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  1. Nathan_James_II

    Georgios Averof armored cruiser(Pisa-class) 

    Exactly! So it doesn't matter that Italians built her. She should be in game for her glorious past and under the Greek flag!
  2. Nathan_James_II

    Georgios Averof armored cruiser(Pisa-class) 

    Sry, it`s a Pisa class cruiser, italian origin. Who cares who built it. It only matters where it actually served. Like this other cruiser we saw ingame that was built in UK but served in Australia, thus WG has it sailing under the Commonwealth flag, right? ;-) Also don't forget about the legendary submarine 'Papanikolis'. Since submarines events came true in the game, why not add this one as well?
  3. I hope we will see this ship in game too and if possible not as a premium one :-P
  4. Nathan_James_II

    More details

    Alright thanks for the replies
  5. Nathan_James_II

    More details

    Oh I see. But the web page says this: If you already have the standard version of Tier VIII Tirpitz, helm the standard ship into battle on a dedicated combat mission that is available until January 31, 2020. The first five battles of any type will reward you with a total of 2,500 doubloons. You can receive the chain of combat missions that reward you with doubloons for each of the ships only once per account. So I still need to buy it to ge this mission even though have the standard version?
  6. Nathan_James_II

    More details

    Probably not the right place to ask this and with the risk to be attacked by trolls and bullie wanna be here's my question. Does anyone knows what happenes if I buy the Black Tirpitz while I already heave the standard version? The web pages says that I'll get 8750 doubloons but what about the black camouflage. Do Iget to keep that or I just take the doubloon and NOTHING more?