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  1. So it seems the majority opinion is she still sucks and it is because of the guns. Personally I have no idea what her playstyle is. Bow in you are down to 6 guns and get overpened by your most common MM opponent the Musashi, so that is out. She isn't stealthy or manoeuvrable enough to flank and the guns turn too slowly to brawl. At range her guns are not accurate enough to snipe. HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO PLAY THIS SHIP? You mention turning and playing on the retreat, well great, how the hell do your turn this thing under any sort of BB attack? She is not stealthy and the turn is slow and probably the most dangerous out of any battleship in her MM with the combination of her size, citadel, and manoeuvrability. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO PLAY HER!?
  2. I agree with your Warrior, however BBs with 25+ second reloads are not ideal for finishing targets, sure if I have an opportunity to finish something especially a stealthy bugger I will, but I much prefer not watching ships be killed with my salvo in the air on the way to an already sinking wreck. Just to further my aggravation: Todays match in the Izumo, 1 pen out of 6 shells at a 6km broadside iowa, 4k full salvo at broadsiding lion, 4k full salvo at a buffalo within 8km. The guns are more than anecdotally terrible. Slow turrets, few guns, ineffectual even on contact, and worse dispersion. What possible justification is there for this ship to be competitive and you know FUN!!!! ? Edit: Forgot the terrible third turret angle, also she is high in the water, slab sided with the most vulnerable citadel for her class and tier. Anything else?
  3. I always switch to the juiciest targets to try and up my damage numbers, unless a ship is very close to death and needs finishing, but with the reload of a bb I tend not too. I will use HE but usually only on bow in BBs that are threatening me, sometimes when they get close I will stick with Ap to try and break their guns for the pass. Pretty much how I play all my BBs, should I be doing something different in the Izumo? Probably a little unrealistic on most T9 maps with the MM you get, oh and I would argue pretty well that the her peers at T9 would do a better job of A getting into that position or B taking advantage of it. Better stealth/more guns, less likely to be punished for the aggressive position, more manoeuvrable to get in and out of said position and so on.
  4. Thracen

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    ? Sorry Odo but imho there is nothing easier to shoot in smoke than a mino, the rate of fire is so high you know exactly where they are, also if they are angled in smoke they are losing a lot of firepower, turret angles are not perfect. Also smokes as so easy to disrupt, a single wave of tops will force a a brit cc into the open and certain death if they have not planned ahead, that's the best case scenario btw, the worst being they eat them and sink. That said I think lots of people have taken your advice and are sailing around in Kronshtads, a very fair and balanced ship.
  5. This. This outlines my experience with her perfectly. I never had too much trouble with he and survivability, both issues are well dealt with with a good skill build and good positioning, but without good guns even the best positioning cannot guarantee you good damage. I regularly come across broadside yammys at 15km, if I get more thank 5k damage in a 9 gun salvo I'm very surprised. The guns, they do not work.
  6. Thracen

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    ColonelPete, If you disagree with the OP, simply stating such and posting stats (in a less than clear way) is not very helpful. Maybe if you politely explained your position, you wouldn't come across as deliberately and belligerently rude and unhelpful. I personally think there is a strong case to be made that the RN CCs have been having a rough time of late especially in the later tiers with neptune being a particular highlight. Things I believe that have contributed to this are: Smoke changes Increased player knowledge of smoke firing and spotterplane tactics The mini map targeting marker An increase in radar ships, many of which are very powerful and line up with UK cruisers in the matchmaker, Kronshtadt for example. All of these things have happened since their release and no buffs have accompanied them. Do you think my case that they have gotten relatively weaker in the meta is unfounded?
  7. Yeah that may be true, however it certainly doesn't feel that way. My frustration comes from how little damage I get when the guns do hit. Also you are saying these guns are accurate, my stats indicate I have a higher hit ratio on the freddy 27% to 30%. Obviously there is something wrong and your comment does nothing to help my issues.
  8. So the Izumo. Obviously she is worse than the Musashi, fine. Obviously she is meant to be a rough grind, fine. However what I don't understand is why her 410s seem to be the worst BB guns of any caliber I have ever shot above tier 6!!! I would write a list of guns systems I would prefer on her but it would be quicker to list those I wouldn't. They seem less accurate than the americans, with less, pen, less alpha, less range and the flater arcs hurt more than help with the armour lay out of targets. Below are my bb stats for ships in the same MM bracket. Do I just not know how to aim these particular guns? Any answers would be appreciated. P.S. I have no trouble with any other stats or issues with the Izumo, I just think the guns are FAR worse than any others I have shot and certainly do not line up with being as high a caliber as 410.
  9. Thracen

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    The neptune sucks. concealment is worse, the thing handles like a bus and has got to be the easiest dev strike target in the top tiers. All with a stock 15.km range? She is a bad joke and a pain in the backside, found all the others more than fine, even the emerald. But you really need best in class conceal to make them work, neptune hasn't got that, so she doesn't really work.
  10. Sooo, the matchmaker is a thing, and I thought we could have some fun coming up with legitimate teams of ships and voting which one we think will win. Assuming equal player skill. I'll start Team A Team B Yamato Kurfurst Missouri Izumo Musashi Izumo Jean Bart Fredrick de grosser Stalingrad Minotaur Kronshtadt Neptune Kronshtadt Donskoi Roon Ibuki Kutuzov Cleveland Black Tashkent Chung Mu Yugumo Z-52 Daring https://www.strawpoll.me/16976496 set up a quick straw poll for fun. Let me know what you sailors think.
  11. Thracen

    clan battles vs xmas events...

    I think Clan battles should get all the support they can and this would be a very easy adjustment for Wargaming to make. Let's face it, any boundaries to clan battles that can be removed should. Furthermore people that wrack up loads of Clan battles are probably some of the biggest warships fans out there, why punish them for it?
  12. Thanks Forlorn that is constructive and on topic, however "sail other ships" wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Although accepting I'm in a rough ship will probably help me somewhat.
  13. Ahh, yes. The ever helpful "get gud" response. I suppose I should take it you both don't think this is an issue in the slightest? I'd like to think I'm not a complete scrub, and I think the idea of a smoke cruiser never being rendered by the enemy in a battle is next to impossible no? I have certainly never seen it done I don't think, at least while a player was you know, playing.
  14. I feel like I am exposed for longer, and that incoming fire is more accurate. I have also used this myself..... several devastating strikes later I have a strong anecdotal base. Again I'm talking of maybe 1 or two crits per exposure, but that is more than enough to end a CC. Of course none of this would be much of an issue if you could rely on dds and carriers to spot, however we all know that dreamland ain't here :D .