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  1. nimlock

    Excessive Criticism

    Mute chat. If you want to imptowe - you will, if not, play as long as you enjoy. You can forget an @sports treatment for a title like WoWs becasue they still need + 2MM to populate queue times and really newer got the balancing right for all ship classes. Play LoL, CS for performance where it matters.
  2. nimlock

    Video cutting out

    2 years without cleaning with passive cooling? Definelty a GPU issue either with memory or even power supply from PSU if you put in a new GPU which drains more power. The same goes for RAM and CPU. Or just dust...
  3. What is this? Been there as long as i remember. Definetly has it's place to show your merrit in skill and valor. Sarcasm aside... protect your WR waifu!
  4. nimlock

    Is BB AP on DDs really "fixed"?

    DD's that are basically CL's, CA's that feel like BB's, BB's that are to good at being BB's. And they can't really make their gun handling unplayable, because anyone will still get kills playing it like a shotgun. That's the bread and butter of soviet bias.
  5. nimlock

    Is BB AP on DDs really "fixed"?

    Enough armour to arm BB AP shells. At least this gimmick has a drawback.
  6. nimlock

    Video cutting out

    Either foulty hardware or you managed to mess up your registry files by installing bloatware etc. Update your GPU driver and it's coresponding managment program. And as the saying goes in IT; it's way easier to reinstall the operating system isntead of going trough log files and searching for solutions, becasue to this day, no operating system can run without genrating badly programmed registry chains at some point.
  7. nimlock

    Nerf RU BBs

    Did potatoes suddenly got gud at angling? Instead of nerfing RU BB's specifically, bring German BB's to the same level. There are way to many sniping BB's and way to few that brawl.
  8. Still better than no AA. From one AA umbrella to another like collecting honey like a bee, saving up that health pool for a trade that matters and would haw an impact. Divisions haw to much power, but you haw to take what you can get playting solo.
  9. Just become a CL's with AA slave and follow him arround. Use mods to know each ship stats in game. Example: And generally only USN ships tend to haw good enough AA defense for doing things solo. Btw: you can't blame CV going for easy targets to farm dmg on. At least your DD's haw the chance to stay relevant longer which may result in a win for you as a team.
  10. As far as i haw seen submarines won't haw the speed to outrun DD's if they get spotted. And due how they made homming torpedoes work, a submarine has to give away it's position to use that feature. So to put it bluntly, you will haw plenty of warning's of an submarines guided torpedo attack and it's location on the map. As for the rest aka surface louched non guided aim asisted torpedoes - that's the same gameplay as pan-asia with deep water torpedoes. As far as i haw seen, the torpedo angles, the turning radius and no siginifficant armour or health on subs could newer threaten a DD in a 1v1 scenario. As far as spotting goes, yes, submarines will be the stealthiest of em all but not as deadly as DD's with walls of skill atm by a long shot. What it means for gameplay: no more sailing in a straight line due a pan-asia DD'eskue ship flanking your safe sniping spots. And some non objective oriented area on the map preoccupying DD's with submarine hunting. The only problem so far are depth charges. All ships should haw warrying access to them like we do with AA power.
  11. nimlock

    From what tier do i buy equipment etc. ?

    T6-7. Due +2 MM and due how all wows events require T5+. The equipment cost stays constant troughout the tiers and from T6 special upgrades come to a break point of barelly playable or decent per ship. So far only Magazine Modification till T6 is worth the silver for certain ships that tend to implode a lot. And Main Armaments Modification helps if your guns tend to break to frequently. DD on all tier's Type 5 camo. BB's from T6, Type 2 camo. For CV's, it's up to you - if you are actively moving, you can make do without Type 1 camo, other than that at T6+ ships can basically shoot across the map so any +camo helps. As for CL's, nothing will save you - if you spam HE constantly camo won't help you and if you want to asist DD's being mid range dispersion on big ships doesn't do much; other than that Type 5 camo from the start like DD's. Smoke, radar, sonar. Tanky and lots of hp? Repair party + damage control or go to port. Ship gets incapacitaded constantly? Repair party. If you don't buy premium consumables, don't complain about border hugging BB's, kamikaze DD's and lost child CL's. Just farm damage aka exp and lvl to t10 where you will haw to use those consumables eventually if you accumulate a surplus of silver that is. Or pay money to afford the silver from the get go. If you care about carrying the team...
  12. nimlock

    open season for seals ...

    Shhh! let's kill this game for good!
  13. nimlock

    The Best Combat Buff.

    Unique captains that haw more skills than the normall ones. At least those extra skills are conditional aka you activate them by achieving certain conditions during a battle. A competitive player would want those becasue it's basically carry the team meta for unicum WR. The community didin't lit up in flames for those due them being so rare and not monetized, but later, the first iteration of NTC was a big no no for WG's surprise lol.
  14. nimlock

    WG you have got to teach your players

    Did my homework, even won a 3rd CC flag. Known this in 2018, "took a break". MM just doesn't account for radar/sonar ships per side and divisions boost this imbalance to the extreme if each of your division mates activates those "skills" in sequence negating an area by themselves for 5 minutes or longer (plenty of flamu ranked games on yt, etc.). WG "reworks" CV's yet again, takes spotting from smoke for dd's away and continues to mess with spotting mechanics but radar/sonar is "fine". Drop the historical accuracy and nerf dps, hp, armour etc. for ships that haw this utility power. Every time i see a yt/streamer complaining that he gets focus fired at for playing a radar/sonar ship.