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  1. Cyanide_NL

    LOD (level of detail)

    Nvidia graphics card? Maybe possible to make the image quality better in the driver settings, check google for tips. Seen some stuff at the cost of performance, but that's normal I guess :). Set it on quality instead of performance, you will see. Always loved ATI (No fanboy crap) for the image quality since I've switched. (long time ago, from dunno anymore to Radeon 9600XT, ancient :) ) Now have a Sapphire Pulse Vega 56, it's great. Runs 2560 x 1440 easily over 110 fps (but still running on the 76 fps cap, no need for more) and 4k around 70 fps, so enough. Sometimes have a feeling that things are different on both brands. Repair pc's for friends a lot, most have Nvidia. With Nvidia always had problems with drivers and others say Radeon drivers suck, lol. I always had probs with Anti Aliasing not working on Nvidia, and in the past way too many driver updates and reinstalls. 1 driver AA working, next not, so was tired of it, switched and never looked back, even though Nvidia is faster in benchmarks, but not all, as long as it can run all games that you play on max settings, who cares. Still have an i5 3570k, lol. Imo a monster that's enough for everything, just like i7 2600k (a legend according to people who know this kind of stuff and still can keep up with the latest games in a yt vid) But waiting for the new AMD chips, would be nice to have an even faster pc and pay a normal price compared to Intel. Patience is good, don't need the fastest of the fastest and take a 2nd mortgage :)
  2. Cyanide_NL

    LOD (level of detail)

    Strange, here it is sharp all the time...
  3. Cyanide_NL

    LOD (level of detail)

    Ok, thank you. Think I don't really need it anyway, game already looks awesome on a 2560 x 1440 @ 144hz monitor and on a 4k tv @ 60hz :) Tv supports 120hz, but damn hdmi doesn't go any higher...
  4. Cyanide_NL

    LOD (level of detail)

    I understand it changes the LOD, don't have to explain that, but how much does it change, does it change a lot so that you can see it easy or only a little bit...
  5. Cyanide_NL

    LOD (level of detail)

    I've tried this too today just to see what it does, and couldn't notice any difference either. Even went from 2.0 to 5.0, lol Is it supposed to make a big diff? Tnx
  6. Cyanide_NL


    Ok, thanks!
  7. Cyanide_NL


    Then I have a question too, why wait with exchanging when can get a full collection, you get something for the duplicates?
  8. Cyanide_NL

    t8 MM: When will this be fixed???

    It is very easy to fix for all tiers. When a certain tier, for example 6, comes in a room first, and after a 5, the whole room should be filled with 5 and 6. When a 7 comes in that same room after the tier 6, the whole room should be filled with 6 and 7. Do it like that for all MM, so always only 1 (possible too then) or 2 tiers per match. Tadaa, everyone happy! Maybe a little longer waiting time, but doesn't matter much imo.
  9. Cyanide_NL

    Alabama need slightly buff

    Alabama needs NC's 2.0 sigma
  10. Cyanide_NL

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    T-61 kicks Z-39's [edited]!
  11. Cyanide_NL

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    Sent a ticket, yesterday bought JB too and the coupon didn't appear either, not really fair, today it's showing idd.
  12. Cyanide_NL

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska, your choice

    I hate the dispersion on the Kron...
  13. Cyanide_NL

    Dying in the new Operation

    We need them to make new games hihi But true, when played 1000's of games, it is normal to get better :)
  14. Cyanide_NL

    Dying in the new Operation

    Lol, always the same discussions. At least here it's 12 vs 12 in random, in the other game I've played for almost 10 years it was max 2 vs 2. (Golf foursome, lol) When the other guy made a mistake when their partners were using very expensive items, they behaved like cavemen, lol Leningrad is good at hitting the Schnellburgers and bad at shooting planes. Just play that role in the operation to help the team and you'll be fine. Other ships have to do their jobs also. And not all people can play as good as others, but maybe they have 5 children who made it to professor, lol, what is better, being good at gaming or make 5 children like that :) Oléééé!