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  1. Thanks for taking the time to respond. And i know this isnt even your area, but when someone else doesnt want to deal with it and instead just likes your post... oh well. Sure i know RNG is often hard to grasp. But at some point probability simply takes over and it becomes extremely unlikely for things to happen. Have a nice weekend!
  2. Are you serious? Those exact containers you were giving out during the streams, those contents were random? All 3 item slots? 10% (or more) of the winners had the same content in the two (important) slots. 1.000 doubloons and 100x Papa Papa. According to the newspost on the website, these containers contain a set of 10x camo and 30x flags. Lucky rolls contain 25x camo and 100x flags. So already a having 10% getting a lucky roll is, well... lucky. But sure, maybe the chance between standard and lucky container is pretty high, fine. But for 10% of them to then get 1.000 doubloons and in addition 100x Papa Papa, that just seems to be extremely unlikely to me. @Crysantos i dont believe you would be giving out false information, knowingly. But maybe its possible that those containers that you guys can add manually to accounts are different internally than the ones people can buy and such. Maybe? But i dont expect a serious answer to that, i am not that naive. So the rumours will probably continue, lets see what Flamu gets next time out of his containers... totally random.
  3. @Tuccy i would really appreciate a reply from WG staff to my above post in this thread. Thank you for taking the time.
  4. Very interesting Q&A, thanks a lot for doing it! And congratulations to all the winners You both received 100x Papa Papa and 1.000 Doubloons in the containers? Plus the random collectible of course. Yesterday WGEUDE did a Q&A with Ev1n too in german (with @Crysantos and @Sehales). They also did a giveaway of Anniversay Containers. Friend of mine ended up winning one, guess what he got... the exact same. With 3 people out of 30 in total i think its questionable how much random those specific containers actually are. Considering the amount of possible flags and camos, port slot, and more stuff that could be in these containers, the fact that (atleast) 10% of the winners have received the same content is very odd und i think extremely unlikely to be RNG. I think i have seen screenshots from other players who have bought a few of these on the webshop, and they had all kinds of stuff in them (as expected). The webshop says (iirc) that they can contain either 30 flags or 100 flags, and a slot for camos plus the collectible item. But these containers they are giving out to the winners seem to be different. Maybe some of the other winners can reply here too and tell us what they received. So either these are a "special edition" of the Anniversary containers, they do look exactly the same and all, but they are given away by WG manually to accounts and they dont have a RNG content inside them (besides the collectible). Reason would be to not have a situation where someone is excited that he won something but then he opens the container and its 4x India Delta. Or they are standard Anniversary containers, but WG is able to control the content of them before they are given to the account, ignoring the RNG. Both options are very interesting. Controlling the content of a container does make sense of course when its a giveaway prize. But then you cannot really claim anymore that it is random. But do we now know for sure that WG is able to control the content? That would also mean that WG can very likely control the contents of Super containers for specific accounts (Hel-lo Hel-lo). And many people have suspected that for quite a while already, some more or less serious. I sure hope someone from WG understands the implications here and does respond with a proper explanation.
  5. One thing i noticed... this statement was posted on all regions, exactly the same content. Why is it signed by a lead NA employee? But nobody from EU or the other regions? I have a feeling that it was NA who were really against releasing GZ and pushed back, even tho EU released it for Gamescom. But if of course we will never know the truth.
  6. It must really hurt to copy & paste this statement when you are overruled by the other regions and your bosses, doesn't it @Tuccy? But you were so confident in the announcement of the GZ sale in the Gamescom Stream, oh what happened? Yet another "oopsie"? Well, we can all be thankful that the other regions (apparently especially NA and global, since nobody from EU signed that statement) have more self-esteem and trust in their work and pushed for this. Somehow nobody in EU (and also SEA it seems) doesnt care enough or has the balls to stand up and do whats right for the player-base. But i guess some dont care about the player-base and that is fine, but what are YOU without it? WE can spend our money on other games. What can YOU do withour out money? ...
  7. How old are you? You are the one claiming it was clarified somewhere. Now back up your claim with some facts and proof. Otherwise go away, you are not contributing in any way to the discussion. I highly suggest you read the entire first page of the thread again before making more claims like this.
  8. It was not. Can you either provide actual content to this thread or just be quiet? You already claimed it was on the first page, when asked for a link or something, you never responded. Because there is no clarification.
  9. So the event is over, and no statement from anyone? @Tuccy @Kandly @MrConway Do we not deserve any clarification on this?
  10. Assuming base XP of 700, premium account, a win bonus of 50% and maximum flags & camos, with a 100% winrate it would be 150 games. Of course 100% WR is not realistic, so you should make your own estimation based on that.
  11. Yes, 4.700 doubloons. And you also get the port slot from the bundle.
  12. I know, just noting it because many people seem to only have casually looked at Perth and are thinking its a Leander with HE. Having no Heal is a big difference (yes you get other advantages for it).
  13. Keep in mind Perth does not have Heal like Leander does.