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  1. Opt in for 'tougher' Random Games pool

    Nice try. But you left queue times out of your equation. As a low tier player myself that capitalyses on short duration games i frown my eyes seeing 5-8 minutes waiting between battles already. I would be more interested in true random games without any premade fleets present. That option checkbox should haw it's place in the setup UI imo. You can still sealclob, but you will roll the dice each time to get your buddies on the same batte and the same team. Chaos is fair after all :P jk
  2. red and green on both sides of ships

    Navigation lights for authenticity reasons, but they don't work due WoW's not hawing night time combat. Even if they introduced night combat, none would use them due team colisssion damage being alreaddy minimal and the auto tracking indicator provides enough visibility to know where your enemy is located. The lights only alow you to deduce the position and ship size to some extent in low visibility. It's a game. For your consideration @Atorpad
  3. permanent camouflage

    A permanent camo on a silver ship is only worth it if you plan to spend a lot of your time in it and all it does is add greather ammounts of Elite Commander XP as the primary reason to invest in it. Sadly, it's available to most regular tech tree ships of Tiers VI, VII and VIII, and all tech tree ships of Tiers IX and X. It provides identical bonuses at each tier as premium camouflage, with the added bonus of reduced repair costs from Tier VII on up. That's one of the reasons to buy a t2--5 premium. It's debatable if silver ships are as good as gold ones for low to mid tiers, because all the povercreep ones are limited edition or not aviable in the shop till some rare ocasion with limited aviablity and lootboxes tied to them. For further info: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage As a rule of thumb, most wait patiently till WG makes a discount on permanent camos to buy the ones they need, that's likely once in a year. Gameplay wise it's plausible, becasue Tier X doesn't introduce anything different, it's just a different meta for that tier and with more premiums in that tier range, the meta shifts the most. For your consideration @Atorpad
  4. DX11 or 9?

    If you are using win 10 OS, you should stick to dx11, due how data protocols changed trougout the years - basicaly there are no aditional conversions needed and your pc specks are utilysed to the max. The only real benefit to get more frames in older games like Quake 2 is to get win 7 pro and emulate win xp with dx9. It's arguably only useful only for 32 bit system based games, thats why win 7 pro is the cherry OS to support old and new games alike. Sadly there is no such thing as a perfect console game emulator, because console hardware design is totalty different from PC's. As for WoWs, it's engine clearly utilyses dx11 and the game is graphics heavy already. Kid's nowadays wouldn't find the appeal of our old graphics we were used to :p
  5. If anyone with 7-10 years or more of gaming experience would haw bothered to dig further than the usual patch notes and forums, most would haw a general idea how game development works. That's not to say there are that many old gamers in this thread. But the ratio is like 1/10 veterans vs noobs. Anyway: A developer can enforce positive behaviour by game mechanics alone. Humans are highwired to find the golden path of maximising efficiency with minimal labour - mammals are generally lazy afterall :P So if say damage done would get a straight -50% exp nerf and all the other objectives a +50% buff to exp, the sheep would do more of the things that add to exp gain while still doing the killing to get the objectives. That's currently the case of WoWs: most battles are won by capping. But in general it's the preformed teams of fleet friends with dicord etc. The casual player due inexperience or straight selfishnes will play defensively - that's how all start new games - over coutiousnes is a survival skill after all. So it's up to the developer to encourage or discourage progress gained trough selfish behaviour. Flamu pointed out vital things missing from WoT: That's asisted spotting damage - the spotter gets a share of exp by people doing damage to the spotted target. Potential damage tanking - in WoT knowing how to withstand a greather ammound of incomming damage is rewarded with medals and exp bonus. So essentially, WG owns both games, but the rewarding system isn't mirrored. It's either a development decision to encourage selfishness to increase sales of gold ships and flags or they don't want people progressing trough the tiers even faster. Just imagine the community outcry if they would spread out the exp to multiple objectives even more. Most developers are scared to take a pop hit and newbies will cry again: the old folks could use overpowered ships from the beta days and statpad on totally different rewarding mechanic while if you start right now, eveything is even more restricted and slow that reaching scores from those old times is almost impossible in the current state of the game. The vets would respond: that was the state of the game back then and all tools haw been aviable for all participants so it balanced itself out. It's your problem if you join late (and believe me, developers who try to fix the gap between old and new players, eventually burry their games. EQ2 is a good example). TL;DR Add more medals with exp bonuses and nerf the generall ammount of exp gained from dmg done to compensate for a general increase of exp earned trough a battle to keep the progression speed the same. Don't hand out carrots for free. In progression based games time is an investment. Beter desingn small carrots for new players that even the veterans would enjoy.
  6. Game complexity grows, game quality degrades?

