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  1. Until tomorrow morning at 7am (UTC+2).
  2. So... office-hours in the EU office are probably over by now for today. I know that @Kandly has seen this thread. Probably other staff too. Did we get any response at all? The only one who took time out of his busy day of working with the community, to reply to the community, was @Crysantos in the german forum here: Roughly translated meaning: So that is all we apparently get. Not even a response in the english speaking forum. We dont even deserve the mere mention or hint of the word "sorry". WG does not deserve my money anymore.
  3. Nope, the finale is the Tirpitz. Nothing else is coming. But that (on NA they called it Armada bundle) would have been fine. Atleast that would constitute a grand finale. Of course, many players would have said "omg thats too much money to spend", but atleast it would live up to what they promised us.
  4. Nein war sie nicht. Es gab jeweils für einen Tag: Saipan (-50%) Belfast (--50%) Blyskawica (-50%) Duca D'Aosta (-50%) Prinz Eugen (-30%) Atlanta (-50%) Atago (-30%) Dunkerque (-50%) Kutuzov (-30%) und nun als "großes Finale" die Tirpitz (-30%) für 2 Tage
  5. No no, it didnt understand your post as if you hadnt voted :D I was simply agreeing. But if the Belfast was there again for 50%, you would receive the full amount of doubloons instead, maybe that would be interesting then.
  6. Thats fine. In the end, it doesnt matter what you do with the product, wether you buy a dupe or a new ship (atleast for this argument here). What should matter is that either you are willing to spend (more) money, or not. And i did the same as you. I bought 2 ships as dupes, and skipped some that i dont have because of the "finale". Now if given the chance, i would immediately buy those that i skipped (Blyska, Duca, Atago and maybe Saipan).
  7. Wenn die Tirpitz als normales tägliches Angebot (so wie die anderen Schiffe) gewesen wäre, garkein Ding. Super! Aber 30% von einer Tirpitz als "großes Finale"? An der Tirpitz würde man jetzt 13.49€ sparen. An Saipan und Belfast hat man jeweils 15.43€ sparen können. Großes Finale in einem Summersale Event würde ich das nicht nennen, sondern eben ein ganz ordentliches normales Angebot in diesem Sale. Was man erwartet hätte? Ich spreche nur für mich. Ich hätte mir gedacht entweder ein Schiff auf das sehr viele warten (zb Perth), oder etwas ganz neues (zb Gallant ein paar Tage früher bringen, von mir aus auch ohne Rabatt), oder ein Multi-Ship Bundle (von klein bis gross, sogar das Armada Bundle für über 300€ wäre okay gewesen), oder Premium Zeit besonders günstig, eine große Ladung Flaggen usw... gibt soviele Möglichkeiten. Aber die Beschreibung "großes Finale" kreiert bestimmte Erwartungen, und diese wurden nun nicht erfüllt.
  8. Please see the updated OP. I have added a strawpoll to gauge interest if players would spend money now, if given a second chance at the same ships. Please take a second and show WG how you feel about this.
  9. Der Event Kalender macht einen anderen Eindruck, und das schon seit über 2 Wochen. Daher wurden die Erwartungen geschürt. Auch kein Übersetzungsfehler, war schon genau so gemeint. 2 Wochen lang wartet man drauf und freut sich, und dann gibts garkein "großes Finale" sondern eben nochmal ein Angebot wie die anderen alle waren. Hmm.
  10. Im sorry for not updating this topic. Atleast @Sehales took the time to reply to the german forum post about this: and Rougly meaning: "It was a mistake in the preview. We are correcting it now. The Cleveland was never planned." Also in the german mission description it said 4 port slots, not 4 reserve slots. To which he says "That is wrong in the german version. They are indeed 4 reserve slots". and he says "Please excuse the inconvenience". He replies again saying "The Cleveland can be reached in a few days. The Captain is the real prize. We sure dont do this on purpose to make you angry..."
  11. from the event calender... a "grand finale" on 16 July lasting 2 days!" Why would we wait for monday when we are promised today? :( And Tirpitz showed up today on 7am, same as the other ship offers did, and the details say she will be available for 2 days instead of one. So THIS is the grand finale bundle... if not, its miscommunication par excellence once again by WG-EU.
  12. Every single daily offer was up on the webshop right after 7am (this link) when you clicked the Summersales banner on the shop. It was only the seperate newspost that was updated a lot later and many people then had the impression that it took hours for something new to be on sale. So today the Tirpitz showed up at 7am. And the offer details say she will be available for two days (not the one day the others were). So pretty sure this is supposed to be the "grand finale bundle". Dont get me wrong, i would love for other stuff to appear on the shop now! But if they do that, wtf is that kind of coordination again? Once again a total mess.
  13. All of these daily sales appeared almost exactly at 7am each day. The Tirpitz today did too. And the fact that the details on the Tirpitz page say that she will be available for 2 days strongly suggest that THIS is the final bundle. And i am well aware that it is sunday. Do you honestly believe some dude sits in the EU office, cursing that he pulled the short straw and has to be there now, and he is putting in the offers manually on a sunday? Things like this are pre-planned and prepared in the webshop. And then they are just enabled based on a timer, or a few simple clicks which anyone could do from home.
