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  1. VapeyVic

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Really? REALLY?! Well, i suppose thats true, since i've managed to bring in about 50+ peple into the game and, out of the eight or more UK people who played casually who was waiting for the RN line to come out, ALL EIGHT of them quit the game last night... then yeah... its not for new or casual players. *slow golf clap* As a former game industry worker, your statement actually made me facepalm. They are a line of ships which are open for ANYONE to play. Within the game there is no mention of this particular line being for "Veteran Players Only", no mention of the line needing "Dedicated Players" and no mention of the line being not for casual play. The RN line has already caused more than a handfull of the new players i bought in via my youtube channel to quit, which has costed WG well over 200euros in lost income because those people will not be buying the Belfast.
  2. VapeyVic

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Feedback? Ok... I'm not a game reviewer, but i do have a very busy youtube channel reviewing electronic cigarette products for the UK market...hence the name. I mentioned a few times in my weekend videos that i starte dplaying WoWs. I think i probably got at least 50+ people to play within the first week. Some of the UK'ers played around with the german line and US line, and decided to hold back and wait for the UK line because, well, they are from the UK. From the 8 that spoke to me today on facebook... ALL EIGHT of them have decided to walk away after playing some of the Royal Navy line. Thats all the feedback you need. I also wont be mentioing WoWs on my main youtube channel, cause i dont want any UK'ers to sign up to this game, jump directly into the RN line and be put off the same day they started playing. Ohhh... and i wont be buying the Belfast either.
  3. VapeyVic

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    Greatest RN game today? Realising that i didnt want to play them in the next game and going back to the german BB line.
  4. VapeyVic

    RN Cruisers...

    So, was in the Caledon, a Nassau managed to take me out with a single volley, and i was angled. My own shells just kept bouncing off. Yeah... not a good sign.
  5. VapeyVic

    RN Cruisers...

    I have a feeling that someone in WG based the RN line off of the RL russian line, and then based the russian line off of what the RN line SHOULD be. I'm in the process of playing through the RN line, but something doesnt feel right about them...after reading this thread... yeah, I aint going to be buying the Belfast when its released.
  6. VapeyVic

    Ship relative angle, mod.

    So you are in the same boat as Shaka. If i use these mods to offset my failing eyesight then i am cheating. However if i dont use these mods, play the game as vanilla and give you an easy kill then that is "competitive". Riiiiiiiiiiiiight
  7. VapeyVic

    Ship relative angle, mod.

    I had no idea this mod existed, then again i dont go digging around for mods anyway. To be honest I am tempted to install this mod to see what it does. Does this make me "ethically challenged"? I suffer from Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy...in both eyes. I am slowly going blind. Seeing how the angles work in the game would be a great help. The mini map, even if in full mag still has the icons of the ships too small and blurry to make out the real angle, so i have to waste a lot of time peering at the mini map to figure out which way the target ship is pointing. I am currently running the vanilla client with no mods at all, and im finding this game slowly becoming a struggle to play. ...but hey ho... apparently according to Shaka...disabled users should just suck it up or become "ethically challenged".
  8. VapeyVic

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    I was having a good run of ranked. Now it seems to be match after match of me being the only battleship that tries to push, while the rest of the BB's hide behind islands and get picked off one by one...
  9. VapeyVic

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    defeat after defeat... "matchmaking"... yeah i think WG is rigging this cluster [edited]so players with good stats are put up against average normal players.
  10. VapeyVic

    BB's and Torpedoes

    When it comes to the Tirpitz i'll be honest, i rarely use the torps, cause half the time i forget they are there. When i do use torps its only as a last resort, or as a way to force a BB to show its side.
  11. VapeyVic

    Balance Changes

    I'm new... I also generally am below average when it comes to playing. Also being visually impaired the ultra fast playmode of DD's is impossible for me, i sometimes take out my Indy CA...but im generally a Battleship player. A long, long time ago when i wasnt a fat 40 year old i used to work for, at that time, a relatively well known game producer. Interplay. I also done a short stint in Activision (long before ATVI merged with Vivendi/Blizzard). From a company side of things, it seems to me that WG like to use the "Big Stick" when it comes to tweaking this game. Maybe its time to bring out the carrot instead? Entice and reward players in BB's to come closer into the fray a little bit more. No doubt there is some code in the game mechanics that registers a hit on the opposing ship, and more importantly at what distance your own ship fired that shot at? Instead of cutting back the armor on the bow which will only encourage campers to camp at angle instead... why not reward them for "Hits on target below **km"? So lets say a Bayern goes up close and personal, scores 11 hits on target at say above 15km range... they get the normal amount of XP/Credits. Lets say this same Bayern then does what german battleships should do, and get in within a 15km range, they get 30+ hits within that 15km range... instead of getting the normal amount of XP/Credits...they get a %10 bonus added to those shots within that 15km range. Entice the BB's out of the back of the map... instead of forcing them out. A carrot usually works much better than a big stick for timid rabbits. The same enticing carrot method can be used for the role style of the other ships. CA's for instance... get at 10% XP and cred bonus for firing and killing planes within X distance of 1 or more teammates...possibilities are endless... Using the carrot... instead of constantly beating the playerbase over the head with a big stick is what makes the playerbase generally more... happy. The carrot vs the stick worked in the 90's when i was in the industry, no reason why it shouldn't work now.
  12. VapeyVic

