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  1. Cyanide_NL

    Armada: Mainz

    As far as I know it has always been like that, they are even a bit cheaper than before. So strange comment :) Have a nice weekend too.
  2. Hey Aslain! Thanks for the modpack, much appreciated. Only 1 question, why isn't it possible anymore, since a couple of updates, to choose 144hz at the FPS limiter? A while ago I could set it to 144hz in your modpack, but now have to do it manually in the config file. Thanks!
  3. Cyanide_NL

    The best looking ship ?

    Baltimore looks pretty cool. But a lot of ships do :)
  4. Cyanide_NL

    Graphics setting

    More fps is better on any monitor though. For some reason with the last update of Aslain's mod there is no 144 fps option anymore, only 30-60, so it was set to 30 fps and didn't notice it after updating, playing the game on 30 fps really sucks, I can tell you :) So I put it on 144 fps in the config file, fine too.
  5. Cyanide_NL

    Graphics setting

    Strange, I can't choose maximum object LOD in the game settings without the mod, only high, maybe the game thinks my pc is too slow, it's an i5 3570k from 2012, but still running all games more than fine. Rest I have had on maximum all the time though, only that option not without the mod. Soon I will buy an AMD 3950x, time for an upgrade, see what happens then :) Megapower! lol Btw, just see it, the OP says he has an RX5900, strange, that card isn't released yet, don't you mean an RX5700?
  6. Cyanide_NL

    Graphics setting

    You have to scroll all the way to the bottom in the mod pack, there is an option: Enable max level of detail in the game options Just above the FPS limiter option. Then it will be set to maximum automatically, at least on my pc.
  7. Cyanide_NL

    Graphics setting

    In Aslain mod pack is also an option to set the LOD to maximum, it makes the game look better, no idea why it's not in the game. Calm water is pretty nice together with the anti fog option. My game runs around 110-120 fps on a 144hz ips monitor, pretty good, the 144hz monitor really makes a difference, a much more stable image than on a 60hz monitor.
  8. Cyanide_NL

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    Already was thinking I must be in need of glasses when seeing that 30 mm base pen, phew, happy it isn't necessary yet :) Thought was a typo or something.
  9. Cyanide_NL

    aslain modpack suddenly ban

    Never used mods in this game until I saw the Flamu vid on YT. Great together with the Object LOD maximum setting mod, yes! Only I think it's really weird that that LOD setting isn't in the game already, all looks much, much nicer...
  10. Cyanide_NL

    The Lenin

    Makes no sense to me tbh, people recommending the Gascan all of a sudden, did they buff it recently?
  11. Cyanide_NL

    Isoroku yamamoto

    Love the faster turret traverse on my Zao and Atago :)
  12. Cyanide_NL

    Kii Kobayashi

    Yeah for 7k. Me too, tbh, I like Kii, nice ship with good guns.
  13. Cyanide_NL

    Kii Kobayashi

    Yeah it's there :)
  14. Cyanide_NL

    Nerf Smolensk

    True of course. Can't argue with that. But you understand me :)
  15. Cyanide_NL

    Nerf Smolensk

    A lot of people use money to get that coal and steel quicker, so they still are bought with money :)