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  1. AngreyNoob

    From Reddit: Humble Bundle package?

    TORPEDO worked for me, ill do it next time i play thx.... Anymore? :P
  2. AngreyNoob

    From Reddit: Humble Bundle package?

    10 Camos and a Flag i got. As seen here.
  3. IF I buy this with the 95% off code can I apply it to my normal, 2 year old, "main account" or is it going to create a new account? I think I know the answer but id like to get it confirmed.
  4. got 25 mega crates : useless compared to last year. save your money.
  5. AngreyNoob

    WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    Jeez, i dunno if that can possibly be true? If i get the average crate like below, id just call that a losing roll. Say u get 5 flags a collection item and a few camos How on earth is that worth 25kr £2, 3 euros etc. The reason we all buy them is that you might get that 2% or 1% chance of whatever it is, to get a new ship or whatever.
  6. With the event of EA being lambasted on their loot crate "gambling" policy does any of this affect the future for Wargaming's loot crate system? Crates are nothing more than a roll of a dice and at 25Kr (in Sweden) a roll its far from cheap its potentially an incredibly addictive little trap. At Christmas, the crates were actually worthwhile. Even with a strong gamble. But take these 3-year ones. Utter garbage and for the same price. Don't get me wrong i enjoy opening "free ones" and bought a load at Xmas but i don't understand how these gambles don't fall into the same category as the other gambling problems faced by other game developers.
  7. Boring. The game is currently boring as hell. Too much HE and Every one has a Radar. Sorry but you are losing peoples interest fast.
  8. 1 game 1 5 star never to do it again. seemed like way too easy
  9. AngreyNoob

    Ranked Battles How to Win?

    So I've played a few battles and it seems to me the real only way of winning this is to carry your team somehow. 75% of games are worse than random matchmaker battles for complete inability. People cant talk/type. People get very, very scared of pushing objectives and just sail off on holiday. People are obsessed with kills over team wins. People are impatient. I've lost games because people get bored and sail off to get destroyed 1 by 1. So many German BBs think they are snipers. It does seem like 80% of the player base in this game is actually mentally retarded. (me inc.) SO what do i need to play to compete and carry a team? Am I guessing a DD Lo yang 8000dubs would be optimal as it can actually do objectives and hopefully torp down anyone playing objectives?
  10. AngreyNoob

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Stage 5 is horrible and ruining this evenings game play. DDs everywhere and YOLO noobs in Gallants... Horrible missions. One of the most tedious set of missions ive seen in any event in 2 years.... Very boring to do, just a grind with no fun...
  11. AngreyNoob

    New Year's Ship Horn

    Yes me too. At first it was funny, then it got quite annoying. Overall though the horns are very useful if used properly and for a little bit of joking. Keep them! nice little feature.
  12. Have this issue too. Top gaming spec PC, too good for wows.... NO mods. As a ship clips into viewing/spot range *especially cruisers I get a smoke trail from their stack then about 1 -3 seconds later the hull will appear and I take my shot. It's very bizarre to just see a smoke plume sailing along. I've become very used to it but ive always thought it was a problem
  13. Hello has there been an official reply to this topic? I would like to run the game through steam but i will not risk having an account deleted/flagged for the sake of it.
  14. AngreyNoob

    How do i play with more English speaking people

    Ok well this is all obvious, Is there any algorithm that splits people based on geographical location, because ill just spoof my IP back to London and play if that is the case.
  15. As title? IS there only 1 EU server that seems to be 50% Germans 50% Polish?