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  1. nimlock

    The true power of divisions

    Heh... it took me around 300 battles to figure this out, but that's still a small sample size and more an educated guess. WoT like WoWs has better MM at T10, but it isn't a necesity to rush to that tier. Only when they introduced Bonds to WoT and wrecked the balance of all tiers with better modules, which can be feasably farmed only in T10, i quit. WoWs on the other hand has way to many consumables powercreeping divisions - radar, sonar and smoke. Duno how WG logic works: radar and sonar can actually make ships behind smoke and islands visible - that's not how radio/echo location works if you want to keep using the same game balancing argument as historically accurate (it's an arcade game trough and trough). It would be somewhat fine if only the UI would show the tags, but not the ship itself but thats not the only pressing issue. Thanks to divisions and teamplay in general you can go around individual cooldowns and use up your consumables in sequences denying vision for extended ammounts of time. And only in the recent months spotting badges became implemented, clearly raising flags that different WG game studios haw separate game designers and don't even take good game development poractices from their own staff in other studios. And now "legendary" equimpment is in the works; thankfully only restricted to T10,.. so they started to finally copy themselves lol. And the sad truth is: if they would implement only solo queue, we would see a lot more bots in games because how niche this game allreaddy is. I'd rather play solo in T1-5 on a free schedule whenever i want to, rather than in high tiers waiting for divisions to form on a schedule to haw the samme ammount of fun. IMO, games should be played for fun and not for boosting someones low self esttem in real life just to throw mud at others why they don't perform as good (some people do haw RL responsibilities and don't play games 24/7. Your bound to get better if you spend so much of your life doing it).
  2. nimlock

    First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    X = broken. Year of CL soonTM
  3. nimlock

    [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Indeed. It's as if you live in the forums Anyway, good job on this initiative. Hope people got the information they sought, even if the questions started repeating themselves after a month.
  4. Better skill celling than WoT? I'm pushing ~55% solo WR and i newer considered myself unicum in WoT, but WoWs is so slow and teamplay dependant with gamebreaking utilities like radar and sonar, that i could just roll my eyes at your torpedo hate. I don't like SPG's in WoT myself, but those buggers literaly can't do nothing in city maps as to just twiddle their thumbs: WoT is just plain bad due gold ammo and gold tanks each month breaking meta, barely bearable crew grind and the last straw for me - equipment for any tier only accessible in T10 ranked battles aka the new bonds currency for WG to make money on. Back on torpedoes: like with SPG's you know where they hide and if you played them yourself, you know when and where they are most likely to farm their dmg; so it's no different with torpedoes here in WoWs - DD's either hug islands or try to go behind the enemy team if the map has no choke points. Either way torpedoes haw a limited range like SPG's, so map awarenes is key. Heck, WoWs even got an torpedo aimbot withe line as defoult, so it can't get any easier. WoT is harder and more hectic. Ad as a closing point: without the constant threat of torpeodoes anybody in WoWs would just push anywhere. BB's advancing is a big no no lol, they love their corners to much
  5. nimlock

    Aiming Systems Modification

    Aiming Systems Modification 1: Increases firing accuracy of the secondary battery and main battery, accelerates traverse speed of torpedo tubes and extends firing range of the secondary battery: -7% to maximum dispersion of main battery shells. +20% to torpedo tubes traverse speed. +5% to secondary battery maximum firing range. -5% to maximum dispersion of secondary shells. Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2: Increases firing accuracy of main battery: -11% to maximum dispersion of main battery. It reduces shell spread buble respectively by precent ammount.
  6. It's just focus fire that reduces the AA gun buble by 30%, that usually aims at random othervise. Thus selecting your targets gets you better results faster with that particular squadron/DD you aimed at. As far as bonus perks, only captain skills add to AA power and manual fire control for AA only starts working if tou select your target yourself in first place.
  7. nimlock

    FPS drop

    0.7.2. Might be resolved in the upcomming patch because they haw acnowledget the problem.
  8. nimlock

    eastern dragon

    Burn your eyes each time you visit port and remind yourself of your mistakes. Take it as motivation if hiding them via the ui is not manly enough for you.
  9. nimlock

    Graf Zeppelin secondary guns issue.

    Design-blancing choice by the developer. Ship power stats arent real to life representations after all, so limited traverse is part of the deal. I want my anti-ship misiles and submarines in the game to, but that would totaly break the game of the "holy trinity" design
  10. nimlock

    Reporting for team killing

    Simple: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/articles/59/ Just keep you text polite and as detailed as possible.
  11. nimlock

    Shell weight?

    Shell weight just determines shell deacceleration speed and to some unknown modifier to penetration power if any at all. We got sehell callibre, angle of impact and penetration power modifiers for damage calculations allreaddy. Due the game not being as realistic in the gunnery department, there is no direct corealation between shell weight and calibre. Best examples are US vs USSR ships with the same turrets - the most apparent differentce between distance after your shell trajectory arc starts to plunge.
  12. nimlock

    Backround updates are available?

    Now both the official version and the test server version will be downloaded. Way less to download at release of a new patch to. No. The louncher has to start after OS in the background systemtray due end user agreement to allow foreign programs to utilyse your PC if enabled.
  13. nimlock

    Backround updates are available?

    Test server option if you haw any WG public test server clients downloaded. A good option for newbies and game reviewers to try new things. You basicaly use this if you don't want to lounch the client itself for updating your games "manually". It' runs in the backgroud aka systemtray and uses up your PC resources and monitors your your telemetry data sending some back to WG. This whole auto update manager thing usually is only used on public pc's and by lazy people. The times of unaffordable fast internet speed are ower by now and developers update their products on a faster pace, so its small chunks of data in small timeframes now.
  14. nimlock

    Opt in for 'tougher' Random Games pool

    Nice try. But you left queue times out of your equation. As a low tier player myself that capitalyses on short duration games i frown my eyes seeing 5-8 minutes waiting between battles already. I would be more interested in true random games without any premade fleets present. That option checkbox should haw it's place in the setup UI imo. You can still sealclob, but you will roll the dice each time to get your buddies on the same batte and the same team. Chaos is fair after all :P jk
  15. nimlock

    red and green on both sides of ships

    Navigation lights for authenticity reasons, but they don't work due WoW's not hawing night time combat. Even if they introduced night combat, none would use them due team colisssion damage being alreaddy minimal and the auto tracking indicator provides enough visibility to know where your enemy is located. The lights only alow you to deduce the position and ship size to some extent in low visibility. It's a game. For your consideration @Atorpad