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  1. Maybe "after" the COVID and USA elections fraud WG thinks they can get away with it too.
  2. Cyanide_NL

    Bonus code received by email. Feel free to try.

    For me the redeem code isn't working on the website...
  3. I link nothing to anything! :) Bad Amazon wants to take over all small companies, very bad for small businesses.
  4. Cyanide_NL

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    I see Nueve de Julio in the list, but not Boise, didn't the Boise have the turning circle problem then?
  5. Cyanide_NL

    Warhammer 4000 Packs VIII ships Do not buy

    Are those 2 ships better than Amagi anywhere? Since the reload is 3 secs longer.
  6. Cyanide_NL

    NoZoup is irritating and clueless

    Lol, at around 20 secs, the soup nazi best char of Friends, lmao. He even says no doubt, funny.
  7. Cyanide_NL

    Kirov and Moskva in port or just Unlocked?

    Isn't it that if you reset the line, you don't have Moskva researched anymore, so you don't get the premium for free?
  8. Cyanide_NL

    Is it worth buying the Oveckin containers?

    Thanks for the answers :) Never thought of that, but well, I don't play cv's anyway.
  9. Cyanide_NL

    Is it worth buying the Oveckin containers?

    Why good for cv's with EM and SE?
  10. A nice pc like that should be able to run it even faster. @TitaN_DM Why you have it on 141 in the config file? Shouldn't that be 144? :)
  11. Cyanide_NL

    Armada: Mainz

    As far as I know it has always been like that, they are even a bit cheaper than before. So strange comment :) Have a nice weekend too.
  12. Cyanide_NL

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hey Aslain! Thanks for the modpack, much appreciated. Only 1 question, why isn't it possible anymore, since a couple of updates, to choose 144hz at the FPS limiter? A while ago I could set it to 144hz in your modpack, but now have to do it manually in the config file. Thanks!
  13. Cyanide_NL

    The best looking ship ?

    Baltimore looks pretty cool. But a lot of ships do :)
  14. Cyanide_NL

    Graphics setting

    More fps is better on any monitor though. For some reason with the last update of Aslain's mod there is no 144 fps option anymore, only 30-60, so it was set to 30 fps and didn't notice it after updating, playing the game on 30 fps really sucks, I can tell you :) So I put it on 144 fps in the config file, fine too.