  14. Good morning everyone! First of all, i want to thank WG-EU for pulling off a really nice sales event with great offers (Saipan, Belfast, Atlanta, ... at 50%). But whatever happend to that grand finale bundle?? I dont see it anywhere. Oh wait, that Tirpitz? Seriously? The July Event Calendar made us excited for: Then we get the daily offers, up until today, and they were really nice. Building up even more excitement. And guess what, a lot of players held their money back and waited for this super OMG WOW bundle instead of picking up single ships (that they might already own). Interestingly enough, the newspost that was updated with each daily offer already is less enthusiastic about the finale: No more grand. Just a final bundle. Hmm okay then, maybe its gonna some rare ship, something many people have been waiting for to come back to the shop (Perth at 50%?). Or something that has never been on sale before (release Gallant a few days earlier?). Or even reduce the new HSF ships in price (tho that wouldve been a bad move towards those who already bought them). Many expected a big bundle of different ships, either like the Armada Bundle (for ~$400) that NA had a while ago, or something more medium sized. What wouldve been also a very nice way to end this event wouldve been to bring back all the ships that were on sale daily, and offer them up again for 2 days. So that everyone had a second chance at them, and those who were holding back for something better, they couldve spend some money too. But whatever it would be, since they mention that it will be available for two days instead of one, it must be something special right? Well nope. Its a Tirpitz. Okay... for 30% off? Hmm okay. Tirpitz is constantly available in the webshop and ingame for doubloons. There is nothing rare or unique about her (in terms of a offer). People who wanted her, probably have bought already. And those who are not interested... i dont think 30% off a quite expensive T8 is gonna make a lot of them suddenly interested. Also, we had 15% off Tirpitz already two times in the last two months. That even further reduces the potential buyers. The Tirpitz wouldve been a fine offer during the week, on par with Kutuzov and Eugen. And in regads to savings, people could have saved 15€ buying Belfast, or 16€ with Atlanta. How is saving 13.50€ now a grand finale? But this is not about being greedy for rebates. Personally i wouldve been happy with having 10% off all those ships, but the event (and especially the promised finale) being done in a much better way. I have spend a lot of money on this game already, and havent been playing even for a full year yet. And guess what WG, i want to give you more money! But you are making it really hard for me to make me feel appreciated as a (paying) customer. When people eat in a fancy restaurant they dont care about the prices there, but if they dont get good service by the waiters, they will not come back. But that is also not to say that players who dont spend less (or none) money on the game dont deserve good treatment. Does WG-EU seriously think this is a GRAND FINALE?! You cant be. Im really hoping this is once again a screw-up on communication and other things will show up in the shop in the next few hours. If it doesnt, i will keep my wallet closed and not spend another euro on it. Too bad, i was ready to spend up to 100€ on a bundle, even if it contained a good bunch of ships that i already own. Let me be clear tho: I am not ungrateful for having 30% off this ship. But the way this was presented is very misleading. If the sale wouldve been like "daily offers until july 16th", and thats it, no promised "grand finale", fine! Just have the Tirpitz like all the other offers, works good. But why make us excited for a grand finale bundle when there is none? That is my issue. And no, i am not crying that 30% or 50% are not enough. That is not the point. I wouldve been happy with 10% or 15% off most, if it is done in a exciting way for the playerbase. What also wouldve been amazing is bringing back the Captains Presents Boxes from christmas. You dont like this daily ship on sale? No problem, you can buy one box every day for 5€, with awesome prizes inside. I am sure a lot of people wouldve spend money on those, who now did not spend a single € during this event because they already owned most ships and waited for the final bundle. So once again, i am not talking about savings in € here or if Tirpitz is worth it. We get hyped for a great final bundle, because that what we were promised. And now we dont get one. What happened here @Tuccy and others? Yet another mistake in the calender? Same as with Cleveland mission this month. Or did you guys plan a very nice big bundle, but suddenly got bored and said "i wanna go home for the weekend, lets just give 'em the good ol' Tirpitz, will be fine". I guess it all really became "too hot to handle" for you... Just when WG-EU have started to get their act together mostly, they let us down once again. This feels as bad as when a kid gets hyped by his parents before christmas about a new bicycle. And then he opens his presents on christmas eve... only to find that he got a bell, for a bicycle. Ring Ring WG... ring ring... Edit: The people on reddit dont seem to enjoy this grand finale either... Edit2: @Crysantos was streaming earlier today, and he has confirmed that indeed this is the final offer for the sale. So nothing else is coming, no special surprise, no delay because its sunday. @Kandly @Tuccy @Ph3lan and whoever is reading this. Know what would be a very easy and quick "fix" for this mess? Very simple: Bring back all the ships that were daily offers, for one more day tomorrow. Saipan, Belfast, Blyska, Duca, Eugen, Atago, Kutuzov. All again on the shop for the same rebate as before. Easy for you to do, simply enable the offers again on the webshop. That way those players who were holding off on purchasing anything because of their expectations of the grand finale can all have a second chance. And guess what? A lot more people will then buy something. Otherwise they are just disappointed and dont spend any money at all during this sale. Is that what you want? Personally i will not spend anything today and tomorrow (because there isnt anything except the Tirpitz), but if the other ships would come back, i would buy a few of them. And im pretty sure other people here feel the same. (i have years of sales, marketing and customer relations background. And common sense.) And to gauge interest for that option, here is a strawpoll. Please take a second to vote and show WG how you feel about this. Edit3: So... office-hours in the EU office are probably over by now for today. I know that @Kandly has seen this thread. Probably other staff too. Did we get any response at all? The only one who took time out of his busy day of working with the community, to reply to the community, was @Crysantos in the german forum here: Roughly translated meaning: So that is all we apparently get. Not even a response in the english speaking forum. We dont even deserve the mere mention or hint of the word "sorry". WG does not deserve my money anymore.
  15. Na klar, wie erwartet... "oops wir haben uns vertippt"... mir selber ist die Cleveland ja egal. Aber es gibt einige die sich seit ~2 Wochen auf die Mission gefreut haben und nun kein Schiff bekommen. Aber sind wir ja nun alles schon gewöhnt. Gerade so langsam durch den Summersale wieder bisschen liebgewonnen, gleich wieder die Beziehnung mit den Kunden ruinieren... *Applaus*