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  1. zaaaaaaP

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Wow really? They are "hiding" Warspite now ingame? It used to be that ships are either possible to buy with doubloons, or the button was disabled and the text said "only on the premium shop". Now they chose to hide the ship instead and you can only see it with the techtree mod. Very confusing for players who use that, but sure, WG doesnt have to care about that. Still, i would prefer if they would do it the old way: All premiums are visible in the techtree (with a few exceptions such as very new ones), but you can either buy them with doubloons, or it says "premium shop only".
  2. zaaaaaaP

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    As of right now, Warspite is not reduced ingame. Apparently people can see her only with the techtree mod. So WG is now "hiding" ships that are "webshop only", they are still set to doubloon purchase ingame. But since WG says "only ships that are available ingame" are subject to this sale discount... they can easily avoid giving discounts to people who own a lot of doubloons.
  3. Thank for for checking on it. So in the future that means: To get a real discount we require a coupon. The discounts we (as existing owners) see are... well, not true. Edit: To those here who are like me and dont want to buy "discounted" bundles anymore right now... a friendly reminder that tomorrow the Steam Summer Sale begins, and will run until July 5th.
  4. The problem is not that it happens. Mistakes happen in every company, everywhere. The problem is that it has been happening for quite a while, and it will keep happening. HMS Miscommunication, should be a new TX premium.
  5. Translation: We are not evil, just incompetent. Forgive us.
  6. Yet not any member of WG staff felt the need to comment in that thread, ever. Yet this is how it is currently presented... But the reply would be "well you get the -15% applied to the other stuff in the (forced) bundle"... Sure... I definitely hope after 0.7.6 the shop will display these "discounts" very differently to existing owners of ships. And no, a small fineprint in after clicking the product is not enough. Not when the "overview" in the shop says: -15% FOR YOU Then why offer them at all to owners? Why not make the shop<->player database talk in both directions? All this would very easily be solved by only showing "real" offers on the shop. When i log in on the shop, i would see only ships that i dont already own, or packages with discounts that actually are true. But of course, that would result in a shop that "feels" quite empty for such a player. Personally, i prefer that tho because i could more easily see what really might interest me. What good are all these packages in the future for me? I dont have a actual discount on them, they only waste space for me in the shop, they are entirely useless. But sure, there are doubloon offers as a replacement for such players. Yes... For example 15.000 doubloons for ~83€! Damn that sounds great! Oh wait, its a forced bundled (of course!) with 25mil silver credits. Hmm, i dont really need/want those. Lets see if i still save money compared to standard price. 15.000 doubloons cost normally ~50€... oh wait. Thats ~33€ less than that bundle?! Hmmm guess what, no thanks! As many have pointed out already, this change will very likely lead to players spending less money overall.
  7. I think i have bought almost all of my premium ships at full price in the webshop, because im an i*iot that wants to have them right away when they got released. So yeah, i did pay full price for most, and later on i saved money on buying the duplicates for doubloons. Well, no more then. I have zero motivation to buy a duplicate in the future (why should i?). I just as well could buy directly doubloons in the exact amount i need. But those are on sale so rarely that i will hold off on spontanteously buying them. No more "ohh nice, buy!" for me. If anything at all, it would need to be a good doubloon sale, including custom amounts. (doesnt need to be -50%, but also not -5%). Yesterday i saw a "special offer" with 15.000 doubloons for 83€. And of course its a forced bundle which also has 25mil silver credits. I dont want those. And buying 15k doubloons alone for standard price is ~50€. So WG wants to motivate me to spend additional 33€ on something i dont want, and then i dont even save any money. Fantastic. I sure hope a Steam summer sale or something comes soon, so i spend all my money there (even tho i dont play most games i have). Still better than spending it here.
  8. Ohhhh! Well thats some news :D
  9. Congrats! But wont that be quite a trip daily from Paris to Prague? ... As expected, but atleast we get some form of feedback. Appreciate it.
  10. What was found out in the original thread on reddit has already been confirmed to be true. The reddit thread has this update: So WG has confirmed that a change was done to the system, but not publicly. And caused by the ticket and these two threads, they now are looking into it. I assume that its not that @MrConway doesnt want to talk to us about it. Much more likely, people higher-up are still arguing what to do about this, and how to proceed. And he is being told to wait. Understandable, and telling us every day to "Hey guys, please wait longer" would be useless. But a week without even a little peep... not great. At the very least a reply such as "we are still looking into this, it will take more time, please be patient guys" would be better than silence. As often, WG sticks their head into the sand and hopes for the best. Thats how we perceive it.
  11. The shop is still lying to the customers tho. Even if WG sticks to the new compensation system, they need to change the shop ASAP! You cannot advertise something as being discounted with 20%, then give the buyer only 80% of the product. It's been almost a week now with no news from @MrConway or anyone from WG about this.
  12. Just looked it up, Tirpitz was 30% off. But even if it had been 50%... a lot of people already own her (those that are even interested in her). And to offer a standard premium ship like her as a "Grand Finale".... pffff please. Almost regardless of the discount, Tirpitz itself is nothing special. And the T6-7 ships were 50% off. I bought Atlanta, Belfast, Saipan for that. Specifically these were the offers: Saipan -50% Belfast -50% Blyskawicza -50% Duca D'Aosta -50% Prinz Eugen -30% Atlanta -50% Atago -30% Dunkerque -50% Kutuzov -30% and then the Grand Finale!!! *drumroll* Tirpitz -30%
  13. Oh god... dont give them ideas!
  14. I dont disagree that 1k base in coop is not easy to get. Thats why i also mentioned a example with 500 base xp. And regardless, people are free to choose if they use camos, flags and such in coop, or not. If someone plays coop without any form of XP boost, then sure. +250 is quite decent. But as soon as you take ESCL flag, typical camos and maybe premium into account... it pales in comparison. This mission reward is not nothing. But imho its far from anything "ohh wow nice!" And since the original mission briefing said "+250% XP", many were excited for it. And then disappointed. If it had been announced from the beginning as +250 XP, nobody would even care at all. Many people probably wouldnt even notice it. Except coop players without any other boosts i guess. So if you are one of them, congrats! Enjoy the mission! I dont see a problem.
  15. If you have a 1000 base xp round, these 250 xp equal a flag with +25% XP... thats not zero. But its far from "quite a boost". You would get +50% XP from your first daily win anyway, in Random and in Coop and such. Thats already twice as much as this "special mission boost". And even when assuming that your rounds are at only 500 base xp.... +250 is a "boost" (more like a addition, not a boost) of 50% then. Sounds great! But again, your standard daily win gives the exact same, and nobody gets excited about those. And keep in mind, this bonus is additive, not multiplicative. So if you have 1000 base xp, then you have +50% for the first win, lets say you also have a +50% camo and a flag. Thats 1000 + 500 + 500 + 500 = 2500. And in addition to that, you get the 250. For a total of 2750, versus 2500. Not "quite a boost", for me atleast.