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  1. Pr1cken

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Beginning of the end for wows.... This game is getting more and more away from the reason I first started to play this game. 1 nail was the French DDs with warp drives, guess Submarines and Russian fantasy CV with good old high alfa strike will the final nail to its coffin.
  2. Pr1cken

    Please return flags for achievments

    Played one game with the Petropavlovks, second in the team 1968 base xp, premium credits net 258 000, had only detonation flag cast so net earning 162 000 credits. If I had used 3 combats flags I would have lost credits, example healing/fire flags, then I might have survived since it was close at the end. So this change makes the game worse. If I get to that point where I am out of credits then I cant play the game the way I want. Force players to grind credits in Missouri just to get an income to play other ships makes this game to another boring grind game. I play to get new content, not to play to be able to play ships/modes that is fun. I guess what I ever runs out of first, premium days or credits will be the day I stop playing. Will not buy any more stuff with €, that is one thing for sure...
  3. Pr1cken

    Please return flags for achievments

    well, do the flags cost alot. Before the change you could easy earn 20-30 flags per day just from achievements, now zero.....what credit flags? Buy them?????
  4. Pr1cken

    Please return flags for achievments

    Before this flag change, I could easy earn a mill or two playing using full combat flag setup per day, now its a loss evert day... Last month has set me back over 50mill....
  5. Pr1cken

    Please return flags for achievments

    I don't use many flags when grinding new lines, part from economics... I talk about ranked and CB....
  6. Pr1cken

    Please return flags for achievments

    With this change, it cost more credits then you can earn, if you want to play with flags. So I guess its time to only use detonation flags if you want to be able to buy new tech tree ships. If not you will run out of credits. And pay for credits, I rater deinstall the game!!!
  7. Pr1cken

    Waterline (DB 147)

    Hydrophones removed from DDs? I want refund on Haida and Vampire II then!!!
  8. Pr1cken

    Commander Skills Update

    Absolutely dislike this patch....... Totally utterly crap First game in Småland ended with a win after 7 min with only 3 ships killed on both teams, that is fun game play. And you need 21 points to get what we had with 19 point pre patch.... so now we need to regrind ever captain for all T10 ships, maybe its time to find another game.
  9. Pr1cken

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Everything WG does its making this a new grinding event. It doesn't change what I thought the idea was and that was to separate better players from no so god players.
  10. Pr1cken

    Submarine Testing

    please noooooooo
  11. Pr1cken

    Clan Battles: "Loop" Season

    This season I will pass... CV no fun
  12. Pr1cken

    German Carriers: Early Access

    A event I will care zero about..... Made a big mistake to grind the other CVs this will not happen again...
  13. Pr1cken

    Money for Early Acess

    This early access is just another form of scam....
  14. Pr1cken

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    worst idé ever........
  15. If this means that you have to regrind a line to get the a ship needed for CB, then I'm out of this game.... Worst idée ever!!!