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  1. We're a startup clan looking for decent players who want to play clan battles, and get good at it. We've been around for a while and have a number of members but are struggling to put together any kind of 7 man team due to regional time differences. Although we do want to play during clan battles seasons. So we're happy to take people on and get teams together to play in clan battles and train. We have a willingness to learn and improve as a team and also individual skills and appreciate individuals who have the same attitude. Anyone with genuine competitive experience who has things to share and teach us will be very much welcome :) and you also get to benefit from our economy too! Requirements: Microphone Able to use Teamspeak capable of verbal communication in English Wants to play CB and have a competitive mindset plays on the EU server +50% win rate overall (or talk to us. We will try to judge case by case. Stats while earned, don't paint the whole picture) Must be proficient (over 50% win rate) in at least one non battleship class. Good cruiser players will get special consideration :) at least three meta relevant Tier 10’s A sense of Humour Look for [CPS] clan and apply ingame, PM me steam details or simply respond below and apply. I'll be monitoring this thread actively incase of any responses. I'm active on World of warships most days. Looking forward to some competitive members :)