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  1. Currently, only my father is playing wows atm. As for me, in general when i don't want to play warships and i take a break it's the Fallout series or a quick return to Assassin's Creed Odyssey that fill my leisure time, but lately, i need to say that i'm enjoying a lot Stellaris and Assassin's Creed Valhalla, especially this, viking age is simply stunning.
  2. Kr1gsG4ldr

    How do AP bombs work (specifically GZ but any really)

    Yes indeed, it has been a while since i last played an aircraft carrier with ap weapons (and even play the game itself) but from my memories with the Shokaku or the Parseval it was not difficult for me to deal with the British battleships, clearly, vs the German and russian ships was another world since they're just food for aps. Yes, as i said above i was referring more to the other CVs, not really specifically the GZ, which by the way i played very little, maybe i will try to use her someday. Just as i hardly played the t10 CVs, i don't know how you think, but i mostly prefer the CV gameplay of t6 (for scenario mode) and t8, t10s for me are taking rust in my port. Anyway tyvm for the precious infos ;)
  3. Kr1gsG4ldr

    How do AP bombs work (specifically GZ but any really)

    Amazing m8, nice job. Just a question, are you sure about british battleships? Because honestly, as for me, l've never had so many problems on citadelling them with ap bombers, quite the contrary, a double or triple citadel run is normal when i'm facing KGV, Monarch, Lion and so on...
  4. Kr1gsG4ldr

    Savage Battle..

    Ok, trash rewards, trash gamemode, but at least is something different from the usual shitty randoms... as long as daily and the other missions can be done in Savage Battle i'm fine with this mode... Plus, as @Karasu_Hidesuke said before, i think that this mode can teach something at who has never played dds like me.
  5. Kr1gsG4ldr

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

  6. I played Indomitable some days ago and was all ok, is a bug from the new released update?
  7. Kr1gsG4ldr


    Tyvm for your analysis guys, so in the end my old is right, do you think it's better if he jumps to Johan De Witt asap? Do you mean make the airstrikes of the dutch cruisers like the planes of hybrids?
  8. Kr1gsG4ldr


    Hi all, happy new year at who is reading this. My father yesterday has unlocked and purchased the t8 cruiser Haarlem with my account and after some games he's regretting the choice. He says that the ship is underpowered compared to the other nations, lack of range, lack of dpm, airstrike too bland, dispersion a bit frustrating and lack of utility in battle especially when bottom tiered. In short, he struggles with this ship, i'm definetly not a cruiser player so i can't help him properly, do you have some infos, tips or trick about what he can do to make the ship work or the ship is just trash like he says? Thank you Ps: If this can help you on help him better as additional infos, during this time (about 7/8 months since he started to play) he has played a lot japanese cruisers and baguette cruisers.
  9. Kr1gsG4ldr

    Question to CV players

    Personally, it could be a little "annoying" but honestly i think it adds more challenge especially when your cv is in a bottom tier match vs higher tiers, plus it's without any doubt right for ships to try to defend themselves from us sky cancers with what they can at their disposal. Quite the contrary, sometimes i'm just surprised that the ship i'm striking doesn't active def aa consumable and i know he could activate it. Or, if the situation allows it, rushing him in a close quarter, many peoples doesn't expect it and go always in panic
  10. Kr1gsG4ldr

    Changes to CV spotting in testing

    I agree with you that this is a good and welcomed change, no doubt on this, but i disagree on the second part, too many times things went to crap because the cv when present didn't know what to do and didn't provide adequate spotting for us or focusing key targets. Worse, when non present, it's a shitshow.
  11. Kr1gsG4ldr

    what to take from coal Marceau or Max Immelmann?

    i can speak only for Max, and yes she's a strong pick for randoms, skip bombers are very strong as firestarters on bbs and they can work well even for hunt dds. Her torps are quite ok, nothing special, i don't wanna be wrong but they are the same tbs of stock Richtofen, a bit squishy, but you have the heal so you can compensate a bit, better if you use them vs bbs because they are slow in water. However in my opinion i think it's not a good pick for ranked because she is a carrier that relies a lot on dot with fires and flood and in ranked you need a lot of burst dmg, in this sense i prefer Hakuryu.
  12. Kr1gsG4ldr

    Changes to CV spotting in testing

    Thx very much for your reply. I know they are focusing more on random, ranked excetera... and that's right undoubtly because they are the most important and played modes. I'm a bit worried anyway... because in scenario the distances sometimes are very significant.... we'll see. Krigsgaldr
  13. Kr1gsG4ldr

    Changes to CV spotting in testing

    Hi Sera, I have a question, do you know if this change to cvs will be applied even in scenario mode? Because if it is a yes, in my opinion there will be problems in operations like Newport, Killer whale or Raptor where the cv spotting is the key for get the five stars. So in the end i think that this change is good and interesting for other modes, but just leave it outside from scenario mode if it's possible. Krigsgaldr
  14. Kr1gsG4ldr

    Most Iconic Ship of WOWS

    I can't forgot my Hiryu, despite the devs want me to forget it