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  1. Thracen


    Gearing or Desmoines. I do not have the ideal selection of ships for ranked apparently.
  2. Thracen


    Just had 2 detonations on my team in a ranked battle, I have played 3 games, and lost three got second in exp on my team each time. 3 kills and 150k was not enough. This ain't fun. This part of the game is not fun. Plain and simple.
  3. Thracen

    Double CVs at tier 8 is a nightmare.

    7.5k a strike on dds is also simply abusive.
  4. Yup this is toxic. Miserable and the worst experience I have had in world of warships since I last tried tier 3, where I found myself with a ship with no AA none at all against two CVs. It is frankly beyond my imagination to see why this is deemed acceptable?
  5. Right. We (as in ppl of the forum) are all too familiar with less than ideal teammates. The vast majority of players will never look beyond the game to improve. What makes this worse is the game incentivises bad play. In a loss, an experience probably reasonably common to a bad player. You receive more exp for sitting at the back and sniping damage than you do pushing for a cap or zoning out a dd, things that will actually win you a game. I think this is why we have such a raft of less than ideal players at tier 10, not only is it the meta, players have been conditioned to play the game in the most nonsensical and cowardly way possible. Going first in randoms is punished in terms of rewards, pushing is punished. The best way to guarantee a long credit filled game for a lot of ships is to be afk for 3 minutes at the start. Am I wrong? I'm sure for a lot of you I am stating the bleeding obvious. But hey I felt like saying it all the same. I just can't help but think until the exp and credit earning rewards good play instead of passive play the experience will never improve.
  6. Thracen

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    it gets worse, just played a game with 6 tier 4 cvs in.
  7. Thracen

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    This, facing 2 CVs that are tier 4 when you are tier 3, is probably the most abusive thing I've seen in a multiplayer game that is still compliant with the terms of service. 2 CVs spent the first 8 minutes of the game constantly striking me. I had literally no plane kills, there was no AA sector to make me feel better either because I think they stripped what little AA I had in the first two minutes. I was in the russian cruiser, stock, unmodded with basic repair, who needs all the bells and whistles at tier 3 right? HA! I would never, ever ask a new player to start playing this game. The bottom tiers are now utterly toxic. Am I whining over nothing or is this actually a problem?
  8. Thracen

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yeah, CVs are still really terrible to play against in DDs. What adds more pain to the whole thing is even when you get the rare chance to gun a cv down in a dd they will out dpm you with planes since their recycle rate is so high. They are the worst aspect of this game and I will continue to whine about it all the while it remains so.
  9. Thracen

    CV Rework Discussion

    When will they fix spotting and rocket attacks against DDs? It's the only thing left to fix with the new rework.
  10. So have spent more time in the Roon and I think her problem is this. To win games sometimes you have to push. The Roon cannot push. The rear turrets mean she literally struggles to engage the enemy while heading towards them. Frankly this is a incredibly harsh penalty to live with when you are on the strong flank. Her armour is not good enough to use her rear turrets while sailing towards contact. This is what makes her so unpleasant to play, terrible match influence. (oh and guess what all the super cruisers have? a forward bias in firepower :| )
  11. Thracen

    Experience regarding the Reworked CV'

    I find the early tiers very clunky and unpleasant to play, similar to very low tier bbs, problem is you spend much longer in the lower tiers on CVs without progression and you learn very little in those lower tiers as AA is non existent and the planes are very different in terms of usage. I also find them terrible to play against, the ability to cover the entire map so quickly is just too powerful, it ruins the spotting balance and forces lemming and passive play. Game without CV, - I have a wealth of tactical choices and places to position. Game with CV, I must stick with my whole team very closely, there is no other good choice.
  12. Thracen

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Just feel like this needs to be said. Anyone looking to a forum to improve will not be a bad player for long. Most of the players that throw games will never read a word here. No solution to bad players will ever be down to just this forum.
  13. As a cruiser main the vladi and the kremlin nerfs don't really change anything for me. They are still an avoid at all costs waste of time to shoot at ship. What I don't understand is why the Sinop is left untouched. She is bonkers at tier 7.
  14. Guys, guys chill. The point I was making is the accuracy of the Roons guns does not elevate it to the level of being a competitive t9 cruiser. The general statement of "LOL DUR HITTING THINGS IS SILLY" isn't my argument and I think you interpreting it as such is a little disingenuous and offtopic.
  15. I don't disagree with that. The issue is it isn't practically valuable enough to do the Roon any good in combat.