    This game is not everiones cup of tea. The steam release introduced a lot more mainstream gamers so till they get a feel for it or drop it, we will haw dreadfull MM. WoWs is a niche game after all. Game mechanics wise its laughable compared to games like eve online or EQ2, etc. And as a general rule of thumb: the more complex the mehanic, the less people bothering to reach the treshhold of competitivnes because nowadays it's more about fun and engaging gameplay and not about pitting elbow grease to be better than everyone. For me personally WoWs functions around teamplay a lot more than WoT and there are almost no mechanics in place to make solo play wiable, so i'll stick to ships till tier 5 for now. Btw: the introduction of game changing consumables like radar and hawing teams that can extend its duration X3 times longer by activating them one by one at a time isin't fun - it's a stalemate of not doing anyting, just playing defensvely. So you kill off the badly positioned ships out first and the battle is decided allreaddy. I lost count how many games i saved by bush camping in WoT solo vs 3-5 guys. WoWs is a different game in this regard.
  7. "Retarded"

    If it get's you beneath your skin, beter quit competitive games.
  8. Recomendation/praise mechanic. Gainted drning battle by team mates. Positive karma grants you a few extra reports & compliments per day. Negative ignores your reports (end of priority list) and you can speculate that you ged flagged and might be used as a lab rat (worse MM - adding only negative karma players). People use up reports usualy on stupid gameplay more frequently, so you can be reassured to play among your kind
  9. Around 19:00 server time. Considering school kids (ez farm), you can expect them to log in at 16:00 server time. Source: https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/eu/total For your consideration @Nautical_Metaphor
  10. Missouri peculiarities

    That would be a first. WG reimbursing purchases.
  11. Premium Ships

    Most likely caused by WG admitting, that some premium ships were made for the sole purpose of being a collection item and not necessarly competitive as a captain training - credit earning platform worth your investment. Brobably due a shift in managment. They gathered enough metric data to identify overperforming premiums and totaly unerperforming ones, so they removed them. As far as WG monetization policy goes, they won't be unacquirable forever. They'll reintroduce them in the cash shop with aditional goodies sometime durning the years to come. As for rebalancing premium underperformers - so far a sloppy job if you consider tanks in WoT. So you are better of to buy into desperate powercreep like Chrysler K in WoT. Sadly there is no externall database hawing all premium ship in circulation - the armour profile, layout and all other stats to base your judgement on if you haw the know-how. So you relly solely on fan made sites gathering data by API for statistics and dig around in forums and youtube etc, to get a estimation of what owerperforms in good hands. For your consideration @Realazio
  12. Personalized ship names

    Most likely will not be implemented because ships dont get permanently destroyed to justify naming. Your account name should suffice. All the naming would do is clutter the UI even more and without any censorship in place, worsening the player experience for most involved. And if you suggest to replace the actual class name, this would only lead to more confusion, because most pro's only leave ship class visible on the UI and swich to extended only if they haw XVM mods runing and focus high Win% threats first. For your consideration @Gazzxy
  13. Aslain's Mod Pack List of mods?

    The modpack itself has extensive FAQ setup allready. It's still in development so no presistent list is to be found on google. Show Descriptions button in setup window should ansewer your questions for the current verion of
  14. Invisible ships

    Nothing to see here. Noobs rushing to high tiers. DD's fun end when all get acces to radar... @friedeggnchips the DD that got you is probably as bad as you, because he driftend into you detection range. Stealth torpedoes are nothing new in low tiers by profesional sealclobers. One of the many reasons to focus down DD's first if they get detected but not to chase after them yourself. I'm guilty myself of chasing DD's in a CL. Better radar those sneaky rats and play it safe.
  15. WoT is more fast paced and has way more use out of situational avarenes abusing cover mechanics, so WG didin't guide your had to play objectives primarly, because dmg done nets the biggest ammount of exp and credits. WoWs on the other hand is slow and without an objective focus, would drag on extended ammount of times more frequantly. One of the reasons a solo warior medal in WoT is more common compared to WoWs. And it's not really fun to drag out time literally going to objectives for 5 minutes straght if you are the only one left (the reasoning as to why you are 5 min away from the objectives can be waired . Let's say you wanted to get that annoyng CV... ) So the obvious ansver to your question: yes, WoWs puts a big emphasis on team play and fleets net you an advantage just because you haw trustet companions near you with the same mindset and dont rely on the randomnes of the playerbase. Max capping time is achieved with 2 ships after all. For your consideration @fusk