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    Why is my team all Rank 22, as am I, and Red team is rank 21, 19, 17, 5, 3 and 1? GG WG you found another way to make your products unpleasant. Have abandoned tanks, now warships. Don't make anything else please, as I'm getting tired of uninstalling your products.
  2. A/c name and playa name dont match because a/c set up for tankies. My stats as good as yours - except for the premium padding. But ok, I'll leave the forum just to keep you happy.
  3. voltaicgrunt

    Soft Stats

    nope. got all that. looking for the other stuff.
  4. voltaicgrunt

    Soft Stats

    Dispersion Sigma etc... where do I find this?
  6. voltaicgrunt

    What do I need to do to improve?

    Stop shooting BB's. RU DD designed for killing DD's. Do that first.
  7. voltaicgrunt

    [edited] replaced with 'Please visit my twitch channel'

    Read it. Not important at all.
  8. voltaicgrunt

    New Sub-Forum Please

    Would be honoured if this were the first post in the new sub-forum.
  9. I really enjoyed ranked. got to 15 and now I'm almost in a Benson will play it again when it returns. All the rewards were much appreciated. I also learned a lot. Teamwork in Ranked was, for the most part, better than Random. Of course at times it was worse and that sucked, but mostly it was good. For a new player like myself (season half over before I reached T6) I think ranked is a great tool. 6v6 matched teams and tiers really highlights the different roles for the different classes of ships. Would recommend it to all noobs like myself. Have not tried the T8 grind yet, but am looking forward to it. Only drawback IMO is it will take 3 seasons - most of a year - to get my Flint.
  10. voltaicgrunt

    gremyaschy selling on ebay

    Paid less than £300 for my car so no way I'm spending that on a ship. But did see a Nicolai for sale £599.99 and an entire a/c with T10 ships and tanks for £2500. Do people really spend that kind of IRL cash on this game?
  11. voltaicgrunt

    Silver Farming

    Excellent thanks.
  12. voltaicgrunt

    New Sub-Forum Please

    20 days ago my WTR was 439 - well below average. As this is a team game and I was clearly letting the side down, I came to the forum with the express intention of learning and improving. In my DD and CL's WTR is now 1677 and 1722 respectively. This is because of the help and resources I've found on this forum. BUT - finding those nuggets of knowledge is becoming harder to find because I'm having to wake through so much whinging dross. Don't like campaigns. don't like ranked. don't like detonations. Stop citadels. Fire is unfair. My ship has been nerfed. My ship needs a buff. But the whinging is useless, pointless and inconvenient. Occasionally it seems justified, like the kerfuffle over IJNDD perma cammo. But opinions are like a@@holes and I don't want to sniff yours, thank you very much. So, may we please have a new sub-forum folder for all the bitching threads so that I don't have to wade through them to find the truly useful stuff.
  13. voltaicgrunt

    Silver Farming

    F2P account. No premium ships. (except ARP) Need 3,185,164 silver to buy my Benson. What's the quickest way to farm it?
  14. voltaicgrunt

    Why to cap a objective with a dd

    if you can sneak in spam torps and sneak out do it. if not do whatever you can to make sure oppos don't get it. Hang around spotting and see if any support comes. smoking up bb is always good idea. try to put smoke where they have good angles and hope they're smart enough to use it. a points lead puts pressure on enemy and forces them to expose themselves but equal points is also good for you. You become more powerful the longer the game goes on. take any advantageous opportunity to kill enemy dd except Mahan
  15. voltaicgrunt

    On a Bad Run But Not Whining Thread

    streak broken. first ever run out in konningsburg. 7 kills 96k dmg. my best game ever and only 2nd kraken i ever scored. first in minikaze obv.