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  1. Cyanide_NL

    Isoroku yamamoto

    Love the faster turret traverse on my Zao and Atago :)
  2. Cyanide_NL

    Kii Kobayashi

    Yeah for 7k. Me too, tbh, I like Kii, nice ship with good guns.
  3. Cyanide_NL

    Kii Kobayashi

    Yeah it's there :)
  4. Cyanide_NL

    Nerf Smolensk

    True of course. Can't argue with that. But you understand me :)
  5. Cyanide_NL

    Nerf Smolensk

    A lot of people use money to get that coal and steel quicker, so they still are bought with money :)
  6. Not going to buy the same ship twice, yes, camo would be nice though, I love black as a color.
  7. Cyanide_NL

    Processor for wows

    Hey, Am still running everything on an i5 3570k from 2012, easily enough for this game and all the others I am playing. Graphics card is more important. AMD Radeon Vega56 here.