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  1. Cyanide_NL

    Alabama need slightly buff

    Alabama needs NC's 2.0 sigma
  2. Cyanide_NL

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    T-61 kicks Z-39's [edited]!
  3. Cyanide_NL

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    Sent a ticket, yesterday bought JB too and the coupon didn't appear either, not really fair, today it's showing idd.
  4. Cyanide_NL

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska, your choice

    I hate the dispersion on the Kron...
  5. Cyanide_NL

    Dying in the new Operation

    We need them to make new games hihi But true, when played 1000's of games, it is normal to get better :)
  6. Cyanide_NL

    Dying in the new Operation

    Lol, always the same discussions. At least here it's 12 vs 12 in random, in the other game I've played for almost 10 years it was max 2 vs 2. (Golf foursome, lol) When the other guy made a mistake when their partners were using very expensive items, they behaved like cavemen, lol Leningrad is good at hitting the Schnellburgers and bad at shooting planes. Just play that role in the operation to help the team and you'll be fine. Other ships have to do their jobs also. And not all people can play as good as others, but maybe they have 5 children who made it to professor, lol, what is better, being good at gaming or make 5 children like that :) Oléééé!
  7. Cyanide_NL

    Dying in the new Operation

    I used Leningrad too and kicked the crap out of the Schnellboots, but AA is crap of course, still managed to kill enough planes... Top or 2nd of the table, so playable.
  8. Just try it and click cancel after...
  9. Cyanide_NL

    Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    ? lol
  10. Cyanide_NL

    Main battery traverse speed [calculator]

    Good answer, I was thinking of doing that with a couple of ships, but never ended up really doing it, lol
  11. Cyanide_NL

    Main battery traverse speed [calculator]

    Why not add all 3 or a combination of mod 2 and 3? Thanks!
  12. Cyanide_NL

    BB HE, HE everywhere

    Funny all the time, BB's shooting HE, last time was in my own BB brawling 2 higher tier BB's, almost full HP both, they were shooting HE only and because of that I had the chance to sink em both, lol. And yeah, they can't shoot through the ship, lol. Edit: Oh, thought AA too, always turn broadside to planes when can't get citalled, lol, always thought more guns were firing.
  13. Cyanide_NL

    USS Alabama +10 point captain

    Having great AA on a ship is nice, but with almost no carriers around these days, I stopped going for those builds :)
  14. Cyanide_NL

    USS Alabama +10 point captain

    Can I have that captain too, since it has 21 points :) And I wouldn't skip SI on a BB captain.