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  1. God I'm done with this forum. I can see why wargaming ignore us, it's just a small tranche of the hardcore wanting everything bent in their favour. Sad it took me so long to realise. So long folks.
  2. That seems a little naive since more clubbing goes on at t4 in cvs than at tier 8, also do you think players are likely to do that? Or just carry on trying to figure out how to play at T8. T8 is pretty much the introduction of widespread radar, where are they mean to practise against it. Might be difficult to do down on t4? Thank you for your constructive and thoughtful comment though.
  3. Yeah I figured this would be the response on the forum. More experienced players like mechanics to skew towards clubbing seals. The number of new tier 8 dds that just get eaten and ruin matches for the rest of us must be large since I seem to be doing it every other match in my radar cruisers. Throw in the pan asians, and the orkan etc and a little tool tip could actually improve a great number of matches. Maybe they could throw it in with equal number of radar mm that everyone has been asking for since forever. Maybe git gud isn't too appropriate for a free to play game? I wonder how many people here complain about the quality of players in this game then turn around and argue that less information in the game client is a good idea :D .
  4. So there are several ships with the option to equip radar but usually don't. There are also several ships that have radar the average player doesn't know has radar or expects to have radar. Rare stuff like the black and so on. Would it be the end of the world for there to be a little R or something in the team sheet to help out dds that maybe don't know the game like the back of their hands?
  5. Thracen

    No DD battles and 4 DD per side ones

    I am getting more and more 0 dd games and I do believe it is down to there being less dds in the queue at higher tiers. Radar, CVs and a general increase in shell velocity has made life much more difficult for dds. This effect is amplified if you only have one or 2 high tier dds that are very power creeped and off meta. For example Khaba and shima. I'm happy to play round radar in my dd as long as I am not facing enough on one flank to be perma spotted, which is possible. However fighting high shell velocity ships with oldschool dds and cv perma spotting is just no fun, so why do it?
  6. Thracen

    General CV related discussions.

    Another issue I haven't read addressed here is that dodging CV ordinance that you cannot position against terrain wise can often put you in a worse spot for enemy fire from other ships. Eat torps or turn broadside for the bb that can now spot you because planes. This game is all about positioning, when CVs are in the game you have to position incredibly conservatively. Often the best AA ships are BBs, a dd does not do good work next to a BB. A cruiser and a BB next to each other also doesn't work, the fragile CC ends up tanking for the BB! Why shoot at the BB when there is a squishy right next to it. This is the core problem with CVs in my book. Their mere existence forces a very narrow play style and the counter play is unpleasant at best and non existent at worst. (and I do mean non existent there are ships in this game that can face cvs with no AA rating and nowhere near enough maneuverability to "DODGE".)
  7. Thracen

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    No it doesn't but how likely something is matters, I could have been detonated by a single dd shell but it is unlikely. I find you misunderstand this surprising?
  8. Thracen

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    lol you haven't seen those champagne arcs then, She has to be the best combination shell speed and accuracy in a bb at that tier. She is also fast making it difficult to keep her on a defensive bearing. I would rather have faced any one of those other ships you care to list
  9. Thracen

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Just thought I'd add a new one to the list of injustices that is the warships mm. Just went up against a champagne in a stock devonshire. Got blapped half the map away while I was fighting with the myoko, the only ship I could find that was almost a fair fight. I don't mind making upgrades free exp sinks at higher tiers where people actually have some but at t6 a ship should at least have some hope stock. Of course that is impossible when you are putting t6 cruisers up against brand new t8 premium BBs.
  10. Thracen

    General CV related discussions.

    Just a friendly reminder this does nothing to save the butchery going on at lower tiers at the hands of CVs. Double CVs going up against a combined AA value of 6 across an entire team is not even the worst case scenario. Watching a cv pick apart a BB is like watching a lion eating a gazelle while it's still alive. Chilling. Also an interesting thing wargaming have decided to put new players through, might want to look into that curious choice.
  11. Thracen

    CVs in ranked sprint.

    How about we just have one single game mode that doesn't have them, even if it only happens every other season, gosh I don't know like ranked sprint? Is that reasonable enough for you? Variety is good for any game. Having every single mode be CV dominated is just a bad thing all round.
  12. Thracen

    CVs in ranked sprint.

    Yup I've found the Massa does well under CV attention.
  13. Thracen

    CVs in ranked sprint.

    Stab me in the thumb and call be Leslie because my god I wish I could have a few of these ranked battles without a CV. I just went a full match in a cruiser and not ONCE did our cv bother to spot their free roaming Z. Thank god I had disabled chat or I would have got a chat ban! I swear he was deliberately trolling. I have sky gods as enemies and dribbly easyjet tours as allies damn it! I wouldn't mind but CVs are so CRUCIAL to ranked that getting a window cleaner that doesn't need their hands is just terrible!
  14. Thracen

    CVs in ranked sprint.

    No CVs? I have had one in every match without fail.
  15. Thracen

    Continous chat bans

    I found there is a handy little feature to disable chat, wish I knew it was there when I started. I'm learning the quick commands and frankly it's just better.