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  1. FuneraVirtus

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I wish to state explicitly that I explicitly want to join the explicit lottery. Do make sure the prize is in an inconspicuous box, tho. Explaining to the 90-yr old lady next door --who had accepted the package while I was at work-- why it was called 'fleshlight', was not highlight of that month.
  2. FuneraVirtus

    Poll - CV, yes or no?

    I'll just come right out with it : I main CVs and the rework is the only reason I came back to the game. As such, I can assure you that virtually everyone that expresses their limited vocabulary in chat at the sight of a carrier match, simply makes no effort whatsoever. They literally just ignore carriers altogether, and are therefore sunk extremely easily, often by a single squadron. Much more satisfying gameplay results, however, from people that take carriers as a challenge. Wolfpacking under overlapping AA, trigger discipline, and precise maneuvering after studying the movements of each aircraft, are absolute childsplay compared to the frankly ludicrous amount of data regarding armour thickness & arrangement, shell dynamics, and consumables, that players are essentially forced to absorb to play this game with any level of competence. If you really want carriers removed, perhaps you should consider what you're doing in a team-based game if you hate teamwork, and why you're so averse to pressing 'P' and looking at your minimap now and then.
  3. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    I completely agree and have had the same experiences the world over. Muricans think they run a democracy when in fact theyre a third world theocracy that worships money rather than some bronze age fairytale. The do enjoy thumping storybooks of such fairytales, but none of them actually seem interested in espousing the virtues those stories teach. Even in europe I find most corporations can be identified as pre- or post-murican contact, in how they view and treat their customers : europe teaches service, murica teaches slavery. The Japanese handle business cards with two hands out of respect. Murica builds suicide nets on their factories out of inhumanity and callous avarice.
  4. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    Does not compute. What/how do you mean?
  5. FuneraVirtus

    Thank you WG for Christmas events

    Best part about the patch : Miku has been removed from the loading screen and replaced with an ad for the puerto richkid. I am so thankful you took away something amazing and replaced it with trash. Really.
  6. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    Scroll.... scroll... scroll.... wtf where's the combat? How long is this bloody ad?! EDIT: apparently that isn't an ad. That is what passes for music nowadays. My bad? I guess?
  7. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    You didn't enjoy the submarines last year? That's a pity... I have been absolutely SALIVATING over that prospect, especially with the changes Jingles showcased. This might just be the best thing in game! Speaking of Jingles; I tripped over his WoP 2.0 review a few hours ago, decided to give the screensaver from hell another try, and sure enough, three games in, I have rediscovered my love of X-wing and realised why battleships piss me off so much : I was in the wrong bloody game.
  8. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    Still waiting to be able to play an airport in world of tanks, tho... That would be pretty bloody amazing. EDIT : clean forgot about savage battles! Now THAT was a fun game mode to play with surface ships. FINALLY something that had some tempo to it. Waking up to a sunk ship every time because it takes SO long to accelerate and get anywhere that you just nodded off to sleep while waiting, really does take the shine off. xD
  9. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    I reeeeeally love the new carrier mechanics, and except for that period when AA was so absurd my Impy's planes died before the landing gear was up in the face of any AA over tier THREE, I actually love CVs even more now than when it was basically a chess simulator. Even went so far as to get japanese AND english ones, and have now unlocked all three through tier X, but since 24M credits is just never gonna happen, my mate gifted me a Zep, which is my current sweetheart. Theeere ya go, this guy gets it! Battleships are still just tower defense with seasickness and destroyers are still just sniffer dogs in a minefield, but I have enjoyed goofing off in a cruiser here and there. That said, nothing in this game can hold a CANDLE to the rush of flightsimming in a boat game <3 <3 <3 <3
  10. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    All russian ships are already Obscenely Penetrable, mate. xD
  11. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    Not sure you're understanding the joke mate, but have a wonderful christmas just the same :)
  12. FuneraVirtus

    Vulture Capitalism

    So Wargaming, when are we going to hear which Martin Skrelli wannabe bought you out and demanded 1800% returns on their investement in one month? Honest question. Really. I'd be prepared to find them for you and 'educate' them on the consequences of avarice on this scale. Nothing messy, don't worry, and I'll absolutely keep your name out of this endeavour, you have my word. I would consider this a public service. You make amazing games and I love you as do swathes of us, but seriously... blink twice if you're under duress, because I am not prepared to believe you would do this to your players unless we ran over your cat, your children, and your mother. Six times each. In a zamboni labelled RE-ELECT TRUMP FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS.