion72

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    I think that's what I said. You may have missed the "not".
  11. pion72

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    Out of interest when one sees a triple div of the same ship on your team what is your first thought? Mine is not usually "we're going to steamroll this". :D
  12. Is this not the sound of a DD hunting a Sub though?
  13. pion72

    Community hate and racism against CVs

    The amount of stuff (including Poe's law) I have learnt from arguing with Flat earthers on YouTube is amazing, but that is seriously off topic and a whole world of pain that I wouldn't encourage anyone to do even for entertainments sake :D. Thank you too mate, i now know the term "reductio ad hitlerum" which is as funny as it is tragic.
  14. pion72

    Community hate and racism against CVs

    I only learnt about Poe's law the other day and now this! It's great when someone with a bit of knowledge defines something you kinda intuitively felt but had never really expanded or expressed. It's funny when internet debates breakdown into how you are arguing rather than the subject.
  15. pion72

    italian SAP on DDs

    Yeah, I understand that mate, I'm not disagreeing with you, just having a bit of fun. Not disagreeing with you either.............................I'll get my coat.......(however I lived near the Ace cafe and found many bikers do drive like nutters,.............and so do car drivers, and other road users etc :D)