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  1. LAncelot_ALbion

    PT 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Lots of work still needed game is crap atm sorry to say this but this new event is so unfair to many camping by the portal and only one type of ship to start thats so unfair
  2. LAncelot_ALbion

    Clan Battles 0.9.6 - Clan Tag Bug

    I have problems when ever I enter the game but after 5-10min it reapers again. But its anoying speacial because clan mates cant invite me in division or clan battle.
  3. LAncelot_ALbion

    PT 0.9.7 - Bugs

    Aiming circle on midway tiny squad is wrong or I am wrong? ...
  4. LAncelot_ALbion

    PT 0.9.7 - Bugs

    Tier 8 Mogami I cant mount last 2 upgrades and some others ships has the same problem Armory only ships tier 2 and 3 and nonstop reloading uper right corner
  5. LAncelot_ALbion

    PT 0.9.7 - Bugs

    Well for me nothing works I can only play with ships that I got as new comer. Theres no message tab and I cant buy any ship at all and in game engine boost doesnt work when pressing Y!!!
  6. LAncelot_ALbion

    Welcome to JOIN Slovenian Navy

    Contact us in game (SLO) Slovenska Mornarica or You can contact me in Discord LAncelot_ALbion#0978 Thank you all for your attention!!
  7. LAncelot_ALbion

    Suggestions thread

    Hey ... I think we need to have clan battles now ... #stayhome #playWoWs #stayhealthy
  8. LAncelot_ALbion


    Dobrodošel v Slovensko Mornarico[SLO] Za vstop v naš klan je potrebna uporaba Discorda Smo majhen klan in smo veseli novih in aktivnih igralcov Prednosti v našem klanu Sproščeno in spoštljivi soigralci Pomoč in podpora Klanske bitke Igranje v divizijah Veliko zdravega smega Zahteve za igranje v klanu Imej Discord Drži se pravil klana Bodi spoštljiv Govori Slovensko Bodi timski igralec Za vstop v klan nam piši na discord https://discord.gg/vjVrzct