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    Just to prove a point... this is what happens when i get MM with an average to decent team... http://prntscr.com/cj9th3 http://prntscr.com/cj9ti1 Sure, its not a great score, its slightly above average, but not by much, but with a team that pushes the advance with the battleships, instead of scurrying behind an island if their paint is scratched or panicking and making a BB lemming train ball to the corner... it makes a massive difference.
  13. VapeyVic

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    In Co-Op half the time its not populated with humans though. I tried a co-op this evening and it was me and two others... who were AFK... This is my second play on the game this evening... http://prnt.sc/chrjw0 The first match? The carrier was AFK along with a battleship. The second match was co-op... 2 of them was AFK leaving me against all the AI. The third match they wanted B&C capped, all the destroyers went to A instead, got killed, the carrier sailed right up to the bulk of the fleet... got killed, i tried to hold back 2 battleships and a cruiser from the C flank going into B, asked for help, no reply, turned and ran and when i got to the team in B... THEY ran leaving me with the enemy on B&C to contend with. The last match? 5v5. Other team has two destroyers to our one. 1 carrier on each side. Our carrier was AFK. ...and this crap happens to me in almost every single game. I'm sorry, but WG obviously dont give a fecking flying rats [edited]about their game in multiplayer. As ya can see i pay for premium and have got a few premium ships so im supporting them as much as i can, but I'm on the verge of uninstalling the game and going back to something thats actually fun....
  14. VapeyVic

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    "Talk to the team"... i do. I ask the team where they are going to cap... No reply... I ask the destroyers where they are capping first... No reply... Today, out of 9 battles so far, 8 was losses, 1 was a win. In the 8 losses the DD's YOLO'ed into the cap and got killed, the Carriers sat there throwing out torps and not hitting a thing and while that was going on the enemy side had carriers that hit their targets. This happens every...single...game. The one win was luck... on the opposite team there was 3 afk. As for the rest of that match...after the DD got killed the two ships that was following me bailed, they ran off, i turned to run but for the next 3 minutes i was being hammered cause i was the slowest ship. It's not a case of me "sometimes" getting a bad team. I almost ALWAYS end up in a bad team. Two matches in the past hour... the destroyers got killed within the first 3 minutes. The battleships sat behind islands and got picked off one by one, the cruisers didnt do jack squat and in three games with a carrier they sent out fighters to the back of the map, going past cruisers and DD's... by the time the planes got there they got shot out of the sky. I angle and wasd (at least wasd as best i can in a Bayern) all the time. If i disengage (which i do a lot) the enemy ships follow me and just spam HE burning my hull down, by the time ive trained the enemy towards the rest of my team... what do they do? They run off... Even if i lemming and follow the bulk of the team, most of the time when someone gets killed the entire team stalls and just sits there taking pot shots behind islands. Hell, i had one cruiser today following me on a map right up close, i asked him what he was doing and he replied "they will shoot at you first... i'll save credits"... ...yeah... thats nice...
  15. VapeyVic

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    Welcome to what is generally the kind of random matches i end up in... http://prntscr.com/cfur8e http://prntscr.com/cfup3h That particular match played out like over half of the others when it comes to this style of map. Myself and a bunch of battleships and cruisers go to A or B... I go in bow first to take out the destroyers (while im in a battleship) thats capping for the enemy team because for some reason the destroyers on my team end up capping at the other side of the map from everyone else, and the cruisers are too busy hiding behind islands polishing their anchors or something. After i take out the destroyers...what do the rest of the team do... ...stay out at 15+ km and take potshots as they are wiped out one by one.... My win rate is probably under 50%... it nosedived the day i hit teir 5. At the rate im going it will take about half a year before i manage to get into a Bismark, and when i think of that i realise that this game just isnt fun. My play time has dropped significantly since i hit teir 5. How am i supposed to "learn to play" when way more than half of the time i end up in randoms like this?